Sunday, August 9, 2020

Big Brother 14 – HoH Round 2 Is Complete


I know updates have been slow since the endurance competition on Thursday night, but the reality is the house is slow right now.  You have ObiDan working his Padawan Danielle while simultaneously keeping his alliance with Ian together.  He’s making sure both sides are covered heading into the live show on Wednesday night, so regardless who wins HoH, he’ll find himself in the f2 where he can spray his mist on the jury for his $500k prize.

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Dan won the endurance competition, so he gets an automatic pass to the final round of the 3-part HoH competition, which will air live on Wednesday night.  This means Ian and Danielle were squared off to fight each other for the chance to compete against Dan.  The competition was going to be a physical challenge, and it sounded like it was a big one as it took quite awhile to build.

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Well, the results are in…

Ian won part 2 of the competition, and he will face Dan on Wednesday night.  The winner will be guaranteed in the final 2, and he will choose his competition.

Now, it’s time for the mind tricks to take place.   Dan already had a plan for this before the competition even began, and discussed it with Danielle to prepare.  Should she lose, Dan was going to visibly celebrate with Ian “exposing” his f2 plan in front of her.   That apparently happened because once the feeds went live (around 9:05pm bbt), Danielle could be found screaming at Ian.  Dan’s plan is for Danielle to intimidate Ian for a few days with empty threats about how she’ll taint the jury and not vote for him if he takes Dan to the final 2.

At first it didn’t make sense, why would Dan want Danielle to scare Ian into taking her to the f2?  It’s simple, he (Dan) thinks Ian will feel so secure about their alliance, that he’ll actually be willing to throw the final 2 and let Dan do the dirty work by eliminating Danielle.  It’s another ‘out of the box’ move that I don’t think even Ian will expect, and it’s quite possible it may work.  While Ian is saying he’s not going to throw the competition, based on how Dan has worked the house all season, I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see Dan win the HoH, and then give one last blindside.  This time, instead of taking Ian to the finals like he promised, he’ll take Danielle and likely have a better chance to win it all.

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Sure, Dan can still outright win the HoH, but against Ian in a trivia style challenge, that is going to be a tough task to accomplish.  It’s almost guaranteed Ian can make it in the final 2 if he plays things right, and it’s also possible Dan’s plan could backfire and Ian will be too scared to take him to the finals.

I’m not sure how interesting the feeds will be this week, but I do know Wednesday night is going to be a very entertaining finale.

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