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Big Brother 14 – Nomination and PoV Results

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(I know this is the 3rd time I used this image, but it cracks me up)

After the Big Brother 14 live feeds being down for about 30+ hours (watch them ALL DAY, EVERY DAY), they came back up after I was already sawing some logs, so I had to find out who Danielle actually nominated this morning.   Not only did I find that out, but I also found out who won the most important competition of the week – the PoV!

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I promise they won’t be down that long again this season! (I think)

Let’s start with nominations, these were not really important. Danielle could have collected all her tears from the season in a little jar, and threw it all over the memory wall, and nominated the most dry player remaining.  That strategy would have been just as effective as Danielle trying to analyze anything because this week is all about the PoV.  I’m sure Danielle didn’t use the tear method and probably fried her brain figuring out who to nominate, and these two names came out of her head:


Ian and Dan

That’s correct, Danielle nominated Dan!  Maybe she did to the tear jar approach because I was mostly expecting an Ian and Shane nomination with some “deep” meaning behind it.  By deep I mean some junk about how Dan is like her father and Shane has been her partner and it was tough to choose between the two blah blah.   Just say you drew straws, anyone with half a brain wouldn’t take offense to being nominated this week.  (hmm, maybe that’s why Shane wasn’t nominated… I kid, partly)

Now, on to the most important competition of the week.  The Power of Veto!

If Ian wins, Shane or Dan (unlikely) will go to jury.  If Shane, Dan or Danielle wins, there is a 95% chance that Ian heads to jury, or so I thought… (I’ll get to that)

Well, Danielle steps up to the plate again and actually wins PoV!  Wow, look at her go.  I think she won one competition all season until this week, and now she has a chance to sweep the remaining challenges  (I believe she gets a chance to play in the final HoH competition tonight, which is endurance).

What will she do with the PoV?   Well, she’s speculated taking Dan down and allowing him to get some blood on his hands by voting out Ian, but if she does this, she’s a damn fool and deserves what may come to her as a result.  Dan has been very open to the DR about wanting to get either Shane or Ian out, and as of right now, I think he’d probably choose to vote out Shane before Ian.  His reason?  Shane and Danielle would likely be happy taking each other to the final 2, while Ian has shown far too much loyalty towards Dan this season, he may actually take him to the final 2.


With a pending endurance competition coming, and Danielle’s only puppet the one person who can decide who goes home and who remains, she has one decision to make.  Just one.  Any other decision, and I’ll facepalm so hard I may break my nose.  Have Shane vote out Ian, head into the endurance challenge with two very strong endurance players (Shane and Danielle), win and take each other to the final 2. At this point, she has nothing to lose by doing that.  She has 0% chance of beating Dan or Ian in the final 2, and if she takes Dan over Shane, she’s nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is.

We’ll see what happens as the day progresses.  I’m not sure if the PoV meeting will be held today or during the live show, but if Danielle uses her POV, I want Julie to kick open the door Rambo-style, grab Danielle by the hair and smack some sense into her.

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