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Big Brother 14 – Live Eviction Episode Thread

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12:15pm bbt – While Frank and Boogie are sitting in the arcade room very confident that they’ll both still be in the house after 10pm est.  In fact, they already have planned what they’re going to say to the DR (likely doing another annoying phone call thing again) and Frank is kind of hoping Danielle flips her vote to cause some drama in the house.  This is under the assumption that Wil is voting for Joe to go home (he’s not), so people will be mad at Danielle for flipping on them (Janelle’s team).   It’s about as overconfident as Boogie was when he thought he won the coaches comp but stepped off too soon.  This whole season will end up being a highlight reel of Boogie’s overconfidence in the game.  Big Brother is not an easy game to play, but he thinks he’s the master of it because he was lucky enough to pair with one of the best players in history (Dr. Will).

I’m going to keep this part short because this is going to end up being a prediction + live show thread.  I will likely start a new thread about the endurance competition that will likely follow, so it will be easier to keep track of.  Speaking of, you will want to sign up for the live feeds to watch the endurance competition play out, I think it’s going to be a real good one.  The first 3 days are free to try out, so it’s worth it.



I think it’s going to be a tough night for the Boogie crew as he’s going to get a slap in the face of reality.  If Wil is actually still on Janelle’s side (which he appears to be), Mike’s ego will be knocked down quite a few pegs.  Wil has successfully convinced the “master” of Big Brother that he is indeed voting for Frank to stay, and has even had him in on some team meetings.  Boogie is an experienced player, and for Wil to successfully pull that off will be very impressive if he does vote Frank out.

Votes (to go home)

Jenn – Joe
Ian – Joe
Wil – Frank
Ashley – Frank
Danielle – Frank (after a “hard decision”)

Frank will likely be eliminated 3-2 and Boogie’s jaw will hit the floor.  Janelle will struggle to hold back a smile but will fail, and chaos will ensue.  Julie Chen will then reveal that the coaches are coming into the game as players, and will be competing for the HoH competition in an endurance challenge.  Joe will likely be the first to fall, Dan will purposely fall, and eventually Jenn and Brit.  The long battle between Janelle, Boogie, Ian, Ashley and Danielle will then go on for a bit and it’s honestly hard to predict who will win out of that group.

I’m thinking Ashley or Danielle.


I will be updating this thread throughout the day and through the live episode then start a new thread for the endurance competition, so keep following .. oh, and sign up for the live feeds or follow me on twitter for endurance competition updates.

6:00pm bbt – And we’re off, time to find out who goes home.  Let’s home for some drama tonight!

6:08pm bbt – Interesting, even when America “votes” to allow them in, I wonder if they all have to choose or not

6:14pm bbt – Janelle’s emotionless, I wonder if she’s really the female Dexter

6:22pm bbt – More fluff filler stuff.  And holy fake tears, is this a soap opera?

Commercial break.  Will we finally find out the question everyone is wondering after this break?


6:32pm bbt – And we’re back, and we get to speak to Shane.  Come on Julie, tell us already!!!!

unreal, another commercial break after a segment about Frank’s father Sid Vicious.  Maybe we’ll find out next?

6:42pm bbt – Wow, so if they choose to enter the game as players, everything is reset and no eviction tonight.  If not, the game goes on and someone re-enters the house next week.

The game is reset!   No vote tonight, coaches back in the game.  Britney reset it, Boogie passed, Dan reset it, Jenelle reset it!

Wow, well that was an interesting way to handle it.   So the coaches had their golden key for a few weeks and now they have a pretty big advantage.

Well that’s pretty much it for this thread.  I’m going to start my live endurance thread now since nobody was evicted.

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