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Big Brother 14 – Weekend Recap

boogie picking his target

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While the Sunday night episode of Big Brother 14 played up the potential Dan nomination that never happened, rest assured that nothing is set in stone until after the PoV meeting tomorrow.  As I posted already, Frank won the power of veto last night, but in an already weird season, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the veto being used.  That being said, I still think nominations will remain the same this week and it’s pretty much 50/50 on who goes home at this point.

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Right now there is an uneasy alliance going on that will clearly blow up sometime soon.  There is 0 chance that Boogie and Frank will sit around and do the plan of picking off members of “The Herd” until completion. I think the way it’s going to go is that once Frank loses his seat in the HoH, he’ll again become super paranoid about being nominated.  He’ll have a good reason, as I think people are already having some buyers remorse signing the deal with Boogie/Frank.

There are 7 guys and 4 girls, and Janelle’s words were not ignored. One thing she preached is that in order for a girl to win Big Brother, her odds increase dramatically sitting next to another girl.  No girl has beaten a guy when sitting in the final 2 chair together, and I think that would hold true this season as well.  Unless that guy is Joe or possibly Wil, I think any remaining guy would win out over any remaining girl.  It’s just not a very strong female cast this season, especially with Janelle gone.  Danielle is known for her crush on Shane, and Ashley/Jenn are simply floating along.  Britney is the only one who remotely has a chance against a Boogie, Frank, Shane, Dan or even Ian in the final 2.

There have been whispers around the house about this, but it’s going to take a lot more than whispers to get this train going.  If any girl wants to have a shot at winning, they need to start knocking off some of the strong guys, and fast.   This season on Survivor, the had a bunch of super strong women against a bunch of dopey guys, but it appears CBS flipped that switch for Big Brother.  I have a strong feeling we’re going to see possibly 5 guys and a Britney in the final 6, and she’ll just float along at that point.

The PoV meeting is tomorrow, so get your 3 day trial to the live feeds to see if it’s used.  If you don’t want to get the feeds, that’s fine, just keep checking back here for updates!

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