Sunday, August 9, 2020

Big Brother 14 – Will Tonight Be Another Great Live Show?


Tonight will be the last live show of the season before the finale, and it may end up being the best of the season.  If you’re a fan of fairytale endings, you may not be too happy with the results, but if you are a fan of betrayal, strategy and dumb moves that reality shows provide, well buckle in.

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For this third and most likely final act of the season, Dan apparently convinced Danielle to use the PoV on him tonight, and be replaced by Shane.  Keep in mind, this is the same season that he had these gems:

  • After being a huge target of Franks, it seemed like his time was finally over.  Frank had him on the block and it appeared certain that Dan would be heading home that week.  However, after planning his own Big Brother funeral, he opened up to the one person in the house who truly despised him and became allies.  Frank then convinced Jenn to use the PoV and save his ‘arch rival’ from eviction, which ended up sending Britney packing.
  • The very next week, Dan went and turned on his ally, voted out Frank, yet remained in good graces with people like Jenn.
  • During a live show, Dan won HoH and attempted to get Ian out of the house, but convinced him he was a pure pawn up there.  Ian then saved himself with PoV, and ended up forgiving Dan for it and never even ‘returned the favor’ as a gesture to the house.
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Honestly, the list is much longer than that, but I didn’t want to fully go through all of Dan’s masterful plans this summer. However, tonight’s plan is going to be the ultimate betrayal and shocker for both Danielle and Shane.  Like I mentioned above, if it goes through, Shane will replace Dan on the block with the promise to vote out Ian.  Dan on the other hand fully intends to get rid of Shane now that he’ll be the only vote.  This will not only shock Shane, but completely shock his one trusted ally in the house – Danielle.  She’ll be left confused, puzzled, and in tears as she is lied to yet again, and then realizes there is nobody left in the house for her.

Once Shane is removed, it will kick off a 3 part HoH challenge, the first likely being endurance and that will likely happen tonight.  This will be the last great opportunity to watch an epic battle as each person will feel they HAVE to win the challenge or they’ll go home.

I will certainly be live blogging the event, but this should be a fantastic endurance competition and worth signing up to the feeds for.  I only promote the feeds when I think it’s going to be entertaining, but thanks to Dan, they should be.

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