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big brohter 14 - danielle murphree

Danielle Murphree



Voting History

Week 1 –


Name: Danielle Murphree
Age: 23
Hometown: Grant, Ala. (living in Tuscaloosa, Ala.)
Occupation: Nurse
Three adjectives that describe you:
Loving, outgoing and passionate.
Favorite Activities: I love to dance. I could do that all day, everyday. I love photography, scrapbooking, working out and swimming. Anything that keeps me active.
Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Being cut off from the outside world and not being able to listen to music or take pictures.
Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” To be considered someone that isn’t a threat and someone that doesn’t seem very smart. The people that are a threat are usually eliminated first.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: I love Jordan and I can’t stand Rachel. Rachel is beyond annoying and fake with her whining and backstabbing. Jordan seemed honest, down to earth and fun.
What are you afraid of: I am terrified of snakes, dying young, heights and never finding my true love.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: Finally graduating Nursing school and passing my NCLEX on the first try.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… love everything as if you were about to lose it.
What would you take into the house and why: My camera because I love taking pictures; my iPad so I can play games and listen to my music; and my cell phone because I’m a chatterbug and love talking to people.
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: Be a happy camper. I guess I would deal with the new challenges that I faced with fame, but I wouldn’t hate it. I wouldn’t mind being famous.


big brohter 14 - danielle murphree

611 thoughts on “Danielle Murphree”

  1. Not to sound creepy about it. Danielle is a true American beauty. Aphrodite herself would not hold a candle to Danielle. This American Beauty should have a life long television career. I miss seeing her on TV so much. I hope she has generated enough of a following that a fan club is started. I want to be one of the first to join. Love you Danielle, have a wonderful life, you deserve it.

  2. Your right Rachael! What a cow, nice way to try to gained pity from the others…..Everytime I think of her I say to myself she just needs a good smack down! I’d do it all the time to my sister during my chilhood,when she pull and say stupid shit like Danielle,
    lol! It was nice chating sharon, talk next season… They really should think about a celebrity Big brother…..That would really be interesting to see the real side of these actors or whoever!!!!
    see ya!

  3. Right on Sherry! Who vote’s for Danielle to star in the future movie 2Clueless? never mind that’s her life lol!!
    For those that can’t take the gossip on this ride get off at Dan’s page where he’s trying to coach his family to believe he didn’t swear on nobody’s head or life..Dan’s funeral it is!!!!lol!

  4. I vote to evict…………………….DANI.

    Oh…forgot…SHE WAS EVICTED AND EMPTY HANDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha h ah aha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. wow! leave the poor girl alone!!!! it was a fricking game ….who cares what she said about what she does or what she has or where she lives or anything else. shes 23 – lots of life lessons to come her way. its a complete lie in that house. why does everyone want to jump on the “hate danielle” bus – she is the “only” person in that entire house that stayed true to her alliance – the only one! did u count the number of lies joe tolod? britany? frank? omg!

    1. Lying about game is one thing, lying about serious hurtful things to gain personal attention – LIKE FAKING CANCER AND NUMEROUS OTHER LIFE THREATENING DISEASES – is another.

      Don’t tell me to leave her alone, this is an open forum where we can express opinions and my opinion is DANI IS PSYCHO.

    2. Cat… Go to your litter box and take a peek…………. I have more respect for that waste than for Danielle! Lying about life threatening diseases is no game! It’s cold hearted to all those lost before us and all those battling now!

    1. Hey joejoe…but when it is Dani in third place…SURE MAKES AMERICA HAPPY!!!!!!!

      We should make that a national holiday….Dani loses day…and everyone gets the day off to laugh.

  6. Wow is the first word that comes to mind, when reading all of these posts. How heated and cruel some people can be! Your now turning on each other? So, Im reading all the posts by the “fans” expressing their “opinions” on Danielle and “how she played the BB game” and your calling Danielle a physco? Im giving the benefit of the doubt when I say that Im assuming most of these posts were made by intelligent adults that know that BB is a game, to win or try to win, you do whatever as there is a cash prize at the end. Many BB houseguests have done things that offend and are hurtfull and against the majoritys morals like Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling just to name a few. Point is these people all are BB’s great’s! It’s not BB (the game) who do you like the best and why? It’s BB the game who can get to the end and win the money. Point is like it or not Danielle played season 14 of BB. Like it or not she made it to final three, and that is a very respectful finish. Like it or not your opinions wont matter she will move forward in her life and because Danielle does not have a personal relationship with any of you (Im assuming) your opinions wont matter to her……they will go in the trash like all negative posts do from seasons past.

      1. Hey Donna…hi!!!!!

        …………I bet STAR-Duhhhhhhhhhhh would have thought Dan would hand her $500k too…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  7. The Doc’s would go see Danielle for advice?lol! for what? How to look dumb and stupid in front of America on TV….Olé shi*!
    but hay, she can salad tosse me anytime if she wants lol!
    I’ll bring some beans……….. right Susan..

  8. Danielle doesn’t know anything about bossing any old farts around Dan’s not there to tell her what to say…Damn girl, can’t you come up with an idea on your own? Dan screwed you like the others, tells you and the whole damn country about it and you still vote for him.
    Can you spell bubble head?

  9. Ella………… I wouldn’t be telling anyone they need to go to school, graduate and pass the nclex when your sentences doesn’t show well on any of your schooling. I found it hard to read with several errors for someone so well educated. Also I don’t know anything about nursing but I can tell you that just because someone went through nursing school and the required classes doesn’t mean they are a good nurse OR qualified to really be one. A friend of mine works in a hospital in Materials Management and a nurse called down to order up a catheter. She asked the nurse which one do you need? (there are all different kinds and sizes), the nurse said she didn’t know and asked the materials management worker which one she suggests!! I don’t want to scare anyone but that was just one case. Having worked there for several years my friend has seen alot and heard alot. Believe this or not, she has seen a nurse ask a patient for his opinion. That is scary! That scares me for all patients. And I don’t think that just because you don’t like what Sharon says or the fact that she doesn’t like Danielle then that makes her a jealous person. You seem to think that you know Danielle’s personality just because you watch her everyday in BB, well you don’t know Sharon’s either! She may have a great personality but just has a different opinion and says what she thinks! That doesn’t mean she is jealous, careless, or demanding! I kind of laughed and found it funny when you said…..”but I have seen her everyday in BB and I kinda know her personality.” What the heck??? I didn’t know you were in the BB house all season with her. I hope you also sat beside her when BBAD and the feeds camara’s were on her because that portrayed a whole different side of Danielle. Anyway, I don’t think you have the right to call Sharon a hater because she has a different opinion than yours, I think you are doing a little hating yourself because you don’t agree with her! Opinions are EQUAL (including mine)!!

    1. Hey thanks Rachael!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Maybe Ella can start a Dani fan club…it might be a lonely one though lol.

      Ella knows Dani through watching the show???? Hey it sounds like maybe Ella and Dani would get along good together…maybe they could double date with Shane and Trey???
      lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

      Ella..maybe you missed the many many parts where Dani tearfully would tell her little stories of surviving every life threatening disease known to man?

      I remember early on in the game Dani survived cancer? Well I lost both parents to cancer young and there are many brave people out there REALLY battling cancer…Ella how do you think they feel watching that pyscho trying to bring attention to herself with such horrible lies?

      Ella give Dani a call…maybe you two coud enter beauty pagents together, go shopping for mirrors..stalk men….pluck your eyebrows….whatever.

  10. I did not realize how petty Janelle was until tonight. She has always been one of my favorite players. But when she made the nasty comment about Danielle, I realized she is just simple. Green is not your best color Janelle. I believe the reason Janelle had it out for Danielle was because Danielle had the whole package of beauty and personality (inner and outer beauty). There is something wrong with a person how shows no emotion. “I don’t cry, I don’t feel sad”. Is there a soul deep within— I think not. Looks will only get you so far in life, and as Janelle has obviously become aware of– your getting older and not what you used to be. Janelle did not get far in the game because she has the personality of a rock. Dan described Danielle as a sweet girl from the south. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She just put her faith in the wrong type of person. Good luck Danielle.

    1. You obviously did not watch the live feeds or bbad because the only supporters she has are the ones that only watched the tv show. She received an unbelievable edit from bb production because of what happen to shelly and the death threats last year. This girl is suicidal and bb knows this know and had to take it easy on her after the zing bot remark. This crazy lying bitch brought this on her self and i could not be happier with how she left the game. P.S. no way in hell will shanes mother or sister let him date dani and i will be surprised if they even let him be friends with the lying whore. Hes dumb but not that dumb and his family and friends still love him unlike dani’s.

  11. Danielle, you did a good job, plus y met someone that will matter in your life. Listen to what my mom says – people can throw sticks and stone, it might hurt you for awhile, but dam you girl thats why he picks you. You made the right choice. Go girl

      1. Hey Donna. is Myra-Duh suggesting Shane ‘picked’ Dani? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

        Donna…what show did Myra-Duh and Starlala la-Duh watch?

  12. Hey Sharon,honestly you are such a jealous demanding,careless personality.all people in big brother lied okay,each one of them.
    If your talking about profession,yes it is true that some doctors asked some advice to fellow nurses ,believe me.
    If u don’t believe me you should go to school,graduate and pass the nclex then you will find out what were talking about,
    You don’t know dani either am I,but I have seen her everyday in BB and I kinda know her personality.
    Anyway,all I can say you are hater!!!!!!Hater won’t make you win..be happy and appreciate each things.

    1. Hey Ella….Sticking up for Dani, you are obviously a pyscho too.

      You know Dani’s personality? Ok sweetheart…..then if you approve maybe you are also a self centered shallow tramp.Birds of a feather…..

      Dani is the biggest liar and most hated HG ever on all 14 seasons of BB.

      I was so happy she was evicted….she acted so high and mighty all season, she got what was coming to her.

      I would never watch another reality show with that bitch on it, but I guess I won’t have to worry, AMERICA HATES HER, NO ONE WOULD EVER CAST HER AGAIN LOL LOL LOL LOL.

      Yes I am a hater…a hater of Danielle…and I am not alone, everyone hates her, did you read the posts?

      Now run along Ella, there will soon be another tramp on another show you can defend.

      1. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Hey Sharon wasnt last nights last eviction wonderful!! OOOOhhhh looks like Star-duh has a new sidekick Ella, unless its really Star-duh still…. Anywho HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA Danielle lost. The worst way too… HAHAHAAAAAAA cant stop laughing!!….. HAHAHAAAAAAA Did anyone else notice how at the end as everyone was celebrating and congratulating Ian and Frank all you see is Danielle up Shanes ass…. OMG such a psycho stalker bitch!

      2. Thats the first thing she did was run over to kiss Shane..after i might add she was asking Dan if he thinks Trey will be mad at her or will he be waiting for her ..omg …i wrote on Shanes page to “Run for his life” from Dani…:)

      3. OMG Donna…as though Shane is even interested…she was a stalker keeping him safe, nothing more lol lol lol .

        Hey I think I will visit Shane’s page too!!! lol

        POOR TREY…imagine how embarressed he is LOL LOL.

      4. well you know men..Danielle gave him that baby voice and he fell for it..but when he sees her for the “fruit loop she is..he will get it…


        Did you see dani’s LONNNNNNNNNNNNNG FACE at finale?





        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha

        OMG The ending was so good…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Hey Star-Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where are u?
        What did you think of the ending???


        Oh Kelly saying ‘psycho stalker bitch..you are being too kind!! I would add tramp, shallow pig faced conceited cow. Dani the house guests hate you, Shane hates you, Kelly and I hate you…AMERICA HATES YOU.

      6. IM laughing soooo hard right now, I just read below the other dip shit thats riding Star-Duh’s psycho train really thinks Shane likes danielle… Its obvious she hasnt watched BB14 at all…. Shane has no interest in pursuing a relationship with the psycho bitch, I bet you hes probably going down on JOJO as we speak lol


        And sooooooooooooooooo TRUE!! lol

        (Hey Dani might want to watch the flashback live feeds…all Shane talked about when you weren’t around was Kara and JoJO.)

        ahah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

      8. Sharon you need to get a grip and check yourself into a rehab. You say Dani is a liar. HOW DO YOU KNOW? Do you know the girl personaly? You say shes a bitch, pyscho, your the pyscho. You are sitting here telling all kinds of lies about Dani and I say lies because you dont have a clue. You judge, you call other people names for having an opinion that doesnt match your own and you have REAL hatred issues. Grow up, your thouths and opinions dont me shit to a tree you mean, hateful judgeMENTAL idiot. If you are seriously going to let some stranger on a TV show make you so mad, have so much hate, make you into a horrible person then you surly need some help of your own. Hell you are by far much worse than Dani could ever be. Dani may be an idiot for playing Dans game and never playing for herself, She may have crossed a line with what she did to Ian. but to attack her personaly, say she lying about everything, that my dear you have NO clue about so your lying too. Again get over it. Its a SHOW. Every year there is someone on there that I dont care for their personality but I dont let it consume me and turn me into you.. LOL

        Now say what you want back because IM not DANI so I promise I wont loose any sleep over anything you say. Good luck to ya and dont forget to seek real help.

        Oh and I think yall are jealous that Shane does have feelings for dani. He has been there for her. He kisses her, he took her on the reward trip and on the show all he wanted to know was if she new about what dan did. he told eveyone that they had a thing so face it people they like each other. so how can her looking at him, smiling at him or whatever be consider a pyscho. Jeeze do yall date much?

      9. Yes Donna…Thanks…lots of proof – some real classic psycho Dani scenes too lol.

        Danya-Duh go to rewind and watch it why don’t you. I think you might have missed about 30 shows lol.

      10. I couldve sworn PSYCHO was spelled PSYCHO not PYSCHO…. Dayna before you come on here and try to defend a PSYCHO bitch, please, LEARN HOW TO SPELL FIRST!!!!!!!!! Damn Dani followers, sooo DUMB AND CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

        #Team SHARON and DONNA

      11. Hey thanks guys…

        Team Donna, Kelly and Sharon – WE WILL ROCK!!!!!

        Hey we need a name.

        Lets throw around a few ideas..what do you think? The stalker stompers?

        A name for team star-duh and Dani..easy ‘The psychos.’

      12. I like that! The stalker stompers… Sounds perfect!!! HAHAHAAAA… and whats with these people (Dumbass 1 & 2) saying we dotn know her, why say such harsh things… blah blah, Do they not realize that everything is on tape! on the INTERNET!!! on TV!!!!!! HELLOOOOOO Wake up Dumb asses, Nothing we say is fabricated. Everything is based on what she has done to herself. OOOH I sooo do hope and pray one day soon she sits down to read this. Atleast she will have some comfort in knowing 2 people were defending her. Then again they might be made up people, it might actually just be her. who knows, stalkers have a way of getting around.

        # Team Stalker Stompers!!!!

      13. All I can say to that garbage from Danya is

        THE HUGE MAJORITY OF US IN HERE..do know what we are talking about.
        Hey next year get the live feeds and then you might have a clue what you are talking about.

        Spending 23.5 hours a day in front of a mirror is SHALLOW, SELF CENTERED AND CONCEITED.

        Her game play and LIES…Psycho. And Shane you say? HE WAS INTERVIEWED TODAY AND SAID NOT INTERESTED IN DANI…omg if you WATCHed THE F-ING SHOW..obvious to EVERYONE he was NEVER interested in her lol lol lol

        Dani was keeping him safe like a good little stalker.

        America HATES Dani. Millions of Americans and Canadians can’t be wrong.

        Go away Dayna..you are annoying.

      14. Wow sharon your still on here fighting with everyone that likes dani? get a life girl it was just a show and no one cares what you think, except all the haters and jealous people and then no one cares about all them either….NO ONE LIKES A HATER!!!!!

      15. STFU STAR-DUH!!! No one cares for you. Its just fun having someone else to make fun of aside from psycho bitch Danielle..

        Psycho Bitch Danielle and Psycho Bitch-Ass Star-Duh…..


      16. LOL…Love you Kelly!!! You are sooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

        You are also so correct as always… PSYCHO BITCH DANIELLE AND PYSCHO BITCH-ASS STARRRRRRRRR-DUH lol lol lol lol


        Hey…what happen to Dani at the finale Star-Duh?

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      18. And no one likes you Starla!! You get a life its just a show!! So why are you on here??? I guess you have no life too….huh? As you are talking about people still on here……..then what the hell are you doing “STILL ON HERE”?????


        You guys are so great, love your posts Donna, this has been so much fun!
        Since we are all so good at identifying psycho stalkers…I am sure we will all be in the same sites next time lol lol.

        I am just sitting here wondering what Star-Duh is like??

        I am picturing an older woman with warts on her nose, wearing a thong with 25 cats. What do you guys think????? LOL LOL LOL LOL



      22. May I please add:


  13. I am LMAO at some of these comments with people “Sticking up” for Danielle. I do not hate the girl. She has actually entertained the hell out of me with her bat poo crazy drama. However, she has lied about all of the women that have been on the show except Kara, she has lied about being an RN instead of an LPN, and she has lied about having sicknesses that she has never had. That much is true, and cannot be refuted because it is on the live feeds.

    Telling other people they have old names, and that they need to get a life because they are giving their opinion on the same website as you are is laughable. If you like Danielle despite her bat poo crazy, then that is your opinion and you can post it. If you do not like her, then that is also your opinion. Why is it that people cannot have an intelligent debate without name calling?

    Name callers (Dani haters and Dani Lovers), keep in mind that fighting online is like a one man ass kicking contest. This is just a game!

  14. Wow!!! You this is a game and i really dont think all you should be attacking and insulting someone over the internet. It just proves that none of you have a life and just loves to complain! 🙂
    Lets see you on big brother so we can insult you, even though we dont know you……. 🙂

    1. So are you telling me that even though you know and have absolute PROOF that someone does things that by definition make them a bad person, you should remain silent and not form an opinion nor utilize your right to freedom of speech to point out that their behavior is wrong? Well, then you have to also believe in equality and therefore apply that same silence toward everyone engaging in, in Danielle’s case, malicious behavior. Good thing you were not in charge during the time of Hitler!

      FYI: I would tell all of this to Danielle’s face so please do not imply that I am only saying what I am saying because I am at my computer and not face to face. Everything I have said, I would happily repeat verbatim. That is if I ever have the misfortune to meet her. You know she would ask what I thought of her! “I” and “me” are her favorite words and she is her favorite topic. Hey maybe I will bump into her at one of the Hollywood A-List parties she is certain to be invited to! She IS SO famous afterall! hahaha Her words Annie, not mine. Look out JLo! Danielle’s coming to town!

      FYI: If I went on a reality TV show, I would expect criticism. You can’t please everyone. However, if I behaved like Danielle has, I would know that I deserved it all along with the disdain and more! Can’t act like that and be loved by anyone who has any decency or moral compass.

      1. Amen A. Walker! Annie give it up! A. Walker is too good and so right! He speaks nothing but the truth and has all my respect for his great morals and right-on beliefs. I’m proud that there are still people like him out there who call it like they see it “BUT ACTUALLY BE RIGHT”!!! Hell, I wish we could clone him……..we need more people who are awake and know what’s going on in the world, has morals, values, and is not afraid to say it or stand up for them! Right is right! Heck, Nowdays it’s “the dumbing of society” and I’m tired of it!

  15. It’s so funny to hear Danielle call other players a dumbass when she is the biggest one in the whole game. And I’m watching BBAD and sitting here listening to her tell Dan and Ian how Frank tried to bully and manipulate her for a vote! OH MY GOSH! That’s rich! I can’t believe she has the audacity to talk about anyone bullying anyone when she just berated and bullied Ian so he would be scared and terrified not to take her to the final two. What a freakin’ piece of Shit this selffish Bitch is!! She is too stupid to even realize she must be talking about herself because she was freakin’ terrible to Ian bullying the hell out of him and proud of it! What a hypocrite Bitch! I want to punch her in her conceited ugly-assed fat face! Maybe it will improve it and her personality too! That is what she really needs…………I think it would benefit her greatly and put her back in check!! If she had that happen more times in her life then maybe she would shut the hell up and think twice before opening her big ass mouth and criticizing others! I would be more than happy to assist her with that!!

  16. I seriously just went through a majority of these postings and can I say Jeez! You can tell who watches the feeds, whether online or showtime or both and those that just watch the edited show. Some opinions, although harsh, are not far from the truth. We can on many accounts look back at her “stories” she has shared more than once and know she lacks consistency (ie.lies). She basically claims she knows or has dated anyone you can imagine from “Bama”. The truth about her actual profession or possible lack there of may be exagerrated by her and CBS a bit (if anyone cares to research this you know). She obviously is very self-conscious and has low self-esteem, maybe from all the years of this “abuse” from her fathershe speaks of which is in no way a judgment or opinion, whether it be true or not . If you like her as an edited tv reality star, go ahead. But for those of you who can recognize she has many faults and seems to be dilisional about many aspects (shane, dan, life, job, boys, her looks, her personlaity, etc.) lets keep it classy and just say she needs some therapy.

  17. This chick is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking IRRITATING! FIRST of all, LOVE BB…but I fast forward through her speaking SO many times! Her high pitched fake screech is annoying along with all of her tall tales and infatuation with Dan…Number one he is married you dumb ass. Second of all your obsession to do anything for him as you claim is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard. Like I said before he is married and is going to do whatever it takes to win it again FOOL! She says she does gymnastics but can only do a roundoff and assisted handstand OMG stop lying. She says the game has been completely personal but it wasn’t personal when ya lied to Frank and Britney’s face and then you want to talk shit to Ian like he was the one that broke up the Quack Pack. All this broad has done is ride Dan’s coat tail. She hasn’t done shit, except look at her stupid ass in the mirror. Be desperate with Shane like she was the one playing him, like he’s not going to see everything in the end. Best believe if Jojo was still there they woulda hooked up cuz she is WAY fucking hotter than her…Get over yourself. #DumbestTrickinBBHouse

  18. Watching BBAD and Danielle is so funny. She has said so many times that she used to be a gymnast and even gone into detail about when she first learned to tumble. Right now she is in the backyard trying to do a cartwheel and a roundoff and she can’t even do that. She even tried to do a hand stand against the wall and fell on her head lol. Too funny. For someone that used to be a gymnast and a tumbler (as did I), and to still be so young I find it funny that she can’t even do a cartwheel properly. Just add it to her list of lies lol. Said it before and Ill say it again…..CRAZY TRAIN

    1. She needs to quit! With her fake ass…”Actress” she needs to quit with her low budget acting…Modeling…hah better stick to “nursing” with her “messed up kidneys” lol And she threw the first HOH comp for the final HOH!!! And then she’s going to bash Ian when she had a final two with Shane!! Chelsea is fucking GORGEOUS u jealous hating bitch!! Dan would NEVER pick her over his success and for his wife’s. Are you retarded?!

    2. I cant stand this girl and have hated her from the beginning but she got me laughing last night on BBAD with her so called workout. Those cartwheels were pathetic and when she tried the handstand against the wall and her fat ass fell hysterical. She stretched a couple of times lifted 1 pound weights for 30 seconds then washed her shoes. Wtf why are you washing your shoes she didn’t even break a sweat. Her ass was big at the beginning of the season and its huge now. Those 5 minute cartwheel/stretch work out is not going to help her fat ass. Oh dani thanks for the laugh i never hated someone so much before in my life and never thought you could make me laugh. You really are a dumb ass dani!

      1. Dan…Im glad that Im not the only one who got a good laugh out of her gymnastics routine last night. The fall on her head was my top bb moment of the season lol.

      2. Nothing gave me greater joy this season than that! She needs to get a fucking grip on herself…Get it right boo you ain’t all that…get over it! Own it! LMAO Hatin on Kara’s fooiinnne ass….#LyingHater

  19. you know I gotta say that I actually started to have a bit of sympathy for her when her and Ian had competed together and she was alone and crying with no one to turn to. BUT when she went after Ian the way she did, it was unspeakable. here she is being back stabbed by Dan this whole season but yet she is going to take it out Ian and say that he won’t get her vote when he has done nothing wrong to her.

    that is not game play, that is just pure, plain, evil.

    1. Chris… This I do agree with you on. She is bullying Ian just like Dan has bullyied her. To top if off shes in the room with dan telling him everything and grinning knowing she has hurt him. Not cool at all.

  20. Watching BBAD from last night (09/16/2012) and this hoe is sitting here trying to make Ian feel bad about taking Ian to the end. She is saying how she cant believe he lied about him and Dan having a final two. The only reason she is saying he should keep her is “she wont say anything bad about him in her speech” Bulls*** this fat hoe is pulling every card she can to try and stay. Like I said before I cant wait till she wobbles out of the house at the beginning of the show and the look on her face when Ian walks away with $500,000 and Dan with 50,000. This b**** will walk out empty handed and will be looking stupid when her “tainting of the jury house” doesn’t work.

      1. Lisa…….. I love that post! That was fantastic and so true! That is so brain dead and ignorant for her to play the whole game for another player and not herself! That is so creepy for her to say “I would do anything for you Dan”! for someone she just met on a reality show! She needs help, that is stalker qualities in the making. Dan may need a restraining order too!

      2. Yes she does act just like a STALKER! Dan was kidding the other day and asked what her area code was so he wouldn’t answer her call when she tried to call him but then said he was kidding…He was so serious!

    1. I think she was doing that so Ian would throw the comp to Dan (thinking Dan would take him anyway), and Danielle probably thinks Dan would take her. It was so dumb threatening to turn Shanes vote against Ian. OK, so if he took Danielle to the final 2 would Shane vote for Ian? Either way, Shanes not voting for him! Nothing lost! STUPID!

  21. OMG!!! I didn’t think that I could dislike Danielle any more. I just read the live feed page from Morty’s TV website and I am seeing yet another side of Danielle. She is threatening Ian that she is going to taint the jury if he makes it to the final 2. She is being uglier than ever. I really hope she gets what is coming to her. She is such a sore loser. Please go to Morty’s TV website and view these feeds. She is such an ugly person inside and out. For those of you who say she is sweet, you are mistaken.

      1. Donna I was rooting for Ian so loud, I figured he might even be able to hear me lol.

        The highlight of the season for me was Dani sitting with the jury with her longggggggggggggggggg face LOL.

        Yes poor Dani..I heard she was planning to invest in a mirror factory.

  22. Danielle… cute at first glance but holy shit, it didn’t take long for her to annoy the living hell out of me! I wish her no harm, but I hope she watches this season back and it humbles her.

  23. Ok so Im watching BBAD from last night and this dumb b**** has the nerve to threaten Ian saying if he doesn’t take her to the final two she will taint the jury. B**** please, you wish you had that much influence over them. If its Ian and Dan in the end half the jury hates Dan so Ian will definitely win. I dont care what your stupid ass says to them. She is becoming the most annoying house guest to i have ever seen on the show. Since Dan and Ian are playing in the last round I cant wait till one of them sends her out the door Wednesday night!! Empty handed with only her stipend check lmao

    1. Your right Niqua she also Bullied Ian to tears. Its was aweful. I couldnt watch it any more. i have never seen anyone so mean before. Also she told Ian that because he didnt believe in God that he dosnt deserve to win!!! And this was on Big brother after dark.

  24. Hey, As Donna mentioned above…………….What was the salad tossing talk about. I too missed that one! And nobody ever answered her that I can find but I’m curious about it also. Thanks in advance!

      1. Well ladies … there’s this thing that a person does “south of the border” but it is even further south than the usual.

        So, did everyone hear DD bragging to Dan (a married man) and Shane how she swallows??? That stuff should not be discussed with someone else’s spouse. Total class act DD!

  25. Missa, I like what you wrote on September 15, 2012 at 12:34 am.
    You are 100% right in my opinion. That is what I’ve been saying too. You say one thing that isnt filled with pure hatred and they come at you. Good luck to you. 🙂

    1. Thanks Dayna! I am not worried about what these people (in reference to those in attack mode) have to say about me. I don’t particularly like Danielle, but I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion. Whether I agree or not does not give me the right to call someone stupid or idiot or dumbass or whatever for not agreeing with me or for expressing their thoughts. It also annoys me that instead of talking about her game, this has become a total bash on another human being thing. Like saying she is fat, her eye brows are messed up, and on and on and on. Her game is lacking, but her game has nothing to do with what her hair looks like or if her butt is big!!!

  26. Donna, #1. I never said people couldnt write on her page. Please go back and reread it. I said I should also be able to come in here on Dani’s page and NOT hate on her and say wtg without pissing people off. I made a comment and because it wasnt evil people started attacking me. Not right or fair. I said I should be able to say my feelings and shouldnt have to ask permision or be called names because I think for myself and am not a follower.

    Now that being said the part about the monkey. I still have that episode recorded and it wasnt as bad as you say it was. They were all laughing including Ian and Ian even made a joke about its neck. However and let me say this.. NO ONE should be ripping or tearing up ANYONE things. I totally disagree with that kind of behavior.

    So feel free to say things about me, dislike me, what ever makes you feel better and makes you a happier person. As I said before this is a page about Dani and people CAN write good comments or bad comments about her. It isnt for you or anyone else to say (hey you shouldnt like her)

    Please understand that I’m honestly not trying to be rude to you or anyone else. I didnt call out anyones name in this room and say HEY STOP BEING MEAN. I just said I didnt like what was being said.
    Good luck to you and God Bless you.

    1. I absolutely agree with you Dayna. I like Dani and I thinks its just sad how people have to write all of these crude comments to make themselves feel better. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it is taken way too far and to attack those who make good comments is just not needed.

      1. RIGHT ON DONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        And describing Danielle has hateful is being nice….I can think of many words to add to that, I will add shallow and tramp for now.

  27. When this season began, wasn’t Danielle slender? Did she somehow manage to avoid the “have not” penalties? How can someone gain so much weight on the infamous slop diet (i.e. starvation)?

  28. OMG!!! If this self-absorbed, stupid, lying b..ch wins this game I will never watch it again. She is the most annoying person in the history of BB. Unbelievable!!!

  29. Hi Gram, Lets face it people are having a great time being more harsh and mean to dani than anyone else. And what gets me is I write one a comment in Dani’s favor (which by the way is my right and opinion and I get attack by others on here)all of a sudden if I say something positive about her…. well I must be just like her.
    (example) this was from Chris…I would like to know if you have watched the whole BB season and the BB after dark. If you haven’t then you know nothing about her and if you have, you probably do the same thing she does in her everyday life if you continue to think like that.

    Well I do I have my own thoughts and am I suppose to ask Chris or others on here what im aloud to say or think before I type it? NO I dont think so. I’m a 45 year old woman and a mother of 3. Been married to my husband for 21 years. I think I have the right to say …(WTG Dani) and say that I feel sorry for her because people are being so personal. I”m a christian and I have a huge heart and I hate to see others hurt. Matter fact I feel pretty sorry for Chris and the way he/she thinks. All Im saying is this is a page where people write their thoughts and since it is Dani’s page you are going to have some who look past the young immature stuff and say things nice about her. I/we shouldnt be attacked and called names, like idiot, stupid, crazy etc. I hope this isnt to much to ask or for some of these people on here to understand. LOL I guess Im asking a lot. 🙂

    1. Dayna..i am going to ask you in a polite way..what do you think of a 23 year old taking a monkey that Ian dearly loves and grabbing it out of his hands while he is pleading to her not to do it and Shane is yelling Dani don’t do it and proceeds to rip the arm,laughing as she is doing it…..i will let you think awhile….now don’t tell me she is young and immature,she is an adult…..of drinking age….why would she do it…..i am ready to hear your answer…..

      1. I love when people present proven/documented FACTS to make their point rather than “she’s pretty so I love her.” AWESOME JOB DONNA!!! 😀

  30. Danielle, Bennington VT Shane’s hometown is in the very southwest corner of Vermont, 10 miles from the Massachusetts border. You’re best off flying into Albany, NY and renting a car. Happy stalking!

  31. Danya, how is it that people aren’t picking out all the flaws of all the players this season. Dani gets all the votes for flaws because of how SHE acted. She brought this on herself with her lies and constant need for attention. The poll on Morty’s showed her at the very bottom of the list with only 6% compared to Ian’s in the 40’s and Dan’s in the high 30’s. There is a difference between doing what you need to do to win the this GAME and lying for the sake of lying to get sympathy or to have people like you. She’s going to be in for a rude awakening when she gets home and it’s all her own doing. She chose to go on the show and she chose to say ridiculous things about herself. Viewers aren’t stupid and they see through someone like her from a mile away.

  32. OMG I can’t take this crazy bitch anymore. On BBAD she said how she hasn’t lied to anyone in this game. She has lied more than all the houseguest put together and she’s fake crying over Shane. She also has another monster zit on her chin. She’s eating pizza and chewing with her mouth open again. I swear cows eat with more class. She is absolutely the most disgusting human being I have ever seen and if she wins I am done watching big brother for good. My only hope is she goes out third and someone please call her out at the finale. I’m betting her parents aren’t there.

  33. Chris yes I have watched all of it. Dont get me wrong I wouldnt say im a fan of Dani’s.. I wanted shane to win. All i am saying is people on here are being so horrible. What if your mom or sister where playing the game and people talked about them. Said things on a personal level that doesnt mean shit to a tree. Talk about her game play.. talk about her being stupid for trusting dan. But people talking about her voice, eyebrows, figure? I just think thats harsh and uncalled for. It is a Game so why are people getting so dang personal?

    OH AND NO I am not perfect by any means. Never will be. I am however a God fearing person therefore I dont want to personally attack someone that I dont even know.

    OH and Chris I dont remember calling out your name but thats cool. Must have hit a nerve..LOL
    PS if you think you offended me by saying im just like her etc. You missed the mark. Im completely and totally happy with who I am and my life. God Bless You!

    1. And why do people not post supportive posts for her? Why do people that do like her not post? Because most don’t care to be attacked by others who just want to say she is fat, stupid, narcissistic, inbred blah blah blah!!! All I hear is repetive complaining about her looking in the mirror, how annoying her voice is, etc! Hey brain children … There is this thing called an OFF button. You do not “have” to watch the show! You do not “have” to watch after dark. You have the option to turn it off!! But then you wouldn’t be able to document her every move, criticize her, and make yourselves look like a bunch of idiots. I am not her biggest fan, but I feel like all you do is say what a horrible person she is! WELL, HERE IS MY ADVISE TO ALL OF YOU. MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE LESSONS AND LOOK IN A FREAKING MIRROR. IF YOU ACTUALLY TAKE A MOMENT TO LOOK DEEP INTO YOUR REFLECTION … YOU WILL SEE A NOT A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN THE ONE YOU ARE BASHING!

      1. And while I am at it, let me add … Feel free to thumbs down my comment. Feel free to call me psychotic, blind, stupid or whatever you want for posting something that goes against you. Truth is, I could give two shits what any of you think of me.

      2. In what part of my post did I say I support her? I actually said I am not her biggest fan! What I did say was, all I see is people being idiotic talking her about appearance or her habits. Say her game sucks and that I might agree with. Thank for being respectful though Donna.

        And Chris, Missa is how my Niece started pronouncing when she was 2 and that is what most know as to this day. All you can bash is my name?? Really?? You’re brilliance is pretty awesome! Lol

      3. Read carefully at you post Missa on Sept 14th at 1:47 am ..”Why can’t people post supportive posts for her”…my answer is “there is not alot i can support her on”….

      4. Oh I see. That is not the context that I meant that statement in though. Anytime someone comes on and posts that they like her, they are verbally attacked. Their own integrity is judged, they are told they are psychotic, stupid, idiots, and on and on. So the question actually was meant I’m the context of “Why are there so few supportive posts” and “Why do her fans or people that like her not post” … Because most people don’t want to be attacked for being positive or supportive is the answer!

        Case in point was the response Chris left on my comment. Not only telling me I am a dumb ass, but also mocking the name that my Niece dubbed me with. What does my name have to do with anything first of all?? And it seems to be the consensus of most the frequent posters that if someone doesn’t share their opinion then they are a “dumb ass”. I am far from a dumb ass. I am actually quite intelligent. Dislike her if you all want, but there is no need to be rude to those who don’t share the same opinion. 😀 Just sayin.

      5. Missa,

        With all due respect, we have watched Danielle:
        1) lie about her profession because as she stated, she didn’t want people to think she is smart. So she told people she was a teacher instead of a nurse;
        2)state that she is a nurse who tells the “old people” (other nurses) what to do;
        3) state that she either has suffered or is currently battling multiple serious diseases, all of which has been debunked by her personal friends;
        4) claim her self-righteousness and become vindictive to the extreme when others dare to treat her as she has treated them because she genuinely is incapable to recognizing her own actions for what they are – mean;
        5) state absolutely horrible things about and make accusations in a public forum (reality TV) against her family that they do not have the opportunity nor platform to defend, which, if she makes it through this whole thing without lawsuits will be a miracle;
        6) state that she can do everything a doctor can do but she didnt need to have all the schooling a doctor does, which brings a negative light to the medical profession as a whole;
        7) stab everyone in the back, WHICH IS PART OF THE GAME and we do understand that.

        And the list can go on and on.

        The problem is Missa, that all of this has compiled and for those of us with BBAD or the live feeds, we have lost respect for her based on her own comments and actions, unedited. Danielle chose to go on a TV show which meant that she agreed to open herself up to criticism. If she wanted to portray herself in a positive light, she had 24 hours a day 7 days a week for numerous weeks to do so.

        Instead, she was malicious, insulting and rude. She gave the world what she wanted us to see and wanted us to judge her, that is why she CHOSE to go on TV. She was constantly obsessing about who America would like best, who America would think is the most sexy, not to mention how famous she was going to be after BB14. She WANTS to be judged.

        Listen, I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a very long time thinking that she was only behaving the way she was due to the circumstances, but I can only excuse so much as a human being. She said horrible things Missa and treated people really badly. For me, no amount of money is worth compromising my integrity or moral compass. For others, money is more important and I understand that. In this case, there is absolutely nothing about Danielle that I find to be redeeming, respectful, kind or honorable. When someone plays a game and throws their character out the window, that is too much for me to handle. I do not respect that.

        I tried very hard to not attack her appearance or anything of that nature however, her appearance is ALL she talked about. Listening to her constantly compliment herself and fish for compliments, time on end, from others made it very difficult because when she did it, she would make a point to put everyone else down in the process.

        I believe in God and work very hard to represent Him well every moment of every day. I AM NOT PERFECT, never claimed to be. Therefore, I fail a lot at being my best. I recognize this about myself and know that I am a work in progress.

        All that said, I also know that when you see behavior that is inappropriate you should not remain silent as you then are stating that you condone it. I appreciate that you stand up for what you believe in and address what you see as wrong. That’s awesome! However, the people who support Danielle have those of us who do not support her wondering what they are seeing that we do not. It concerns me that, just because someone finds her attractive that all of her actions are then excused. She has proven herself a horrible person. That is not excusable. The problem with people and what is making this world more difficult to live in is the fact that too many times, horrible behavior IS excused, either because people don’t take the time to correct it or point out that it is wrong, OR BECAUSE someone is attractive and people don’t want to offend them and run the risk of not being “in” with the “cool kid”.

        I see little children who grow into amazing assholes all because no one bothers to tell them “no” or that their behavior is inappropriate. Can’t blame them when they grown into that asshole who mistreats other God made creatures because they were not provided any guidance. Eventually someone HAS to, for the sake of the world, correct them and let them know that their actions suck. It is everyone’s responsibility to speak up and demand respect not allow someone to treat others like doormats.

        If you will notice though, the supporters on here are the ones who always begin the insults and vulgarity, not the people who do not like her. The thumbs up or the thumbs down on a comment do not make or break my day. I see it as a quick way of stating that someone eithers agrees or disagrees with the statement that was made instead of writing “I agree/disagree”. People get so offended by this little icon and then go on attack. The fact is, not everyone agrees. We don’t have to! That’s the good part about having our own minds and being able to express our own opinion/perception. The arguments usually start because a supporter posts that those of us who do not agree with them have no right to our opinions and in no uncertain terms tell us to “shut up”. The fact remains, the whole point to having a forum such as this is to open a public discussion, in this case, about Danielle. Telling someone to shut up or go away is not condusive to evolution. It closes down the lines of communication and the ability to learn from others and the opportunity to see things from another’s perspective. No one should be silenced for having a difference of opinion. The people who do not like Danielle are entitled to that opinion. We provide facts to back up our stance and then are met with, “Shut up! You guys all suck. I love her cuz she’s hot! I want to marry her! You are all idiots and need to shut up cuz no one cares what you think!” That’s not nice Missa. If they want to open dialog about their support, insulting us is not the way to do it.

        If someone wants to say, I really like Danielle and here are points that I recognize as supporting my opinion that she is an awesome human being …” That would be great! I am open to hearing and even changing my mind. However their approach is disrespectful right off the bat and that causes people to defend.

        I respect everyone’s right to free speech and when they have proof then I then I support their right to bash. Is it negative? Yes however pretending that everything is rosie would be sweeping it under the rug and not addressing the issue thus eliminating the opportunity to change and improve.

        I appreciate your opinion. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. It opened a great dialog.

    2. Dayna, first off I am a middle aged female.

      now about Danielle she has brought this upon herself. if one of my relatives was in the BB house and acted like that I would be embarrassed to the gills. I would also let them know that whenever I had the chance. not only that they would be horrified at their behavior I would hope.

      you say we should talk about her game instead of her. I’m sorry but when you see her being that way it is very hard not to comment. she is a very troubled insecure girl who is telling some very serious lies about her health and is not making herself look good in the house to those of us who watch. I mean how can you be watching BB and BBAD and not be annoyed or rub you the wrong way at what she does continually. it’s not like it is once or twice .. it is all the time. you can only take so much and then it is only natural that you lose it.

      now about game, I don’t really think she has any. if it wasn’t for Dan she wouldn’t know what to do. we have commented on how she laps up whatever Dan says. if she had any common sense she wouldn’t continue to believe everything that comes out of his mouth. he has burned her many times in this game yet she keeps going back to believing in him.(which seems a little fishy)the game is everyone for themselves, you can’t trust anyone. you can align yourself with people but be wise all the time and especially after you have been burned, and seeing how she has already watched BB she in my opinion should know better. so she doesn’t have the common sense to know the difference .. so where is her game?

      I will agree that some of the comments on here have been harsh. but you can only take what she does for so long and not start to dislike her to the point of her driving you crazy.

      I do apologize for what I said to you about being perfect. but I felt that the ones who are on her side come on here just to aggravate us more than we already are. so I get defensive and I am sorry for that.

      I am completely happy with who I am and I don’t think that by my comments on here that it should be assumed I’m not happy. if by making comments towards her means that I am unhappy then I’m sorry you are wrong.

      also I do believe in a higher power and consider myself to be a very spiritual person. I don’t know what your religion is and it doesn’t really matter. but in the bible they have the 10 commandments and it does say that gluttony, lying, envy, or being vain is a sin. she is guilty of all 4. I don’t do those things in my daily life and I prefer to surround myself with humble people and not narcissistic ones. (I’m sorry) you can’t tell me that she is not guilty of what I say.

      I think that I have been respectful to you in my comment and I say with the utmost respect to you, if you don’t like what is be commented on here then why do you keep coming here.

      1. Chris,.. Thank you for all you said. I understand everything your saying and I didnt come in here and try to start anything. I just dont hate Dani. I know she has said somethings and I will let God handle that. Yes there are commandments that havent been followed by her. But I choose to worry about me and not bare false wittness. All I did was come in here and wite WTG Dani, kick Dan to the curb. Then said that I feel bad for her because of these harsh words. I know someone who couldnt take life, being judged etc. they are dead now. She does have some problems and i think thats why Dan likes her and Ian. He picked the youngest and weakest and he manipulates them. Honestly if I was going to bash anyone it would be Dan. (swearing to God, swearing on the bible and swearing on his wife) <-not a fan. lol Now I will probably get bashed by someone on here for this comment. LOL my point is we can all have our own opinions, just dont attack the ones that say something less harsh. Im just meaning you either. I think your a nice person and I appriciate the apology. I am sorry too if I said anything hurtful to you. I just didnt feel it was right to say im like her just because i feel sorry for her. Thank you for reaching out and God Bless you

  34. Oh my lord!!! Danielle is sooo stupid and sooo annoying. I can’t believe she floated her way to the final 3. She is purely and utterly a tool for dan to use and thats it. I don’t see how she doesn’t know that… Has she even watched bb before??? People lie thats how the game works and she just eats his lies up like they’re food and she’s a baby being spoon fed lies. Its disgusting how ignorant she is. I haven’t even watch bbad or the live feeds so i can only imagine the other side to her stupidity. Bleh makes me sad that i live in the same country as her lol

    1. Adam, be thankful you haven’t watched BBad .. you saved yourself a lot of annoyance from her to put it mildly. BBad was good until Frank and Brittney got voted out. those were house guests that made it interesting, even though Danielle was there I could at least over look her. but now I have stopped watching it completely unless the show ends on an HOH competition.

  35. Can someone PLEASE tell me what she was looking at when she was talking to Shane in the HOH room tonight? She wouldnt look at Shane the whole time she was talking to him. I think she knew he was going home. Starting to think this show is scripted.

  36. O my goodness, So priceless the look on Danielles face when Shane got booted out. Maybe now she will see what Dans all about but i guess that is too late now. The only thing i can think is i hope Dan and Ian are the final two. And goodbye Danielle. And i hope Ian Wins

    1. yeah that was some surprise. but the bull Dan fed her afterward about him doing that and she may as well sign the cheque off to Shane if he stayed .. once again dummy-d might be buying into it. the sad thing is, if Ian wins HOH, he is also under Dan’s spell as he is supposedly in the final deal with him also.

      I think that Dan is horrible for swearing on his wife that he is true blue to his word.

      maybe Dan’s wife should leave him and let Dani have him, after all it seems like they deserve each other …..

      1. His wife better look at every word he says to her as if he is lying he is very good at it…oh it is a game but he didn’t learn to lie this good this quickly…

    2. it was priceless but fake she can’t be that dumb….why put Shane up if she didn’t want him to go to jury….How many times does Dan have to lie to her before she gets it..no she knew exactly what she was doing ,now all Shane knows is “it was Dan’s fault” no blood on Dani hands……

  37. After tonight’s look at the jury house I really wish we could watch that till the seasons is over instead of Danielle. at least it would be more exciting with Britney and Frank being there!!

  38. this is a shout out to Danielle’s fans. If she is soooo liked by everyone then why is it that at the top of the page underneath her pic she has 268 likes and 341 dislikes.

    but the ones of us post here are all haters .. check the numbers Dani fans!!!!

  39. WTG Dani!!! i hope you wake up and see Dan for what he is.

    On another note. I have never seen so many PERFECT people in my life.. I wish some of yall would get on this show so everyone else can not only judge you on your game play but on you as a person, (point out every flaw you have and rub your noises in it)Have yall looked in the mirror? are you flawless? perfect? so much better than EVERYONE else. …..oh wait.. NOPE, your not! see ya.

    1. ok Dayna, do you feel better now. so I guess you think you are perfect. as the saying goes … “nobody” is perfect and so we (the ones that know the truth) we are all “nobody’s” here. ha ha ha, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      I would like to know if you have watched the whole BB season and the BB after dark. If you haven’t then you know nothing about her and if you have, you probably do the same thing she does in her everyday life if you continue to think like that.

      we all have mirrors but we don’t spend 24/7 looking in them. as I said above we are all nobody’s.

      see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!!!!!!!!

    2. In all honesty, If you cannot take the Danielle bashing on here then find another board to comment on. Oh wait, Most of them are saying bad stuff as well. Nevermind. And Thanks for your advise Dayna, I will be applying for BB15 so most of America can pick out my flaws. I will put myself in the big brother spotlight so America can judge me and I really Hope they like me, Oh please AMERICA like me!! *ALL JOKES* But for reals, She put herself in a position to be judge. She has lied and most of all it makes me sick because I have a horrible back story but if I EVER was on a reality TV I would never EVER talk about it in detail! Those who actually come from the hood, abused families, or poverty DO NOT want to attract PITY from others!! WE, and yes I say WE, just want a normal life using our horrible experiences as motivation to be better people! In her case, I guess It has just made her a worse person. So if your going to sit there and defend Delusional Danielle, then please look at how she affects others with her lies. I will not say I “HATE” Danielle but I will say I strongly Dislike her because she has rubbed me the wrong way with her stories of being abused. When in reality, those abused do not like to bring up such stories especially to a room full of people and only to those they actually trust (AND REMEMBER THIS IS A GAME, SHE SHOULDNT TRUST ANYONE!!!). UGHH, And I feel sorry for anyone who has actually been through chemo & has cancer because she has also lied about that. I will apologize for Danielle only because I do not think she is even aware of what she does, she is truly sick in the head. When she gets out of the house, my heart will truly feel for her because she has made a name for herself that she cannot take back. She’s delusional and reminds me of a selfish child with the only words “ME” and “I” in their vocabulary. So here’s my apology to those she

      1. well put Cali. about this cancer thing.. you think people would catch on .. she is 23 yrs old, so she would have had to be real young when she had it or the length of her hair is weaves. someone who has or had suffered cancer would not have had hair that long nor that thick.

      2. Very good point! My mom finished chemo almost 18 months ago and her hair is only almost 8 inches long.

        Delusional Dumpy-D has at least 5 years of growth and her friends have posted pictures of her from high school and from bar hopping a couple of years ago and her hair is just as long under both circumstances. That would put her at, OLDEST, 13yrs of age when chemo would have stopped.

  40. Ok, Danielle has said she has IBD, Kidney problems, asthma, anorexia, scar tissue treated with radiation and chemo?, thought she had Shingles and was going to ask for Aderal to calm herself down. Any doubters out there that think this girl doesn’t have some serious mental issues please think again. Now she thinks she will be asked back for next season and allstars? Really? She thinks she made a big move getting rid of Janelle but it was all based on emotions and needing to get rid of all the other girls. She is constantly fishing for compliments to the point that I fast forward through the show everytime she is on. Oh yes, she also worked at a trauma center but then that changed to a rehab and she thinks she’s the same as a doctor telling them what to do. I really hope she isn’t a nurse because I’d worry about any patient she was responsible for.

    1. I read she was claiming cancer. Had radiation before she came into the house and has to have chemo upon leaving. Because, you know, cancer patients often take a 3 month break from treatment to go on reality TV and compete in physical competitions and add stress to their lives. As a cancer survivor I am DEEPLY offended by her. Wonder why she didn’t just kick the cancer alone like she did anorexia and alcoholism? Would have taken, what? 4 to 5 weeks?

      1. Just for the record, the contestants have to go through extensive physicals to prove they are fit to compete. NEVER would production allow a person with ANY active disease in need of treatment LET ALONE cancer opt out of treatment in favor of enter that house. They have to purchase insurance for the duration of the show that will cover into the future and she would be officially uninsurable if she needed treatment for any life threatening disease.

        ***Mental illnes is not life threatening unless she shows aggression and it is documented so apparently she squeaked in.

        But absolutely not possible that she has cancer and opted to disregard treatment for BB14. NEVER HAPPENED … LIAR DD! Shame on you!

  41. If this crazy bitch wins I’ll never watch big brother again. How is it possible that the other house guests don’t see how she really is. I would have choked the bitch in the first week. Shane’s gona be hating life when he gets out of there and reads all the shit about delusional dani. I hope jojo beats her ass at the finale.

    1. from one Chris to another, lol. after Danielle and Shane’s night out, I am really starting to believe that Shane is using her to get to the end, and if she had any smarts about her she would have realized that already. she had a talk with Jenn and even told her that she thought he was using her to further himself. the showmance came so late in the game that it wouldn’t surprise me. so Danielle said to Jenn and I quote .. “I’m going to play the player.”

      I’m very surprised that she put Dan up (which by the way I’m glad she did, as he’s already won) but if she is playing the player … I think she has a short term memory of the previous night.

      I’m sad to see though that the person leaving tonight will most likely be Ian seeing how she won the veto. he is the only one that is deserves the money!!

      I hate the fact that one of those 3 will be winning the money!!

      on a final note, where are you Starla, have you come to your senses and joined the ones of us who really know the true Danielle??

    2. So….I had to get my nightly dose of insanity last night, so yes, I endured as much of DD as I could. And, she never ceases to amaze me. Once again, she asked Ian one of her famous passive-aggressive-type questions. Her question was relating to next season being another “All Star” season, and who Ian thought would be asked to come back. Of course, what she is really trying to say is, “Ian, who else would be joining me on BB All Stars next season?” In any case, Ian listed off the people he thought would come back. Then, she tried to get Shane and Dan to comment on the topic saying something to the effect, “I don’t think I could come back next season.” My response to that…Aren’t you being a bit presumption my dear??” And, you could tell that Shane and Dan were getting irritated, because one of them said, “Danielle, I am just trying to get through this season.” However, she continued on her path of self-adoration. Which led me to my next thought…she really needs to seek professional help when she leaves that house. Yes, this is probably going overboard, but I had to check the DSM to see if the profile she is exhibiting is really what I think it is (unfortunately, probably one of just many issues she has). In my opinion, she fits many if not all of the elements of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Don’t get me wrong; in no way am I making fun of, or insulting those who may suffer from psychological issues (God knows I have enough of them myself! 🙂 But, she seriously needs to seek help. Straight from the DSM:

      Narcissistic Personality Disorder
      A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:
      1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
      2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
      3. believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
      4. requires excessive admiration
      5. has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
      6. is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
      7. lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
      8. is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    3. Hey Chris…I am with you there. I watched all 14 seasons and if that pyscho Shane stalking BIG FAT LIAR wins..I am done.

      I heard her on feeds talking about how famous she was going to be and wondering if she could handle it.

      LOL heehee lol lol lol lol lol lol LOL LOL LOL ha ha ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLLOL hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee.

      1. sadly Sharon I think she will become famous but not in a positive way. with all of her bad behavior people will be talking about her and the biggest reason is because she will be known for the person who looked in the mirror so much and told some pretty unspeakable lies over the course of the 14 seasons of BB. it sickens me to think that will happen even though it will be for negative behavior.

  42. ha ha you cant say you dont like rachel, you wine and act just like her you cry around about dan and everything else wait til everyone finds out how you lied about being a nurse i guess you aint winning big brother your a fake and a phoney

  43. I’ve been having so much fun reading these posts, Thank you all the Danielle Haters for putting a huge smile on my face!!! 😀 LMAO! I was gonna comment last night but I was so tired and had to be in class today! But here’s what I was gonna say, If I can remember correctly. lol
    ** I can understand why these Danielle fans are sticking up for her, I mean $h1TT I am a fan of Jenn’s and I would do the same lol. In all honesty, I was a fan of Jenn’s before she even came into the house (kittie, suicide city) and was excited to see her on Big brother after dark! And then the plane came crashing down, there was a girl named Danielle that wanted all the attention, popped her pimples/stared in the mirror upon hours, and lied through her big porcelain teeth! OMG, Every time I hear her voice I want to literally Shoot myself!! I consider myself to be a very open person that accepts all people, except psychos. lol I never come on these boards but I felt so exultant that others felt the same exact way I do!! YAY I’m not alone!!!!! LMAO!! I understand why Danielle fans are sticking up for her but in all honesty they really have relevance to their defense. They obviously do not watch big brother after dark to see the true real picture of her! My brother even says Jenn looks like scooby doo and All I would say is TEAM SCOOBY!!!!! lmao!! Danielle supporters need to develop some thicker skin and a sense of humor. All of what I’ve read is HILARIOUS!!!!!! And true! lol Thank you for my entertainment since I cannot enjoy my Jencity anymore :(!!! LMAO!!!

  44. Am I understanding correctly that Danielle was confiding to Dan yesterday that she has breast cancer, and that she chose BB instead of chemotherapy??? I just read that comment from several other individuals on another site. If that is the truth, she is more horrible than we think.

    1. well if she did and Dan bought it then they are a match made in heaven.

      speaking of those two.. whenever I see them together I often wonder if there isn’t more going on!!! Dan seems to play everybody but Danielle. both them have said they are like father/daughter. well I knew Danielle was kin folk but didn’t think Dan was.

      if Danielle chooses to put Shane & Ian on the block and not Dan … in my opinion, there has to be more going on than just the game.

      1. I was wondering the same, Chris. Their relationship appears much more lovey dovey than it should. And in all reality, when people go out of their way to label their relationship in such a manner (i.e., “Father-Daughter”), they are trying to steer people away from what is really going on.

      2. I had the same feeling regarding the Dan/Dani relationship. With Dan taking her panties. And just the way they relate to each other in general it seems there is something more going on there.
        Did anyone else notice when Dan got his family and wedding pictures that The psycho held them creepily studying his wedding photo.
        She kept commenting on how pretty his SISTER was. I kept waiting to hear what she would say about his wife.
        Eventually she commented but only after others did.

      3. hey Susan, she is probably jealous of her too, after all she is a woman. she must be really celebrating that she is the only woman in the house and Dan’s pics of his wife are gone.

    2. Yes Gabby
      I was horrified at the depths she had sunken to with those comments. There is an article I read online written by people who know her detailing more than one occasion wherein she had been caught in a cancer lie. She actually tried unsuccessfully to lie yo REAL nurses about fake chemo
      Sharon posted about her doing it again on bb. Read her post on this forum above. I will post a link to the article.
      To use something like cancer to gain attention……..its despicable and an insult to people who bravely battle this disease. 🙁

      1. she also said she had many other aliments earlier in the season. can’t remember all of them but I do remember her saying she has IBS .. I thought she meant the real disease and not the “I” Bull Sh*t … there’s that “I” again.

      2. HaHaHa!! “I Bull Sh*t”…… hilarious! With regard to her numerous ailments, I heard her say she can’t drink “dark liquids” due to her kidney issues. From my understanding, dark colored sodas are to be avoided when on a renal diet due to their levels of phosphorous. But, on that same “do not eat drink” list that patients have to adhere to is peanut butter, nuts, ice cream, etc. I believe it was two or three nights ago on BBAD where I saw her take a spoon full of peanut butter out of the jar and gobble it up! If she is going to lie about having diseases, she probably should research them more.

  45. my final comment for the night. hey Starla, how are you related to Danielle?? were you the one who taught her how to be so selfish, narcissistic, jealous and insecure??

    1. well chris, no i’m just one of her many fans, she is playing the game and it shows she is playing it good or she wouldn’t be one of the final 3, you all need to wake up and get your heads out of your ass and remember its JUST A GAME!!! and for the one that called her parents old cuz their “40” only shows me i am talking to a bunch of children if they think 40 is old…

      1. Ummmmm Starla, before I answer you, if you haven’t already seen my personal post to you above, take a look at it for me will ya,

        now on to this … do you think I honestly expect you to admit if you were related to her. Come on, I may not be a nurse but I have more smarts than that.

        maybe if you’re not related to her, it may be because you have a lot in common like a room full of mirrors, love to eat, are selfish and narcissistic too. could that be????

        you say she played a good game … you are too funny. what has she done other than won 1 HOH and this week her second. the only other thing she has done, well we all know that, we have covered it on here already.

        btw, if it’s just a game in your words then why are “YOU” getting so upset about our comments on here.

        in case your wondering I’m having a lovely afternoon.

        had breakfast – check (not fruit loops but just fruit)
        did my shopping- check (bought some more fruit and not fruit loops)
        cleaned my house – check (without mirrors)
        made my comments- check (without mirrors)

        that’s were my schedule is at the moment. if your interested I can message you later and let you know the rest of my day … oh but it may be boring as there won’t be any mirror checking or eating (besides dinner that is)

      2. I agree Chris. Starla I think you have some growing up to do, reading your posts calling people losers, bitches etc. Hey be a fan all you want but I don’t admire people who fabricate stories to make people feel sorry for them or to make it to the end.. I don’t care how much the money is. As you can see theres a thread of people who don’t like her. There has to be a reason why lololol I don’t see this on anyone else’s page. She won 2 hoh and 1 pov but had no social game at all and has been Dans puppet all season. Yes Starla your right she deserves to win it all.

  46. Danielle is a freaking joke, she constantly stares in the mirror at herself and flares her nostrils all day! She is THE most annoying bb houseguest ever to play- id seriously would rather watch Rachel !!!! She totally is a stalker and everyone knows it that’s why they zinged her!!!! ZINGGGG!!!! Her face is hideous and she sure doesn’t look like she ever worked out in her life!!! She liess!!! As we all know ( nurse Jackie) and if she doesn’t leave by this Thursday I can’t watch this girl anymore she drives me that nuts to look at her so very unattractive face!!!! Ughhhh just get off bb 14 already , no one likes you!!!! Go pop your zits at home where your “old” 40 yr old patients need you and could care less about that , ughhhh , face of yours!

  47. OMG! I hate Danielle she is ssssssssssssooooooooooo desperate. She is ugly and I cant stand the way she holds her mouth. Don’t even get me started on how she chews her food. She complains all the time and runs to Shane like he actually cares what she is talking about…I pray that they backdoor her ass this week! I cant wait till her ass leaves!!!

      1. your calling us losers but come here to stir S***……. yes she did make it to final 3 by being Dan’s little puppet and flowing Shane around…… you can admire her all you want… but i’m sorry someone who LIES that she had cancer before, i dont admire or look up to someone like that… there is a line between playing the game or making up stories for pple to feel bad for you….. not jealous sorry hun… i’m a very confident person i don’t need to look at myself in the mirror 10000 times a day


        What do you think of your Dani now? The BIGGEST MOST STUPID MOVE OF ALL 14 SEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSONS.


        Starla…are u hiding????????????????

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahahahahaha


        “Oh hello Star-Dah.”

        “Star-Duh..you that BB14 houseguest you are rooting for, the tramp Dani?”

        “Well listen to this. Dani actually threw the first part of the final competition to Dan, and now Ian has won part two.”

        “She has now gone from being in the best position to win, to now having ABSOLUTELY NO SAY!!”

        “If Ian wins part 3, he is going to take Dan, so this means Dani might have just written a check for $500k to either Ian and Dan, and that she will leave with NOTHING.”

        “Like…how stupid can she be?”


      2. Good one Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        You are very funny- ! lol

        Star-Duh what happened at the finale????

        OOOOOPS lol lol lol lol lol

    1. Hey Niqua, you know what would be really amazing to see. Is in the BB finale, that Kara is there and Shane goes after her, because after all she was the one he wanted in the first place. then we could see Danielle cry again, only problem is she wouldn’t have no food to stuff her face with.

  48. OMG BB after dark .. and I quote

    Danielle–(after whining for the past hour) OMG I want some fruit loops or something..

    Shane– or have some ice cream.

    Danielle– that will make me fat

      1. I agree Donna. The show has progressed from plain boring to almost painful to watch.
        I’m not even enjoying bantering THE fan of Dumpy D on this forum anymore. What fun is there in a battle of wits with unarmed hill folk? Not much. 🙁
        I still think Starla and Dayna are both Andrew……its inconceiveable that she could have 3 fans.
        Now what am I gonna do for fun? HMMMM INVITE HER BACK??


      2. that is toooooo funny, Susan. thumbs up!! I haven’t watched BB every year it’s only been about 4-5 seasons but this season has got me yawning. I was really looking forward to this years show. after all Julie said expect the unexpected. well I don’t know how the only unexpected thing was the coaches entering the game and an extra eviction which only made sense due to how many players in the house.

        the only good thing left about this season is coming on here to see what’s new. the only thing that could make a horrible season a little less painful would be if Ian wins.

      3. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Susan…LOL…GREAT POST..AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

        Hey Starla…want to be like your precious Dani tramp?? Hey it is easy…go stalk some men or go out without panties.

        Go put your teeth in Starla, maybe if you could talk properly you would be able to write using better English.

      4. THAT’S IT!

        She writes poorly because she uses the Phonetic Alphabet!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s awesome.

  49. Ok Dani has proven she is an evil Bi*ch..grabbing Ian”s monkey(the toy) and ripping the arm in front of him,he was pleading with her not to do it..shane was telling her not to do it..but she did it..laughed about it..no one tell me she is a kind person..you are wrong !!!!!!!!

    1. I agree Donna but no surprise there, she doesn’t have any more females left in the house to be jealous of so she has to move on to be jealous of something. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go after the snake and do …. I think we can all figure out where I’m going with that one …

    2. Donna, I couldn’t agree more. That behavior sealed the deal for me (not that I had any real doubt to begin with). In fact, after seeing that, I am starting to wonder if there is a deeper issue with her. My undergrad was in psych, and from what I remember from those courses, hurting a toy/stuffed animal (together with a variety of other traits she exhibits) may be a sign of a sociopath. Generally, the act of hurting a toy is something more seen in the behavior of children. But in her case, who knows. Nonetheless, she needs help.

    1. Well Sean..If you do marry the psycho…make sure you have a lot of mirrors in your house as staring in them is all she does 23.5 hours a day.

      As far as getting her, you should have a good chance, hey I actually think you are first and only one in line.

      Good luck, every crazy self centered pyscho shallow tramp deserves a man too.

    2. Hey Sean, why don’t you leave your info here and when Danielle gets out she’ll have it to contact you, after all with you being one or maybe two/three that actually like her enough and probably the only one that would want to marry her.

      If she is into herself as much as we all know I am sure she will read some of the comments and if she gets so far as yours, when she is finished crying and stuffing her face from all the truth that is printed here, maybe she’ll give you a call. after all my money is on Shane dumping her a$$ once the season is over.

      1. hey chris…just you losers on here are the only ones that hate her, man get over it already..i think you people really need to get a life, its obvious she knows what she’s doing to make it to the final 3, i have never seen such rude a$$holes in my life

      2. *****HEY STARLA*****

        you say you never seen such rude a$$holes in your life …. well as the saying goes .. takes one to “THINK” they know one. if it makes you feel better then kudos for saying that.

        have you watched BB and BB after dark. if you have then you must be blind/deaf not to realize what we say here is true. the only thing I don’t know to be true will be if Shane will actually dump her as it hasn’t happened yet. THE REST I have seen/heard for myself. if she wasn’t doing all of the things we comment on, do you actually think there would be so many posts saying so.

        and as for my life and I think I can speak for the others on here, how do you know we don’t have a life. just because we spend a few minutes on here doesn’t qualify you to say what we have or don’t have.

        maybe you fall into the same category as Danielle and don’t have a life and are jealous of “us” that do!!!!!

      3. Lol Chris!
        Don’t confuse poor Star-Duh with facts. Shes struggling so hard with the ‘book learnin’ already…..


        Susan and Chris..wtg…lol…you guys are too funny. Starla must be a star wanna be…what a nutbag.

        Starla go away..start up a Dani fan site or something.
        YOu want to be like Dani??? Hey I think you already are you crazy nut.

    3. I just want to clarify that the “Sean” that posted this is not me! How dare your parents ruin my name given to my in honor of my grandfather by allowing someone with such horrible taste in humans to have the same name. You sir have got to change your handle as I was posting here first. BE ORIGINAL MAN!

      FYI: Your comment is absolutely obnoxious and your IQ was apparent in the first 3 words … Hey, that’s the same number as your IQ. How ironic! Now please go away.

  50. I really dont understand anying body.. You are on a tv show and of course you are not the same person inside the game .. Its a game i would do anything to win this game.. It’s a Game.. People are soo judge mental.. Intill you play the game you have no idea how you would be …My family would love me no matter what if i made it to the end of the game and won.. If I had to lie , stab people in the back, look pretty what ever it took.. So glad i can just watch the game and hope that the person i like makes it to the end without putting people down , making fun of them. We all are not perfect ..

    1. Billie
      You ” really don’t understand anying body” ??
      hmmmmmmmmm. How can I say this without being judgemental?? (<—— please note that is ONE word)
      I want to value your opinion. I really do. I think you need to work on forming one intelligently first though.
      I gleaned from your comment that you would do anything for the half mil prize money. Try using a bit of that ambition towards Literacy and you wont regret it
      All the Best

      1. not only that, how does looking in the mirror, eating constantly and then asking people if your fat, whining like a baby have anything to do with winning the half mil.

        I can see if there is lying or as you put it stab people in the back, that is game play.

        BUT .. tell me how her stupid character traits have anything in common with game play???????

      2. susan you are the rudest of all bitches, we have all sat here and read what you and others had to say but when we voice ours its not allowed, wtf..so what if the guy wasn’t spelling everything correctly, does that give you the right to put him down? it just shows all of us what type of person you really are, i hope your family and friends are really proud of you…God your such a bitch

      3. And here we have a perfect example of the Dumpy D fan. Ignorant psychotic hillbilly gone wild!!!! Lol
        nobody said YOU weren’t entitled to your opinion Star-duh. You told US all to shut up. You have it backwards there backwoods. 😉
        You still haven’t been able to form an intelligent argument and I’m sure that must be very frustrating for you. Bless your poor simple heart……
        the good news is ignorance IS curable. Get a book and keep on trying.
        We will all be here waiting.
        Dumpy D is a psycho bitch and her redneck fans are barefooted wannabes!!!


      4. I needed to laugh and you gave that to me Susan! Thank you so much!

        Isn’t it interesting that the only people who come to the defense of Dumpy-D have the poorest grammar and also build their arguments with insults then attempt to silence those of us who do not care for her by stating that we are “mean and no one cares to hear” our opinion? This amuses me greatly because they clearly do not have the ability to grasp the concept that they are engaging in the exact activities that they are protesting – freedom of speech and expression of opinions. Always makes me smile yet cry at the same time as I fear for the future due to the probability that they will be doing a lot of inbreeding.

  51. In ref, to the word “NORMALCY” that Danielle agreed with Ian that it is “not a real word” … OK, Ian is not the be-all-and-end-all of education and just because he says something does not make it correct. Honestly, if he were as smart as he thinks he is he would not be going to Tulane which, while a good school, is not exactly the top. Dumpy-D agreeing with an incorrect statement still makes her equally wrong, in this case, more so because she clearly did not know the fact but emphatically jumped on board in an attempt to appear smart … GOOD LUCK WITH THAT DD!

    Here is the definition of “normalcy” (a REAL WORD):


    the quality or condition of being normal.

    Cue stink/stank face!

    1. Perhaps I am no longer being objective, but I swear that Danielle was continually glancing at herself in the kitchen mirror last night for the duration of BBAD. I actually started to count, but then stopped. I think her and Shane’s little excursion yesterday only continued to feed that huge ego of hers. ugh..

  52. Ben I feel you are messing with the wrong family. the Kardashins are a great family. they tell it like it is no matter what. Dani is no where near the stature of them. Danielle is a narcissistic, self centered , immature, selfish, jealous female. I can only hope that she decides to read all these comments and learn from them. but then again I don’t think she can comprehend anything that is an intelligent conversation unless it has to do with a mirror, food and someone who can also feed her insecurities …

    1. I agree! Kim Kardashian is wishful thinking on Danielle’s part! She looks nothing like her. She does not have the body or the looks! I would agree more with Bristol Palin than Kim by far. And I’m sorry that would be insulting Bristol! Bristol is even way prettier that Danielle and has a better body!

  53. Ahhh..will someone tell Danielle to stop staring at herself in the mirror. I have to keep forwarding after hours because its so irritating she is so vain.and i wish she would stop comparing, herself as jordon. No way..

      1. Donna I know Rachel was bad, but in comparison to her certainly Danielle is 1,000 times worse. and I find that is even being generous.

      2. yeah she’s a witch. I haven’t ever disliked someone so much. how evil are you to do that to someone let alone Ian who wouldn’t hurt a fly!!!!

      3. Susan…Psycho, plain and simple are perfect descriptions of Dani lol.

        But you forgot shallow, conceited, man stalker, bitch, tramp, pig face, thunder thighs and BIG FAT LIAR.

        Maybe next posting I will type how I really feel about her lol.

  54. I am getting such a kick out of these posts. I am so glad that everyone is seeing what I am seeing. Dumpy D ( thanks Susan- lol) has a way of annoying everyone. I to am backed up watching BB after dark and I was cringing when she was talking to Shane ( and the same story to Dan) about how Frank was telling her how hot her body was and how beautiful she is. He was clearly trying to campaign. Oh I can’t wait til she gets out and sees how everyone hates her. She was wondering how she would be portrayed in the show. She will soon see. lololol
    BTW, I didn’t catch the part about Dan and her panties… I hope his new wife divorces him for being so disrespectful to her.

    1. About Frank’s compliments. I’m surprised she didn’t lap it all up, after all she is always fishing for compliments.

      As for her seeing how much she is hated, probably in her delusional mind she will be thinking everyone is jealous of her.

      …… and I believe in Santa!!!!

      1. She did lap up every bit of what Frank said. And he covered himself by saying the only reason he didn’t hit on her was because Shane had his eye on her already. I seem to remember Shane having his eye on Kara. LOL!! Anyway then Frank went and told Jenn how he had used flattery to try to get Dumpy on his side. Jenn said something like yeah that’s how you have to treat her or something like that. Jenn and Frank have her number for sure. They’ve caught on to the ego trip that shes on.

      2. Did you see Shane say that he “obviously” was attracted to kara and would have gone after her but, long pause, “you know, Danielle has a great personality so …” LMAO That’s the kiss of death Dani!!! She’s the bottom of the barrel and the only available option as every other woman in the house was either married or a lesbian. He even preferred Jojo to Danielle! Ouch.

  55. Dani, Dani, Dani,You are such a dillusional girl. Your family is watching you make an ass out of yourself. Every time you talk , it always about you, if not you will make sure its about you.(like sayiny,”I’m so fat”)..So everybody can start telling you how great you are..lol.. You make these weird looking faces in the mirror,knowing the camera is there. Making a spectacle of yourself. I can even tell when your lying about something..lol.IN the beginning you told Brit, that you loved her sooooooooo much you wanted her to be in your wedding. You actually think Britney bought your crap.Insecure,jealous, selfcentered,I think even Jenn is starting to see your bs.lol.Like shane would actually have a deal with Ian..He chose you over brit.He doesnt even know you and dan knew about it before him.Like shane said sarcastically,”You are so consistent’. He even knows when your full of it. Your story changes on a daily basis..Zolft!!!!!! my dear…

  56. Seems like a good time to post a link to DanisDLusions. LMAO! For anyone who has twitter it recaps her mind numbing, self important statements. Funny!


  57. Holy Crap!! I’m going to puke!! I’m a little behind in watching my BB After Dark that I taped so I’m watching it now and Danielle is sitting on the the bed talking to Shane (of course) and Joe and telling them that she is so sick of Frank telling her how beautiful she is. She told them that if she gets told one more time about how he likes her body or how pretty she is then she is going to flip! She says that Frank watches her work out and that is why she cuts it short! Right before she started telling them this she looks (yet again) in the mirror. And she checks to see if Shane is looking at her and to see if he is getting angry or if he cares. She tells Shane that Joe was around when Frank said that hopeing that he will vouch for her so she can make Shane jealous. What a freakin ego this selffish butt-ugly bitch has! Sorry! Like I said she is about to make me vomit. I can’t believe the crap I’m hearing coming out of her mouth. She said Frank told her that he can’t take a picture with her because she is too beautiful! Beautiful?? Bullshit!! And her personality is ugly as sin! She’s telling Shane that she couldn’t even finish her workout and that Frank told her she takes big lunges and has rock solid legs and a great figure! Bullshit! If he did it’s only because he is campaigning to stay in the house and her HUGO EGO is TOO BIG to see that! Danielle is a narcisstic, conceited, selffish, ATTENTION DEMANDING, jealous, whining cry baby. I’d love to see someone cut her down to size and see her cry for awhile she has been very lucky to be getting her way all this time. Come on players…………get her ass out!

  58. Danielle, looks in the mirror constantly….. She thinks she is gorgeous…Another thing cracked me up on BB after Dark, the guys mention boobs, and there she goes off on her boobs. Then she keeps looking in the mirror and down to look at her own boobs…Then she lays down on the stools at the bar, because the guys talked about when you lie down and boobs….so of course she does it, she wants the guys to all look at her…cracks me up! and she always trying to get the guys attentions…and they basically ignore her whens she speaks…and who wouldn’t….boring! i hope she goes soon!

  59. I never get on these forums but I have showtime after hours and Danielle drives me crazy. She is constantly looking at herself and asking others to comment on her. She says people think she looks like jaylo..hell no. She tells Shane she feels alone so he will give her attention. She is always acting like she is a victim. She went so low to wear a low cut shirt that Joe liked and hung on him to get attention from him..

    1. lol, I just spoke about how much she looks in the mirror…In BB history I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE DO IT AS MUCH AS SHE DOES! I bet they laugh their ass off at her behind the walls. and she never stops eating….

      1. Dan called her out a few times about looking at herself in the mirror..I really liked her at first but her constantly needing attention ruined it for me..

      2. OMG…. If I ever hear her chomping on another bowl of cereal or “sucking” on a lollipop, I am going to scream! She is a classless pig. I don’t mean to be mean, but please… ugh.

  60. The only person who has an actual “ooh I want in Danielle’s pants” feeling is Jenn. Wioing the dirt from her face and “fixing” her mic? Or how about, “take a drink, please? For me?” Of course, Jenn is the same person who wears the leopard print skirt and hoodie so clearly SHE has horrendous taste.

    BTW!!! What the hell??? If Dan’s wife is watching this and seeing him handling Danielle’s panties?!?!?!?!?!?! That kid is gonna be greeted with divorce papers. Dan is behaving amazingly disrespectful to his new wife and his vows. I always liked him but now recognize that I was grossly wrong. He is disgusting. I hope his wife takes his 80’s headbands and ties them around his testicles and uses them as his leash for the rest of forever!

    1. Dan is out for Dan. When he took his hand and swore on his wife and his dead grandfather on the Bible, I lost all respect for him as a human being. That crossed the line. I hope he is ready when God comes a calling on redemption day. He uses the Bible as a ‘prop’.

  61. I watch bbad but dont have live feeds. Dani was saying how frank was hitting on her and she was sick of him saying how pretty she was and how hot her body is. There is no way this could have happened and more proof of her lies. Frank and boogey talked weeks ago about how they would never keep in touch with dani after the show. She will be jobless and homeless after this show. She deserves it too worst big brother player ever totally ruined the show for me. I know production wont let her win because of all the controversy so that makes me happy. Most annoying and ugliest person on tv EVER EVER lol. She got her wish though she will definitely be famous after big brother, real famous.

  62. Ok… so I have never posted on a forum like this, but I can no longer hold back. I really tried to ‘like’ Danielle, but I can’t stand her now. The constant glances in the mirror; the narcissism – it is overwhelmingly disgusting. And, last night’s BBAD topped it for me. Unless I heard it wrong, she was commenting on her being a “charge nurse”, further stating that she has to “reapply” to med school because of the show!! Unless requirements for med school have changed (which I highly doubt), one must have obtained a 4-year bachelors degree, passed the MCAT with a qualifying score, and have obtained letters of recommendation from physicians and/or applicable pre-med committees – this ALL BEFORE applying to medical school. Per the Alabama Board of Nursing (https://www.abn.alabama.gov/abnonline/License_LookUpInfo.aspx ), Danielle holds ONLY an LPN license, issued on 10/14/2011. And, an LPN license requires only 1-2 years of post high school training. Additionally, per an interview she gave to a Tuscaloosa reporter, she is EXPECTED to graduate with her bachelors degree in December 2012. So………. somebody please tell me how this narcissist has already applied to medical school WITHOUT having satisfied the basic prerequisites of a bachelors degree and a qualifying MCAT score??? She is unbelievable. What an embarrassment.

    1. I love you! Thank you for finding all of that info! Ya know, this chick is never going to pass the required background check that she will have to undergo in order to work as a nurse. I am going to go ahead and state for the record that her time spent working in any medical setting has been the time she was required to spend in an intern/hands on school required setting. Not the hospital or facility actually hiring her or even having a choice of allowing her in for the hands on stuff. Psych evaluations are a huge part of the background screening process that ALL medical staff has to complete successfully. Last time I checked, compulsive lying was kinda looked down on and could hinder her career. LOL … By the time BB is over, now that she has made her life public, there will be no dispute of her lack of functioning brain cells and her sociopathic tendencies. “YOU’RE CRAZY! Case closed.” That investigator has an easy paycheck to collect on that one!

      1. Like I said in my first post, I don’t ever comment on forums about people, so it really takes a lot for me to get worked up to the point that I do so! And, when I first input her name into google out of curiosity, it took all of 2 seconds for pages and pages of links to populate – so many of which were all negative toward her. Apparently, an “ex best friend” of Danielle’s has come forward with a laundry list of “lies”. I actually read the article a week or so ago, but was skeptical thinking that it could just be a bitter acquaintance looking for their 15 minutes. But now….. I believe it. Decide for yourself: http://www.ihatebigbrother.com/exclusive-danielle-murphrees-ex-bff-tells-all/.
        Yes, people like us will get flack for spending too much time and energy on someone, suggesting that we “don’t have lives” or are just “hating” on people. Well, that’s not the case. I am a successful professional who simply looks forward to Big Brother every year. But in this season, they managed to cast a narcissistic nut who is making so many of us want to stop watching.

  63. Being from the south myself; not all girls are southern belles. Wish they would stop telling her that.she lies. Stuck on herself and no good. Player she needs Dan to think for her. He will stab her in the back next week. Then we will see her true colors.

    1. And I can’t wait for that!! She is going to cry like a little baby and profess how shocked she is that anyone could ever do that to her. She is going to breakdown! And I’m so ready to see that happen and her get the heck out of there!

      1. Although I hate to see her cry as it would be worse than screeching on a chalk board. I wonder how she will handle crying and looking in the mirror at the same time …

  64. Bbad is like watching paint dry since Brit is gone. I no longer care who wins as long as its NOT dumpy d.
    I keep hoping that in a desperate plea to get votes Frank (suddenly realizing Brit was right and Dan is a backstabbing scumbag) decides to tell the house the truth about Dan and his lies. In this scenario the rest of those mouth breathers are bright enough to see that they were all “caught up in the mist” and decide to shake things up.
    How awesome would it be to see Dumpy-D decompensate upon realizing Daddy Dan was just the same ole scumbaggin out for himself Dan hes always been and that Shane really thinks shes nothing more than a southern belle-shaped trash bag. The crying the puking the ranting and rashes. It would make having had to suffer her all summer almost worth it.
    two additional comments:
    I am so hating hoe much Dumpy-D is Loving being the only straight girl in there. (And yes I saw that instead of typing how. I typed hoe. I think it is once again the the silent brilliance of autocorrect. Its ‘blobs” all over again. I think I love you autocorrect………. 😉
    Secondly the whole Joe jerking off on camera and not even under a blanket. Wtf? This man has kids who have friends watching and still have to live in the world.
    And to any of us with kids would anyone want them to have Dan as a teacher or coach?
    Or Anyone to have Dumpy-D as your nurse???? I swear id euthanize myself ………

    1. I think Dan is trying to get others to see Shane and Dumpy-D as a couple. This will make them a target and get the others to evict them while keeping his hands clean. Neither of them will realize what he is really doing because Shane (while pretty to look at) is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and Dumpy-D is so psycho and driven by obsession that shes got blinders on.——- ALSO aided by her ‘Dan is my Daddy delusion’ which leads her to trust anything Dan throws out there.
      AND Dan not washing that filthy skanky stanky bathing suit for 2 seasons? He thinks its ebay gold??? More like crotch. Rot mold Dan. You filthy nasty slob. How do they all get in the hot tub with him? ????? Ugh

  65. @Susan….hahahahah. I’m glad someone else has noticed her tongue hanging out and her mouth open. I have also noticed when she eats, she is flopping her tongue out like she is pushing her food out. Its disgusting!! Now she has gotten to the point that she can’t have a conversation while looking at the person, she seems to have a conversion with herself due to the fact that she looks in the mirror at herself more than to the other person. And what is wrong with Dan? He is obsessed with Shane and Danielle having a sexual relationship. ugh!

  66. Honestly is Danielle going to win because she is being protected by DAN and Shane. I can stand her whinny voice. Really what has she done in this game nothing. Just ride Dan’s coat tail. I hope someone will take notice and throw her out on her ear!!!!

    1. i think she is standing by Dan because he is the winner of a BB..and i think she also thinks some how Dan loves her and not his wife…..she will though Shane under the bus because of something that will never happen..i feel bad for shane he seems like a great guy,helping his parents ,working as hard as he does..but now she will evict him ,he will be hurt because all this time he thought she had his back…like he had hers..

  67. Danielle cant walk by a mirror without checking herself out, and OMG whats with pumping her boobs up in front of Joe, and Dan needs to remember hes a married man

  68. For the people who want to get REALLY drunk I have a game for you:

    1. Everytime Danielle says “me or I” take a shot;
    2. Everytime Danielle looks in the mirror, take 2 shots;
    3. Everytime Danielle asks another person a question and then interrupts to talk about herself, take 3 shots;
    4. Everytime Danielle gets offended by someone’s completely innocent remark, whether about her or not … aw screw it, you’re already out of alcohol and who’s liver can really withstand that kind of abuse anyway?

    For those playing for sobriety:

    1. Everytime Danielle shows geniune interest in someone other than herself, take a shot;
    2. Everyttime Danielle allows more than 30 seconds to go by without saying a word, take 2 shots;
    3. Everytime Danielle tells the truth, take 3 shots;
    4. Everytime Danielle is interesting in a non-can’t-stop-watching-the-train-wreck-kind-of-way, take 3 shots followed by adding a few layers of clothing because Hell has clearly frozen over!

  69. I can’t stand to even look at her never mind listen to her. I want that big stop sign face off my tv. All she does is whine, eat & slurp and complain. Good luck to the guy that ends up with this log leg witch.

    1. Gag me with a spoon Jess. Oh wait a minute, no need to gag me I am already throwing up. I think Shane is using her somewhat as he sure doesn’t treat her good. Maybe he sees right through her and her being so phony.

      I hardly watch BB after dark anymore just because I can’t stand her. I usually record it and skip right through anything to do with her. I wonder what she would do if they took away all the mirrors. To bad they need them for the cameras, because that would be something to see. As much as I dislike the girl if they didn’t have as many mirrors I probably could stomach her.

      I’m all for romance on BB but I don’t think it will become a true relationship and if it does I feel sorry for Shane. If he ever breaks up with her … omg ….


        Hey anyone that thinks Shane and Danielle are a couple, have not been watching the show. Danielle is only a $500k vote to Shane. When she was pawing him AGAIN on the show the other night, the cameras zoomed in on him frowning lol.

        I am not a Shane fan, but I haven’t missed a show and watch the live feeds quite often, he is not leading her on in fact I think he has been quite a gentleman. She is pathetic, following him around like a little puppy dog, pulling her top down, off her shoulder, sticking her butt in the air, talking how she was a ‘man magnet’ in high school LOL.
        Hey Chris loved your comment’If they didn’t have as many mirrors I could probably stomache her’ lol lol lol lol..very funny!!!
        Now just imagine being her boyfriend and taking her to the circus into one of those crazy mirror houses. LOL HOw would you ever get her out??? lol lol lol lol

  70. If the hg’s knew Dani was a pathological liar she would of been gone long time ago. I believe they do know she is unstable by her mirror love affair and stalker tendencies. After they get home and find out the TRUTH, they won’t have a thing to do with her. I mean who wants to associate with a liar? And don’t say they all lie in BB. They don’t all lie about their family, friends, boyfriends, job, and life in general. That’s totally different!

  71. I hope dan uses the Pov and Ian puts her up and she goes to jury. She is protected from everyone in the house. She will make it to the end it wouldn’t surprise me. I can see Dan or Shane taking her to the end. I do feel bad and I don’t because she did this to herself.

  72. I have never seen someone as sick as you–who do I blame your parents-or you??? I would not want anyone to even think I knew you–get help and grow up-and by the way without the pounds of makeup on my dog is prettier

  73. I feel sorry for Dani, she is not going to be prepared for the hate that is out here against her. Her baby voice will go up higher and she will curl into the fetal position and yell for Shane and he will have left with Kara.

    1. Well I don’t feel sorry for Danielle at all – sorry.

      My heart goes out to all the wonderful dedicated teachers out there Danielle offended by telling Dan she was a nurse but was pretending to be a teacher so she wouldn’t be seen as a threat in the house; to all the wonderful nurses Danielle (who is an LPN) embarrassed by saying she was ‘much higher than just a nurse’ she was above an RN, almost a doctor; to all the brave people out there actually fighting the MANY life threatening diseases Danielle has pretended to have in order to try and bring attention and sympathy to herself; to the houseguests who actually believe the countless lies Danielle has told and spent hours comforting her, and to Danielle’s family who is probably in hiding.

      Danielle is 23-years old, you don’t become that self-centered, shallow and that good of a liar overnight.

      I do agree with the point she will need help when she gets out of the house, but I don’t think from a friend, I think from mental health professionals.

      1. After last night on BBAD..(the monkey fight) i hope here parents see she will hurt someone in the future.she is evil…..

  74. I personally feel sorry for Dani. I dont like who she is in the house and I dont like how she plays the game. But she is going to be blindsided when she gets out and realizes so many people dislike her.
    Remember Ivette in Janelle’s season, when Ivette walked out with an attitude, her girl friend ran up quick and grabbed her and told her to shut up no one liked her.. to keep her from making a total fool of herself. I hope someone is there to grab Dani when she realizes the hate out here for her.

  75. A Walker… I love your comments. They are on point and everything I want to say. I am currently watching BB After Dark and I had to get on to post because I cannot stand how Danielle is looking in the mirror constantly and making faces while lifting her eyebrows. She was fishing for comments about the shirt she has on (boobs hanging out) and laying down on the bars stools for everyone to see her. She is so pathetic. I wish Brittany had stayed. Danielle is making me nauseous. Shane, run for your life!!

    1. That laying on the barstools thing while slowly opening her legs as Joe sat between them……..

      —-my previous description of Joe in that moment as he sat there leering. Calling him a ‘backwoods gyno’ may have been too harsh. After all she had spent a lot of time sticking her blobs practically in his face. How often can a poor ole chef beat off on Tv????
      -has anyone else seen that on youtube???
      his poor kids. Its truly gross

      1. Correction:
        I meant to say Danielle was shoving her boobs in Joe’s face. Not BLOBS.
        –but on second thought……..maybe autocorrect knows best. She is such an annoying and disgusting individual. My greatest fear is that she will end up floating to the end.
        That heinous slack jawed hounddog faced creep. She makes me sick
        Has anyone else noticed that if you CAN catch her NOT talking her mouth hangs open with her tongue nearly hanging out? Ugh

      2. I loved that you wrote blobs!!! hahahahahaha! As a straight man, I want to go on record that I would NEVER touch or go near Danielle’s blobs!!!

        BTW, did anyone see her laying next to the hottub last night when BB told Dan to put on his mic and she told everyone how they told her to fix hers earlier “even though it was clicked right here just like this” and she pulled her grey jacket down around her boob so everyone could have a good view of her … microphone? … … I SO EFFING HATE HER!!!Please don’t instruct the whole crowd to look at your nasty blobs! Ego much?

        Then when she was tossing the bags with Shane, Dan said “play for a kiss” and Shane so quickly blurted out, “NOPE!” (hahahahahahahahahahahaha … hahahahahahahahaha …) Nasty-Dani was so pissed and apparently got her feelings hurt, go figure, so she says in a very severe tone, “Don’t be a dick Shane!” WHY does Shane showing his first evidence of brain matter and good taste have her calling him a dick??? HE DOESN’T WANT TO PLACE HIS MOUTH ON YOUR LEECHY FLAPPERS YOU PSYCHOPATH!

        In my personal opinion, it was the first act of intelligence I have seen from Shane.

        YES SUSAN!!! I kave noticed her “heinous slack jawed hounddog faced creep” and her tongue hanging out and I COMPLETELY agree! Ya know, that is a common occurance when dealing with people who have been committed … Just saying!

        PS: Where did A. Walker go to??? I need my fix! lol

      3. Oh wow. Watching her now on bbad. Seeing her stomp around in her pj’s with her big jello ass shaking like shes smuggling 2 old dogs UP underneath there.
        Right now shes doing the fake drunk thing. Omfg
        Shes trying to convince ppl that she looks like Kate beckinsale. –and is insulted that Jenn said she looks like kathryn zeta. Jones???????
        you insane obnoxious nasty pig. You look like a line backer. You sound like a hee haw reject. You are a mental patient. I hope there is an Americas vote on HG id most like to punch in the face. You have my vote. DAmN it will be a freakin landslide victory.
        ok. I think I’m good for awhile now. I’m sorry. Needed to vent.
        On an unrelated note is anyone else annoyed by Jenns. Laugh?
        “ZzisssssZzzizzzzzz” wtf. ? Who laughs like that?
        In closing I submit this poem for Dumpy-D


      4. Oh my god Susan……….you had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard reading your post. You are a big health asset, they say everyone needs to laugh and you definately made me cry laughing so hard. Please post more!! You should be a stand-up comedian but what is more important is that everything you posted is the honest to god truth!! Bravo!!! I laughed so hard I almost woke the neighbors up!

      5. Thanks Eve!
        I tend to ‘shoot from the lip’ when I’m irritated and shes really gotten under my skin.
        I was just about to post a long winded tirade when a power outtage made me lose the whole thing. 🙁
        the highlights were as follows:
        Seeing her in that anti pimple face mask was freakishly disturbing. It highlighted her beady little eyes and made watching her look at herself even harder to tolerate.– I thought it impossible but sadly I was wrong.
        She looked to me like a cross between pennywise the evil clown and a psychotic kabuki escaped from the geisha house.
        As I fast forwarded to escape these vile images the speeded up version appeared creepier still. I felt like those people must have felt in the movie ‘the ring’ –now that I have viewed these highly disturbing images I have only seven days to live………….. 🙁
        and the pennywise vs Shane argument? That’s gold!!
        him poking at her being a ‘teacher’ and asking her to spell caribou? Lol. She cant spell with all those advanced degrees????? Almost-Dr-Murphree say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!
        And you go eat all her froot loops Shane! Please. If I Hafta see her punishing another bowl of them I will Barf. Perhaps she needs an advance course in eating like a human. And then learning when to quit. She is getting big as house in there. Notice how she eats everyones food all the while SAYING that she doesn’t want to eat everyones food?
        Our southern belle (shaped) Dumpy D
        Maybe having been born and raised in New York I just don’t understand the subtleties of southern gentility. Going on national Tv and talking about your moms pubic hair and your dildo collection don’t seem to fit the bill to me but hey I’m no expert.
        the discussion on bbad about Dumpy D and her salad tossing was too much even tor my NY sensibilities…….
        I mean come on Dumpy; clearly you would eat anything but………butt? Really?

      6. Sean I have so enjoyed stumbling onto these posts.
        None of my family or friends watch bb so ive been wondering if I was alone in feeling the revulsion and disgust at dumpy-d’s behavior.
        I fast forward when I see her big cow head but often need to stop to hear what others say around her
        its literally painful to listen yo her. Last nights fake drunk was so irritating I fast forwarded the entire thing. The forced giggling at nothing the fake stumbling and mispronouncing words. Are we all supposed to be so stupid as to believe this ridiculous act? She keeps looking around to see if Shane is watching.
        It wasn’t until I read a live feed recap that I saw that the other HG’s had discussed her faking drunk amongst themselves.
        what a psycho. What must the rest of them really be thinking?
        I am going to watch bbad with closed captions tonight so that I don’t mmiss anything and don’t have to listen to her “ya”ll” me into a rage.
        now to think of way not to have to watch her fat ass eat with her big mouth open.
        I’ll do a cheer to encourage it:
        (Done in annoying dumpy d drawling voice)

        Bye bye you retard
        watching you has been so hard
        we cannot take it any Mo
        Go home in shame you ugly Ho!!!!!!!

      7. LOVE THE CHEER!! Totally made my night!! I’m gonna do that cheer and then do some half ass cartwheels in my yard for an hour. But only if someone is watching. Hmmmm.

      8. ITs when Dani asked the House Guest what celebrity body she had!!!!!!!!!!. uGHHHHHHH.. She had Jenn, believing she had a JLO body,and that some people say she looks like Katherine Zeta Jones….HAHAHHAHAHA!..OMG! I never seen someone that is so attention deprived as her!…Like I can’t imagine what her friends and family are actually thinking of her! She got worse after Britney left.because Brit would of called her ass out on being so stupid..Don’t think for one minute Britney didnt have her little number too.She was like.BRITNEY I REALLY LOVE YOU, YOUR MY BEST FRIEND, I REALLY WANT YOU TO WALK IN MY WEDDING!!!!!!!!!..LOL.. Really? Dufas fat cow.next brit.

      9. As an animal lover I MUST come to the defense of cows everywhere … they are innocent in all of this and do not deserve to be insulted in such a severe manor even in jest. Keep it clean guys!

        Thank you. 😉

    2. Thank you!!! 😀 Great minds!

      Isn’t it incredible how much anger Danielle can bring to the surface??? Seriously I too am so aggravated by her everything that I will turn on my computer just so I can vent the pain of my curdling blood. I have family who live in the south and have always appreciated their hospitality and genuine warmth that they exude. I even thought their accent was sexy. Now, rather than making heart go pitter patter, the accent makes me want to find the nearest cliff so that I can hurdle myself over the edge just to make it stop … and I’m not even a suicidal person!

      Clearly Danielle is hard up for attention and is not above whoring herself to get it. Her obsession with Britney, Shane and Dan is only rivaled by the obsession she has with herself.

      Is anyone else finding BBAD horrible to watch now that Britney is gone? Bad move on the Producer’s part for allowing that eviction to happen. I mean come on guys! You talk / strongly encourage the houseguests into keeping Frank and others but you allow Brit to leave??? You should have thrown in some special reverse power that would have given her the ability as a nominee to reverse the unread votes, whatever they were, causing them to become votes for the other nominee to leave the house. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME TO WATCH but no … you let her be evicted. Booooooooooooo! And for what? Some disgusting psychopath stalker repeat over and over again, “It’s up to him. Why would I want to share a bed with someone who doesn’t want to share a bed with me?” HINT HINT HINT I mean really? She must have repeated that same sentence 100 times in an attempt to get Shane to say that he wanted to share a bed with her. It’s really become painful to watch not to mention detrimental to my blood pressure, TV and ultimately my lack of criminal record because Danielle makes me almost legitimately insane. But whatever, the Producers of BB are getting worse and worse. Whatever …

      In one sense, I want her desperately want her out of the house. However, I absolutely love Britney and would hate to subject her to Danielle and her “Officer and a Gentleman” carry of Brit all over the place followed “Oh I have to lay on top of you to put you down” move. HASN’T BRITNEY BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH??? She HAS been alone with Ashley for a week, and let’s be honest, Ashley is the only one who can give Dani a run for her money and actuall rival Danielle in the crazy factor.

      Oh gosh! It’s just too much! SOMEONE SAVE BRITNEY!!! PLEASE SAAAAAAAVE BRITNEY!!!

      PS: Sharon4727, your comment about her eyebrows? Stolen right out of my head! Those suckers have a personality all their own and clearly want a reprieve from her face judging by the way they are inching up her forehead as though in an attempt to sneak up enough and on opposite sides so she can’t track them in hopes of gaining enough momentum to take a flying leap off of her head! Poor things …

      1. I dont like when people comment on other peoples physical traits (although I have been guilty of it in the past), I have just learned that when you do, you only make yourself look bad. But I do agree with the comments that have to do with Danielle being a narcissistic, pathological liar. From what she portrays (not on the edited show) on BBAD and the live feeds she is straight up crazy train and believes her own lies. Some lies need to be told in the name of the game but hers have nothing to do with game play, they are nothing but insane lies that she thinks with further her in Dan’s eyes. She is desperate for male attention and she needs help. I am not trying to be funny or insensitive at all….She is the most insincere, unsympathetic, fake person to me and she needs to be evaluated. I have watched plenty of the BBAD episodes and never once have I seen her in a conversation that has anything to do with anyone other than herself. She needs a reality check and that not only does the Big Brother house not revolve around her, but the real world doesnt either. Crazy to think that someone hasn’t pointed this out to her sooner.

  76. i am a parent to daniels friend. while i know being dishonest is part of the game life stories have no need to be false. almost every story from parties, pagents, her family and especially her college and career (even nurse part) are fabricated, she has always been desperate for boyfriend but her chasing is even worse in real life. shes trying to convince herself shes a good person in a way that is making her a bad person. also jen misquoted shane the other day so poor shane. he had said britt was coach and dani wad best friend in house. jen told her he said dani is my girl friend. this could blow into a big deal. if she would live and tell the truth the things she wants in the game and life will be more likly to occur for her

    1. Everyone keep the poor bunnies away from Danielle, I feel a fatal attraction in the making!!!

      I still do not like Danielle however, on a very serious note, insecurity is one thing but the lies this girl has told plus the pure desperation for attention is teetering the line of annoyingly unfunny and entering the realm of serious cause for concern and a meeting with a professional. I have reached a point of fearing for the safety of her obsession, Shane, Britney and Dan, after this is all over. I am studying psychology and her behavior is seriously not that of a rational person. She is seriously delusional and being as aggressively vocal as she is when crossed or made to feel put down, could be headed for a snap.

      That said, the producers had better have a good follow up care because Jenn just made things really bad not only for Shane but for Danielle. God knows how she will handle rejection. If Brit’s campaigning to stay in the house made her that angry …

      I question this show’s psych eval when casting!

    2. Karen i cant believe you would say such harsh things and I feel sorry for your kids. I’m a mom too. I cannot believe that you just said so many horrible things about a young girl. Your a grown woman and I’m appalled. You have a right to your opinion don’t get me wrong but to blast a young girl like that is horrible. We as adults are suppose to set examples and we as God fearing people are suppose to find something good about everyone. And as a mom how would you feel if all these horrible comments that people are making was about one of your kids? Talk about bullying. Do y’all not watch the news were people harm or kill themselves because of what people say about them?
      Dannie if you ever have the misfortune of reading all this, please ignore it and don’t let it bring you down. Your a beautiful girl and you have value in Gods eyes. Good luck and God Bless you.

      1. I disagree Dayna
        Karen is entitled to her opinion and I wholeheartedly agree with her.
        What continues to baffle me is why “ya’ll’ aren’t angry and dismayed at Danielle’s behavior? You want to rage and rise up against people for commenting on the abhorrent behavior of this woman. I think that speaks volumes about the mental state of all ‘ya’ll’

  77. Danielle needs to go ASAP. She needs to get off her high horse. I’m watching big brother after dark as we speak and she is complaining to Jen that Britney was campaigning against her. It’s called big brother of course she will put up a fight. Really????? However she was playing both alliances. Jen told her that Shane called her his “girlfriend” dream on girl. Shane was after Kara then jojo and resorted to you last. She reminds me of Natalie can’t remember the season she was in love with Matt but at least she was entertaining to watch. She also keeps telling Dan she will win the next Hoh just like she told Dan before and Shane and Britney. Get over yourself

  78. Hey Andrew…thank you too for being nice with your replies to me.
    I think Andrew a lot of us posting in here do have live feeds so we are seeing the whole picture when it comes to Danielle, and it isn’t a pretty one.

    Her former friends have been quite vocal about most of the claims she has made in the house being lies. The one that really got to me was Danielle talking one night about battling cancer, which has proven to be a lie as well. My parents and sister all died young of cancer, leaving me pretty well alone. That type of lie hurts bad. I also feel for all the brave people out there battling life threatening diseases, while Danielle is making such stuff up to bring attention and sympathy to herself.

    Anyway, where you do not have live feeds, here is another update for you Andrew.
    11:30 p.m. Danielle just looked in the mirror again. LOL LOL LOL LOl

    Hey Andrew, the weather is beautiful in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, hope it is where you are too!!!!

    …and about my flowers……??? lol lol lol

  79. Well first off, Sharon, thank you. Not for informing me of what she is doing, but for being nice with your comment. Some people on here just tell me that my opinion is flat out wrong. No, I do not have live feeds (I’m not THAT big of a fan) so I do not see most of this stuff. But from what I do see, I like her. Call me crazy haha. Maybe she always looks in the mirror because she wants to look presentable. I don’t want to judge her for that. Maybe she is slightly insecure about her looks, so she constantly needs to be reassured that she is gorgeous (which I think she is haha) I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but she seems down to earth. Know how she always gets emotional? Maybe she wants someone to comfort her, and le her know that everything will be okay. Maybe she tries to get Shane all of the time because she wants to be loved. I guess my point is, none of us really knows her, and there have to be reasons behind her actions. I think that maybe she was mistreated by guys, and just wants that true love. People on here are mean to her. I think people should try to accept her the way she is. 🙂

    1. Wait a minute! Earlier you stated that you DO know her. Here I will show you:


      August 30, 2012 at 9:34 pm

      “Oh, I don’t know her? Oh yeah I forgot that you knew me and my relationship with her. I actually do know her.”

      This is not me being mean, just stating the facts. So I’m confused …


      PS: Yes, it’s just you. IN MY OPINION.

  80. I just want to say that I think it’s pretty messed up that certain people on here are telling other people on here that they need to stop posting because “no one cares what you think”.

    A. Walker is being slammed for providing comments just like everyone else and has not been a bully to anyone. I have found the posts funny and certainly not bullyish. Other people like Andrew and Paityn seem not to understand that this is only a game and there is no need to attack someone else for providing humorous commentary. To say that “no one cares” what someone else is saying is speaking for me out of turn. I do care what A. Walker has to say so back up Andrew! It is not your place to tell someone that their opinion does not matter just because you happen to not agree with them. I replied to one of your posts and was rude to you because I want you to understand that A. Walker is not being the bully as you accused, YOU WERE THE BULLY. I gave you a dose of your own medicine telling you to shut up so you would know how it feels. The fact is that A. Walker is right, this is a public forum where, unless you are prepared to have others both agree and disagree with your opinion, you should not be on here. Freedom of speech is not your right only Andrew. You do not have the right to censor anyone. If you can’t respect A. Walker’s opinion then stop posting your replies to him/her. You are being the bully here.

    1. I respect his opinion, but not the fact that he is essentially telling me that my opinion is wrong. He needs to know that nobody is right or wrong. An opinion is an opinion. Not right nor wrong. I guess I don’t think being mean and IGNORANT (cough cough) to people is funny. But that’s just me. 🙂

      1. Well I would like to say ‘DITTO’ to everything A. Walker has posted…and Walker…I think you are hilarious!!!! lol
        Now over to Andrew: you say Danielle – WHO (according to her) IS A BEAUTY QUEEN, FASHION EXPERT, MAN MAGNET, ALMOST A DOCTOR (triple lol to be inserted here) EYE BROW MODEL, AMBASSADOR FOR THE UNITED STATES IN CHINA, CHEERLEADING STAR, A SURVIVOR OF EVERY FATAL DISEASE ON THE PLANT, SOCIAL BUTTERFLY – is a girl you would like to meet???? Well all I can say to that is LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL) Please add 100 more lol’s above, just got off work and I’m tired.
        Hey and to the list of Danielle’s talents above, please add ‘Shane stalker.’

      2. Haha Sharon, you’re telling me you wouldn’t want to meet somebody who is all that? Lol! She’s funny! Hope work was okay! Have a good weekend off! 🙂

      3. Hey Andrew…hi. I don’t mean to question your opinion, but looking at statistics on the internet….34,698,32 people hate Danielle, and 2 people like her (do you have a twin?) lol.
        I am guessing you probably don’t have live feeds. Not that you need them to see how self-centered she really is, you see that in the regular shows, the live feeds just blow you away at really how conceited and what a liar she is.
        I think if you were to get the feeds, you would come back and add a reply to all of your comments saying, “WOW I WAS WRONG”..then you would probably send me flowers for setting you on the right path lol lol.

        In case you don’t have the feeds, I will give you a quick Friday evening update of what Danielle is doing:
        * 7 p.m. Looking in the mirror
        * 7:15 p.m. Still looking in the mirro
        * 7:20 p.m. Looking at her bum in the mirror
        * 7:30 p.m. Sideways peek in the mirror
        * 7:35 p.m. Sneak peek at Shane, then back to looking in the mirror
        * 7:45 p.m. Looking in the mirror
        * 7:50 p.m. Walking to the bathroom, but peeking in mirror on her way
        * 8 p.m. Talking to Shane but glancing in mirror whenever she gets a chance
        lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

        Yes after a lonnnnnnnnnnng hard week at work I have three days off. Thank-you Andrew, I will have a great weekend, hope you do too.
        (By the way, you need to send those flowers to Canada lol)

      4. Sharon,

        First of all I am a Canadian, so don’t send us the flowers. lol

        I sooooooooo agree with you. She is always, always, always, looking in the darn mirror. She is a very vain, narcissistic, insecure, always looking for compliments from everyone. AND THAT ANNOYING VOICE. if she isn’t talking like a child she is just talking through her nose. Tonight took the cake. On BB after dark, Joe made a comment to the effect of him liking her top (with her boobs practically hanging out I might add.) Anyways she said something along the lines of him looking at her breasts instead and then here we go again … she starts asking the guys about breasts, what size did they like, what size they thought she was, and the list of talk goes on. Disgusting little tramp. After all this, she lays down on the white bench in the kitchen so anyone at the table had a view of them. The only reason she laid there was to see if Shane or the others were looking. I saw her checking to see. Then when Shane changed chairs having his back to her, she got up and didn’t lay back down.

        And this other guy that she told Wil to contact. What a joke that is. She told Wil to tell him that it was all part of her game and she was not interested in him. I think it was Thursdays BB after dark, that Dan encouraged her to sleep with Shane and she said she would love to but Shane didn’t want anything to happen on TV. But wait a minute didn’t she say she had a guy back home. So I do not feel that my opinion of her being a tramp is not without reason.

        As for the ones on here that seem to like her, I am starting to wonder if they may not be related to her in some way because after all, I haven’t read more than a handful if that of people who support her.

      5. LMAO!!! “Do you have a twin?” hahahahahaha
        Regardless of who that had been directed to that was an awesome question!

        Fyi, I had missed from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm and was so upset so thank you for filling in the precious moments that I won’t be able to witness ever again until tonight’s BBAD. hahahahaha ;D

      6. Hey hi A. Walker.
        I was commenting to Andrew. He likes Danielle, I found somewhere on the internet where it said she has two fans (LOL), so thought maybe he has a twin? lol lol lol lol
        By the way Walker, in case you missed an hour today …Danielle spent another day, another show……LOOKING IN THE MIRROR lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.
        Omg…she should be on ‘The Glass House’ then she could see her reflection everywhere!!!!
        Oh please someone backdoor her and let me be home to witness it.

      7. Hi Sharon!
        I knew your comment was directed at Andrew but he thinks I pick on him so I wanted to make a point that regardless of the pro-Dani person you would have asked that question of, it was awesome! lol Honestly, I don’t see there being more than 1 supporter either unless you count someone suffering from a multiple personality disordeer where ALL of them have very poor judge of character!

        I have to be honest, suffering through Danielle posing herself, lusting after her own reflection, picking up an hour old conversation mid sentence as though it is taking place right then just so she can bring the conversation back to her and fish for compliments and assistance with her “relationship” with Shane. And don’t get me started on the date descriptions … Shane said he would take her into town, holding her hand so everyone would know he is taken?!?!?! Clearly being in the BB house is dulling the few brain cells he has. Of course, almost 2 months with zero sex will have most 26 year old guys swimming through sharks to get it in with pretty much ANYTHING!

        OH. MY. GOSH! The conversation about what celebrity her face resembles followed by her body? Danielle, you actually look like Atilla the Hun after swallowing Tyra Banks + Kim Kardashian + JLo + Kate Beckinsale! The other HGs were just being nice in hopes that you will shut the @%#* up! It’s called appeasing you you FREAK! Because I am fully aware of your intelligence level, here is the definition so you don’t have to scramble to google it:
        appease: ap·pease (Verb)
        1.Pacify or placate (someone) by acceding to their demands.
        2.Relieve or satisfy (a demand or a feeling): “we give to charity because it appeases our guilt”.

        You have made me hate V-neck shirts, hula hoops, lolly pops,and the WHOLE South. And now instead of having nightmares of clowns, they are of you. Side note, I can now attend children’s parties so yay!

        Where was I? Oh yes …

        Really? Seriously, why could your mother not have swallowed your load???

      8. Hey hi A. Walker.
        I don’t think Shane is into Dani AT ALL…she is only a $500k vote, nothing more.
        She will not put him on the block or vote him out…of course he is going to be nice to her. When it comes to ‘class’ Dani has none, and Shane knows it. OMG when they are in bed it is like he is fighting her off with swords and shields and she is STILL ALL OVER HIM LOL.

        I can’t stand anything about Dani..but her CONSTANT obsession with the mirror is like nothing I have ever seen before. She is looking in the mirror while playing cards, walking through ANY room, even when she was in conversation with Shane the other night whenever he looked down or away for a minute she glanced at herself in the mirror.

        I am totally shocked by how conceited and totally shallow this woman is.What even makes her worse is the incredible lies she is telling in the house. Wednesday (Sept. 5) she was alone with a camera and sending out an appology to Trey!!!! Wow, this guy has already sent out tweets he is not involved with her, never was and he AND HIS GIRLFRIEND want to be left alone.

        Hey what would you all give to be in the same room when she first goes on the internet to see how beautiful America thinks she is?

        Someone posted ‘hate’ is a strong word, well I HATE Dani.

  81. So I just saw on after dark Danielle complaining that Brittney was campaigning against her…please! She can back stab Brittney and that’s ok, I just don’t get it. She annoys me to no end and the show will being boring without Brittney. Someone please get this self conscious girl out of the house!!!

    1. why is she complaining?? she is playing both sides…. i would love to see who she aligns with??? right now she is part of both alliances… Britney deserved to be there more then she does….. Get over yourself Danielle!!!!!!!

  82. okay guys lets remember that this is just a game. Everyone has their favs and people they cant stand. I personally like Danielle. She is sticking with the right people and laying low, staying out of conflicts. I’m not sure if she wll win, but I don’t think she is going anywhere anytime soon. So… well.. deal with it!

  83. Danielle is a pathetic, insecure, annoying and coat-tail-riding loser. It’s pretty clear from watching Big Brother After Dark that she cannot stand to be the center of attention. The other night she was talking about “naughty” she was because she went to parties when she was 16 and had to lie to her parents about it. PUH-LEASE!!!! Really???? You are so friggin wild Danielle!!
    She has to bring every story round back to herself. And the other HG’s don’t even bother to pretend to care. Take a hint Danielle!!
    Also, way to stab your “BFF” in the back by pretending that you didn’t know she was going to be nominated. Danielle is so pathetic! All she is doing is riding Dan’s coattails. She’s an idiot for trusting him in the first place. Can’t wait to see what tune she’ll be singing when Dan turns on her!! She deserves it!! Brit should still be in the house!! Brit’s a way better player and way more interesting to listen to. I want to jump out of a 70 mph moving car whenever I hear Danielle’s voice!! Ugh!! She’s the worst!

  84. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Right now the HOH comp is underway and they are swining around the Sun. The following is a quote from Joker’s Updates:

    7:21PM Shane says this comp made for Brit. Ian agrees and then Dani started to complain, so Shane says “you too…”. NT

    ROFLMMFAO!!! hahahahahahahahahaha

    Repeat after me in your best southern drawl: “ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


  85. You people are seriously hating on me cause I like a player and saying how I think she is? You people are all grown adults, (most likely) and fighting over people for stating their opinion is not very mature. BTW A. Walker, I never put words in anybody’s mouth, so I would stop if I were you. Cause your acting like an insecure brat. I’ll admit I’m not an adult yet myself, but I am more mature when I comment because I don’t write a 100 sentence long paragraph hating on people because they don’t/do like Danielle. (FYI when I said 100 times, I was exaggerating it so don’t be cruel for that either.) I’m sorry if I insulted you in anyway, however, that does not mean you have to do it back. We all have our opinions so you don’t have to be rude about it. I eve said on one of my comments, “In my opinion.” You can dislike or reply dumb things on my comments, because I don’t care. I won’t fight back because I know it’s stupid for me to do. I’m not gonna argue with people I don;t even know. Oh, also, A. Walker. When I commented, “How could you hate someone you don’t even know?” I was not specifically talking to you, okay? Get that through your head. I posted a comment saying ha to all he Danielle haters, got that? I did not say, “A. Walker, how could you hate someone you don’t even know?” Oh, and even if I did, How is that putting words in your mouth? Explain that to me! Oh, and for everyone commenting on here, if you don’t like my posts, don’y bother replying to me. Because, your not affecting me in anyway, nor you are you hurting me in anyway. Thank you


    1. Clearly you are writing your comments with blinders as you cannot see that by accusing anyone of “hating” someone when those words were never used, that is falsifying a quote aka putting words into another’s mouth aka instigating a misguided conclusion or opinion. No one stated, at least at that point, that anyone “hated” her. You were the first to use that word and accused, in a blanket statement directed at no one specifically therefore leaving it open to hit everyone, that someone hated her.

      I am surprised at your self professed “maturity” when you are clearly doing exactly what you have stated you are not doing. You have stated: “You people are all grown adults, (most likely) and fighting over people for stating their opinion is not very mature.”

      Then you turn around and write this: “…your acting like an insecure brat” (that was directed specifically at me … mature?!?!) and “You can dislike or reply dumb things on my comments …” I thought you stated that “…fighting over people for stating their opinion is not very mature”??? You also called other’s opinions “dumb”.

      Pot meet kettle.

      Then to sum up your point you write, “Oh, and for everyone commenting on here, if you don’t like my posts, don’y bother replying to me. Because, your not affecting me in anyway, nor you are you hurting me in anyway.” … … Clearly that is incorrect because you stated before that, “I’m sorry if I insulted you in anyway, however, that does not mean you have to do it back” indicationg by the “do it back” that I insulted you. Also, jsut FYI, the phrase, “don’t be cruel” strongly indicates that I am obviously “affecting” you in at least one way, so …

      Finally Paityn, if you are going to post on a PUBLIC FORUM and express your opinion, you open yourself up to opposing beliefs. You do not get to state your opinion and then have all of us go, “OK Paityn’s right.” I am entitled, as are you, to state my opinion in a public forum. I accept that others have a different opinion than I, that’s what makes the word go ’round, that’s what keeps us all growing and evolving.

      I am happy for you that you like Danielle. I am equally happy that I do not. I do not believe in befriending someone and then stabbing them in the back and lying to their face, regardless of the amount of money on the line. My integrity and my word means more to me than any money. For this reason, I am disappointed in Danielle’s actions especially toward Britney, her “best girlfriend in the house”. Is it my business? YES!!! Because she made it my business by choosing to go on a reality TV show!

      I do not agree with her character and inferring that teachers are not smart by stating that she chose to tell the other houseguests she was a teacher because she did not want them to know she is smart, is not helping my opinion of her either. You see, I am forming my personal opinion of Danielle based on the content of her character that she is showing. She has been in total control of her own actions so clearly this is the real her. No editing. I would never surround myself with people who disrespect then profess to love that which they just disrespected. This is why I do not care for her.

      I can provide direct examples of Danielle’s actions that, I believe and in my opinion, support my conclusions and my position. Why do you feel that my opinion is less valuable than yours?

      Have I hit my 100 sentences yet???

  86. If anyone but Jenn wins HOH, Frank’s gone (for real this time). Unless he wins veto (again). But i don’t think he’ll even try to win it because he thinks anyone but Ian will keep him safe. which isn’t true. Danielle was telling Ian than if she wins HOH she’ll backdoor Frank. Same with Dan. He told Britney that Frank thinks he is safe next week, but he’s not. Nice use of your HOH Frank (not). Your essentially playing for 7th or 6th place, unless another miracle happens. Which it wont, because it’s too late in the game. The farthest I see you going is 5th place maybe 4th place, but not final three. You decided to trust Dan, bad move. Good move for me , because i want Dan to win this whole thing, again.

    1. BRANDON!!! Finally we agree!!! Danielle is so coky in her BB abilities but yet she has been relying on everyone else to keep her safe. OK she won HOH once but still she was only there to win it because others protected her. She will NEVER make it past the top 4.

  87. I would love the final 3 to be Dan, Shane, and Danielle. With Dan winning. The vote tonight will either be 4-1 against Britney or 3-2 against Danielle. but i’m 95% sure Britney’s going home tonight. She didn’t even campaign for the votes. So if you ask me if she was that stupid to not campaign, then she deserves to go to jury.

    1. She campaigned quite a bit this morning, but I think it was too late… Joe and Ian were fighting pretty hard to get Shane to vote to keep brit but I don’t see it happening, Shane’s a fucking moron.

    1. “You BB fans”??? If you are not a BB fan, why are you here??? And if you ARE a BB fan, please don’t call yourself “bitter” … it is healthy to have YOUR OWN OPINIONS WHETHER OTHERS LIKE THEM OR NOT!!!

      If you are referring to all BB fans other than you well then please allow me to advise you of my rights …

      Having a less than positive opinion of someone else based upon public observation to which Danielle agreed to be a part of and ultimately is in control of her actions which I am observing on NATIONAL TELEVISION, it is my responsibility as a viewer to become invested in certain characters, or not in Danielle’s case. That is what makes production possible. Who wants to spend money producing a show no one cares about??? No Brandon, that would be dumb.

      You calling me names because I don’t agree with you is kinda odd given your stance on my opinions of Danielle. You’re kinda throwing stones from your own glass house. Of course, by going public with my opinion I have opened myself up to criticism from others … hey wait! … Sounds a lot like what Danielle did by CHOOSING TO GO ON A REALITY SHOW!!! Oopsy Brandon …


    1. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon … You don’t know her either now do you??? The same way you have come to the conclusion that she is lovely, I have come to the conclusion that she is not. Please read my other post regarding the “not knowing her” issue.

      To paraphrase: “blah blah blah, she CHOSE to take part in a reality show that shows her unedited 24/7, blah blah blah …” Just read it, the name is A. Walker. Go find it and perhaps then you will understand how ridiculous your statement is even without judging you bit about her evicting Janelle. To be clear, that was ALL Boogie and Dan, not, I repeat NOT Danielle! She just did as she was zombied into doing. Not really surprising considering that she is the ultimate “Me Person” who can’t stand other women being more attractive than she. Janelle leaving was Danielle showing her lack of leadership and true colors as the ultimate follower. That’s OK though because due to the live feeds and, in my case, Showtime After Dark, she can’t blame editing … it’s ALL her! Backstabbing Brit was the ultimate in proving her lack of integrity.

  88. i wished she went home instead of Britney this week…. Brit is one of the closes people to her in the house but yet when Dan told her he wanted nothing to do with her, she cries all over Shane… Britney even asked her do you want me to come, she likes no just Shane… you can tell where her true loyalties stand!

  89. I think that she is amazing. You guys are so negative. I think that she is a real down to earth girl. She’s so happy and positive. Danielle is cute, and a good player. She has real good potential and I hope she wins. She deserves it. I hope to find someone like her some day. Good luck!!!

    1. You CAN have a girl just like her Andrew! Just find the nearest support group for Narcissistics Non-anonymous (they ARE narcissistic afterall!) and you will have thousands to choose from!

      Just think Andrew, you too could listen to her whine all day and night! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! … Good luck with that.

      PS: I don’t want to use this forum to diagnose you however, I would be remiss if I did not advise you to seek professional help for your apparent addiction to severe, brutal punishment.

      Good luck, back at’cha Andrew!

      1. I was saying good luck to her, and I’m not trying to get into any arguments. So what, she gets emotional. That’s just who she is, and you need to learn to respect other people for who they are. Honestly, nobody here cares if you like her or not. I was just saying that I like and respect her as a player and as an individual. That’s just me. I’m not you. She’s a caring girl.

      2. “I think that she is amazing. You guys are so negative.”

        … That was your statement Andrew.

        “…and you need to learn to respect other people for who they are.”

        … Also you Andrew.

        “Honestly, nobody here cares if you like her or not.”

        … now who said tha- OH WAIT! That was ALSO YOU Andrew!

        “I’m not you.”

        … DING DING DING DING DING!!! Finally a statement that is correct! YOU SAID THAT ANDREW!

        YOU shared YOUR OPINIONS of Danielle just as I did. You are not me, that is correct. If your opinions are valid for sharing then mine are equally valid regardless of the fact that they are different than yours.

        Let’s be clear, neither you nor I know Danielle personally and so therefore neither of us have irrefutable eveidence that she is a “caring girl” who “gets emotional” nor a horrible person, which I NEVER stated she was. You stated that “you need to learn to respect other people for who they are” … YOU DON’T KNOW HER ANDREW!!! Nor do you know me and to imply that I am disrespectful based upon my opinions is quite hypocritical isn’t it Andrew. You came to this forum calling me names and that is quite disrespectful.

        Please Andrew, next time to attempt to make a point make sure that you are not contradicting yourself within the same sentence.

        GOOD LUCK!!! (<—That's me wishing you good luck Andrew.)

      3. Oh, I don’t know her? Oh yeah I forgot that you knew me and my relationship with her. I actually do know her. I know her better than you. It looks like somebody here is jealous now doesn’t it. Your opinions are no better than mine, and quite frankly, you are no better than me. You can call me what you want. I don’t care. I’m trying to help you here. You are pessimistic. You’re going against everyone on here like you matter. You and your thoughts mean no more than mine. You can go around being negative about me, other people, your life, your past or future, but you will surely never be happy. I hope that God allows you to see the light. Danielle is a beautiful person. That’s my opinion. And yes, I am calling you names now. There is a reason for that. You deserve it. Keep your opinions of Danielle to yourself because if you have nothing nice to say, DON’T SAY IT AT ALL! They were right when whoever said that you are such a negative big brother fan. Good luck. To you, so you get happy and positive, and to Danielle, in her game playing 🙂 thank you!

      4. Andrew,
        Jealous????? hahahahahahahahahaahahaha … uh NO! But just to point out the obvious question here, if you know her, then why would you state, “I hope to find someone like her some day”? If you do in fact know her, you have already found someone like her. … ???

        First, I never stated that I was “better than” anyone so please check your facts. Second, if you will notice, I am not the only one on here who does not care for Danielle, so please check those facts as well. Regardless, I am not a follower and I do not form my opinions based upon whether or not others will agree. I am not insecure therefore I do not seek your approval of my personal opinions, but thanks anyway. Third, whether or not I am an optimist or a pessimist, I fail to see the relevance when it comes to stating my PERSONAL opinion. But again, it is my PERSONAL opinion. You are entitled to your personal opinion of my personal opinion though so, awesome! Fourth, I will never be happy??? lol I will be when Danielle is kicked out of the house so you are wrong there! Fifth, my relationship with God is not on trial here and for you to sit in judgement of me and then throw His name into the conversation is an absolute contradiction of your indicated beliefs. Check with the Bible. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. Sixth, I do not believe that Danielle is a beautiful person based upon her actions toward others in the house. That is MY opinion and just the way you are entitled to state your opinion, so am I. Just because you do not share my opinion does not make my opinion less valid. Seventh, you have entered a public forum not your personal blog where you get to say that everything is rosie and everyone else has to conform to your opinion. Your statement, “Keep your opinions of Danielle to yourself because if you have nothing nice to say, DON’T SAY IT AT ALL!” is quite a dictator thing to say and contradicts the purpose of a forum. You have shut down my God given right to form my own opinions. I DO live in America and have the freedom of my opinions. Just because you do not agree with me you have resorted to name calling and attempting to shut me up. That’s sad. I do not believe in dictatorship, I embrace differences in people and differences in opinion. Apparently when you do not get your way, you shut down conversation. In my personal opinion, that is very sad.

        Finally, eighth: When one closes down the opportunity for free conversation, they close down the opportunity for learning and growth.

        It is great to be passionate about something but it is not necessary for everyone to agree with you. Be your own person and don’t attack others for being different from you, that’s my personal opinion.

        PS: I am only considered negative to those who do not share my opinion. To others who agree with me, perhaps they find me positive. It’s all about perception and it’s never the same for everyone. 😀

      5. “I DO live in America and have the freedom of my opinions.”

        Yes that is assuming that the government is ok with the opinions…

    2. Andrew she isn’t a horrible person and some of these post are harsh but I think she has insecurely issues and will do ANYTHING to get attention and that includes lying in the process and hurting others on the way..She is a me me girl

    1. I gave you a thumbs up by accident so take one of those away. Actually, I never stated that I hate anyone so please don’t put words in my mouth. Thank you.

      Danielle is a person who WENT ON A REALITY SHOW BY CHOICE! Therefore, she has opened herself up to and in fact invited criticism of her behavior. Not everyone likes everyone. I happen to find that Danielle MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL and I want to throw my TV out of the window and beat it with a baseball bat until it never has the ability to bring her into my home ever again! But that’s just me. If she was not ready for criticism then she should have reevaluated her path in life and steered clear of attempting to become famous through Big Brother where her every move is watched. You can’t say it’s because she is being edited poorly because I have Showtime and have seen her just being her, without any edits. I am not saying she is a horrible person I am just saying that she annoys me until I want to scratch my eyes and ears in hopes that the bleeding will block her face and voice from entering my senses. Again Paityn, that’s just me. You can like her all you want as that is your right. But you know what that means, based on your rights, I too can find her pathetic, whiny, stalkerish and pathetic … oh wait, I already said that one … nah, she deserves 2 pathetics so I’ll leave it there.

      Happy trails to you Paityn! Be careful to not put words into other’s mouths. Have a great day. 😀

      1. A. Walker;
        Your posts are amazing.
        I had wondered if I were alone in wanting to bat out my Tv when dumpy-dani comes on screen. Your characterization of her aberrant ( and painfully annoying) behavior is spot on.
        Watching her ask the guys about her breasts last night on bbad and then trying to keep the conversation going back to that as they uncomfortabley tried to redirect…,.
        Best of all was dumpy-D laying on the counter stools posing with her legs spread and. Joe sitting between them like a backwoods gyno
        Its too much
        my eyes……..MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. First: Thank you Susan! 😀

        Second: ROFLMAO!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha Backwoods gyno … hahahahahahahaahhaahahahaha That’s awesome!

      1. i dont think shes tht bad lol i like watching her nd she is preety her body seems perfect i no she likes shane but whi care we all would do the same thing if we likes someone
        lol i think dan is joes wife

      2. My LMAO comment above was for Sharon, not “noname” who finds Danielle “preety”. Just wanted to clarify. Thank you and goodnight … ;D

  90. Completely insecure, narcissistic, fatal attraction, back stabbing, jealous, freak!!!

    I love how her conversations go like this:
    Danielle: “Ian, who do you think America thinks is smarter, me or Jenn?”
    Ian: “Jenn.”
    Danielle: “Who do you think America thinks is sweeter, me or Jordan?”
    Ian: “Jordan.”
    Danielle: “Who do you think America thinks is prettier, me or Brit?”
    Ian: “Brit.”
    Danielle: “Who do you think America would rather see in a bikini, me or Kara?”
    Ian: “Kara.”
    She is the biggest “I” person I have ever had the displeasure of knowing exists. And what’s with her carrying Brit all over the place??? See, everyone thinks Dani has a crush on Shane but I personally am seeing something different, and that is that she actually has a crush on Britney. She takes on an absolute masculine role when engaging Britney. Heck, she even brought up the topic of her and Britney having a sexual relationship with whatever guy they chose and when someone tried to change the subject, as she always does, continued to talk and throw out ideas until the convo came back to her and Brit having sexual encounters.

    I have concluded that while she professes her crush on Shane to everyone, her true feelings are for Britney. Think about it and you will notice it too!

    PS: Says she hates Rachel but yet behaves just like her. Danielle is NOTHING LIKE JORDAN!!!

    1. Hey A. Walker, your first sentence is one-hundred percent how I would describe Danielle too lol. I have met and seen a lot of truly selfish people in my life, but my jaw drops watching her. She says in one bio she hopes this show will make her famous. OMG, this show will make her the most hated house guest in all 14 seasons of Big Brother. Danielle needs serious help. I have no doubt in my mind every house guest will say the same thing when the show ends. Also I have no doubt Shane will run..fast..maybe even change his name lol.

      1. Yes she did ask those questions! I can’t remember exactly when but it was probably 4 weeks ago. However, that is just a guess. It was on the Showtime After Dark feed. I wish someone would find it and post it so I could watch it whenever I feel like being annoyed. 🙂

    2. Winner Winner! Totally nailed it ! Always looking for compliments or make people talk about HER.. Those poor camera men have to look at her glaring in every mirror at herself 24/7!

  91. Oh my goodness, Why all this hate on Danielle? I mean, give her a break. She hasn’t done anything wrong, and stayed true to her word. Yes, she may act stupid sometimes to get Shane’s attention, but does that make her a bad player/person? I’m sure some of you has acted like that around someone you liked/loved. Also, she has lied a few times, but almost every player ever on BB has lied before. She did it for her own sake. Plus, she quit her job, left her family, and left everything behind to get on BB. And, if you don’t believe me, start watching BB after dark! Cause, I was watching it last night, and it said that. Yes, she may be over emotional, however, why do you care? Everybody has feelings, and sometimes… They can’t hold them in! Another point, She is kinda an attention seeker… But, It’s not her fault… Since, not alot of people like her, what is she going to do? Act like a nobody, like Joe? I think it is very selfish of Shane to be using Danielle because she honestly likes him. And, if she finds out he’s playing her, her heart will break. That will be something to be really emotional about. In my opinion, I honestly like Danielle, because she is not a bad player or person. Her personality is great, and we should NOT judge that.

    1. she thinks everyone loves her..she is not being used by Shane…..he is playing the game like you said Danielle is and like you said he isn’t doing anything wrong…oh and lets talk about breaking some ones heart..wasn’t there a boyfriend she was crying to Will about,saying thats all she can think about how she has hurt him in this game..”please Will will you give (boyfriend)a note for me”…since Will left i have not heard her mention this guy and she is still getting in bed with Shane and laying all over him..

      1. Oh yea..i watch BBAD EVERYNITE….and Danielle is not the ONLY one to leave a job,a family,and everything behind…

    2. Um, No. No. No. Who Cares. I do everyday. I don’t. Yes they can. KINDA? Yes it is. Kill herself. What does Joe have to do with this. He has personality. Who cares. Hooray! Oh God, not another crying session. Yes she is. No it’s not and yes we should.

      1. I couldn’t help myself Donna. I am hoping beyond all hope that somehow Britt makes it thru this eviction and “Danielle ‘I have issues’ Murphree” goes to the jury house.

      2. When I said Joe acts like a nobody was because he doesn’t team up with anyone, and barely talks to anyone. He is mostly wasting his time preparing bad dishes for the house guests. And Danielle is always trying to hang with someone or form alliances. Joe is the most annoying one out of all of them in my opinion.

      3. He gets compliments from all of the house-guests on every dish he makes. What show are you watching?

    3. Paityn….Can’t believe I just read this lol. What show are you watching? Danielle is a pathetic liar. Her personality is great???? I think her personality is of a shallow, conceited, self-centered woman who has to have all the attention, all of the time. You are calling Shane selfish? I think Shane has been a complete true gentleman. Danielle has done nothing short of pyscho stalking of the poor man, crawling in his bed and pawing him, when he has made it clear he is not interested. He has been sympathtic and careful not to lead her on or hurt her feelings. Danielle has a lot of issues and is going to be facing a true hard fact when she gets evicted from the house, AMERICA HATES HER.

    4. I’m sorry but which BB are you watching? Danielle has done nothing but LIE… Dumb lies which makes her seem like a sociopath.. Not a good look! Girl has serious issues& obv this seasons wacko.. She is acting like a southern belle while plotting how she’s getting to VT.. I am not buying her act as I have met many “Danielle’s ” in my life.. Sorry I have to disagree but respect your opinion.

      1. Isn’t it sad that there are “many Danielle” types out there in this world? Forget sad … SCARY!!! Just sent chills down my spine.

    5. I would like to just say that YES, you are right when you say that almost all players in the history of Big Brother have lied in the game, yes this is true……the difference is that other than her lie about being a teacher as opposed to a LPN, all her other lies had nothing to do with the game, they were straight up CRAZY GIRL lies!!!! Sorry to say it but Danielle is nothing but LOONY BIN material as she seems to believe her own lies.
      Oh and she needs to stop looking in the mirror cause shes Fuglier than shit.(And yes I meant to write Fuglier, thats how mature I am)

  92. Hahahahaha danielle is pathetic, I’m loving these posts about her! I’ve hated her since day 1 when she lied about her career for no reason. Frank needs to watch out before she starts clinging on him too! When is she finally going to go!?

    1. Hold on! She lied about her profession because she “didn’t want anyone thinking I’m (she’s) smart.” SO SHE PICKED A TEACHER AS HER PROFESSION!!! So, the way I deduce this is she thinks teachers are not smart?!?!?! Ok … hahahahahaha!!! I am so shocked that no one has called her on this! How insulting she is. She has officially stated and then reconfirmed time and time again her beliefs that teachers are not smart. hahahahahahahaha … wait … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      1. Nobody on here asked for your comments on their posts. Nobody wants to hear you. You don’t have to keep replying. You are the only one that has replied to everything. You have way too much time on your hands. I never said that you said you were better than everyone, but that’s the way you act. Grow up. Learn that nobody on here cares for your opinion. If I wanted you to comment on my stuff I would ask you too. I was just being nice and commenting about Danielle. Its funny because you are an adult, spending so much time and air arguing with me, when I dont care what you say at all. You’re a bully. You’re a bully to others on here. You are a bully to Danielle. You’re a bully, and I don’t respect that. Be nice to people because you never know, I could be your boss. I could be someone who you need in the future. Respect other people because you’re no better than us

      2. You’re a douche Andrew. If you can’t handle someone commenting on your post then get the fuck off of a PUBLIC FORUM! It is not your place to give anyone permission to reply to anyone. It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH YOU JERKOFF!!! You need to grow up and stop trying to censor people. We are ALL entitled to our opinions. For you to try to tell anyone to stop posting and then talking shit to them picking a fight, you are the one who needs to grow up dude. You are a toolbag. BTW, if you will notice, people clearly are in agreement with what A. Walker has to say. And if they are not they aren’t picking a fight and then calling a person who stands up for their opinions a bully. If anyone on here is bullying anyone, it’s you Andrew. Since you want to tell others what they are allowed to say on he, allow me to do the same for you … SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DUMBASS DOUBLE STANDARD WASTE OF AIR!!!


      3. Wow! I came on here to Complement Danielle. To be nice, and support her. You guys are so negative and disrespectful. I did not once curse, and I do not want to fight. I don’t understand how people can be so negative, cruel, and disrespectful. Especially adults. The people who are supposed to be civilized. I know it’s a public forum, and you can say what you want. That doesn’t give you the right to be mean to Danielle. All you are doing is trashing her on here. Trashing not only her, but anyone that supports her. You guys need to realize that people like her. Maybe you don’t, but that doesn’t give you the right to tell people that they are wrong because they like her. I’m not censoring you guys, I’m trying to be nice. I do not care if you don’t like Danielle. You don’t have to be mean to her. If anybody is censoring, it’s you guys because every time someone comes on here and says setting positive about Danielle, you getad at them and try to scare them off. This is an opinion. Mine is different than yours. Just leave it that way, and leave me alone. Danielle, IN MY OPINION, is the most caring person in the house. She’s funny, nice, and a down to earth girl. She’s a nurse, living her whole life helping other people. She’s a strategic player, and I like her. You can’t change that, so stop telling everyone who likes her that they are wrong.

        Thank you, and have a nice holiday weekend 🙂

      4. In response to the first, ahhhh, seven run on sentences of the paragraph…..It’s really easy to figure this one out Andrew. WE HATE DANIELLE!

      5. Andrew,

        I am an older RN. I have never, ever seen a woman who professed to be a “nurse” to act like Danielle. Not only did she lie and cheat; but, she purposely made up stories about her health, her career and her home life that were despicable. How do you talk about your own Mother and Daddy on National TV and tell their most intimate, personal secrets. If I were her parents, I would be devastated. I really tried to like her in the beginning. Actually, she had me fooled for a little while and then the lies and stories started. She needs help and it doesn’t help to continue to condone her behavior. Just sayin!

      6. Also, she isn’t an RN. She failed nursing school. There is no record of her on the Alabama Board of Registered Nursing. Many have commented that they could not find her LPN on there either. So what is the real truth? She sure gave a nice name to kindergarten teachers? So Sad. She could be a beautiful, young woman but she ruins everything with her MOUTH!

      7. Sean, I love you and your post. You took the words right out of my head (because I thought it, I just hadn’t typed it yet). And allow me to second that whole post! And by the way, I’m not waiting to be allowed by you Andrew!

        P.S. Yes! Keep commenting A. Walker because I also care what you have to say!!

      8. Thank you Jane!

        Thank you Andrew! … Andrew? Is that you? Wow … I’m glad to see you agree. Takes a big person to admit that.

  93. She didn’t want people to think she’s smart so she says she’s a kindergarten teacher??!! Because, what? Kindergarten teachers are OBVIOUSLY not smart? Huh? Oh! Did anybody catch the conversation where she thinks she’s as good as a doctor?? She said she’s already done med school. The only difference between a doctor and an RN is the residency. Seriously?? Is she that stupid?? She hasn’t completed med school! And poor Shane is going to need a restraining order after this! And she’s constantly trying to get someone to say she’s pretty and she’s skinny! So insecure. And vain. And self involved. And stupid.

      1. the other night she was telling how wild she was ..she would go places without her parents knowing where she was..she said she was 16 doing this..didn’t she say she was sick and almost died a few times…she would have to be 85 years old to do all the stuff she said she did…….

      2. Yeah, I saw that. The After Hours segment started out with her in the HOH room talking all kinds of crap about Ashley to Frank. She was saying Ash was jealous of her. Yeah, right! I don’t think so. Then she started on Jen-City. Has anyone noticed how she seems to be very ‘touchy-feely’ with Britt lately? Um, I think she’s Bi. I recall one night on AH where she picked Britt up, threw her on the HOH bed and somehow ended up between Britt legs. Yikes! Britt was uncomfortable. She also picked her up in the kitchen the other night, was holding her and swinging her around in circles. Not sure what is going on there.? Anyway, Did you catch her saying Boogie talked to her in the Pantry telling her in a subtle way to work with Frank? Not sure if I believe that. I think since Shane isn’t interested, she has set her sights on Frank. One big thing I noticed about that conversation between her and Frank was the fact that he would not look at her. He sat there the whole time and stared at the floor and the table. I think he is getting the ‘I’m interested in you now vibe’ from her. I have to say this every time I post here. The Chick has ISSUES!

      3. Yeah, and when Danielle picked Britney up and was swinging her around in the kitchen Danielle had to make it a point to tell everyone that Ashley tried to pick Britney up but she dropped her! Why would anyone need to know that? The answer…….They don’t! That was all to boost Danielle’s huge selfish ego!! She is so insecure that she has to bash others to boost herself up!

      4. Well Dan i don’t think Dani will be picking Brit up to much longer..Brit is on the block now and Dani is sure doing a fine acting job..she has them fooled like she didn’t know it was gona happen…She has issues Dan..lol

      5. I saw that as well and thought that was rather odd. Brittney may be the one that needs the restraining order, instead of Shane. Has anyone else noticed the way she is always inviting herself to Britt’s house when they get off the show?

  94. It’s a bad sign when you lie as soon as you come into the house and meet everyone,( teacher )what is wrong with the nursing profression that she had to lie,and she said that she did’nt want to intimidate the other players by looking smart.does that mean you think teachers aren’t smart,not a good move!

      1. OOPS! Meant to say totally agree with you GLEN…..it’s early, haven’t had enough coffee yet 🙂

    1. Because she gratuated as as a basic nurse she can not do IV’s, drugs, she can only deal with the basics of nursing, that’s why she chose a care unit, it is so hard to get nurses they hire grunts to do bed pan work with some minimal title, and new graduates to boss them around. I know I just spent 3 months in one taking care of my neighbor. That’s why I stayed after I figured out, who was who I was not leaving my friend to fin for herself with irresponsible newly graduated nurses. If you hear (RN) not LVN you better ask a lot of questions. If she’s the head nurse that’s because she works the night shift

      1. That is if she even a nurse, she has lied so much for all we know she could be just a CNA (Certified Nurse’s Aide). However, working in a Nursing Home myself for several years, I agree with you Becky, these places only have the bottom of the barrel to choose from and if she were any good, the hospitals would have hired her, which would be a better paying position.


    1. Do You have something against Gay men Patricia? Or the Blind? My partner’s Mom was blind so you seem to have covered all the bases. Those of us who don’t like her, don’t like her because she is NEEDY, CLINGY, Unattractive, and an Insecure cry-baby. All being big turn offs for the Gay or Straight communities respectively. Not because of her #14 Jersey. Are you serious? This chick has issues! As far as Shane goes, he is not losing anything. Avoiding her is a gain in his life. I do hope she sends that Autographed picture to your son, so later in his life he can throw it in the trash where it belongs. BTW, it’s ALABAMA. Don’t they teach spelling and punctuation in “BAMA”? Turn off the CAPS LOCK Hun!!!

      That was the funniest posting I EVER READ…lol. I am guessing her mother…but I heard her family is so embarressed they are in hiding.
      Dani is a pathetic conceited liar…her vain looks make me cringe and her annoying voice makes me ill. She has lied about serious issues including life threatening illnesses, a slap in the face to people out there actually battling these themselves.
      The way she looks at herself in the mirror and practices smiling, snuggles up to Shaun when he has make it clear he has no interest in her. The way Danielle interrupts every story and all of a sudden has a better one ALWAYS INVOLVING SOMETHING FANTASTIC SHE HAS DONE…this sorry excuse for a woman is not only ugly on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside.

      1. Yeah, I noticed that too! Whenever Danielle wants to say something about herself she does interrupt others and keeps repeating it until someone acknowledges her and makes sure they heard her so they know how great she is. I have seen others talk about something else and she interrupts them in an attempt to change it right back to her. She doesn’t seem to get the hint that when they change the subject they usually aren’t as interested in what she is saying as much as she is interested in herself. I’ve seen that happen quite a few times and its like she gets mad because they aren’t giving her the attention she’s desperately striving for. So I would definately say she has quite a bit of jealousness in her.

      2. Exactly! So glad someone else noticed! Can’t stand this girl! Now I’m noticing a certain face she makes when she is lying&scheming… She has to be topic of all conversations& she will wait, wait&wait until people hear her.. Crazy!! Most insecure chick who thinks she will be famous as a result of BB!
        PS In regard to angry guys post, I do have a life & watching BB live feeds does not discount my life! Why would you even be on this site making that comment? HMMMMM!

      3. I think you mean she will interrupt, interrupt, interrupt until people are forced to acknowledge that she is once again complimenting herself. lol

        Lost count the other night of how many times she stated, “I’m told all the time that my body looks just like Tyra Banks’ body. Don’t you think I have Tyra Banks’ body?” She. Repeated. It. Over. And. Over. And. Over. And. Over… Until Jenn (go figure) finally acknowledged her and agreed also adding JLo to the mix.

        Let me just say that IF this were the case and she DID have a SUPERMODEL’S body, WHICH SHE MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT (yes I am yelling!) she wouldn’t be on Big Brother, ok?

        She makes me want to be violent.

        Famous from Big Brother! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! QUICK: Someone other than Ian name someone from last season without looking it up on Google! BZZZZZZZ! Times up! Even last season’s cast no one can name. Let’s be real, the only ones even the fans of BB can remember TOTAL maybe 10. 10 out of how many? Yeah … actually UNFORTUNATELY I probably will remember Danielle. Ugh. Maybe they will come out with a pill that will fix that. I can only hope and make certain that CBS gets the bill for it!

    3. The other houseguests couldn’t care less if she is from Alabama! A true Southern Belle is dignified, honest, modest, and not self-centered. I am Southern, and I say that with much pride! Danielle is the total opposite of a true Southern Belle!
      I am embarrassed how she is portraying herself on TV and the live feeds, as a southerner and a nurse. I know of many nurses that are appalled that she is a nurse, and lies about her credentials. She is NOT an RN, but an LPN. No shame in that, but she should be honest to the ones that she has told of her profession.
      I know that she is going to be shocked to learn how many BB fans do not like her. I also think she may need to move and find another job. How can she face her family, friends (ha) and coworkers after lying about herself? Lying to game is one thing, lying to try to impress people is entirely different.

    4. Apparently Alabama, is full of crazzzies, thanks for the warning Patricia, during my travels I will go a hundred miles out of my way to avoid that State! Please let Danielle back in we don’t want that pathetic looser running loose around the rest of the country. The guys aren’t blind or gay, they’re just not stupid or desperate enough to settle for that nut job, you should be happy now your son can have her. It seems you’re just as pathetic and desperate to find him a mate too!

    5. Ok….first of all I want to start by saying that I am a huge BB fan from season 1…this season on the other hand, I cant stand to watch, mostly because of Danielle. I have never read/taken part in ANY “blog” type forum like this because I really dont care enough to be honest. This year, I have only really watched the after dark because the show is so boring, and because I cant sleep. SINCE YOU LIKE TO CAPITALIZE I WILL SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE AND SAY DANIELLE IS A NARCISSISTIC, STUPID, STRAIGHT UP CRAZY LUNATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I was a Danielle fan in the beginning, but really, after watching, she needs help! Please step outside your ‘enabler’ box and agree so that she can get he help she needs.

      1. Thanks :)…I just honestly feel like she is a Casey Anthony in the making. She tells so many lies and in such great detail that is extremely frightening. She needs help because she is a total sociopath. I feel bad for her family because they are going to have to take a big look in the mirror and realize that they need to take their blinders off and face reality and get her to some specialists and maybe on some meds.
        I also feel bad for all other health care workers, no matter what their role is in the health care industry because she is making them all look bad.
        I actually feel like BB dropped the ball on this one and put all those other houseguests in danger this season. Danielle has no sense of reality and believes her own lies, thats a recipe for disaster.

    1. chara ..i love how quiet you are …..just letting people know you are for shane in a small quiet way…i was too and sadly Dani did her backing stabbing last nite..she went with her kind instead of a great guy who helped get her as far as she has..i feel so sorry for him he needed the money ….

  96. God you people must have no lives, wasting all of your free time watching people you hate for no reason. Danielle is cute and always has a smile on her face. As for the live feeds, I would never trust the opinions of people who watch that crap. You have sociopathic freaks like Boogie and Evil Dick on these shows and you misfits love them. Guess that’s some testimony to your judgment of character.

    1. Really Jake? No.1 I do have a life. No.2 I don’t watch the live feeds, I download and watch/listen to BB After Hours as background in my OFFICE. No.3 You obviously have bad taste in women. No.4 And what an ugly smile it is. No.5 So what you are saying is that you only trust the OPINIONS of CBS and it Editors, LOL (I mean that is really laughable) .!? No.6 “Evil” Dick was great and very successful outside of the BB House both before and after his season. No. 7 I can’t stand Boogie or DANIELLE! No.8 My character judgement is spot on, Dude. Danielle Murphree is an Insecure, Whiny, desperate, Clingy, THICK Legged, attention seeker whose strange relationship with “Daddy Dan” should be cause for concern to her immediate family. But hey, go ahead and love her. I could care less.

      1. I agree I hate danielle and she has a crush on dan if I was his wife I’d be pissed watching her hang on him. Ugh and I hate when she sucks in her cheeks when she looka in the mirror. O and when she told jenn that she is used to girls being jealous of her I was like uhh yeah get real sweetie what is there to b jealous of ewwww gross

      2. I cringe every time I hear or see her on the monitor. I think she is mistaking “jealousy” for general dislike.

      3. Dan you need to find something better
        To do with your life… just a lil keyboard warrior .

        What a joke..

      4. Dan…I also agree with EVERYTHING you have said.
        So Brad..what are you doing with your life? Oh yes…you are on your keyboard making comments…that is the real joke.

      5. Oh little Brad, You have my permission to be a Danielle fan. To quote Johnny Depp from the remake of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, “I don’t care”. BTW, Lil’ Brad…jokes on you. 19 thumbs down on your commment, no make that 20. lol

      6. Hey Dan…I will give Brad a 40 thumbs down on his comments lol.
        Hey other posters…do I hear a 60? lol

  97. I’m watching Big Brother After Dark right now as I’m typing this and Danielle just giggled and rolled over on her lawn chair giggling and laughing loudly in an attempt to capture Shane’s attention who was standing close by working out and helping the others on their workout! She is a scheming attention needy girl! Britney was sitting right beside her and didn’t laugh at all and was looking at Danielle trying to figure out what she was laughing about. Oh, my gosh Danielle! Quit trying to get Shane’s attention and let it sink in that you are not as hot as you are desperately trying to be. I think you may have some good qualities in you so lets see those and stop being jealous and attention starved! You may be embarrassed when you see yourself on the tapes. I would be!

    1. Is this the shot which started with her picking up Britt from the kitchen and carrying her outside, putting her on the chaise, then setting beside her laughing hysterically, then getting up and playing “toss across” with Dan? If so, I saw the same scene. Britt just sat there and looked at her like she was nutts! UGH! I was thinking “what kind of mind #%&* did her parents do to her”.? This chick has issues!

  98. Danielle is a pathetic woman in every way. I hate her but through live feeds know America hates her also.She thinks she will be famous lol can’t wait until she leaves house to find out how much she is disliked.
    It is one thing to be disliked as a show villan, she is disliked for the person she is.

      1. Its not the show that makes her come across so stupid, narcissistic, and straight up crazy….its the live feeds, the un-edited clips/footage that speaks for itself. She needs help!!!!


      1. Danielles Momma over here… LMAO…. Starla is probably stalking each and everyone of you at this moment… its in the blood.

      2. Hey Star-Duh…what do you think of your Dani now???

        SHE TOOK DAN OFF THE BLOCK AND PUT UP HER BOYFRIEND AND HE GOT VOTED OFF lol lol lol lol |lol lol lol lol lollol lol lol lol lol lol lol

        Now she is next to go hee hee hee heehee hee hee hee hee ha ha ha aha ha ah aha ah .
        What a stupid dumb player that Dani is ..omg omg omg omg.
        Half a million dollars at stake.

        Sorry Starrrrrrrrrrralllllllllllllllaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ah aha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha

      3. OH Star-duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is suddenly missing since Dani made that psycho move.


      4. Starla…
        she pissed BB production off too..being hateful to Ian… i guess we know what we are talking about..

  99. I hate her. She is so Akward in the house and makes other people uncomfortable. I love the way Shane ignores her as she tries to get his attention. If you watch the live feeds she is always looking over at Shane trying catch him looking at her. He never is LOL. She always has to be in the vicinity of him. UGH! She Sucks! She doesn’t have a nice body. She’s Unattractive. She’s a cry baby. And she has the personality of a styrofoam cup. Can’t wait to see her evicted. I’m embarrassed for her. Basically thought Big Brother US sucks in general. Just finished watching the UK version and the characters are interesting. Hated seeing it end. Allison Grodner and Don Wollman should be fired the same way MERk was on Episodes. Big Brother needs revamped without these two.

    1. Omg i hate her even more to night…what she did tonight proves she is evil..no one tell me she is kind ..you are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am talking about what she did to Ian”s toy monkey….unforgivable ….not her’s to take…so mean and disgusting.. she has issues …

  100. Such an average person in every way but thinks she’s special. Somehow she rubs me the wrong way and is so jealous of women more attractive then she, that’s a high percentage folks. She was a liar before she even came on the show, please get her out!

    1. I can feel ya. Thinking about it myself. Not just because of her, but because this season sucks. I’m so over them bringing the vets back. They had their season.

      1. you guys are so pathetic. Your lives revolve around this show. I think this dan guy secretly has a crush on Danielle. it’s so sad..

      2. You’re statement makes me laugh because you are calling us pathetic yet here you are on the same forum as we. lol However I do agree completely that Dan has a crush on Danielle. Did you see the way he layed down on her after she won HOH a few weeks back and then quickly checked himself, jumped up and told Shane to give her a kiss even though he had repeatedly told Danielle to stay away from Shane??? WTH???

    2. I think everyone of you are just jealous of her, she has made it this far for a reason, I think your all pathetic losers putting down someone that can’t reply back to your stupid comments,and for you to put your crap on here so her family and friends can see it is very hurtful and you call yourselves “nurses” i call B.S.

      1. yep your right..we are all jealous…..I want people to call me a stalker, a cry baby,and annoying bi*ch….

      2. Jealous of her?
        oh Starla…….please. do you really think that án overwhelming majority of people share this opinion for no reason?
        She put herself on a reality Tv show.
        SHE chose to discuss her mothers pubic hair on national tv. Also–
        Her choice of dildos and unusual sex acts….
        Not to mention the awful things she has said about her own family
        And you have the balls to get on here and tell us that our commenting about it is hurtful to her friends and family?
        maybe you need you need some professional help yourself Starla. The truth of it is that she is the one who has created and continues yo perpetuate this situation. The biggest problem for her is that viewers are not as easily led as the men shes apparently accustumomed to to manipulating.
        We are appalled. We are disgusted and dismayed. We are shocked and feel sympathy for her family and the others her lies have harmed.
        But we don’t need YOU telling us we cant discuss it. Its called free speech. Look it up.
        you wanna get all up in arms? SAVE THAT for her. It seems to me she has gotten away with her lies and her bullshit because she NEEDs someone to tell her the real honest truth.
        and we will. If you don’t like it get back in your trailer and drive off in a huff.
        we’re not going anywhere. 😉


      4. omfg ‘Starla’
        is that your real name or are u Andrew in disguise?? Lol
        Typing in all caps dosent make u have a valid point. You just look like an asshole.
        and believe me. No one is trying to ‘ get anywhere with you’
        your head is so far up dumpy D’s ass she will start seeing YOU in the mirror.
        We have opinions here and we are free to express them.
        Bite me bitch

      5. WOOOOOOHOOOOO lol… tell her Susan… Its probably Danielles mom… or some other dumb ass family member of hers… I dont think anyone who isnt related to her would defend her like this bitch.

      6. Thanks Kelly
        I love the balls on these morons. They disagree so they feel compelled to scream “shut up” at the rest of us.
        They cannot form an intelligent counter argument. They obviously don’t even watch the show. Because if they did they would surely see what the rest of us see.
        In any case WE are entitled to our opinions. We will continue to express them.
        Maybe dumpys fans can band together –put on their thinking caps and form an intelligent argument. Working as a team maybe her two fans can take their penises out of their hands awhile and work on that.
        Maybe its just me but when some bucktooth Oakie tells me to shut up……..
        I am encouraged to keep going!!!!!!
        Dump Dumpy D!!!!!!!

      7. lol like i said “grow up” calling me a bitch is soooo touching lol…see what i mean? your all just on here because your so full of hate and its making so many people sick, anyways say what you want about me or anyone else cuz i’m so sick of reading all your damn bullshit, its obvious i’m fighting with a bunch of little kids and by the way yes starla is my real name, i don’t hide behind a fake name like the rest of you..have fun with all your talk, and with putting me down after i leave here lol…i mean look where its coming from hahahahahahahahahaha

      8. Oh well.
        I waited for an intelligent reply from ‘Starla’ but it seems that she has no counter argument as I had suspected. —–Shes hiked up her overalls and run for them thar hills.
        I don’t know who had a shotgun to her head and was forcing her to read these posts but Praise Be!!!! Shes free at last!!!!!!!!!
        ……….uh oh. Do you hear banjos???!

      9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!

        I absolutely love you Susan! You are so in my head! I could barely catch my breath I am laughing so hard. Thank you for that! 😀

      10. Lol
        The poster child for Dumpy D’s intense psychotic fan club!
        They gather weekly and stare st themselves in mirrors while scarfing froot loops and discussing their fake diseases and the current status of their restraining orders.

      11. oh yeah im totalllly jealous of her stalker ways… Im also jealous of the way shes put herself out there and shane has yet to make a move… i think its cuz hes jealous of her too maybe?… Ooooh idk shes just so crazy and annoying….who wouldnt be jealous? (BARF) its funny cuz I think JOJO got more of a reaction from shane in the lil time she had in the house… and Danielle even with her stalking and “forgetting underwear” routine has yet to get as much from him. HAHA, cant wait till she is able to watch this season, shell finally see how stupid and annoying she was, and how Shane just wasnt that into her.

      12. I think you are jealous you nutbag Starla.

        You must be a relative – oh wait…I forgot, all Dani’s family, extended family and former friends are in hiding in shame so I guess you are the one fan she has. lol.

    1. I agree completely. There is rumor that she actually failed out of the nursing program and is currently working as an LPN in a Nursing Home. She spoke on the live feeds about bossing around all these folks who are so much older then her (you know like in their forties).

      1. Nothing wrong with an LPN at all, great career, the problem is Dani told Dan she is ‘Above an RN – almost a doctor.’ In fact she said doctors come to her for advice.

        Not much more to say. Hey …where is that one fan of Dani’s in here? Maybe you’d like to comment??? lol

      2. I think some of you Danielle haters should take a little lesson from her. She has had some serious dirty tricks played on her and she just keeps on forgiving with a smile on her face. So for that trait alone, I think she is the much better person here over all you people with your snide remarks. As a fellow health care professional, I understand that the doctors will ask the techs and nurses their opinions so if you haven’t been there, you shouldn’t be knocking the poor girl. It is a truth and it happens often. She is in a profession that a lot of people are real bad at because they are not a giving person. I would love for her to take care of me when I were sick or in pain rather than some sour faced nurse who could care less, because believe me, there are many of those out there. Shame on you Danielle haters, could some of you clean up vomit and puke. I did it for 35 years. Could you!

      3. Okay …. Lessons from Danielle? No thanks I’ll pass. If cleaning up puke makes you a good person then what does lying about having cancer say? Lying about having numerous surgeries your entire life for cancer? Saying that your breast implants caused your cancer and undergoing radiation and chemotherapy right before entering the house? (I know some very dear women that have/had breast cancer and have undergone these treatments and the last thing they are thinking about doing is playing big brother, they can barely lift their head to eat a serving the size of a bird.)
        So if that is not enough, every single female that walked out the door, within one hour of them leaving she is complaining about them being jealous of her, following her and smothering her. Even Britney who was more than loyal to her! She personally attacking everyone in the house and backstabbed them except maybe Kara. She even did Jodi who was in the house what 3 hours.
        Her vicious attack on Ian last night was painful to watch. The threats she made about what she will “tell the jury” and how she controls Shane and his vote. Embarrassing for Shane that she totally threw him and his manhood under the bus. Because according to Danielle, he will vote the way she says. Dan evicting him and costing him his game will not matter only that Ian booted Danielle. Whatever.
        I find it hilarious that she compares herself to Jordan …. BAHAHAHAHA. Danielle is a lying, backstabbing fool; she was foolish to throw the 1st HOH to Dan. She cost herself the game and has no one to be mad at but herself. Would love to know how many people (from the house) will even speak to her after they watch the show.

      4. I agree the way she treated Ian was a disgrace- Dan’s wife needs to watch out for them because the flirting between them is disgusting- notice that Dan has down everything to her- he gets her to throw the one of the final chalennges to him and gets her to put up Shane when Ian should have left (I want Ian to win) yet she berates poor Ian and then sits in the bedroom all starry eyed and sweet to Dan who is the person responsible for her demise. I think she used Shane trying to make Dan jealous because after watching her Jeckle and Hyde antics today she is clearly obssessed with Dan- begging him from day one to put her on his team- Dan’s wife needs to kick her A## after the show

      5. Cindy ..the few Danielle lovers will never admit she is a hateful person..it is on video and they still won’t admit it..

      6. Ok so Deb, Donna, Cindy..yall all have older people names and you’re on a website bashing someone who is 20 years younger than you? it’s time to grow up and go sew something. im in the medical field and she doesn’t offend me. grow up and get a day job you low life piece of crap. you people on here make me sick.

      7. Niki ~ cool name sweetie.
        Not afraid to admit that I am 35 years old, I am a CPA in Washington, DC. So I have a day job and a life …. a great one. I have watched Big Brother since Season 1 and LOVE the show!
        I would suggest that you save your allowance up and get the feeds next year ….. that’s where you see the truth!!! Just sayin kiddo…. have a great day!

      8. Cheryl…omg…what are you talking about…. we could take lessons from her??????


        Hmmmmm….I don’t really want to be self centered, shallow, a stalker, serial liar, a tramp or ugly and selfish inside….so NO THANK YOU CHERYL.

        What makes me puke is Dani and people who stick up for her.

      9. Niki,i am so glad your working..you are putting money in my social security check….thank you so much…big hug coming your way….

      10. Cheryl, I have been there for over 25 years as an RN and this girl scares the —- out of me. She cannot even keep her lies and stories straight. I have worked with and respected many LVN’s, LPN’s, CNA]s and I don’t know what I would have done without them in many instances. The number one rule as a nurse of any creditation is that you never, discuss your patients in a public forum of 8 mil people. It doesn’t take much for people to realize who they are,, when she was talking. She absolutely turns my stomach. I have never heard anyone talk about me, me, me for hours on end and constantly seek affirmations about her body, looks, etc. To top it off she literally stalked Shane on the show, then talked openly (once again) about another supposeded boy friend who states on line that he never, ever dated her. Look up borderline personality and you will see Danielle’s attributes. She is sick and needs help. She is a huge danger to patients. You have to have integrity, honesty and trustworthiness as you know as a medical professional. She does not know who or what she really is and it is very sad. With that I will stop. Please know that I do respect your opinion

      1. Great profession Deb, thank you for going in such an important and caring career.

        Sorry for anyone who has to be under Dani’s care. If you see Dani coming…ask for Debbie.

    2. Shes an embarrassment to real women. she is pathetic, I hope her family gets her some help when she gets out & I hope Shane gets protection. Yet again he gets what he deserves, he knows she’s unstable but he keeps stringing her along, the dummy!

      1. The only reason he is messing with her is because she is the only straight girl left in the house that is not married!

      1. Shouldn’t a trained nurse with several advanced degrees —–and is almost a Dr —–know that you don’t touch raw chicken and then LICK the BBQ sauce off your fingers?
        Hello? SALMONELLA? ????
        APPARENTLY. She will eat anything………..
        And we circle back to her ‘salad tossing’
        I wonder if Dr Murphree can spell salmonella?

      2. Watched the show from the beginning, thought psycho Dani already lied about having EVERY LIFE THREATENING DISEASE OUT THERE but I was wrong.
        Add ‘removal of cancer scar tissue from her breast,’ which she tearfully told today in the house….three different times the Dani way, each time the story was a bit different and the health issue much more serious.

        Oh…apparently she forgot to wear her PANTIES on her veto outing with Shane.
        Wow I hate that tramp.

      3. Wow Sharon.
        a new low. And for Dumpy that really means something. I have lost loved ones to cancer and currently have people close to me fighting that battle. To see someone faking it…… using it to gain attention and sympathy for themself is beyond despicable. Where are her hillbilly supporters now?
        They are so bothered by our comments but never mention the selfishly thoughtless and insidiously cruel ways that her behavior affects the world around her.
        I hope she does read these comments. People like her wont see the truth in it though.
        They will look to sycophantic losers like Starla et al and any man that’s horny or brainless enough to tell her that the rest of the world is ‘just jealous of her’
        I don’t think professional help would make a dent; first you need to understand and accept that there is a problem. I don’t think she has that capacity. Maybe she could try lying and pretending to be a human being?

      4. I CANNOT STAND DANIELLE!!! BB has lost a lot of viewers because of her!! She is absolutely pathetic!! She cannot play this worth crap–she leaches right on & lets everyone else do all the work–she’s awful!!! She does NOT deserve a penny in this game….GO HOME PLEASE!!!! Oh wait-your family probably don’t want you there either because you are so dam annoying!! There is NO WAY you are a Nurse…if you are God bless your patients!!!

      5. WTF are you going on about Sharon? how do you know 100% she is lieing? you don’t. I have never seen such a uncaring person as you are and its all just so you can make people hate her only cuz you do, you need to seek help…its just a game show for crying out loud, you really need to get it together, we all have our own likes and dislikes but for some reason you feel you need to put others down cuz we don’t agree with yours…wake up

      6. Shes a real nutbag.
        and apparently she seems to attract a psychotic fan base
        Watch out Sharon. I think I hear those banjos again….
        —Or is that just Star-duh barking?

      7. Hey Susan..thanks for the support my friend..and I agree Dani is attracting PSYCHO FANS!!!!! LOL

        I agree with every one of your comments Susan. Dani is the most self centered shallow woman, uncapable of ever accepting that she is not perfect.

        She is a disgrace of any type of a role model to the young girls watching this show, I don’t know what rock BB found Dani, but hope they don’t look under there again LOL.

        She has gone through claiming to have every life threatening disease on the plant…the scar tissue is the newest I heard, I’m sure there will be another come up today.

        Thanks Susan for the support, great comments and insight into this pathetic tramp lol.

      8. Susan ..i want to reply to Starla but there is no reply on her post so i am going to use yours ..

        Starla..we know she is lying because her mouth is moving..

        thank you Susan..:))

      9. YOU WAKE UP STARLA…WTF BACK AT YOU….Defending Dani…u loser!!!
        Yes it is a game starla..it is one thing to lie about game moves to move forward, but Dani is lying about SERIOUS HURTFUL THINGS.

        She is lying about having and surviving life threatening diseases that brave people out there are fighting for their lives with.

        She has lied about being kidnapped, lying about having a boyfriend (Trey)- the poor man has a girlfriend is tweeting he AND HIS GIRLFRIEND want to be left alone.
        She is lying about being abused growing up when her friends have come forward ON CAMERA saying it is all lies.

        Even a former boyfriend has come forward describing Dani as PSYCHO.
        She lied about being a teacher as she felt being a nurse would make her a threat – INSULTING EVERY TEACHER IN THE COUNTRY.

        She is stalking, pawing and climbing all over Shane in bed WHEN CLEARLY HE IS NOT INTERESTED. She forgot her panties on the POV outing????? Gag.

        Have you noticed how she paws allover Dan – who is married? Starla are you watching this show??????

        You want to defend her???? Go ahead Starla – Be the big woman you are trying to be with your pathetic comments…defend her..then go seek help yourself – loser.

      10. Sharon I think we are seeing the peychos start to crawl out of the woodwork here.
        For every psycho on Tv there comes a drove of psycho fans. Reminds me of the women looking to marry serial killers in prison. They are like moths to the crazy flame.
        I hope Star-duh keeps posting here. Maybe dumpy will see the insanity in the ONLY ones who support her even if she lacks the ability to see it in herself.
        Maybe Starduhs rantings will serve a useful purpose in that way.
        Clearly shes a nutjob.

      11. Star-Duh…LOL LOL…

        Susan you and I think so much alike lol lol lol lol lol.

        Hey Star-Duh..how many mirrors in your home? lol

      12. Hey Susan, As Donna mentioned about (currently) 12 posts below this one…………….What was the salad tossing talk about. I too missed that one! And nobody ever answered her that I can find but I’m curious about it also. Thanks in advance!

      13. Well crap! You never know when you hit the reply button where it will really throw your post. Scratch that and make that as Donna mentioned “ABOVE” ………..What was the salad tossing talk about?????

      14. Did you see her sitting around with Shane and Dan telling them how she swallows??? That was AWESOME. Dan’s wife needs to beat her ass. She was asked what the women in the house talked about and THAT’s what she volunteered??? That is completely inappropriate and is only done when someone is trying to get a guy “worked up”. Dan encouraged her too. It was disgusting. She clearly has no respect for Dan’s wife. SO FUNNY THAT SHE GOT KICKED OFF!!! Even better that Brit clearly learned new info about Dumpy-D that has made her realize that Dumpy-D is a horrible being. Now it is Shanes’s turn to figure it out. But he’s not that bright so … poor guy.

    3. Why does this broad change her voice to that annoying high pitch screech when she is doing her diaries and then talk in a lower MUCH less annoying tone!!! She also goes on to say she is annoyed with Shane, yet she is making comments that it’s not okay that they haven’t kissed!! She’s so stupid doesn’t she realize he’s going to see all this when he goes home?!? #FAKESTTRICKINBBHOUSe

    4. I dont understand how she calls her self a christian and believing God. when every other word out of her mouth is. “I Hate That Kid”..I hope Shane seees her for the physco B— that she is.Her parents have to be ashamed of her.When she got a video message,her friend or sister didnt even tell her that her parents were watching or proud of her.God she’s gonna look back at hows she’s acted.And wanna kill herself.Shanes gonna feel like an idiot for letting himself even get involved with her.Stupid Hypocite she is.

    5. This is disgusting! Haters…go to another page if you don’t like her. If you dislike her this much…than don’t give her this much thought…unless you are Jealous! Impossible to believe you are perfect…just as much as it is impossible to believe everything that happens on TV. Give her a break and grow up. She played her heart out…whether you like it or not that is who she is. What she said, did or decisions she made are hers to make and not yours to judge, bully and spread Hate.

      Move on…Find a positive source to your energy. Because it is you who I feel sorry for more!

      1. If the “haters were meant to go somewhere else, why would the website put a thumbs down as an option at the top of the page below her picture??? YOU’RE AN IDIOT. Jealous??? I voice my negative opinion of Hitler too so are you saying that anyone who talks against him is jealous of him??? Allow me to repeat so I can get my point across to your obviously tiny mind … YOU ARE AN IDIOT “Angel”. Talking out of your ass and encouraging a dictatorship world where anyone who disagrees with you must be silenced. FYI, it may be hard for you to grasp this concept but Dani went on a REALITY TV SHOW WHERE HER EVERY MOVE IS FILMED AND (for those of us who have Showtime and/or the live feeds) UNEDITED FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE. This by definition makes it very easy to believe what we are seeing on tv. IDIOT. I have watched her pop her pimples, are you trying to say that it was edited to make it appear that way but it wasn’t actually happening??? You, IDIOT, obviously do not get that she CHOSE to make her life public and entered a platform where there is no assumption of privacy. The platform that shows her true character, unedited. No one here is saying anything that she did not agree to receive by making her life public. If she wanted to be loved by everyone, she should have shown honor, integrity, loyalty, class and respect, BUT SHE DIDN’T! I am only working with the information SHE HERSELF made public. She is a horrible being, IN MY OPINION, who makes me fearful of the kind of world her breeding will create. She is an embarrassment to women and the medical field. More than that, she is an embarrassment to her family, who she said horrible things about. Of course, if those things are true then it could explain so much about her behavior.

        If you Angel have a problem with people expressing their opinion in a public forum which by design is for EXACTLY THAT PURPOSE, then I will personally buy you a ticket to Afghanistan where you can shut your mouth. I will remain here and enjoy my freedom!

        PS: Don’t you just love when people tell you their opinion of your opinion and then tell you that you are not allowed to share yours? I guess that’s their opinion. In my opinion, freedom of speech is awesome and I believe in people being able to express their opinions. By the way Angel, just so you know mine, Dumpy-D sucks (she freely admits to this and swallowing) and you are an idiot … in MY opinion. Have a great night.

      2. Hell Yeah!! Well said A. Walker! I so agree with you! I second EVERYTHING you said! I love every word you posted because it is so dead-on point blank pure honesty and the truth! You pull no punches and tell it like it is! You have a way with words…….thats for sure! I back you 100% because I have the same philosophy! The truth is the truth like it or not! And if you don’t……….well tough shit!


        Angel..where were the TRAMP’S panties during the veto outing?

        No Angel I think I will use my energy in this forum…hey but thanks for thinking of me! LOL

    6. So embarrassing, I just cringed every time she lied about what she did. She is an LPN and failed real nursing school. There are really good LPN’s out there and I have worked with many; however, she is really scarey!

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