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Big Brother 14 – Nominations And Another Pandora’s Box.. Really

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Because Big Brother apparently refused to come up with anything new this season, for the third time in Big Brother 14, Pandora’s Box apparently made it’s appearance today.  Don’t worry Ian fans, this was another fluff box just for fun, because the show wouldn’t do anything to hurt Ian’s chance at winning (just kidding, did I sound like a good conspiracy theorist though?).  I don’t think BB is manipulating the game for Ian, like I explained in my earlier thread he is just reaping the rewards of hiding behind Boogie and Frank through the difficult part of the season.  Now that the games are more trivia / thinking, he’s in very good shape to cruise.

The theme of Pandora’s Box was ‘People who love you’, so Ian opened it up and the rewards for the house were videotaped messages from home.  Ian, well he received a videotaped message from the one and only Rachel. I’m guessing she’s going to mention how she loved him using her term ‘Nobody comes between me and my man’ referring to Ashley/Frank.  I suppose that may be fun to watch, ok probably not.   She is a good sport to come back as a punishment though, I will give her credit, although having $500k+ probably makes it easier.

On to nominations, like I mentioned earlier in the day, Ian’s focus was on Shane and Jenn.  Sorry, I mean Dan’s focus was on Shane and Jenn… I talk like Ian (and many others) have been nothing but puppet’s this year.  I don’t really know where Dan’s head is at right now, as this appears to be a quiet eviction week.  I think Dan is just going to go with the flow and they’ll vote out Jenn 2-0, allowing another floater to leave the game.  I’m thinking he may want to keep Shane in the game because Jenn is simply terrible at competitions and he needs to get Ian out before the final 2.  Keeping Shane and Danielle in allows for two decent endurance players and one strong physical player combined with Dan all going against Ian in the final 4.  It’s actually a pretty smart move the more I analyze it, and I’m almost certain Jenn will be out the door because of that.

Speaking of, I am pretty sure she will be eliminated and taped on Tuesday, and that will air on Wednesday.  Feeds will likely be down from Tue evening through Wed’s show, but you’re not missing much this time of the year.   I’ll keep you updated on any developments, but I don’t expect much going on this week.  It may be time for me to start shifting gears to Survivor mode and also look for another reality show to blog this winter.

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  1. Comments (62)

    Love your blog 1st of all. Really enjoy dropping in TY. That said perhaps the convo between Dan and Dani was missed. Today Dan asked Dani if she was OK with taking out Shane. Dani replied yes. With some of zit girls usual narcacism saying Shene has been following her and it’s annoying. This douchebag will make up any story she can. Lord I’d love to see Dani backdoored. Not happening this week though unless Shane wins veto and Dan decides to save Jenn.

    I still believe Dan’s ultimate choice at F2 is Jenn. I don’t see Jenn going out unless Ian pulls out a miracle. Wins Veto at 4, then he might still QP and evict Jenn.

    • Comments (405)

      I actually missed that. Usually I search for any type of clues before I post, but I was feeling lazy and hoping I could just read Dan’s mind. I guess I am in his mist too haha

      • Comments (18)

        dan also talked to dani about how shane and ian are closer. he picked joe off because he trusted jenn more as a puppet. he will pick shane off for the same reason. meaning there is a possibility dani would take shane instead of dan. everyone is gunning after ian next week. that leaves him the only two people in the house guaranteed to take him to f2.

      • Comments (18)

        i cant edit. 🙁 in order to further support my statement up there. i also feel like joe left because joes alliance wasnt with him. and he needed to take shanes lifeline away.

  2. Comments (316)

    Here is my guess:

    1st place: Ian
    2nd place: Dan
    3rd place: Danielle
    4th place: Shane
    5th place: Jenn

    • Comments (62)

      I don’t think this is very likely. Shane goes if he doesn’t win veto. I want Shane to win veto in the worst way. Only because I need to see Dan’s next move. Thursdays double mistified me. I was sure Dan would vote to save Frank with a 2-2 split and let Ian vote Frank out. Based on Franks reaction when interviewed by Julie he made his 1st major error of the season by voting to evict Frank outright.
      If Shane uses the veto then Dani goes up. Dan has to honour his word to Jenn city and not write her name down for eviction or save Dani. If he’s counting jury votes he should realize that Jenn could be the 4th vote for anyone but Dan after backstabbing both Frank and herself. Dan never gets her vote. He’d have to save Jenn. Though if Shane won veto it would be great TV watching Dan use the mist to convince Shane there is no need to use the veto t6o save himself. QP forever and all that drival! Dummy that Shane is he might actually fall for it.

      The Dani backdoor would be FANtastic IMHO. There is also another highly unlikely outcome after POV. Dani wins and decides to backdoor Dan instead of voting Shane out. So she saves Shane, Dan goes up and 2-0 to evict Dan. I think this has virtually no chance of happening as muppet/puppet hasn’t had an original thought in weeks.

      • Comments (169)

        I was thinking the EXACT same thing about Dan telling Shane he doesn’t need to use the veto if he wins it, lol. Dan may well mist him, telling him that if he uses it, Danielle would go up or something like that. That’ll be GREAT tv if that happens although Dan could maybe kiss Shane’s jury vote goodbye if that happens… He’s really kissing too many votes away… Dan may deserve the win if he makes it, but I have a gut feeling this jury will be bitter this year.

      • Comments (62)

        I agree … every part of Dan’s game has been superior except counting jury votes. Why did he not show some kindness to Brit after the backdoor instead of lying there and saying nothing. The vote to evict Frank completely terrible for the jury. If we say Ashley votes anyone but Dan then Dan needs the other 4.
        I think Jenn is a sure anyone but dan vote. He has to keep her. Shane is a dummy and can be persuaded to vote for Dan. Joe is a Dan vote. Inspite of Ian eventually getting crushed by Dan I can see him voting Dan the money. Dan wins HOH at 4 someone else does his bidding. Dan’s fairwell speach to Ian sorry we didn’t get top F2 but bad luck and circuimstance have you seeing this. Your a great player.. yada yada yada!
        So that leaves Dani the pimple popper to decide Dan’s fate. It’s all Dan has left at this point. Take Jenn to the end and tell Dani I couldn’t beat you so I had to get rid of you speach. My gut tells me Dan better do the dirty work himself at 3 as I think Dani takes Jenn and not Dan if she wins the 3 part final.

      • Comments (768)

        Dan voted to evict Frank because he didn’t want to take the chance that Ian would save him then team up with him and Jenn. The fact that Dan was willing to get some blood on his hands for once should have showed Ian that he will be gone as soon as Dan can engineer that too.

    • Comments (62)

      whoops forgot the important bits. Dan only sits beside Ian at F2 if Ian wins out. No one will take Ian to the final except Ian. Jenn and either Dan or Dani. Shane no veto and Jenn can start spending the 50K money for 2nd place. Surely all these HG’s have to start asking themselves who they can beat at F2… don’t they? Or is the mist that overpowering.

  3. Comments (65)

    Am I the only one that thinks an Ian/Dan F2 wont happen? I am sure both would love to take one of the others (pretty much Shane or Jenn) to the finals so they can have a better chance at winning.

  4. Comments (4)

    Perhaps this has already been mentioned, but I was wondering if the reasoning for not getting Dan out of the house is because the remaining players actually think the jury won’t award him the money a second time? Of course this would imply some of them would actually be thinking for themselves, which clearly has not been happening.

  5. Comments (60)

    Dan/Danielle final two,Dand throws it to Danielle to win
    Production has to get new material – STOP BRINGING JESSIE OR RACHEL back for any face time. Two of the most self obsorb individuals ever seen Please stop.

    • Comments (6)

      Your kidding right. Danielle the uber floater/stalker who looks like someone has hit her between the eyes anytime she goes on the block for the win??? She wouldn’t get any other vote than Shane’s. As much as I don’t care for some of the tactics Dan has used if he is able to continue manipulating the players as he has then there is only one person that will deserve to win this…and Dan,if he can, will dump Ian in the final 4 which actually will look good on Ian.

  6. Comments (1)

    I noticed BB definitely tries to pull out softer blows for whomever America tends to like. I mean they kind of have to they are a show and need ratings. Dan’s not got a chance at winninh bc he’s screwed over ppl n he’s already won that’ll be heavy in the jury’s mind. But I don’t believe in the blackout period you talked about because they have the Showtime feeds. It doesn’t make sense for them to do that with so.many Showtime viewers. Unless they play earlier in the day feeds. I just want to know your theory on how that would play out with the Showtime show on at midnight?

  7. Comments (1)

    I would like to see Ian and Dan in F2 just to see how the vote would go.

  8. Comments (123)

    Im Loving ur starting a Survivor Blog….ur BB blog has been just great…u write the same way people talk, if that makes sense, lol…i cant wait for Survivor to start…☺…

    yeah, u missed when Dan wants Shane out next and he has Dani voting him out already…so lets see what happens in Veto…its the Morph one at midnight after BBAD ends…☺….

  9. Comments (2)

    Dan THINKS he’s playing for 1st place, but at best, he will only get 2nd. I’m sure Frank has already told Brit about Dan’s game play and with Ashley, there’s three votes against Dan winning. And, as other houseguests go to jury, they will hear and feel the sting of Dan and vote against him. Dan must have forgotten that this game isn’t just about backstabbing people through any means necessary and kicking them out of the house!

    • Comments (1092)

      I think there is a lot more respect for gamesmanship, then what you give credit for.

      Sure, a player is probably disappointed to get evicted. But, once they get the chance to evaluate how they were eliminated, then, if they are a true fan of the game, they should concede to the fact that they have been completely outplayed.

      In this case, Dan is outplaying everyone, and has only had hoh a couple of times.
      Almost every player in the house besides Dan is looking for some sort of protection.

  10. Comments (1)

    Ian deserves to win. I just hope someone wins pov and he puts dan up. Dan and daniel need to go home. Dan has already won bb and daniel is just sickening how she plays the game. She lets everyone do all the work while she talks bad about them thinking all the men worship her

  11. Comments (2)

    Dan is in the closet….I think he is just gay…

  12. Comments (2)

    Opps Not dan…. I meant Shane! It’s late here but I meant Shane just needs to come out of the closet

  13. Comments (5)

    Danielle and Jenn were talking, and Danielle said to Jenn that she thought Shane was playing her. Danielle says she wants to “play” the “player”. What if Danielle won POV, took Jenn off (that’s the only way she’d stay), and Dan goes up. Danielle and Jenn both vote to evict Shane. That would be a smart move for her. she would take out a huge competitor. So that means it’d be her, Jenn, and Dan playing HOH. She wins, Dan wins veto, Ian goes home. Danielle, Dan, and Jenn Final Three. Dan would be guaranteed a win if he makes it to fianl 2 with either of them. So thats how I want it to play out.

    • Questionable Comments???
      Comments (21)

      Sorry not on board with that final 3. Would like to see Shane and Ian get a good conversation going and a few brain cells. Figure out Dan, Danielle and Jenn and drop all think in the jury house. Final 2 Shane and Ian would be what I would like to see. Would be nice to see people that are trashing everyone take a few steps further in the game. Dani smiles at Shane and then bad mouths him over and over. The girl really thinks highly of herself and gossips like I have never seen.

    • Comments (6)

      Works for me.

    • Comments (7)

      Doesn’t Ian still have his veto? Even if he is put up in the final four, he can take himself off the block. Basically I think he can ride the rest of the way to final two. :/ He’ll for sure be in final three.

      • Comments (62)

        I’ve seen this comment before regaurding Ian having a veto. I never saw a veto from Pandoras box. Was I asleep and missed something. Xmas had 1K , telescope ect but no veto I saw. As far as I know and see it Ian wins veto at 4 or he goes to the jury.

      • Comments (768)

        The veto Ian had was dealt with a week ago when Britney was evicted.

      • Comments (1276)

        Rob’s right, it is the one he got out of the machine. The only thing he got out of Pandora’s box other then toys was $1,000 which he said he wasn’t going to let everyone know about.

      • Comments (1)

        I’m pretty sure that veto was used the same week and he had chosen NOT to remove anyone from the block.

  14. Questionable Comments???
    Comments (21)

    It’s very obviously that Shane is Dan’s target this week but if Shane happens to win the POV it will be Jenn City packing her packs and taking her tats out the door. Only chance the coach has of not being evicted this week is if Shane does not win the POV. Ian will know 100 percent that he is alone in the game. If he wins the next POV will be interesting to see who he sends packing. Hopefully Dan or Danielle. Would love to see Danielle as I can not stand how two faced that woman is. I hope Shane is just playing her as the guy deserves way better then crater forehead chick.

  15. Comments (9)

    Hey, Stevebeans talked bad about IAN….did Sadie lose her internet connection….

    • Comments (528)

      Nope, I’m here. Stevebeans comments are basically like his complaint about BB this season: nothing new. I want Ian win just to stick it to all the haters, now 😛

  16. Comments (528)

    So here’s hoping a veto is won and Dan goes up. Not thinking its likely, but hoping.

    • Comments (768)

      Problem with that is Ian’s best bet in F2 is with Dan…hands down. Dan knows F2 with Ian would be his worst bet.

      • Comments (528)

        Best bet? If Ian goes up next to any of the floaters he’s sure to win. Dan has a better chance than any of the pose three because, despite playing dirty, he’s playing the game and winning. The ony person Ian should be threatened by in the end is Dan.

      • Comments (768)

        Agreed, Ian would win over any of the floaters, but so would Dan. I see all four current jury members voting for Ian if it’s a Dan/Ian final.

    • Comments (5)

      Dan probably won’t go up as replacement if Shane or Jenn come down given the F2 deal he has with Ian. I think Dan wants Shane out next, then Ian, and then he’s pretty golden with either Danielle or Jenn in the final two (neither are huge final HOH competition threats either). He can make a very strong case that he “coached” Danielle to the end with him, even though they were alone after Kara left week 1. Jenn would not beat Dan either even if there is a bitter jury, they’d have to vote for Dan to win.

      • Comments (768)

        Yep, Dan will let Ian take the heat for eliminating Shane, then he’ll try to get Ian out next round when he can’t play for HOH.

  17. Comments (65)

    Am I the only one that thinks Dani is honestly just playing the game? Remember how sweet she was in the beginning? I believe she realized that you gotta lie about others and convince the others that they should vote that person out. Everyone thought she was so innocent and nice so they would somewhat believe her and send that person packing. I think she has a great strategy, Dan definitely taught her well. She is even throwing her favorite guy under
    the bus!

    • Comments (4)

      I thought that too! As the game went on she changed. Hope she wakes up from the mist and backstabs dan. Go Dani!

      • Comments (65)

        It’s really smart of her to try to evict Shane over Jenn. Even though Shane is a pretty bad player (social/brain-wise), it’s pretty much a 50/50 chance of either of them winning if they are F2, so Dani shouldn’t take the chance and try to get Jenn to the finals with her.

    • Comments (768)

      You’re forgetting that this is the woman who thought it would be a good idea to tell everyone she was a kindergarten teacher and not a nurse!

      • Comments (65)

        Remember how everyone was saying “awwww” when she said she was a kindergarden teacher? I think it made her a little more likeable just for being involved with small children and less of a threat than if she revealed her true job.

  18. Comments (65)

    And what is great is that nobody even knows she had anything to do with their elimination. She had played a great social game! Her Ian and Dan F3 would be rightfully deserved.

    That is just my opinion tho. You do not have to agree. Feel free to reply! 🙂

    • Comments (1276)

      While I wish she’d come out of Dan’s fog, I have to respect how loyal she’s been to him. She could have, time and again, gone against him and gotten away with it. But she’s stayed true. That being said, she needs to really step back and look at where her loyalty should be.
      Her best bet in the finals is to be against Jenn. But her best bet to make it to the final 2, is to keep Shane. It’s a hard choice, go with who you can beat if they actually take you to the end (Jenn), or settle for a probable 2nd, and know you’ll at least get to the end (Shane).
      I do agree, I think she’s been playing better then anyone wants to admit.

  19. Comments (65)

    Sometimes idk why some people hate other contestants because they are “two faced” or “lie too much”. Remember this is a GAME. Just like some of you said the same thing when Dan swore on the Bible and his wife and his grandfather.

    • Comments (6)

      Everyone has their fav. and I agree that it is the game that makes people do what they have too for the win if you don’t your gone and so is 500K.

    • Comments (528)

      I know, it’s really such nonsense to slam players for what amounts to basic gameplay on BB. Then the same people will turn around and insult players for being puppets, floaters or riding on others coattails…it’s like, wtf do you want from these people? It’s a game, we know for a fact both being evil like Dr. Will can win you the game and being a floater like Jordan can also win you the game. Do what you have to to win. That’s what’s called playing a game. Sheesh.

      Also yeah, there’s bias. A lot of Boogie and Frank fans immediately hated Ian and want to find anything to discredit him. Also, some people have weird agendas…I see a lot of women hating in Danielle for no other reason than she “thinks she’s so hot” or “she’s such a stalker.” That weird thing where chicks just hate other chicks.

      I’m an Ian fan (obvs) but that doesn’t mean I ever hated Frank and I don’t hate Dan either. I remember I couldn’t STAND Rachael but I had to respect her game, that woman could PLAY. She was just so damn annoying. As an aside, watching BBAD and Ian is talking about Pokemon again…this is why I love that kid! Makes the conversation in the house more interesting 🙂

      • Comments (233)

        Very well said. Glad to see the conversation here taking a more interesting, informative turn. All the bitching was such a drag. It’s entertainment, a contest for money. Just sit back and watch the monkeys in their cage. Prediction: Dan and Jenn in F2. Go, Dan.

  20. Comments (316)

    I’m not a Survivor fan. Big Brother is the only reality tv show I watch. After finale night and viewing the backyard interviews I’ll be counting the hours til Big Brother 15. That’s a lot of hours LOL

  21. Comments (42)

    While I do believe the jurors may be bitter, why is this any different from other seasons? Anyone who has been sent to the jury was voted out by the majority of those remaining as HGs … in Dan’s first season, he backstabbed Ollie (I believe that’s who it was) and old man Jerry was calling him a Judas … however, Dan won with 7 juror votes for him (only 7 jurors) … not sure if Ollie was in jury but Jerry was taken to final 3 as cannon fodder then promptly booted to jury… by the time they must decide who gets the $500k, I believe the jurors have cooled off some and also must pick “the lesser of the two evils” up for the prize money … do you give it to the person who played the best game (“best” meaning whatever it took to get that person the farthest at any cost) or do you give it to the person you respected the most? … btw, the latter is usually not in the final 2 because it is very difficult, if not impossible, to be a non-prevaricating saint and remain in the house at the end – ha ha … Ian does stand a good chance to win it all but in my opinion, Dan the Man deserves to win because it was his cunning and leadership that paved the way for Ian … Ian’s Achilles heal is his arrogance in believing he is the paramount “evil-doer”, similar to Jenn thinking she is a major shaker and mover – ha ha … Joe and her seemed to be playing another game – ha ha … Ian tries to act tough by talking tough with 4-letter complements (funny how he actually does quack when trying to express a point – ha ha – hard to sound tough) … also, it is much easier to win comps toward the end of the game when your opponents have been reduced by 75% from the beginning of the game- but then that is good strategy – altho, not exactly a good barometer for measuring oneself as a great absolute comp player … anyway, whatever the outcome, the person left taking home the top prize definitely deserves it after having to go through 2.5 months in the BB house! Later, dewds!

  22. Comments (528)

    Here’s a thought/glimmering hope: maybe Ian didn’t put Dan up because he’d immediately lose what he believes to be his only comrade and if Dan won veto – a likely event – he’d pull himself down and Ian would be buggered. Maybe Ian is just doing Dans bidding in the hope that he, Dani or one of the noms get veto. Then, in an act that would SHOCK the house (dun, dun, dun) after discussing it with no one, he puts DAN up as the replacement, knowing full well they’d all vote him out for sure.

    Then he’d just have to live a little while with Dan freaking at him, probably, but that monkey would soon be off his back. Can you imagine? Man, that would make this game. *sigh* If only…

  23. Comments (62)

    Dan’s hurdles left…
    1st make sure Ian doesn’t win the veto at 4.This presumes no matter what happens with POV and Shane Dan is safe.Now for the tricky bit. Does Dan even see the possibility Dani takes Jenn to the final if it’s her call. The more I think about this the more it makes sense. I do believe Jenn takes Dan if she has the choice. She’s not a BB historian she is there for the money. I do believe Dan would do well to rethink evict Shane in favour of evict Dani.Shane never wins the 3 part final comp and no one takes him over Dan as long as Dani isn’t there.
    As I’ve suggested in another post I do think it’s gotten pretty thin as to how Dan wins based on Jury votes. He has to ride Jenn to the end only option IMO. Has to get Ian at 4 and I think backdooring Dani way better than evicting Shane. I doubt Dan sees that myself.

  24. Comments (34)

    I’m with yearbooks about survivor. But I do like the amazing race. It seems less about backstabbing and more about skill.
    On to BB:
    Yes we all have our personal preferences as to game style and players. I do not hate the backstabbers over all. It is part of the game.
    BUT… walking around in a Christian School shirt, making a big deal of being a Christian, dragging a bible into it sickens me. That isn’t playing a game. There is a reason you swear on the bible in court and yes I’m aware you can use other oaths but I’m speaking over all. It implies you are aware of the covenant between God and mankind. While I myself and not a Christian I do respect their rights as I expect them to respect mine.
    So Desperate Despicable Dan lost all my respect with that move and then saying hey its just business. He has also shown he is not thinking long term in the game. Had he been he would have let Ian get the blame for taking Frank out. Then he would have had Frank in the jury fighting for him. As it is you have Twitney and Ashley sitting there with Frank talking trash… plus the jury sees high lights from the week they were booted. How is Frank going to take it when he sees Dan gloating and plotting behind his back?
    Dan lost all my respect with that behavior. I was may have given some back regarding his game play, not as a person mind you, had he let Ian take the fall for Frank.
    Then Dan’s treatment of Dani is disgusting. There is no call for how he plays her emotions. Yes she appears full of herself. But that is no reason to hurt her as he has by his you are on your own now, his you’re dead to me and the last nomination. He needed her tears? That’s abuse.
    Ian isn’t likable because of his massive ego and his coward ways. Flipping off Frank behind his back? Sorry that’s just a coward. Ian is a bully as well. Taking off his glasses and getting in Frank’s face? Come on. I’ve seen a lot of shrimps like him try that. They are in a bar or other social scene and know that if the bigger guy hits them sympathetic well meaning others will dog pile the bigger guy. He knows Frank can’t hit him so he pulls it. And no that’s not game play. That was who he is as he was too heated to think it through. I can respect the smaller guy who stands up for himself. Not so much the chicken crap that acts tough and runs crying for mommmmmy when he’s called on his bluff.
    I think it would be great to see Dani and Jenn pull of the final two. Who knows the first lesbian to win BB ? Now that would piss off a lot of people LOL.

    • Comments (528)

      It would piss people off to see a couple floaters in the f2 after the people who made all the real moves and won the majority or comps got the boot. I hate all the “if so-and-so gets evicted I’m not watching anymore” dumb threats…but if Dan and Ian both leave I really don’t even see the point of anyone watching. 🙁

  25. Comments (42)

    How great would it be that Dan the Man is backdoored by Shane/Ian? … yeah, pigs flying and a frozen hell – not likely … since Shane’s strength is physical comps (winning latest veto) – he is in an excellent position to backdoor Dan – of course, Shane would have to figure it out first then convince Ian of the magnitude of the move (I believe Ian is true to Dan’s two-steps-ahead-of-everyone f2 ploy) and pocketing the $500k … of course, it may be easier to attach a kite to a pig and reverse the so-called man-made global warming … go figure … good luck all! (I need a life …)

    • Comments (1276)

      maybe Dani telling Shane about Dan wanting him on the block will be enough for Shane to get the ball rolling. He does seem to be spending a lot of time with Ian as of late.

    • Comments (1276)

      Also, I need a life too. BB, I’ll hate to see another year end, but I just know I have other things to be doing then this! lol

  26. Comments (1)

    Does anyone know what white figure that is on the front of Dan’s red t-shirt? Must have something to do with Michigan but I can’t figure it out.

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