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Name: Frank Eudy
Age: 28
Hometown: Marion, Ark. (living in Naples, Fla.)
Occupation: Unemployed
Three adjectives that describe you: Gregarious, interesting and engaging.
Favorite Activities: Going to the beach, exercising and being around people.
Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Making sure my hair is camera ready all the time.
Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” Absolutely. Numbers are important, so I want to set up a “Dream Team,” all playing certain roles. I would need a Larry Bird, a good country boy or girl who’s honest and competitive; a Charles Barkley, an unmovable object possibly with a bit of a harsh attitude; a Patrick Ewing, somebody that knows the game and is reliable; a Michael Jordan, somebody who’s a baller that can win competitions; and me as Magic Johnson, friendly guy playing point and running the show.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: Most: Chill Town – they were great at the game and great at entertaining. Least: Daniele – she wines and complains too much and was ungrateful to her dad for the chance to even make it on the show.
What are you afraid of: I don’t care for spiders or snakes.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: Paying for my braces while I was working through college.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… the difference between a stranger and a friend is an introduction.
What would you take into the house and why: A phone…for the main purpose of getting information about the game from the outside world.
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: Do my best to make it sustainable, and try not to make an ass out of myself!


51 thoughts on “Frank Eudy”

  1. I would like it known that I bid and won over $250.00 worth of Frank’s stuff he wore on BIG BROTHER. He never sent it to me although I paid for it via PAYPAL. I reported it and they couldn’t get him to send it or refund my money. I think it is terrible for him to do this to anyone, but especially a big fan who really respected him and trusted him. I guess he is a DEADBEAT and a CROOK. Further info on request, because this is 100% the truth.

  2. I totally agree with Mychelle. Your post was right on 🙂 Frank, you should be so proud of yourself. I feel that you earned fan favorite. Hope you win bubba!!!! Sorry that you were played by Dan and stupid Danielle. (She is so annoying and disliked – you should read the posts, haha) Wishing you the best of luck in the “real world”

    1. HAHA, I also loved this post @Sharon4727. I have also thought about how Danielle and Dan and even Ian are going to feel when they read these posts. Psycho… oops I mean Danielle might end up back on TV but this time for entering herself into a mental facility to help with her breakdown after reading how disliked she is and how pitiful she has portrayed herself on TV. Ian might be right behind her given he reads all the posts, see’s the show and realizes how he has always been a pawn. He played for other people, people who would vote him out first in a heartbeat. I feel the only reason hes made it this far is because Brit was voted off first. Otherwise, im 100% certain he wouldve been voted off already. He will also realize that his self proclaimed Best Player status is something only he feels strongly about. In my eyes and Im sure many others he sucks and has played a shitty game given all the opportunities hes had to really make an impact. Now onto Dan… ooooh mr. judas…. Well not only will you rot in hell, swearing on the bible, wife, and dead grandfather, poor old man, probably turning in his grave. Dan I hope you dont win, I also hope you never get to coach children again! What kind of role model are you to those you do coach. “yeah lets swear on the bible and hey while your at it swear on your parents too, steal theyre money, then stab them, and give me the money” idk sounds like something he can be very capable of. Anywho Sux, but out of all three I would want Ian to win. Danielle ur a dumb bitch whos played dans game. Dan your just trash. (There might be alot of typos but oh well, no need to be perfect when it comes to these 3)

  3. Frank,
    I too hope one day you’ll read this, Id like you to know that I truly praise you for the player you were in the house, and im sure you are,out of the house. Your honesty goes further in the “real world” then it’ll ever in the BB house, and yet I still believe one can win this game with integrity.
    Your intensity and passion to not give up, is very admirable! You fought like “rocky” (; Jeff 😉 and like Jeff, good ppl go to high places, like I know you will! You my friend, should be very proud of yourself.
    wishing you the best bubba !

  4. Hey Frank, if you ever read these, you should know I voted for you to win the 25,000 with all of my email accounts! lol, all 9 of them. I hope you win. You deserve it. Make sure you take Ashley out somewhere other than the couch! hehehe

  5. I always wanted them to get Frank out but I’m not sure why. He was great in competitions and seemed like a nice guy. Guess I just liked some others more and he was a threat. I also hate his hair.

  6. Hey Bubba, Hate to see you go.I can only Imagine Britneys face when she sees you.lol…You was stupid to even trust Dan..goodness. but the reason why your social skills were ridiculous. You never associated with anybody in the house for weeks to even talk to them or get to know them and talk game.Boogie did all that for you. After he left,unless you won every veto,HOH,you wouldnt of stayed.Because your social skills and game talking sucked..Sorry you had to go.But I was team Brit and Ian..! Good Luck Bubba

  7. Frank if you go home tonight I will no longer watch BB14. Everyone left sucks. Im starting to realize that all the ones worthy of winning have left so early in the game. Oh man… cant believe im going to say this, but Frank if u leave, I hope Jenn wins ROTF

  8. It irks me when people say Dan shoudnt win because he won already. Get over it. There were multiple times where Dan could have been backdoored and evicted but nobody did it. Dans gameplay isnt pretty but its effective and it already won him 500g so when it works again nobody should be surprised. I like Frank but he shouldnt have listened to Boogie and He should have backdoored Dan. Sorry Frank but your up against the Greatest of All Time.

  9. I hope Frank stays too, but it isn’t looking good for him. Dan should be the one voted out, not because I don’t like him but because he has already won. That’s not fair to the others. I don’t think they should allow winners of previous seasons to be in the game again unless it is a season of “only” winners.

  10. I love Frank!! I hope he wins. He is such a great player and wins alot of comps. He has certainly showed that he can get himself of the block. I love how he is such a gentleman and how he talks so sweet about his “nana”. Go Frank!!!!!!!

  11. I like the Frank! He is definitely playing the game and that is something I admire. I have to admit, I don’t think I liked him as much before watching After Dark. He is gentleman (for the most part) and he has made the show interesting. I am going to get yelled for this I am sure, but I am glad Boogie went home and now Frank can play his butt off to stay in the house and fight for it!!! Really hope he and Dan do work together. Would be brilliant if it works out.

    1. I think Frank is the second best player in the house this year other than Dan. He has made this year way more interesting. My family and I every year pick our players and we see how far they get. The farther your player gets the better. I chose Frank and so far I’m winning xD Anyway Frank is a great threat In the comps and I think if he makes it to the end he will win the game. And I hope they bring him back.

  12. This clowns uncle was hired on by CBS and Grodner as part of the BB production team a couple of years ago. That’s how he got on the show, and it’s obvious now Grodner and her ass kissing cronies have picked him for the win. This show is rigged to the max. Not to mention as you all probably already know he is the son of Sid Vicious which translates to he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth already.

    1. I dont think the show is rigged. He’s won fair and square every competition he’s had to until now. In regards to your silver spoon remark, it could be true, but I personally dont think thats the case. I dont think Sid was making the money the wrestlers make now a days. As a Psycho Sid fan myself I remember the injury he suffered while wrestling that left him unable to wrestle again. Now with the economy the way it is I dont think its fair to assume that Frank came from riches. I also think hes incredibly humble, if he got one thing from his dad its the will to keep fighting. Its gotten him this far in the game.

  13. WOW, I officially hate everyone in the house except Frank. He has become the biggest Big Brother miracle since season 1, and he definitely will be known as one of the greatest players. I see all these comments saying “Shane is such a great player”, but he is about as social as a toilet, and Ian the proclaimed BB expert has made the stupidest move all season by rolling with the quack pack. New flash Ian, to them you are expendable. Anyways, glad Frank is HOH. I’ve been ready to some of these players leave since day 1.

  14. If boogie leaves tonight I feel bad for the newbies. They really havent been playing theyre own game, and have been following their coaches advice even after the coaches were put to play against them. WAKE UP PLAYERS, ur all just pawns at the moment. I hope a new alliance forms with Frank, Ashley, Jenn, Joe, Ian, and hopefully if still in the house Boogie, just so I could have the pleasure in watching Shane and the others crumble.

  15. I love Frank and am a little pissed off he might be going home. He and Mike make the game that much more entertaining. The proposed “Avengers” alliance would be sick, however everyone always talks about making big moves in Big Brother but never does. That’s why I don’t want to see Frank go home because he is someone who would actually shake up the game. To be honest, besides Frank and Mike, I hate watching everyone this season. So much fake going on.

    1. I totally agree with you Katie. This season started off so boring and dissapointing. I personally think the coaches shouldve been the first to go. With that said, as the season continues I find myself going from “Anti- Frank & Boogie” to Hope they win this season. I would hate for someone like Shane, Dan, or Britney to win.

  16. Krista you dont know Frank.. i cant believe you compared him to rachel. you are dumb and dont know crap about him. your judging in first impression.

  17. I hope Willie does not work with Frank – Frank is the male version of Rachel. Wow, you paid for your braces…YOU’RE THE MAN…sad. Lose the flat perm.

  18. Darryl Lovell

    Willie will get Frank to the end. Then We may have our first “chopped pot” as used in poker tournament play. Chopped pot means frank and Willie will divide the 500k.

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