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Big Brother 14 – Things Got A Little Heated Last Night

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Life in the Big Brother 14 house has been very tame this week, and I mean very tame.  The season started off with Willie’s wild HoH, then his wild outburst when he realized he was doomed.  I felt the season had the promise to be the best one yet, but then strange things started happening.

  • Willie was foolishly kicked out of his house which resulted in two strong personalities going home the same week (JoJo was the second)
  • Danielle got this crazy fatal attraction thing going with Shane
  • Janelle was backdoored and put up almost no fight whatsoever to remain in the house
  • Ian has this weird crush thing with Ashley
  • We haven’t seen someone fight to stay in the house since before the coaches entered the game
  • Now Frank and Ashley are hooking up and going to be the next “showmance”?

What happened to the potential of the best season ever?  When did this go from Big Brother to The Bachelor?

Watch Frank and Ashley make out
Flashback to 12:15am bbt


I don’t mind the occasional showmance in these houses, that’s fine and expected.  You put a bunch of people in a house together for a few months, things are bound to happen.  The thing I’m missing is the drama aspect… have these players forgotten there is $500,000 on the line?  Is money not important to them?  I’d be willing to bet each and every reader here could desperately use $500k (and if not, feel free to donate some of your money to me and my dental bills haha).

While Willie was pretty much a d-bag the way he handled losing, one thing he did show was the passion to win.  I haven’t seen a fraction of that passion for anyone else in the house so far.  Let’s evaluate who is left…

Boogie – Former winner, owns a popular sushi restaurant that he’s allowed to promote with t-shirts.
Ian – Told Ashley it’s not about the money for him.  He’ll likely make a very good living when he finishes school
Jenn – Who knows if she needs the money, is rich, is awake, is sleeping, or anything.  She has 0 passion and is rarely shown on camera
Britney – She’s kind of playing the game but I still don’t know her deal.  Is she trying to win or just have a fun summer?
Frank – Competitive guy but I don’t think he really cares about money.  Winning is more important than the prize to him.
Shane – He seems to spend his entire day trying to avoid Danielle.
Wil – Rumored to have wealthy parents and it wouldn’t shock me considering the (lack of) effort he’s given this week
Ashley – While she may need the money to pay her lawsuit, she seems to be content floating around.  Because of that lawsuit, it shows she has quite a bit of earning potential on the outside
Joe – Using the show as a stepping stone to his own cooking show. It won’t happen, but he’s trying.  He wants to be a celebrity chef more than BB winner.
Dan – Former winner, seems content with winning again or going home.  Appears to be playing, but playing for pride.
Danielle – Playing the game like she’s a high school kid with a crush on the football team’s QB.

I will boil your rabbit

So there you have it, out of that list you have Boogie, Dan and Frank who are remotely playing the game at this point, and none of the three really seem to care as much about the prize as they do pride.  While that’s a fine reason to play the game, but it’s tough to watch them play against a bunch of people who appear to be completely indifferent.

What are your thoughts on the season so far?

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