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Big Brother 14 – You Heard It Here First, BB – Danielle Is A Nurse

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If you flashback your feeds to 11:14am bbt, you’ll that not only is Danielle being exposed for her extremely silly lie, but someone who completely guessed it was none other than Mike the boogster.   This post is not so much about Danielle’s absurd lie as it is simply being impressed Boogie is smart enough to figure it out from a few clues.

  1. She wrapped up Dan’s leg or injury like a pro
  2. She struggles to get out of bed by 11am, when school teachers generally are used to 5-6am
  3. A few times she’s called simple things like Advil by Naproxen
  4. When she does slip up she tries really hard to backtrack on stories and say she just took a class

I guess I don’t give the guy enough credit, but then again I’m not in the house to observe Danielle 24/7 and hear how she speaks.  Maybe it would have been an easy deduction for me as well, especially if that was my 3rd trip in the house and you have seen people lie about dumb things before.

Anyway, after chatting with Britney about it, she runs upstairs to tell Danielle who shrugs it off and doesn’t care what Boogie thinks, she’s not telling him anything.   Come on, Danielle.  For the sake of whatever fans you have left, just drop this ridiculous lie.


Moving on….. First, it’s time for my plug…

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The biggest story of the week is not Danielle’s job, it’s that the queen may be going home tomorrow and for some reason nobody in the house is showing enough class to simply tell her that she’s screwed.  I don’t understand this at all, maybe it’s payback for having Wil play both sides last week, but come on.  Janelle’s at the point of having people swear on their dogs that they’re voting for her to stay, and people are actually doing it.

Just tell her she’s gone, let her casually try to pick up votes here and there while also just accepting it.  You’ve already blindsided her with the nominations, at least show some class and be up front about her leaving.  I know you don’t want to do it too early to prevent last minute scrambling, but if they really continue with the plan and head into nominations telling Janelle she is more than safe, I’m going to be disappointed in this crew.   I’m not a huge Janelle fan, but she’s a super alumni and really deserves the respect to be stabbed in the front than in the back.

Tonight will be the PoV and Meeting on CBS, then tomorrow we will likely see Janelle leave.  I’ll be posting predictions among other things, but I don’t think this is going to be too difficult to predict.   As a fan of the underdog, I am now going to be forced to root for Joe … yikes.

You can chat about the CBS episode in this thread or general Big Brother 14 related talk.   It’s going to be a pretty quiet day in the house until (if) they tell Janelle the truth.  Otherwise, it’s a good time for me to take a few hours, hit the gym then maybe catch up on my DVR.  I may tweet during the episode, so follow me there as well… I’m rambling, I’ll stop.


I think I’m just excited to find out former cast members families read my blog and enjoy it.  That’s scary and exhilarating considering I’m pretty blunt on my comments.

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