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Big Brother 14 – Operation Get Rid Of Frank Continues

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This has been a very predictable week the second Dan won the PoV, and it’s still following it’s course.  As expected, Dan paid his debt to Jenn by removing her from the block, and a “mad” Ian replaced her with Joe  (Ian acted mad – he wasn’t).

Frank acting like Neo

So now either Joe or Frank will finally get hit by the eviction bullet this Thursday after doing their best Neo impressions all season. Between the two of them, they have been nominated 10 times either through first or second nominations.  That’s pretty crazy considering Frank was HoH for 33% of the nominations this season.  In addition, this may be the first time two houseguests were seated next to each other on Thursday night twice in the same season.

If the week continues to play out like it should, Frank is going to be completely convinced that he is safe this week, and then he will leave from an Ian tiebreaking vote on Thursday night.  To be fair, it’s not exactly hard to convince Frank of anything, all you have to do is tell him something and he’ll believe it.  He’s not stupid, but he is very gullible.

I see a lot of animosity towards Dan for swearing on the bible and then going back on it, but I need to defend him here. There is a lot of semantics going on in this situation.  While Frank may think the final 2 deal means that Dan was his new Boogie, it didn’t.  I took it as Dan was going to casually align with Frank and they were not going to vote for each other until the end.  As long as Dan votes for Joe to leave this Thursday, he held up his end of the deal as far as I’m concerned.

Is it Dan’s fault that Frank was too foolish to fall for this rookie mistake?  Frank knew Dan is a huge threat and tried to get him out twice, only to be convinced not to do it both times.  Also, Frank should have seen the writing on the wall when talk of removing Jenn was an option.  This type of move dates back to early reality show gaming where someone promises a vote but then has other people do the dirty work while said person remains free of guilt.  Frank is supposed to be living his Big Brother dream, yet I seen this playing out 2 minutes after Dan won veto.  How is Frank still in the dark?  This is part of the social/strategic game that Ian said Frank is lacking, and it’s showing through here.

This is going to be pretty obvious, but what do you see happening on Thursday:

Don’t forget, there is still time to sign up for the live feeds.  Next week should prove to be very entertaining as all of Dan’s alliances should be looking to him for support, and he finally has to choose one.

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  1. Comments (65)

    I’m hoping for Frank to stay and Joe to leave, even though I like both of them. I want there to be a shocking twist, which will increase the ratings. Then again, all the Frank haters will call this show “rigged” and stuff like that.

  2. Comments (528)

    As far as the Dan thing, I also don’t know why people are so chocked by his actions. Doesn’t anyone remember season 10? When he was literally called “Judas” because he “walks around wearing his cross and toting a bible” and using it to manipulate people? It’s an old tune for him and gee…he kinda won last time, so….

    Anywho, I also think Frank is going home. I don’t think it’s just because seriously, Joe is the biggest floater, never wins anything, also someone people wanted out because he was annoying and useless BUT that’s exactly why Frank is going out the door. In the final 2, who would you rather be sitting next to? ’cause I would NOT want to be next to Frank.

    • Comments (528)

      Also, stevebeans, I see you managed to get a random, pointless Ian diss in there that relates to nothing in your post. I know you don’t like the guy, but it would be nice if you could manage to be just a little more objective. I know this isn’t exactly top-notch journalism or anything but honestly, it really devalues your updates when half of it is just ragging on the same players rather than just updating the situation.

      iunno, your blog, I guess, it just kinda irks me. Probably why I’m so on the defensive about the poor kid than I would be normally.

      • Comments (9)

        Dan is obnoxious because he is a player….Ian is just plain stupid and foolish….He was carried by Frank and Boogie and now he will find out just how much once Dan boots his arse out next….not only will he look more stupid then, but he will feel twice as stupid

      • Comments (528)

        We’ll see.

      • Comments (10)

        Nobody carried Ian … he was thought to be a ‘nothing’, someone who nobody had to worry about. There was nobody after him to get him out!! Why say he was carried?

  3. Comments (6)

    Unfortunately Frank will leave. He has played the game as upfront as anyone in its history. As we know BB doesn’t usually reward those kind of players. He is also too gullible to survive such a cutthroat competition. I guess he wants to believe everyone plays the game like him with honesty. Frank should have listened to Billy Joel’s Honesty before entering the house. The name of the game is winning the money so hats off to players like Dan and Ian who are who are using every tactic reprehensible or not to achieve their goal. They’re not doing anything illegal, it’s part of good BB strategy. But I’ll always have a soft spot for players like Frank who try to play it the right way not necessarily the most successful way. I hope he wins the people’s choice cash award. Probably gone but not forgotten. Now go spend some quality time with Ashley and make Ian green.

    • Comments (169)

      That’s the only silver lining..that Frank will be with Ashley… he’s lucky to catch her eye..she may not be the brightest but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and he’d be lucky to have her. I hope the two weeks they spend together in jury brings them closer together.

    • Comments (4)

      I don’t think. I would. Care care for Frank outside. The house…think. he liivves off Nana. BUT HE HAS PLAYED THIS GAME WITH MAD INTEGRITY. AND IT WILL STILL GET THE SAME RESULT AS ALL THE OTHER HOUSEGUESTS EVICTED…GIVE HIM THE 25000….

  4. Comments (1)

    I think dan is a piece of shit no amount of money is worth swearing on all the things he swore on, the bible and your dead grandpas necklace!! Come on dan you truly are a piece of shit and all the jurors are gonna see that, and some of them will be offended by your actions and if you are in the final 2 you will not win because all the lies you told!! Dan gheesling is a true piece of shit person!!

    • Comments (9)

      Get a grip. Its a GAME. Wow he swore on the bible, who cares. And really he didn’t swear on those things for a final 2 deal with frank, he swore on everything about the quack pack. Either way its just a game people. You do whatever it takes to win. I know I’d do anything to win 500K. And I mean anything well I wouldn’t kill someone or physically hurt someone.

    • Comments (2)

      Those fools cannot compete with Dan. He is an amazing young man, and Swearing on bibles and such is just game play. It doesn’t mean a thing. Don’t take it so seriously.. Smart young man and I hope he wins again.

      • Comments (2)

        I don’t think any heavenly Beings are watching BB. They have more important things to do, so swearing on bibles and such has no meaning. Grown up and enjoy Dan’s game play.

      • Comments (1276)

        Dang it, I already typed this once, but lost it, so I’ll make this one shorter.
        Dan is Catholic, so he can go to confession and ask forgiveness for his “sins”. He will be absolved of his sins, all he has to do is ask for forgiveness.
        I am a person of faith, while I no longer practice organized religion (for reasons I won’t mention) I do remember some of the most important things. Like, it is not for us to judge, judgement will be passed by a much higher being then anyone that’s judging Dan for his game play, after he passes.
        Plus, he didn’t swear to the entire conversation. He swore that everything he told Frank about the game and deals up to that point was 100%, and it was. Meaning, he didn’t break his promise. Anything that came after that was game play. If Frank had been thinking about how good Dan is with words, he would have had him swear again to a final 2 on the bible, but he didn’t.
        So before everyone continues to crucify Dan, please let me know the date, time and camera that what you are accusing him of happened, because i’ve watched it a few times, and simply put, you all are wrong, or better yet, are falling for the same play on words that Frank did.

      • Comments (108)

        Thank you for explaining it so clearly. I’m still mad at Dan (ha) but you are correct. He didn’t swear on the bible that he would keep Frank safe. Sneaky bastard!!!
        Grrrrrrrrr!!!!! I have to admit you are right. I guess I am too honest to play this game, too, because I admire the heck out of the way Frank plays and am really bummed that he is so dang gullible.

      • Comments (1276)

        lol, thanks

      • Comments (528)

        Christina, you win one Internet. Thank you for clarifying

      • Comments (1276)

        Wow, thanks. I can’t believe I won anyone over. That never happens 🙂

      • Comments (169)

        I was hard on Dan when I first watched the show Sunday, but I never saw him swear that he’d stick to his alliance with Frank. I got confused when Dan said in the DR that “I know I swore on the bible and my wife, but I like the QP better.”. I still don’t believe one should swear on anything, period, especially in something like BB… But that’s my personal opinion and Dan IS a Catholic and I made the point earlier last night that he would probably go to confessional and admit his sins, which then he would be told by the priest to say some hail Marys and it’s over.

        I still cannot condone what he did, no matter if he did it to Ian, and going back on his word would help Frank, I’d still not condone it, but it isn’t Dans fault that they cast so many sheep this season. Frank said himself to the LFers this morning that they’d be stupid not to vote him out over Joe. Dans a good manipulator and I’m disappointed in Ian for not being more aware of that. Perhaps he’s still blinded by being in an alliance with Dan…I don’t know. I do think Ian is feeling bad for what’s going on with Frank. He’s been mumbling to himself all day… And that shows that Ian has a heart.. He isn’t a villain no matter how hard he tries. I still consider him a rat, though.

        Danielle continues to act like a hostage with Stockholm syndrome… She would die for Dan at this point… after the crap he said to her last week and she still is so in love with him as she appears to be, I think she’s going to really need some counseling when she gets out of the house. She clearly does have insecurities and serious emotional issues.

      • Comments (1276)

        That’s why I said I wouldn’t personally do it. I don’t condone what he did, and I would never in a million years swear on my daughter. But, I don’t think him doing it is as bad as some are saying. I think he made a choice to do it, to better his life, as well as his wife’s, was it the best choice in my eyes… not so much, but it did get the result he wanted, so who am I to judge?

    • Comments (76)

      I totally agree with Robert.

  5. Comments (316)

    Frank can win at comps but thats about all he has going for him. He doesn’t have a good social game. It’s hard for him to make good thought out decisions. He is jobless in real life. Poor guy can’t do all that much.

    • Comments (169)

      Hopefully Frank can find a good job after this. He seems like a really nice guy that is simply naive and too trusting. He’s gotten farther than most people that are that trusting….

      • Comments (60)

        A bus boy at one of Boogie’s resturants

      • Comments (169)

        Something a little more suited to him than that, hopefully. As I said before, frank gets a bad rap because he had the misfortune of being on Boogies team. If Janie or Brit had picked him, I’d be willing to bet he’d be well liked, or liked better than he is now. Most of the insults I read towards Frank always has the Boogie reference, and that just further proves my theory.

      • Comments (102)

        Sorry, but I’d rather have Boogie for a coach, then the other three cretins that were only out for themselves. Did one of those creeps wish a player they coached would win? Nope. Britney used Shane for all he’s worth and then said he was a puppet. Janelle hoped Dirtbag Dan would win even though he’s already won.

      • Comments (169)

        Oh No Kathryn, I am a big fan of Boogie. He’s funny and I love watching him play the game. I get why some people may be turned off by him, though. I’m just saying that since boogie is disliked by a significant number of fans, they automatically associated frank with boogie when he got on boogies team, and that isn’t being fair to Frank. I really wish ole Boogs was still there. I’d prefer him there over Dan, any day. Boogie was a good coach. I only wonder how the season would of played out had they just kept them all as coaches the entire season. It’d be a lot different and I’d bet we wouldn’t be seeing Dan or Danielle right now. I don’t even know why Britney was brought back as a coach. I didn’t ge why they brought Dan back as one, either… Since his strategy is to just throw comps to look weak… I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted Kara evicted so he’d be down to one player, because it further cemented his weakling persona he wanted so badly. Boogie and Janelle both offered legitimate coaching advice. I wouldn’t of minded seeing Kaysar back, but then it would have caused Janelle and Kaysars teams to get in a huge alliance so I understand why that didn’t happen. Dan used his players as pawns, Brit hid behind her player, but Boogie and Janelle I believe did coach their players… at least Boogie did. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of what recent female could have replaced Brit as a coach, and what recent male could replaced Dan, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Rachel would have made a good coach, Jeff too, I’d like to see how they would play by themselves the whole season without their partners…but that’d be too much Rachel in three seasons and Jeff for two in a row. Daniele Donato would have made a GREAT coach. They could of brought her back…maybe she didn’t want to.

  6. Comments (191)

    I agree with stevebeans that Frank is smart but he is gullible.

    I know Dan brought the bible and said he would swear on it but did he actually swear on it? I don’t think so.

    Frank should go this week.

  7. Comments (13)

    Um…This is NOT the part of Frank’s social game where Ian claimed he was lacking. Ian’s words were basically, that if Frank has to fight to stay in the house every week, then his social game isn’t all that great. Fact of the matter is, he’s not being nominated because he’s gullible. He’s being nominated because he’s a threat.

  8. Comments (7)

    I find it crazy that so many people are hating on Dan. I want the best player to win and he’s by far heads above anyone else. Also, on the swearing thing. Ive wtched the convo many times on flashback and i took it as he swore that everything he just told him ws the truth( about the QP, etc)…the final 2 came after. People may cry semantics but i think it matters. Bottom line, if u get someone to believe wht ur selling, too bad for them.
    Bye bye frank!

  9. Comments (2)

    Yes, I also agree frank will be joining Brit and Ashley on Thursday. All father Dan has to do is convienice Frank that he is staying in order to keep the peace … Then vote him out . Although I would like to see some drama between frank and Dan

  10. Comments (8)

    Thank you Steve, everything in this post is exactly what I have been trying to get across the whole time.

  11. Comments (1)

    Dan swore on the bible that everything he told Frank about Ian and everything was the truth. He didn’t swear on the bible that he would take Frank to the final 2. Also, I think what DAn is doing is really wrong. It makes him a terrible person. I was rooting for him up until this point. It makes me mad bc he now is the villain. I don’t like it.

  12. Comments (1)

    Bye bye Frank.Dan is the greatest player of all time.He proved it on BB10 and now here on BB14.I’m convince that Dan will take Danielle to the final 2.Dan will win at the end though.

  13. Comments (22)

    Yeah I’m bummed that Frank is probably leaving for all of the reasons stated above and as for Ian, he didn’t really bother me before now but lately he bothers me real bad and I can’t figure out why. I guess it’s because I can’t figure him out either!

  14. Comments (76)

    i would also like to see Danielle thrown out on her ear. Right now she is just riding on Dan’s and Shane’s coat tails! PLEAAASE enough of her whinning!!!

    • Comments (1)

      I totally agree with Dianna. Danielle needs to get out. All she does is look at herself, fish for compliments,and is totally embarassing herself when it comes to Shane.He is not interested but is too nice to tell her.She is such a whiner and is riding on the coat tails of Dan and shane. I really hope Dan wins. He really is a genious at this game.

  15. Comments (1)

    I liked Britt, Ian and Dan. Frank and Boogie were nothing less than bullies…Dan and Ian have played great games. This is not candy land , it is a game of figuring out how to get to the end, and not have every one hate you..

  16. Comments (28)

    They better realize that Dan already won this friggin’ show and doesn’t need to win again

  17. Comments (1)

    I think its funny and ironic that Jenn and Joe do not realize one of them will also be joining Frank in the jury house on Thursday night. The odds are that Dan, Shane or Danielle will win HoH and they will certainly put up Jenn and Joe but even if one of them wins POV the other will go home because the Quack Pack is in charge. Our only hope as viewers (to have an interesting show) is if Dan sets up a plan to eliminate Ian this week also. If Ian was really smart he would set up an alliance with Frank, Jenn and Joe. Now if Jenn or Joe win HoH on Thursday that could be interesting… but come on, the chances of that happening are very low.

  18. Comments (1276)

    First, let me start by saying I love the name Tianna, that is one of my best friends name except for only one N. I saw that other post being nasty to you, and didn’t approve. Ok, just had to say that lol
    I, like Frank am from the South. The south is traditionally religious and conservative. While I have religion, I don’t know if I would classify myself as more then somewhat religious, but I am about as far from conservative as they come. For example, one of the reasons I no longer practice organized religion is for the “religious” stance against Gay People. I will not allow my personal views of any person or any group of people to be controlled by my religion.
    That being said, just because someone is from the south does not mean that they are religous. My guess would be that he was brought up (Frank) in a church, but that does not mean that he still practices anything. Most of my friends, as a matter of fact I think all of my friends came up in some kind of church setting. But, I’d say only about 60% still activly practice any religion, or practice something other then how they were raised.
    People on here have said they hope he doesn’t get his job back, that he should be tossed out based on this act. But, he’s played this game before (granted no bible came into play) and he was welcomed back with open arms.
    I believe it is for the simple fact while we all judge and discuss them on the show, we do not know them outside of the show. We are not privy to the kind of person they are at home. I think Dan clearly loves his wife, he loves his job and the kids at the school, and has a very deep rooted faith. Again, I personally would not swear on a bible, and I don’t believe in swearing on my child or loved ones, but mainly because if I swear something, or promise something, those who know me and matter know I wouldn’t lie.
    On the other hand, if I went on BB, I think they would all root for me to do what I had to, to get ahead and win that money. $500,000 would be a God Send that I can’t even imagine. I think my biggest downfall would be I’m just not a good liar, so I would have a hard time pulling it off. But damn if I wouldn’t try if it meant a better life for my child.
    I too, like Frank, might have fallen for Dans ploy. Dan is good, he’s good at wording things so that he’s not digging his own hole. He’s got a cool head under presure (example, Boogie and Franks attacks, for something Ian did, and Dan keeping his mouth shut and not ratting out Ian).
    This is why he was able to pull the wool over Franks eyes. I do not for one minute think it’s because Frank is so religious that he believes that Dan wouldn’t cover his bases during their talk, he just got bested. Did Dan watch his wording and give the impression that him and Frank were good, yes, did he swear to a final 2 on the bible, no. I think that’s why Dan isn’t “Judas” for his actions, he’s just a damn good player.

    • Comments (169)

      Im from Arkansas, Christina, and most of my family are Methodists, as am I…. Myself, I’m 27, and consider myself a good Christian, but I don’t go to church. I do pray every night, though. After taking time to think about it and re-watching Dan and Franks convo last Sunday, I just confirmed what I already suspected..that Dan didn’t swear on the Bible when he made the final two. We can all split hairs over “well he swore everything he was about to say was true and that includes the final two deal” and stuff like that. But I don’t see it that way, now. I do not condone using the Bible as a tool in a game like BB, but to each his own. If he did something that the church looks down on, I guess he’ll answer for it…but he’s playing his own game and the HGs there are just to darn blind to see that Dan is sneaking into the finals.. he’s good like that. I just really wish they’d all let Frank know that they’re voting him out, that’s all. They owe him that. On the other hand, Janie was owed that, too… I think one big reason why we don’t see bitter juries on BB like we do on Survivor is because the Survivor jury stage doesn’t last but for a week or two at most. They don’t have enough time to get over what was done to them, so they vote with emotions. Big Brother jurors stay in jury house for weeks, so, while Brit said she would throw away all of Dan’s keys so he can’t win, after a couple weeks of reflecting, she may have a change of thought. I’d bet that, if the Survivor jury was as long as BB jury, Russell Hantz likely would have won both times… because the jurors would have had plenty of time to mull over everything and forgive, then ultimately respect the game moves he made. Dan could well win this season, but I still don’t think it’ll be unanimous. I guess we will see!

  19. Comments (28)

    If your a deep religious person you don’t brin a bible into a game that involves lying an cheating if you can’t use your gift of gab or physical skills to win don’t enter big brother cause put simply ppl take religion seriously

  20. Comments (9)

    Dan HAD to lie on the bible….its the only way anyone would believe him and take him off the block….I know its a game and all rules probably dont apply, but c’mon….Frank is not a bully…..he speaks his mind and lets you know when you have crossed that line…..remember all you hypocrites, its just a game…..Frank is a great guy in real life and deserves to be recognized as one who played the game without resorting to backstabbing and all that….he will not dog anyone in his exit speech and will enjoy his time in the Jury house…..if Dan wins cuz of this power move, then so be it…..everyone has their cross to bear in the end…..Frank will be just fine

    • Comments (169)

      Totally agree, man. Well said. Frank isn’t a monster, as much as some of of the negative people would like him to be. They don’t like him because he was close to Boogie. It’s that simple, really. The word “bully” is thrown around wayyyyyy too much in our society now… Fank isn’t a bully.. Lol I was bullied in school at one point back in the good ole days, and Frank isn’t what I call a bully. Just because he yells? C’mon. That DE night two weeks ago was TOUGH for him. He lost both Ashley and Boogie, found out ian turned on him..he had nobody. I can’t say I wouldn’t have acted the same way that night, if in the same circumstances. Frank sticks to his alliances and is loyal to everyone he believes he has a serious deal with. As long as Jenn votes to keep Frank, that’s all I ask. Just so I can continue liking her for being loyal. What good wold it do her to vote him out? She has to know, once Dan approaches her trying to convince her how getting Frank out is good for her, she will see he was never sincere about his deal with them and that she is next after Frank. In that situation, when you know you’ve been betrayed and you’re next out the door most likely, you may as well go out knowing you stayed true to your word to that person. It’s sad. Frank thinking it’ll be 3-1 or 4-0 for him to stay. When he has Julie say the votes, he’s going to feel for a second or two soooo good, only to find out he was back stabbed for the final time. Jenn doesn’t need to evict him…her vote won’t matter, so why even try and talk to her? Just to rub salt in the wound? Dan doesn’t even need to let her in on things, her vote doesn’t matter. let her keep Frank. At least both can know they stayed true to one another. There’s no need to rub their nose in it that he duped them.

  21. Comments (3)

    I feel a bit sorry for Frank. He is pretty decent and so gullible…I want him or Dan to win. I couldn’t bear for anyone else to win.

  22. Comments (60)

    It is one thing to judge another ones actions while sitting there watching in on TV, really just what would you do if you where the one playing for a prize of $500,000.
    For the ones that are actually playing the game their the ones that are doing just what you and I would do. What ever it takes to win the game.
    The Floaters are there just for the ride or else they would be trying harder

    • Comments (102)

      Sorry, but I wouldn’t offer someone my wedding ring just so I could stay in the house an extra week. Your wedding ring is sacred just like the bible is. I’ve been in bad spots where I was desperate for money, but I discovered there are things I won’t do for money. There are levels I won’t sink to, because I have too much respect for myself.

      Everyone says it’s just a game, and it is, and Frank will be able to walk away from it with his self-respect intact. Dan not so much. I loathed Britney but she had it right when she likened Dan to Judas. He’s willing to sell his soul for 30 pieces of silver, or in this case another $500k after he’s already won $500k. He may walk away with the money, but that’s all he’s going to walk away with.

      • Comments (169)

        Exactly. Backstabbing and lying when required to save yourself is a necessary evil in the game. Dan is doing unnecessary backstabbing and lying. He certainly is playing a dirty game, dirtier than last time..I don’t respect him using the Bible as just another tool for him to use to get ahead, just like I didn’t respect him using Danielle’s emotions to get ahead. I personally don’t believe a person should swear on the Bible or anything sacred to them in any circumstance unless it’s for a court of law. Dan, while he may be able to go to confessional and say a few hail marys to be forgiven in the eyes of the Catholic church, is setting a bad example for his students, to say the least. I understand one has to lie at some point if one has a hope of getting anywhere in the BB house. There’s no excuse to taking it to the extreme, though. It’s debatable on whether he swore on the Bible for an alliance with Frank, etc…. I changed my position that no, he probably wasn’t, but Frank was likely led to believe that he was. Dan is good at word games…. And Frank is just too trusting and naive. I hope that Jenn realizes once Frank goes home, that she is no far behind him… Probably literally behind him on Thursday. It’ll be too late by then. It’s really too late now. I’m happy Frank will be going to jury with Ashley for a couple weeks. They can use that time getting closer, and it’ll drive Rat Boy crazy. Ashley has not a mean bone in her body…she’s beautiful inside and out…may not be very bright, but she’s a good hearted person, it seems, and Frank is lucky he caught her eye. Dirty Dan said earlier that he was “so f’ing glad Ashley is out of the MFing house”….Why? What did she do to him, or anyone, for that matter? Except for her and Frank liking one another. I guess Dan preferred that Frank be completely cut off and shunned by the house, and it annoyed him that she wouldn’t leave his side. He’s trying now to convince Jenn that voting Frank out is good for her. Again, I ask…why? He doesn’t need her vote. Let her vote for Frank, he’s going anyway. All I can think of is that Dan wants to rub salt in the wound. I don’t think Jenn will be convinced…she should know as soon as Dan starts talking like that to her, that he’s breaking his word to them, hopefully then she goes to Frank to share so he is prepared for what’s happening. Why be so mean to someone? Why try to convince the guy’s ONLY friend left in the house to vote the guy out? S he leaves feeling even more defeated? Dan doesn’t seem to have remorse, and trying to swing Jenn’s vote their way when it’s totally unnecessary is teetering on sociopathic. That may be a little overboard, but no matter how much you may dislike someone, the guy is still a human being with feelings. Look at the way he did Brit last week. I don’t care for Brit much, either…but just Ignoring her like he did… She even asked if she was considered sub human to him now. I thought it was wrong that they didn’t give Janelle the respect of telling her she was going home…but I think she had an inkling that she was leaving. Frank sincerely thinks Dan is still sticking to his alliance word. He’s going to be blindsided, and I feel for him. Jenn will be too, and she will know she’s next out. Even The Rat, which I’ve had a distaste for lately, I believe is beginning to feel badly for what he did to Boogie and now Frank. All the muttering to himself…I can’t even recall all he was muttering but he sounded like a young kid that was feeling remorse for something he did wrong. Remember, he didn’t even want to put up Frank this week or the week of the DE…Dan got him to. At the same time Frank was in the DR saying he would not go up to Ian and throw Dan under the bus just to save himself, Dan was up with Ian throwing Frank under the bus. I mean, come on. Ok, you got him, Dan. You duped Frank…his fault for being too trusting. He’s going home… You’re getting your wish…now leave it alone and quit trying to make it worse by rubbing salt in the wound. It really bothers me that he’s trying to get Jenn to vote Frank out. I really does. There’s no need.

        Anyway, that’s my preaching post ! I cannot root for Dan to win anymore… but that’s just my personal choice and my one little opinion doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

      • Comments (102)

        I think a lot of it is because Frank has played an honest game. He didn’t throw games like Dirtbag did. He didn’t backstab like Dirtbag did. He had the nerve to put Dirtbag up. Frank proved you can actually play it honest and get pretty far in the game. The same way evil hates good and wants to destroy it, Dirtbag hates Frank. Not good enough to just vote Frank out, Dirtbag wants Jenn to stab him in the back, as well. He wants to destroy Frank.

        I probably won’t be watching BB after Frank goes; I’m not even going to watch Wednesday. I haven’t been able to stand this cretin since he had the nerve to claim he was voting out Boogie to avenge Janelle when he was part of the gang to backdoor her. There was no need for this freak to lie like that. Did he think anyone at home believed him. And he wouldn’t even admit to pushing the Reset button.

        It’s pretty predictable what Dirtbag will do next. He backstabbed the Crap Pack and claimed to be with Frank, then he backstabbed Frank claiming to be with the Crap Pack, then he’ll slowly turn on each of the Crappers manipulating the others to backstab each other. So not interesting.

        Thanks BB I now prefer The Glass House. If America decided who should leave, this Dirtbag would have been out of the door a long time ago. And if the show does America’s Choice, Frank will win. So suck it, dirtbag. Play in your filth and enjoy your hollow victory. America sees you for the disgusting lowlife you truly are.

      • Comments (4)

        Please remember this is just a game.

      • Comments (1)

        You know, the next time you have a quiet moment, you may want to ask yourself if perhaps you spend a little too much time psychoanalyzing and dissecting the actions of reality show contestants. It isn’t a morality play, it is a game. The object is to play ethically enough so that others are willing to work with you, while still doing some of the more distasteful things that the game requires.

        Dan has played a masterful game. I don’t care for him-something about him rubs me the wrong way-but there is no denying the mastery with which he has been able to manipulate the other house guests and steer the course of events largely unnoticed.
        Comparing him to Dick and Dr Will drives home the point: no one had any illusions with these two. One was a blustering bully who somehow managed to browbeat his way to the end (I still can’t for the life of me understand how the other house guests let him survive week after week. Maybe the thought of being yelled at by an emaciated little loudmouth was such a frightening prospect that $500k didn’t seem so important), and the other was a charmer who basked in and made no secret of his cartoonishly machiavellian approach to the game.

        Dan, on the other hand, is playing just as ruthlessly as the other two, while still being perceived by everyone as an ally. Simply masterful. I hope to see it blow up in his face, because the bile and recriminations would make for excellent television, but to this point, Dan has serious argument that he is playing the game better than anyone has ever played it. I can’t wait to see who the evil little bastard screws over next, and who he uses to do the foul deed.

  23. Comments (3)

    Frank deserves to go home after being so dumb keeping Dan in the house hello Brittany had said lets not forget he won 500k already. And ratted out his whole entire allinence, that should had told Frank a lot but he’s so gullible.. I guess he’s not so tall after all.

  24. Comments (62)

    I think almost every comment in this thread is more wrong than right. 1st the vote to evict hasn’t happened. When it does it will be Joe going to the jury not Frank. Dan is calling the shots. Dani will do exactly what he says. Dani will evict Joe with Dan and Jenn. I seriously think most of you forget that season over season “production” edits heavily to add drama/ratings. Watched BBAD again last night. A big discusion between Dan and Frank regaurding when to take out Shane and also that niether win HOH at 4. Again perfect strategy IMO as long as Jenn wins HOH and not Dani.

    I also want to discuss this constant talk about Dan, the bible and his swearing to Frank. What me or anyone else thinks is irrelevant…PERIOD. The only thing that actually matters is what the 7 people on the jury think!!! That’s another reason why Frank goes no where on Thursday. Lawyer style arguements about whether Dan actually swore or not mean little if Frank gets sent to the jury and tells everyone Dan swore on the bible that they had an F2 deal. And I assure you Frank will absolutely tell everyone his “perception” of what Dan did.

    When Dani and Dan talk it seems the mics get muffled an aweful lot. I personally believe that’s production not wanting Dani to confirm on camera that she’s evicting Joe. For Dani’s game it’s a terrible decision but Dan is making it not her. You can see part of her positioning in her budding friendship with Jenn. They barely said a word to each other before Brit left. Oh and then there was Dan the other day saying to Dani final 3 with Jenn as a possibility. Dani loved that idea. Shane’s already done as 2nd fiddle to Dan for Dani as far as the game goes. I have Ian as the 2nd eviction on Thursday but that could switch to Shane if Dan or Jenn win HOH and not Dani.

  25. Comments (1276)

    From posts I’ve read lately and in weeks past, is it just me or is it an unusually high number of people who are going to “stop watching”? It seems like it is one of the most constant claims I see on here, and other sites.
    Plus, why is it that so many people are going to “stop watching” when things don’t go their way, but then they are still posting and watching? Seriously, people we like go home. It happens. Why the treats to stop, just stop.
    Sorry, just my opinion. It’s just getting on my last nerve.

    • Comments (13)

      It isn’t that things don’t go “their way”. Viewers don’t have a way. They’re not playing. They’re watching. But when what your watching loses its personal entertainment value for you, you turn it off or change the channel.

      • Comments (10)

        Very true!!
        I think it is human nature for some to turn off watching a program they really enjoy but lose having their favorite characte to cheer for. Same thing happens in sports – people change channels when their team is losing. How about going to a sporting event with an avid fan who decides to leave when our team falls behind near the end and looks like game over, only to hear on the radio that the team came back and won!! Maybe it is not human nature, just a spoiled attitude?

      • Comments (1276)

        I guess you hit the nail on the head for me. It’s the spoiled attitude of it. The childish, I don’t wanna play anymore type of thinking. If they want to stop watching I get it, I’d stop too, it’s just the threat of it that I don’t get.

      • Comments (1276)

        My issue isn’t with people deciding not to watch. It’s the people who come on a BB blog to say they aren’t going to continue watching, if it doesn’t go the way they want it to. For example, if I decided to stop watching, I would simply stop watching. I don’t need to go and make a public announcement stating so.
        My other issue is the ones who have been making the threat for weeks. I know of a few that were going to stop watching when Jani got voted out, yet they are still here. Then again when Boogie got voted out, and again, they are still here. Now it’s Frank.
        It’s kinda like the boy that cried wolf. That’s all. Like I said, it’s just my opinion, but I find it to be annoying.

    • Comments (13)

      I will be one of those on your nerves…It’s not things not going our way, it’s the show without anyone to step up to the caliber of player Frank is…So your opinion really doesn’t matter to that HHHUUGGGE group of Frank fans! As for your “commonsense”….People don’t have to continue watching in order to keep posting!?!?

      • Comments (1276)

        actually, I don’t remember you saying you’d stop watching, but you might have and I missed it. it’s really the people who have been saying it for weeks that is getting old.
        And believe it or not, I am aware that you don’t have to continue watching in order to keep posting. I actually don’t need “commonsense” to figure that one out. I just don’t get why someone would continue to check the blog site if the show sucks so much that they made the decision to stop watching.
        But I am glad to hear that you speak for that huge group of Frank fans. Good to know.

  26. Comments (1)

    Man I hate hearing people say ” He shouldn’t win because he already won ” or when people vote for spite, or because he got me out of the game. The person that should win shows like this is whoever made the best moves period. So if Dan and Joe is in the finals some people actually think Joe should win because Dan already won? Dan has played the best game by far.

  27. Comments (1)

    Dan did not swear n the bible to cement his deal with Frank. If you look at the Flashback of the feed, what he swore on is that what he was about to tell Frank was the honest truth… that the alliance was not 4, but 5 and at that point Frank said he knew it was Ian as the fifth member. That was all Dan swore on, his revealing of the QP alliance and the rat, Ian, who masterminded Boogie’s demise. So, while I respect all faiths, all of you on Dan’s case need to chill out!

  28. Comments (528)

    Okay okay okay…just have to ask here: I’m watching the feed from last night. Are they…shooting beer? From shot glasses? I mean, I know BB has severely limited the alcohol they get thanks to previous installments, but really? that seems extremely pathetic. I mean in a sad way.

    I also watched Danilelle pretty much CHUG red wine in desperation because they had nothing else even though she hates it (I think this was on Dans birthday) LOL. I wonder if BB is also wiping their bums for them?

    Sheesh. Let the adults get drunk once in a while!

    • Comments (62)

      yup shooting beer was last night! It was truely pathetic as you pointed out. I believe the restriction on alcohol stems from excesses in past seasons. Frankly I think it’s sad adults cannot be adults. The nightly discusion about who drinks and who doesn’t reminds me of high school, 2 beer each and drinking through a straw to get a buzz!!!ROFL.

      Would someone be so kind to explain “stop watching” as it pertains to BB from the comments above please by Christina. Can’t figure out what is meant by the comment. TY 🙂

      • Comments (528)

        Oh just all these whiny Frank fans “threatening” to stop watching the show if Frank gets evicted, as though anyone cares. Also offended Christians saying they’re going to stop watching because Dan swore on the bible. It’s just a cry for attention and a stupid comment overall. Like, weh weh weh – we don’t care of you stop watching. And P.S. then STOP POSTING. 😉

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks Sadie. I guess I’m not the only one tired of it.

      • Comments (528)

        To me, it’s the same as on any message board when people get angry and make “goodbye threads” so they can try and get attention and see how many people will beg them to stay, etc. newsflash: no one cares. If you don’t want to be here, go away. It’s not like you have to give a letter of resignation or anything. Same with here…it’s watching a TV show. Do you expect us to hold a funeral because you don’t want to watch BB anymore? Get over it.

        Not to mention we all know you’re going to keep watching anyway.

      • Comments (13)

        Thank goodness you’re not part of the BB cast because your social game sucks! You are more annoying and stupid than Ian…In otherwords, that is EXTREME!

  29. Comments (10)

    I think Brit would be a great hostess on a TV show.
    The interview she had with Julie after her eviction showed her to have the intelligence, spontaneity, humor, etc that it takes. She outshone Julie who is raking in big bucks on the shows she is involved with. Brit is beautiful, sexy and intense. Never really liked her as much as a contestant, but very impressed with how she handled herself in the interview. Could become overbearing as a hostess but most are!!!

  30. Comments (1)

    But I thought it was Jenn and Frank who are nominees not Frank and Joe……????

  31. Comments (1)

    Even if Frank survives the 1st elimination, he will have to rely on Jenn to win HOH to be saved from the 2nd since he can’t play. So, Frank will be going home this week.

  32. Yes we watch the feeds but our opinion is better than yours
    Comments (4)

    The game is a game and I’m not religious… I find it pathetic that Dan would ever use his “prescious” Bible as a game piece… He lied on the book that represents everything he belives in… Hes shown to be a fantastic manipulator and scumbag, if thats what people like than cool, pretty lowlife but its your choice. Dont try twisting things to get him off the hook, he used the bible and lied on it in order to further himself in a “game”… He values a reality show over his faith. I call that a phony, I hope he gets shunned from whatever halfass church he attends.

    • Comments (1276)

      But that’s the whole point. He didn’t lie on the bible. He swore on the bible that what he was telling Frank about what had happened up to that point was true, all if it was.
      The part about an alliance came after that, and was made with a hand shake.
      If everyone wants to be mad at him for breaking a hand shake oath, then fine. But no-one can be mad at him for breaking a swear he made on the bible, because he didn’t lie.
      If people are upset that he used the bible all together, then that’s another thing. He did swear to something on the bible, his wife and his Grandfathers St. Christopher, which I personally would not do. But we can’t be mad at him for something that didn’t happen, which is the lying on the bible.

  33. Comments (2)

    I’m voting for Frank to get America’s favorite player(if he’s eliminated Thursday) he deserves that $25k

  34. Comments (1)

    I have a feeling frank is going to stay over joe…he will have 3 to 1 vote…I think Dan/Jen/Danelle will vote for frank to stay…Dan needs a player to take the heat off him…no matter how much Dan uses things in his game play, he needs frank to get heat off him…Frank is more dangerous in the players eyes then Dan…so Dan needs that until the final 4…that is when Dan & Frank will make there move….if im wrong…I would also vote for Frank to win the 25k…he deserve it more then the others in the house…he played the hardest!!

  35. Comments (13)

    I am right behind you…What a wasted season!

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