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Big Brother 14 – Update On The House

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I felt bad for not giving an update yesterday, but honestly this is probably the slowest the house has been all season.  So before I begin, I want to give an early plug to my twitter and facebook pages.  Follow them to prepare for next season so you can get a jump on updates, houseguests, my witty remarks, etc.

You know the season has gone stale when Adam Poch (yes the king of all floaters and the guy who spent his entire summer living his dream to play the game for Rachel to win) said it’s a boring season.  To be fair, Big Brother 13 was worse, sorry Adam.  If you’re reading this, you heavily helped contribute to the most boring, predictable and annoying season I’ve ever seen.  Rachel won it all because everyone else was so terrible at competitions, and that was the only advantage she had over anyone in the finals.  The season was so bad, that it came down to 1 vote difference between a person who won HoH 4 times versus someone who only realized she was playing a game 2 months into the season.

While Big Brother 14 has certainly had it’s slow moments at times, Mike Boogie did more strategizing and scheming than the entire BB13 cast combined.  Then there is Dan, who probably would have had some players from BB13 ask if it were against the rules to nominate themselves.  I don’t even know if BB13 knew what a backdoor was, let alone how to use one.

Ok, enough with the rant, as someone who sits through the seasons spending far too much of my summer watching these people, analyzing their moves and finding things to discuss on a daily basis, when someone who was a main part of BB13 being so dull complains about other seasons, I guess I lose it.

However, my rant is going to seem silly in context with the house being as slow as it is right now, but I assure you, watching Dan swat flies or Ian sit on his hammock is still more entertaining than BB13 was.  Sorry, Adam.


With that said, people were asking about Shane and Danielle.  Apparently Shane won a trip out of the house as part of the veto competition, and took Danielle with him.  I’m sure the entire date was even less romantic than Ian trying to woo Ashley at the kitchen table, but yea that is where they were.

The veto meeting will be held today, and I already went over the possible situations. Shane is going to remove himself from the block leaving two options…

A) Danielle – If she’s nominated, this means the plan is to get Jenn out of the house and go to the final 4 with the ‘Quack Pack’.  Shane has a f2 deal with Danielle and he may be the only one more loyal this season than Frank was.   Dan will likely vote with Shane to prevent Ian from having a say in who goes home and messing with his game.   If Danielle is nominated as a replacement, Dan is still controlling the house and Jenn goes home

B) Dan – This is the long shot situation and if I were a betting man, I wouldn’t even risk this one. This would mean that Ian is thinking for himself and is going to try and get Dan out of the house.  If he is a good player, he’ll of course tell Dan that he’s a pawn and it’s just a visual payback that he feels he has to make.  He’ll then convince Danielle and Shane that the only way either of them have a chance at winning the game is if Dan is in the jury.  Even if Dan goes up, Jenn will still likely go home, but it will send a message that Ian is at least trying to play his own game.

I have a few things to do today, but I will make an update as soon as Danielle is on the block… sorry, I mean as soon as the veto ceremony takes place.

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  1. Comments (62)

    2 BBAD’s and vitually no game since noms. I believe I said this would be the best of the season. Well when your a complete donkey as I have been saying it will be all game this week I deserve alot of critisism. By the way my NFL picks yesterday were aweful as well. September is not looking like a good month!

    If they are shorting the week with veto and elimination on Wednesday as some suggest and Thursday is a live evict there should be action if nothing else. Right now I’d say Dan is sitting pretty. Though I can’t count the 4 votes he needs to win BB 14 if Jenn goes to the jury.

  2. Comments (2)

    I have to agree with your rant. Adam Poch, self proclaimed BB Super Fan was the most boring character in the worst cast of BB that I can remember. If he calls this season boring what was last season? Unbearable? As far as this year goes, I’m done watching the feeds, I will admit I liked it a lot more when Jenn would just sleep all of the time but now the camera focuses on her entirely too much. Competition wise only 2 of them deserve to be considered for the grand prize. Dan, by the way is not one of them and I am really waiting for one of these geniuses to realize that Dan already won this game 4 seasons ago. Why is he still there? I know Ian doesn’t believe Dan but Ian wants to beat the best, so I think he actually would take Dan to final 2, and Ian should beat him just based on who he got out of the game. Dan plays on people’s insecurity and stupidity and he is very good at it but I am still hoping Ian wins this game.

    • Comments (2)

      I would like to see Ian win, as well, Dan is a bully. I just wished Jenn would have come forward to both Shane and Ian with the information that Dan the Man, with the ridiculous head band obsession “What’s up with that”. It is unfortunate, Dan has gotten away with it this long. If Danielle, the biggest floater in the house, gets a seat in the last two, if will be very disappointing.

  3. Comments (1276)

    I still love me some Dan, but if Ian is going for the power player evil villian, he has to put Dan up. All he would really have to do is convince Shane that Dan was after him, but Dani talked him out of it. Jenn could then turn to Dani and tell her about her final 2 with Dan, and remind Dani that she has time and again told her she would “Never” vote her out.
    If the two of them listen, and don’t go striaght back to Dan with the info, they can easily get him out. Don’t get me wrong, Jenn should go, I think I’d like her outside of the house, but out of the players remaining, she has had the weakest game. Dani might be dropping the ball in the comps, but she’s had something, even if only a little, to do with almost every player who’s left. Jenn, while being true to her alliances, has pretty much voted the exact opposite of the results. Even her votes don’t have much competition to them.
    All Ian really needs is if one of them, Shane or Dani to listen to logic, and it’s in his hands to get the best player possibly of all time out of the house. But, lets be honest, the chances of that are about as high as my chances of winning the $500,000 sitting in front of my computer.

  4. Comments (1)

    It’s time for Dan to go.If Ian and or Shane don’t get him out the house he is going to win the game again. mark my words.If they keep him in the house and he makes it to the final 2 he should win. because they should have got him out the house when they had the chance

  5. Comments (5)

    Ian has studied this game for more than a decade, is obviously highly intelligent and he STILL doesn’t see that Dan is a con artist?!?!? I can understand Dani not seeing it, I’ve never seen a more self-absorbed person in my life, the only thing she sees is her reflection in the mirrors she’s always staring into. And Shane is such a sweet pretty boy with more muscles than brains. But Ian?!? I’m amazed. He is playing for second place at this point and doing Dan’s dirty work in the process. I hope Jenn starts filling him in on who was the real target when Joe went home and that she, too, has a F2 deal with the devil.

    • Comments (528)

      Jenn should have filled him in before he nominated Danielle. I guess Ian must really trust Dan, and it’s not like anyone is volunteering any info to him to think otherwise. Dan is also bullying him, as someone reminded me in another thread, the other night Dan threatend him that if he votes Dani out “I’ll rip your face off.” And barking orders at him “Ian, hurry up and get over here I have to talk to you!”

      It’s easy to judge from the outside but I can see how someone like Ian wood put faith into Dan and also be too intimidated to see what’s really going on. Dammit, I wish people still flew banner planes over the house, man. None of my psychic messages manages to get through to him 😛

      • Comments (1276)

        Not for nothing, but didn’t Dan just quote Ian? I’m pretty sure that Ian said that he’d rip someone’s face off if they voted Brit out? A nasty ass comment to make, yes, but is it bullying when it’s your own words thrown back at you?

    • Comments (2)

      I agree on Danielle, but the biggest let down will be if Danielle is sitting in either seat that wins the money, as she is one of the biggest floaters in the game. Even when she did win HOH, she was told what to do. I especially like how she can’t even make herself something to eat and must be fed and cleaned up after. Or her continuous speeches about how “I can eat your food” as she is stuffing it in her mouth between words.

  6. Comments (528)

    I don’t get why Jenn isn’t ratting Dan’s plan to get Ian out TO Ian! It could very well save her life if Ian decides to gun for Dan instead, and I can’t imagine it would be THAT hard to talk Shane and Danielle into it. Like, how many times has Dan screwed over Danielle?

    • Comments (528)

      He could basically tell them, listen, either I put up Danielle (again) OR I put up Dan and you vote his ass out. After all, who would you rather be sitting next to in the final two? Dan or Jenn? Think about it.

      Come ON people. Get that guy out while you have the chance!! (and I don’t hate Dan, I just don’t want him to win)

  7. Comments (4)

    You are so right if you go on big brother to win stop leaving your brains behind. This will be jenn chance to stay in the game make a power move.

  8. Comments (62)

    Shane used veto and Dani is on the block. Apparently Jenn is PO’d. Perhaps she was hoping to go after Dan. It appears Jenn wanted Dan nominated. She should of talked to Ian before the ceremony if she wanted Dan on the block. No way they keep Jenn instead of Dani. Though as I keep saying I think Dan evicts Jenn with a 2-0 vote he can’t win the money.

    • Comments (528)

      D’oh! Well, I can only blame this on Ian’s nievete and Jenn being…I don’t know, clueless. All she did after noms was lay around, sleeping or sulking – why wasn’t she playing the game?? Man, it would have been so easy to talk Ian into putting up Dan. Silly fools. So disappointed.

      Welp, Ian is going it basically have to win every comp he’s into stay in the house now…

      • Comments (62)

        I know your an Ian fan but I had to laugh when he said to Dan that getting to the final 4 he was now Coaching material! I couldn’t stop laughing and I like the kid. Ian’s game is mediocre at best. Sad truth no Dan on the block and Ian just doesn’t have the capacity to play with the big boys. Dan’s perhaps going to win the 500K by default. ROFL

      • Comments (528)

        If it wasn’t for Dan whispering sweet nothing’s into his ear I think Ian could have taken this game. That’s my opinion, anyway. He’s just focussing too much on being friends with dan and losing sight of the game…BB isn’t about making nice, it’s about throwing people under the bus to get ahead, especially in the endgame.

      • Comments (62)

        After 2 seasons of returning players I think it’s pretty clear the 1st timers just don’t have the skill set need to compete. Ian would have stood a much better chance if it was 14 newbies!

        Think BB needs to do allstars again in an upcoming summer and leave the experienced players to that only. The newbies are like lambs to the slaughter. If it wasn’t Dan it would have been Boggie working his magic. Or Twitny who I have to say played decent concidering she didn’t impress me at all in her 1st season.

  9. Comments (9)

    I agree – if Jen had half a brain she’d be pulling Ian and Shane into a room and telling them how so, so close they both came to going home during the Double Eviction. But, like I said, that type of strategy would require half a brain. She seems content to sit on the block and eat her way out of the BB house.

  10. Comments (5)

    Oh my goodness…I wonder how Ian will explain this when he’s sitting in the jury house and Britney says “I told you not to trust Dan.” He just showed his age and naïveté by not putting Dan up, now Ian will be the next to go.

    • Comments (9)

      I agree – if Ian doesn’t win this next POV he’s gone. And, frankly, he deserves it after this week. This week was Dan’s HOH – not Ian’s. He did EXACTLY what Dan told him to do.

      • Comments (528)

        Unfortunately this is exactly right. I would hate hate hate to see him go, but after this fiasco I won’t be able to feel too sorry for him. And he’ll be kicking himself for many years to come.

        Oh well Ian, maybe you’ll get America’s Choice. 🙁

      • Comments (5)

        You are absolutely right…Ian was Dan’s puppet. And to Stan, I laughed out loud to your “coaching” remark! You have to make good decisions for yourself, Ian, before you’re asked back to coach!!! LOL

  11. Comments (62)

    Tthey don’t seem to show much of Shane/Jenn but they just had a brief chat. I believe it was Shane who actually noticed Ian didn’t nom Dan after Dan nomed him. He then mentioned Dan and Ian may have a deal! Really…. you think so?
    I doubt there is a chance but Shane and Dani final 2…. Nah not going to happen!!!

  12. Comments (14)

    I don’t know about anybody else but I am sooo ready for this season to be over. Since Frank left I could care less who wins. I would rather the hot tub win the money than one of the clowns left in that house.

  13. Comments (1)

    This has become the most boring season, with Frank gone all thats left is for Dan to convince Ian to do his dirty work and pretend to be upset about it. I wish Jenn would wise up and man up to do something for herself but she won’t I fear. So sad

  14. Comments (5)

    does anyone know if Ian gets to play for the next HOH

  15. Comments (19)

    Yes Ian said that to Frank when he was HOH when he said he was gonna put Britney up everyone has been saying how bad Dan was for saying it but Ian said it like two weeks before

  16. Comments (1)

    Hopefully, BB will NEVER invite thunder thighs Danielle back into the game ever again! She’s just too damn busy eating constantly to have any game play, Dan has been playing for her since day one, she thinks her fat body and her with men will get her to the final 2. Keep eating all that candy and cookies Danielle, no wonder your GAINING weight. She should try excerising her body as much as she does her friggin mouth!

  17. Comments (1)

    Ok, I pretty much agree with the general consensus here. Here are my two cents on who’s left in the game: For me, Ian used to be the likeable super fan who is awkward yet intelligent. Now, he’s just the delusional super fan who would would have the audacity to take a BB legend to F2 just to have bragging rights if he miraculously won- which clearly, he won’t. His social game was average but he didn’t get the best uses out of his HOHs. Overall, Ian is a decent player at best and his super fan spirit overcasts his true stardom.

    Danielle: It’s time to let Dan go.

    Dan: Very sloppy Hail Mary tactics that are working on the weak-minded. His game has a lot of weak spots this season but no one has been smart enough to capitalize. If he makes it to F2 he deserves to win.

    Shane: Rally up Ian with the info Danielle told you and create a plan to evict Dan the great.

    CBS needs to do another “back to basics season” like 10 and 12. They’ve brought back so many old players that a second all stars season would be overkill. You can only bring back potential all stars so many times before it runs dry.

    Jenn: Ugh, you became death fodder when you didn’t use all of the valuable information you had to your advantage. Obviously you didn’t care about going to jury.

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