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bgi brother 14

Big Brother 14 – Nomination Results

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bgi brother 14

I didn’t really get to update too much today on Big Brother 14 because I had a busy day, but it was actually pretty interesting.  It appears Shane is going to be the guy to do the dirty work in the house as last time he was HoH, he backdoored Frank and nearly had him walking out the door until the twist saved him.  From the sounds of it, Frank or Boogie may be a target once again as Britney is having him get blood on his hands once again.

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Before I get to the nominations, the houseguests were locked outside for a little while today.  When they were allowed to return, Frank noticed a few of the balls from the machine in the arcade room out of the room leading inside.  He followed them in and realized there was a new item put inside the machine, a little cube with a question mark on it.  Naturally this resulted in tons of speculation from Pandora’s Box to just PoV questions.  Personally, I think it’s the latter… I was a bit let down with the result of the fortune teller, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just telling them to look for clues in the house for a PoV quiz… perhaps HoH.

Will this be a game changer, or a simple clue?

In addition to that, there is a little fallout already from the HoH competition last night.  Frank had a dream that he’s going to be evicted next, and I think he’s realizing that while he has Boogie with him, he’s actually pretty much alone.   I’m pretty sure Boogie knows he doesn’t have much of a chance to win it all even if he gets to the finals with Frank.  Therefor he’s been acting as a pretty decent shield for Frank (similar to what Will did for him on All-Stars) and taking as many prizes as he’s offered until he’s eliminated.


I don’t want to get too carried away on this, but it’s yet another example of why they need to do All-Stars or All-Newbies.  A person hurting for money probably would have gone for HoH or safety last night  His biggest ally in the house can’t play, Frank has only not been on the block when he won HoH, yet Boogie is content just grabbing an extra $10k because win or lose, he’s leaving to his money.  I’m not sure he still has all the Big Brother winnings, but it sounds like Geisha House is doing pretty well for itself, so Boogie is certainly not struggling.

Ok, I’m done with my rant… anywhere, here are the nomination results:

  • Frank and Boogie

This should certainly spark some life into the feeds.  While last week was a dead week, hopefully Boogie and Frank do not go without a fight.  They didn’t last time Frank nearly went home, but with them competing against one another, will Boogie simply fall on the sword to try and progress Frank in the game?   My guess, Boogie will make an off-camera deal with Frank that he’ll try to save him for a cut of the overall prize winnings, should Frank make it that far.  Spark up the feeds to see how the house is reacting to this nomination

7:54pm bbt – Britney comes down to chat with Frank and Boogie and it’s not going very well.  They’re calling her out on Shane being a puppet while she’s trying to act like the ‘good guy’ in the situation.  The feeds are going to be crazy this week, Britney is not going to be happy looking bad here.

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