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Week 1 –


Name: Ian Terry
Age: 21
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa. (living in New Orleans, La.)
Occupation: Engineering Student at Tulane University
Three adjectives that describe you:
Intelligent, eccentric and analytical.
Favorite Activities: I really enjoy biking whenever I get the chance. A grueling bike ride is excellent.
Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Being disconnected from sports, family, friends, internet and TV.
Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” I want to make an alliance with about six people and I’d like to be seen as maybe the fourth strongest in the group, that way it wouldn’t be me going up if the other side gained the power.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: My all-time favorite has to be Dr. Will from BB2/BB7. He played the game with absolute finesse both times, and as a 10 year old watching BB2, I definitely would say I idolized him back then.
What are you afraid of: I’m definitely afraid of venomous snakes and any large, deadly animals, simply because they’re extremely dangerous. I also have a real fear of vomiting because it’s really painful and a fear of drowning since I feel like it’d be one of the worst ways to die.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: My proudest accomplishment so far in life is going to Tulane, far away from my family and old friends, studying the hardest major I could possibly take, and surviving it for three years.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… I came here to kick butt and chew bubblegum, but I’m all out of bubblegum.
What would you take into the house and why: My collection of glasses: I have these glasses that can go with everything I wear. A picture of my family: I definitely will really miss them. My guitar: I recently picked up guitar and feel it’s an awesome way to relieve stress. Also, it does get me a fair amount of attention from girls.
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: I’d try to live my life normally again. I don’t really have any intentions of going into acting or anything like that. I’d probably just try to go back to Chemical Engineering and do what I’ve always wanted to do.


big brother 14 ian terry

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  1. Congrats Ian! a prize well deserved..your the man..I was praying you would have realized earlier that Dan was trying to fu** you over like he did to the others but.. Anyway, good job!

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous. It shouldn’t matter one way or another. I’m sure you all go on about equality too but here you are putting a spotlight on the situation. Regardless as to whether or not this is true, or the behaviour is just a little unusual to you, it shouldn’t matter to the game. He’s obviously comfortable with himself or he would have brought it up. If people in the house are making fun of him, they’re the ones with the problems. Think about it.. if it was announced on national TV, how do you think he’d feel? And do you think anyone in the house would really act any differently? I don’t normally comment on things like this but it’s very frustrating to me that people are debating over this. Congrats to Ian for winning and showing the other house guests some class!

  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself Nancy. So much judgement of of the people certain others don’t think fit “their” perception of normal. Well, as I said in my pervious post, my son is very much like Ian. As a matter of fact he’s almost a dead ringer in appearance as Ian at that age. I happen to think my son is “perfectly” normal. This world would be a lot better off if people would judge themselves as harshly as they judge others.

  4. Well, well, well…all of this talk about Ian and guess who won the contest???? Over analyzing is one of the main problems with this country and world…I personally have a son with ADHD and recognized it, but apparently Ian is functioning rather well…give the world a break folks…relax and enjoy people for what they are…even if it does not meet the NORMAL that we all think we are…blabber, blabber does no good for anyone…

  5. The thing i dont understand is that Ian played a great game, he didnt backstab people and lie like dan and swear on the bible yet he dosnt deserve to win? Sorry Dan fans. I loved Ian. He was the best player to win this. Dan was just too cocky. Good going Ian!!!

  6. Ian does not have anything on the autism spectrum. First when he had his conversation with Dan he revealed he had ADHD. Second, my thesis was on autism and I teach children with autism. While some of his behaviors mimic the characteristics typically associated with autism, they are also indicative of someone highly intelligent…their brains are always firing on all cylinders. Ian’s social skills, while a little milder than some, and his verbal skills are much too developed to qualify on any checklist of behaviors of people with autism.

  7. I’ve read the majority of the posts on this post and am compelled to say that I have a 23 year old son with many of the same quirks as Ian. The walking on his toes, fidling with a pen (rather than the rocking) and a high level of intelligence. My son has never been diagnosed for Aspergers. Although he is socially awkward (which many intelligent people can be) his has a strong network of college friends, he plays guitar and sings in a band, and writes poetry. He has 2 degrees and graduated with honors in both. I appreciate the concern some of you have but just because someone has some of the characteristics of a condition does not give any of you the right to label that person. Some of you are saying his has Aspergers when you don’t really know for sure. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I also feel that if Ian does have Aspergers, it is his business. I also don’t think BB is the place for educating the public on this condition. Ian will have plenty of opportunity to use his win to educate us should he choose to do so.

  8. Ian ..you were great ..i am so glad you did it..your mom and dad can be so proud of you..i am proud of you..good luck in your life …i loved you and Brit together..you need to keep in touch with Brit she is proud too..:)

  9. congrats Ian, u so deserved it, dani gave u such a hard time and he was a gentleman, was on joker update and so many was talking about your illness and what u cant do well little man u showed them. U stayed true to yourself and u won, go get u a hammock and rock on luv u.

  10. I am so happy for Ian. He definitely has Aspergers. I picked it up immediately and so did my Asperger mom friends. My son is 15 and a huge fan of Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race. He loved watching Ian. I was so happy that Ian was on Big Brother and won. He is such an inspiration to my son and many others that they can do anything they want. Including college and putting themselves in new situations. I wish he would come forward for Autism. He would be a great spokesman for the Asperger Community. My son doesn’t have any tangible people with Aspergers to inspire him that are young. GREAT JOB IAN

  11. Sorry Ian, I meant to say, Thank you for pulling it off for being yourself, you won for being us, not to be bully. You deserved it. Plus you said you were going to kiss or hug this girl, did you? Just a question

  12. Ian I made my sister watch Big Brother because I knew you were going to win in the being, but she had second thought about you. I watch this show every season too. They thought I was a crazy fan like you, but it works. Nobody can bully or change who you are thats what we teach and say to the whole world. Thank you for pulling it off, see you won for beening us

  13. Ian has some major issues……… sure he seems like a nice guy but no way does he deserve to win Big Brother nor get America’s vote. Dan has clearly shown he has the talent to win and Frank deserves America’s vote….. he WORKED his but off to win!

  14. Whatever Ian has, and it’s obvious that he is autistic, he should be judged on his game and skills and attitude towards others. He has been very mean to Danielle this past week which has little to do with his diagnosis in my opinion. I watch BB after dark and the producers focus for endless minutes on his rocking, hammock rocking and talking in fragmented sentences to himself. I feel it is innapropiate to focus for so long. I try to watch but it makes me very nervous and I can’t watch! I’m the average viewer there must be many viewers who feel the same. The whole threesome is purposely awkward and perhaps staged but why must they use so much air time following Ian around? As a player, I don’t care for him and hope he doesn’t win. I just happen to really like Danielle. After dark is like watching a train wreck and not being able to look away for at least awhile. Had Shane stayed in the house, it would not be very morose and controversial and we would know who the final two would be most likely. Scripted much? Hmmm. Something to ponder. Love the show, now can’t wait till its over!!!

  15. I am a special ed teacher, and huge big brother fan….bottom line, Ian is an incredible player of the game, if he is on the autism spectrum or not, who cares! I love watching Ian because he is just so appreciative to be there and to be playing the game. He is a genuine lover of the game and no matter what gets thrown at him this entire season…slop, have not etc he has never once complained. I hope he wins because he deserves it.

  16. Also, I hope Ian’s family is reading this. You should be proud to have such a wonderful, sensitive, caring and intelligent son. I am pulling for Ian all the way!!!!!! He is the most deserving.

  17. I am sooo mad. Danielle is bullying Ian. I wish I could reach through the TV. She is the most hated player of BB. Ian, please don’t listen to her. She is a lying, bullying, pathetic piece of S**t.

  18. HATE that Danielle is bullying Ian right now. And threatening him. Poor kid. 🙁 Hope you can keep your perspective, Ian, and not feel that you have to bend to her will just to keep her hapoy. GO IAN!

  19. Ian is having a Mental Breakdown tonight on 9/17/12 at 1 am on BBAD I know he says he is autistic or ADHD but this is a little more serious cause he is talking to himself and answering constantly for over an hour now and thats not normal at all!!! Sorry Ian but your full of shit if you say you dont need MEDICATION cause you do and dont rule out Schizo cause your young!!

    1. Brian, it is not unusual for people on the spectrum to talk to themselves or to perciferate on one particular subject for hours, especially if they are feeling stress.

      Additionally, there is medication to help with the ADHD aspects of autism, but there are no meds for autism in general.

      Ian – I have been rooting for you from the beginning and am really hoping you pull it out!

  20. I believe he is self aware and didn’t want to have any special treatment. Although he was talked about and teased, I believe the houseguests were also endeared to him.

  21. There is most obviously something to all this talk about Autism but perhaps he has chosen not to expose that so as not to be treated differently or not be taken seriously. Regardless, he has played a great game and deserves to win even against Dan. Dan who has ticked off so many people doesn’t have a chance. Sadly Danielle ha no clue that she’s sitting there because of luck and these two men telling her what to do. Go Ian!!

  22. Oh gosh!!

    Ian, please use those lovely brain cells, like I know you have and give your ALL and take Dan out! I DO NOT wish that, A kid with two brains cells that are fighting against each other (Dan) mustn’t win ( in or out ) of the house. We are all pulling for you Ian, realize the “quack pack” has no leg to stand on anymore. It’s all you bubby, show the world, you can accomplish this task @ hand!

  23. Something Wonderful

    I have been one of the ignorant ones so went online to find out about Ian -he bugged me. Now that I’ve read the posts of those more knowledgeable about and sensitive to his “quirks,” I admittedly now feel less “bugged.” It is really a missed opportunity for BB to educate those of us who aren’t as familiar with the characteristics of his condition. After all, I just saw a man with no legs run in the Olympics and a blind woman win a Master Chef show so his condition need not be hidden. Give viewers some credit.

  24. Ian good for you!!! You should be so proud of your accomplishments regardless of any “possible” or real diagnosis(‘). All of which do not define who you truly are. You have played an awesome game and I have enjoyed watching you this season…..your sharing makes you an excellent role model. The sky is the limit:)

  25. Ian, I adore you! I’m sorry you too fell for Dans web of lies! I know you’ll go a lot further in life then Dan! I wiish you a fruitful future, with a healthy bright journey ahead of you.

  26. watchmorebigbrother

    if all you guys that are saying that Ian has Aspergers or that he is autistic watched more big brother you would know that Ian said he has ADHD (Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder witch is a neurobehavioral disorder) and OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder) witch by the way I HAVE!!!!! he also said he is not on meds im ON meds and even i still get like Ian. I have put a hole in a wall, and i compleatly freak out and go a bit crazy. I has said “I rock back-in-forth and listen to music to help stay calm and relax” i do the same. Plus in his bio he said playing guitar helps relive stress. it dose for me two. so lets just keep watching big brother and listen more to what people say. Thank you.

  27. Personally, I love Ian, he is my favorite. Whether or not he is autistic, it does not matter to me. What matters is how well he’s played this game. He’s an intelligent, quirky, adorable person who in my personal opinion, should be the one who wins. Team Ian all the way!!

  28. I picked up on Ian being on the spectrum, it as soon as I noticed the toe walking. It seems as though he doesn’t even know. He said last night that he thinks he has ADD or ADHD (cant remember exactly which he said) Maybe some kind of savant( I don’t have tons of experience in special education), seeing as how he is a genius when it come to memorizing things. Also, his constant need to rock int he hammock really made me think so too. I am puling for Ian I think he is an amazing player and a great guy!

  29. Just relax, people. No one is making fun of Ian, people are just curious about his quirks. Many of the people commenting know others with issues like Aspergers and ADHD and see something of their loved ones in Ian. It’s just a discussion.

    I shouldn’t have to remind you that Ian made the decision to be on tv, and not just on tv but on a show that records your every move 24 hours a day. He shouldn’t be shocked or insulted that people are discussing him and if he is, it’s his own fault. I think he’s smart enough to realise none of this discussion is malicious, though.

    The nastiest stuff I see directed towards Ian had nothing to do with his ticks, just his gameplay. And as much as I hate people calling him a “rat” I know it’s not because he rocks or walks funny. In that respect he’s being treated like any other houseguest by the fans. And I agree, the other houseguests seem to really like him.

  30. I hope all of you actually get that he is playing the game….he came in under the radar doing things to throw off the other players. He does not have autism he has calculated EVERY move he has made since he has been in the house. I do not feel sorry for him or think he has any type of disability. He is an expert player because he his smart and ever so calculating, nothing more. If you consider that to be true of someone on the “spectrum” then Dr Will, Boogie, and Frank are right up there too. He obviously does not have a social problem he is showing that he can be a Chameleon when he needs to be.

  31. I am no doctor but have had lots of experience with spectrum kids. I am not getting he is on the spectrum. And that isn’t good or bad. I think Ian has a great deal of social skills and is more of the classic case of ADHD like he himself said. His actions have similarities to spectrum but I really feel he is not. ADHD can mimic these behaviors you also find in ASD and are closely connected in many ways. Kids with ADHD can’t stop moving and also “stim” and that is how I see Ian. I loved the way he descibed it to Dan that there was something inside him that he just has to go with and move. I think peeps might be over the top here and I think he is just a bit quirky, and that is what i think America loves about him. I have a 5 year old who is most likely and ADHD dx when he is oler. He is far too young to diagnose. I had seriously thought for years he could be on the spectrum but took him to several doctors and not one could dx ASD. He never walked on toes or lacked eye contact and social skills…etc. He walks in circles or marches back and forth like Ian. Ian actually confirmed to me that my son probably is ADHD. Let’s leave this alone people. I don’t think he is being made fun of or shamed in anyway. I think the housemates care about him very much as a matter of fact. They are talking about Chef Joe too for his head full of rocks/ Barney Rubble….i don’t see anyone pointing that out and saying that is “making fun” of him.

  32. I don’t have children on the spectrum but I am aware enough to conclude that Ian definitely is. On After Dark he said he is OCD and ADHD. He and his family are intelligent – they know he is on the spectrum, he just apparently finds it a stigma and doesn’t wish to announce it to the world. He’s very high functioning I would say.

  33. I LOVE ME SOME IAN!! great job…thursday…veto and head of house hold! awesome Ian…and don’t trust Dan!! 🙁 I wish I had one of those airplane to do a fly over…. anyone remember those days….they would fly over with warnings about who not to trust? and BB would call everyone inside….to funny!

  34. Ian, if you read this, I think you are great! I think you are witty, intelligent, funloving, and a nice guy. I love to watch you because you enjoy the game and want to experience all the parts of it, good or bad. I just think your heart is in the right place too. Please ignore a lot of these comments. (Not mine, of course.) I am shocked by what people are writing here. Why do people feel they have to label other people. We are who we are, and all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some people feel better when they are with other people, some feel better when they are alone, some feel better when they are moving and some feel better when they are still. It doesn’t mean one is better than the other. We need to live and let live, and accept everyone just the way they are. I am rooting for you, Ian. I hope you win Big Brother, but even if you don’t, I think you are already a winner in life!

  35. I see that the majority of the comments here are to do with whatever conditions Ian may or may not have. Most of these comments are supportive and many are from people who have some kind of connection to these various conditions. I just want to say, though, that I think Ian is not only intelligent but also delightful, and it is his quirks that make him this way. Whatever condition he has, I don’t think he should ever see it as a disability, any more than a woman should see being female as a disability just because she happens to live in a patriarchal society. If people can’t accept and understand Ian for who he is, the problem lies with them. And I don’t think Ian would want people to focus so much on these issues! He’s an awesome and adorable guy and a great competitor on the show, and that’s what he would probably want to be known for!

    P.s. I don’t mean to offend anyone or imply that the different conditions covered in the above discussion don’t make for challenges in the lives of those people who have the conditions (epsecially the more serious cases). I just mean to say that the conditions are often really only “disabilities” because our society can be so narrow-minded and unaccepting!

    Go Ian!

    1. Yep, if he gets booted I’ll totally vote him for AC…although Frank has a damn good shot at that, too. I’m still rooting for him, but something tells me Dan might have him in the crosshairs after Frank goes. It’s also a double eviction so anything can happen.

  36. If you watch BB after Dark you would hear some of them talking to Ian about it. Just the other night Dan asked him if he took medicine ( Dan said his brother-in-law has OCD and does Not take medicine by his on wishes) Ian told him he did not take medicine and then whisper to Dan did they tell you about my problem and Dan replied yes they taked to the house guest about it. Ian is having the time of his life and I am proud of him. I also have a son who has a disability and had people look at him and bully him for years, but when they got to know him they all loved him and laughed with him not at him. He is now a happy fun loving 50 year old man that never stops tring his best at thing. They all love Ian and if you watch at night you would see the true house. Yes and they will vote against him sometime for it is a game for money. Ian himself says he does not care about the money just the game.

  37. I too thought early on that Ian had autism, probably Asperger’s. My 18 year old was first initially misdiagnosed with ADHD, which Ian said in tonight’s show that he has. It wasn’t until the correct diagnosis of Asperger’s that my son got the help he needed. My son was diagnosed in the 2nd grade and is now starting his college career for chemical engineering after a spectacular high school career. He too is a bit socially awkward, but so high functioning that no one really notices. It’s a learning curve and once you realize that something is different, you can learn how to overcome. I know as I’m sure that I have a degree of Asperger’s as many of my son’s traits are ones that I had as a kid – only I had no help – I had to overcome on my own.

  38. On Saturday night/Sunday morning Showtime After Dark, Danielle was giving dancing lessons. Ian was rocking hard in the hammock. They invited Ian to join the dancing lessons and Ian said “No, I’m stimming.” I really admire him for going on this show and I have not seen any meanness towards him. Even when he rocks hard all through dinner and beats on the table, no one says anything.

  39. Showtime BB after dark on Monday night 9/3….1 hour 53 minutes in, Dan and Ian playing pool, Ian asked Dan if he, Dan, had been asked about his stimming, Dan said yes, I do believe Dan is aware. Was of course announced by bb “you are not allowed to talk about your dr sessions”.

  40. Ian is a real sweetie. He’s the one that deserves to win, after all he has been watching since he was 10. As far as I’m concerned he is playing a really good game. Hats off to you Ian.

  41. I found this site when googling Ian and autism. I noticed the symptoms everyone else mentioned. What really tipped it for me was when Ian mentioned “stimming” on two different after dark shows. I am not aware of anyone who uses that term that is not talking about autism. As a mother of a daughter who was not diagnosed with Aspergers until she was an adult, I understand how a lot of people just think he is quirky and don’t realize that the behavior is related to high functioning autism. This is not a disability. He is just wired differently than neuro-typical people. I applaud Ian for going on the show and I hope he wins. If you have not read about aspergers, please do some research. 1 in 90 people have some form of autism. They believe Einstein was autistic as well as many other highly intelligent and famous people. If you are unfamiliar with aspergers and autism, please use this as an opportunity to educate yourself as it is very likely that others you know now or will meet in the future also have some form of autism. Go Ian!

    1. fascinating! So maybe he’s actually ADHD and all the ticks we see are an output for the excess energy he has. Well that makes sense.

      I love how when houseguests are on the hammock they’ll invite Ian over to chat, knowing he’ll sit on the edge and rock the crap out of them and they lay back and enjoy the ride! Tee hee.

  42. I love watching the show this year — so many twists and turns. Ian is wonderful, I love how he fits into the house. I’m watching the live feeds, and it appears to me that everyone is treating him as they are all treating each other; there’s no favoritism, there’s no special considerations…some find him quirky, that’s okay. I’ve liked him from the beginning. I would truly love to see him get to the final two with Dan, just don’t think it will happen. GO IAN!! Win the money, pay off those student loans, help your pops with retirement, etc. 🙂

  43. I am a fan of Ian as well. I did ask the question in my Bing search field about the possibility of his being Autistic because of the behaviors he exhibits. That led me to this forum. I think it is odd that Danielle, the self proclaimed nurse, hasn’t noticed it or commented on it. His constant rocking and watching the other houseguests have conversations while he rocks in the hammock is a definite symptom that many people have noticed who seem to have no medical background. The fact that every hospital visit and registration at a doctor’s office or dentist’s office require patients to sign that they have been offered the privacy practices of the institution and every business I deal with sends me their privacy practice statements annually, is most likely the reason that Big Brother is not allowed to divulge a houseguest’s medical history. Most genius’ throughout history have been very eccentric by the average public’s standards, and it is just as obvious that Ian has a genius level IQ. He is a remarkable person, interesting to listen to and I think has a very good chance of winning if he gets to the final two. So, GO IAN!

    1. Danielle could have a few reasons for not mentioning anything about his behavior. A few, IMO would be…
      -as a medical professional she knows that making a diagnosis (which is not a nurses job) without all of the details is unprofessional.
      -the houseguests might have been told either by production or Ian about anything going on, and are not speaking of it.
      -she might just know it’s rude to comment on certain behavior types, just in case of any possible medical condition.
      -it could be that not only Dani, but the other HG’s have realized that something is up, and decided not to bring it up constantly.
      -or any number of other reasons
      I could be 150% wrong, but from people I know I would guess he’s more likely to have OCD or ADHD, but as I’ve stated before I’m not a professional, and don’t know all of the details about the other possibilities.

  44. I agree that there is “something” with Ian. Even my own son with Asperger’s picked up on it when he saw Ian “rocking” which he seems to do quite often (and my son while not low-functioning is not high-functioning either).

    Ian is holding his own in many ways, GO IAN!, but what really, really bothers me is the bullying of Ian that goes on, especially by Frank (at least what’s shown on the episodes).

    Frank appears to be an intelligent guy and definitely smart enough to realize that Ian is “dealing with something” (my suspicion like most here is that he’s on the spectrum as well as has other co-morbid diagnoses that actually may not have been diagnosed yet – neither the ASD) even if BB doesn’t know (they know, trust me). BTW, Britney finally recognized it, why can’t the others?

    Frank, with his intelligence, should be leading that house in not allowing the laughing at, and picking on, of Ian. Even Britney, who I really do like, almost lost me as a fan when she started laughing at him while he was on the HOH room monitor.

    But then she started standing up for him and telling Frank to back off of him and with that she redeemed herself in my eyes. 🙂

    BB shouldn’t allow any bullying whatsoever, including verbal. I’m not looking for Ian to have a free ride but bullying isn’t okay in any venue.

    He’s even being referred to as retarded in the BB chat rooms. Makes me sick.

    And I am proud of him for standing up, it’s takes a lot of guts. There are plenty of others in there that could take a stand like Ian has but noooo…

    Go Ian! 🙂

    1. I recall being pretty disgusting when they were mocking him in the HOH room, but then it all stemmed to stop pretty suddenly. I don’t remember any bulling after that (other than the typical, manipulative bullying that goes hand in hand with BB) so I kinda got the impression they may have been…advised to stop that immediately. I mean, I watch the feeds and he’ll sit there and rock and rock at the table and I can only imagine this would be annoying, like, someone (if they didn’t know any better) would yell ZOMG JUST STOP! But they totally don’t seem to notice and certainly don’t comment on it – or any of his ticks – at all anymore.

      Just the impression I got.

      1. I only saw comments in the beginning, but you gotta understand, when you see that behavior daily it becomes normal. That was in the very very beginning of the game and I have to be 100% honest, I would be a little weirder out at first too if I saw someone randomly crawl under things. I watch the feeds, and they really don’t pick on him. Alot of what was seen is the way it was edited. Keep in mind we see bits and pieces of 168 hours crammed into 3 hours 😀 Even Frank is nice to Ian, well except when he got Ashley out! But that’s to be expected.

  45. I for one disagree with all of you he says he has asperger’s or autism especially. My mom has friends whose children have autism and people who are truly autistic cannot even function normally let alone go to a nationally acclaimed university while studying one of the toughest programs. I for one do not like Ian in the game cause he caused the demise of my beloved Boogie.

    1. Do a little actual research. There are a LOT of high functioning people with autism who are smart, articulate, productive members of society. Many of whom you wouldn’t even suspect have it. I don’t mind people discussing this and Ian since the guy chose to be on TV and this comes with the territory. What I don’t appreciate is people perpetuating BS about what autism really is, saying stuff like “they cannot even function normally…” that’s a load of ignorant crap.

    2. And…

      Ian readily admitted that the only reason Boogie is out of the house while Ian is still in is because Boogie did an outstanding job coaching Ian. At least you’re honest about that part of your comment, Ian caused the demise of Boogie. Ian took out one of the most well known players in BB history.

      And many people with Autism actually DO go to nationally acclaimed universities (at least those whose parents can afford to send them) and earn degrees and many go on to wonderful positions lucking out to get hired by a company that either overlooks the “idiosyncrasies” of the person with Asperger’s/Autism or educates themselves so that they can put special things in place to help the employee with Asperger’s/Autism.

      Many hit a wall, socially or emotionally (as in mentally ready to leave home) and end up dropping out of college and moving back home because they’re still too young cognitively.

      My own daughter (very high on the spectrum) dropped out of her major university after one week because emotionally she wasn’t ready to be away from home. She graduated in the top 10% of all graduating seniors in Washington state and that was after moving her from California to Washington in the middle of her 10th grade. She did that well in school and yet couldn’t emotionally handle being away from home. She attended a school where she could live at home and she is now working and still living at home.

      It’s different than most neuro-typical kids that aren’t quite ready; these kids/young adults have a very real inability (younger cognitively than chronologically) to separate from their families.

      But many, when they get into the “real world” after having earned their degrees, many can’t find jobs for what they studied for (usually because the boss can’t recognize the troubles the person has and instead just feels they “blew” the interview so many end up unemployed or underemployed (even after earning that degree).

      They’re not unintelligent, as a matter of fact get them started talking about something that they are very interested in and they will be able to tell you EVERYTHING about that subject.

      But many don’t make it to college, nor to “well-paying” jobs, don’t have living skills, and end up living at home.

      There’s a saying “You’ve met one you’ve met them all”. With Autism it’s “You’ve met one, you’ve met one” because there is no cookie cutter to Autism which is why it’s a spectrum.

      1. My son on the other hand, lower on the spectrum, is now being quaified for SSI, Medicaid, and job help from the state.

        A kid that lives around the street would be a culinary genius if he could find a master chef that would recognize his needs and work with him. But he had to drop out of college because it was too overwhelming for him (and he is SUPER high-functioning in areas). Unless someone steps in to help this kid the world will probably never know the incredible talent he has to offer.

        My two are 100% siblings, the boy mentioned above has a younger brother who is way, way down on the spectrum; even with these four it still stands true “You’ve met one, you’ve met one”.

  46. I stumbled upon these comments and instantly felt so sorry for Ian. He definitely has his quirks, as does everyone, but I don’t think he deserves a diagnosis from a bunch of people who do not know him in real life. Whether he has autism or not, this should not matter or be the focus here. Everyone has their own unique behavior. I am an avid watcher of the live feeds and recall Ian remarking once that someone stated to him that he probably has autism, and he went home and cried. He is sensitive about this. Ian is lovable, highly intelligent, and one of the best game players (in my opinion) and lovers of Big Brother in the house. I am very proud of him that despite his social awkwardness, he has stood his ground and may end up winning half a million dollars.

  47. Here is my two cents. Obviously I wound up on this thread because I googled whether Ian had Aspergers or a mild form of Autism. The Sam as everyone else, I noticed signs that when coupled really mean nothing, but when you put ALL of them together, there is something. Social awkwardness and general quirks aside … Toe walking, incessant rocking, rhythmic movements, mouthing or talking to himself, etc. I am not saying he is, but he certainly displays the majority of the signs. To those who have stated he can’t be because he makes eye contact or doesn’t have angry outbursts, please educate yourselves before making blanket statements. People with Autism/Aspergers do not fit in a pretty little diagnostic box and literally every case varies. I am not a parent of Autism or a special ed teacher, or anything else that qualifies me make assumptions. For me, it’s simply an opinion. But, I do have base knowledge. As far as the teasing. They all tease each other! Shane wears pink, Dan doesn’t wash his shorts, Britney is a snowflake of negativity, Frank has a fro, Joe is a redneck. I watch the feeds and he doesn’t get any more of a ration than the rest. If I were Ian, I would feel more left out if they didn’t mess with me. NOW, with all that said, I do not like more or less because he may have “something” special about it. I like him because he is Ian. He is not my favorite, but I like him. The most important thing I want to point out is Ian made the choice to go on a reality show. He is a fan, and he knows people are talking. They have even talked about the blogs on live feeds. I am sure he knows these things about himself. As an adult he made the choice to put himself in the public eye and I feel he is very capable of dealing with the ramifications. I do not believe he deserves special treatment or sympathy. I think he deserves kudos just like the rest of the house guests for making it this far 😀 Jumping off the soap box now. Hope I didn’t offend anyone in the process!

    1. Hi Missa!

      I for one am totally not offended by your post. I am amazed at your knowledge of Asperger’s/Autism without actually having been “touched” by it in one way or another!

      Also, you have made me rethink some of my own posting (that is currently awaiting moderation).

      As I read your posting it occurred to me, a lot of us are posting here as parents of our own children, it is very emotional for us to see someone that so obviously fits into our own kids’ world(s) get treated the way Ian is. But yes, they (the players) do all get called names.

      What’s wrong is when they make fun of his idiosyncrasies (which isn’t really the right word but neither is “disability”) such as I mentioned in my other post about watching him on the monitor and calling him creepy and a “perv”. How could ANYONE watching that on the HOH monitor not instantly know that there was “something” going on with Ian.

      But again, maybe many of us are coming from a parent’s standpoint where it’s agonizing to watch a “child” who appears so much like our own (on the ASD or with one or more of the other undiagnosed(?) diagnoses) be treated that way, whether or not the child/young adult signed up for the treatment or not.

      1. Thank you! My dad worked at a day home with severely mentally disabled adults through my teenage years. I have a soft spot 😀 I know when Ian gets out, he will scour the net to read everything and that is what hurts. Ian is Ian and his idiosyncasyncracies make him who he is! All I can hope is that he is having the experience of a life time. I am sure he is 😀 To all of you parents, mad props for standing up for your babies 😀

  48. I freaking love Ian, I’m rooting for him big time. He’s adorkable and sweet but still plays a good game! I couldnt believe the big moves he’s made recently! I also think he might have Aspergers or something similar based on his behaviours like the tip toeing and rocking and whatnot, but he’s clearly also a very intelligent, well-functioning dude who – hey – got on a national TV show! He also represents the geek community and so I have a certain affection for that 🙂


    1. Dan pulled a “Hail Mary” that worked to backdoor Britney and redefine all the alliances. Great move, but that only works once. Ian’s a notch up from the others with a POV that rolls over from week to week. As long as BB keeps his POV in play, he is untouchable, and that gives him a BIG advantage over the others. I think he’ll figure it out. Watch for the dude!

  49. I wonder if Ian will regret “riding or dying” for the Duck Pack. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! So long Britney… and soon to be Ian as well..

    Sad because I was rooting for Ian from the first episode up until he decided to turn on Boogie. He was to blind to see the fact that once everyone but the Duck pack was gone he wouldve deff been the first voted out.

    1. Yeah, I am rooting for Ian too. Sure he masterminded Boogie’s exit, but hey, that’s Big Brother! But it’s hard to be mad at the kid. I had to fight back the tears during his farewell apology to Boogie. That was real class, and even the defeated master had to tip his hat to the lad.

      The future weeks should be exciting as the house narrows down. Ian is going to have to access his ten year database of BB and datamine a strategy to survive the football coach, Dan. With a POV in his pocket, he is a notch up on the others. Watch for Ian to start pushing to win the competitions. The game is not over yet!

      1. Ron, you just reminded me of the feeling I got when Boogie was watching Ian’s fairwell message. I laughed and I also teared up for that. Thanx for that, lol….. Its hard to remember its a game when you get so emotionally attached to the people. Ian is a good player. I just wish he wouldve thought his game plan out a lil more, and not be so influenced by those who would so quickly vote him out. I guess what im trying to say is just like Boogie, and Frank, and even Ashley I too was hurt lol, but hes still ok in my book.

  50. OK people Ian is not being treated badly and he seems to be having a wonderful time in the house and truly did any of you think that maybe he does have a “disability” and maybe just maybe people Ian himself did not want it addressed to the public or his house guests. I am watching after hours and I am not seeing any teasing or mean spirited behavior. We are all different in our own way so he walks on his tippy toes so he rocks and he cant keep still, leave it alone people he is having the time of his life and people in the house love him.

  51. Misty, we come here to talk game, not to spout profanity! You really do need anger management. Your tantrums of “I have a Doctrine”, I am soooo… knowledgeable about the autism spectrum are alot like Rachel from BB13 “I have a Masters in Chemistry. I’m smart”.

    You want us to join your “cult of the victim”, and you get indignitantly angry when some of us will not play into your unsolicted diagnosis. If you are a psychologist with a “Doctrine”, then you should know other professionals who can help you with your problem. My advice is that you leave this forum. Don’t respond, and delete the e-mails unopened, and just go back to your empathetic world of support groups for your pity party. You will find many people there to admire you in your victimhood. Chips and dips anyone?

    1. Well said, and agreed.
      Now for some game talk.
      What do think of the latest game play by Dan? I guess solitary confinement may have it’s benefits. But, hurting and playing with Danielle’s emotions like that…ugh. Kind of brilliant with huge risk. When faced with eviction some will do most anything.

  52. no one said I was a English teacher! When typin fast and with a ACTUAL autistic child in tow sometimes your fingers go faster then your brain . Thank you. I have no problem with poochies opinion. I have a problem with her being rude and trying to start trouble. thank you

  53. Misty, Poochie has every right to comment on this page just as you do. You said it best: “It is a right we have here in the United States Called Freedom of speech.” I’d advise you to heed your own advice and “spend some of your highly educated time researching the American Amendments!” However you might be busy being a “phsycologist”. I think you meant Psychologist. You would think that someone would be able to spell their profession correctly; maybe that’s why you can’t.

  54. Poochie. I am so sorry that you are a uptight rude and judgmental person! If you were as Perfect as you seem to think you are you would not be hiding behind a screen name?? I am educated! I am a phsycologist and I deal with autism on a everyday basis , one in my office and two in my home. So maybe you should “READ” all the comments a little more better before you go off telling people to educate themselfs. None of your comments here are useful, knowledgeable or in any way useful. You are just a bully hiding behind a computer looking for attention! For you information I don’t mean “poor” Ian in any mean manner other then speaking of him as a child, which he is! I think he is doing amamzing in the house and shows that you don’t need to be treated any differently just because you have a disablity. I think he is a role model to those who see to “think” autistic people are dumb and unable to function as a normal person in society. Poochie you need to keep you snout closed! This site isn’t for you to sit your butt on a chair behind a computer bashing others opinions or thoughts! It is a right we have here in the United States Called Freedom of speech. Why don’t you spend some of your highly educated time researching the American Amendements! If you don’t got something nice to say or something that can add to the topic on hand, then spend your time on chat rooms, not on here! No one wants to listen to you! If your truly on “the spectrum” you need not to be commenting on something you may NOT clearly understand because no 2 people on the “spectrum” are the same!

    1. Themselfs???? American Amendements?? A little more better??? amamzing in the house???? If you don’t got something nice to say?? And you said you were educated!! Really?? Maybe YOU should read your comments before telling people they are rude and no one wants to listen to them. And the Freedom Of Speech Rights……..well..they have them too! I think you were doing a little bashing sitting in your chair behind a computer too!

      1. Onlyt striking back thank you! Like I said Im not a DAMN English teacher! Jesus! I was protecting myself after being attacked by a pooch thank you very much! People are aloud to protect themselfs when someone is bullying them.

      2. Misty, if you are indeed a practicing psychologist, then you should have your license to practice revoked! I agree with Poochie and Ryan that no one should publically classify someone as austistic based upon television observation. You were not called upon or engaged to give a professional opinion, and despite your dripping sentiment, you have labeled this fine upstanding young man. Neither he, nor his parents, asked for your busy-body advice. You may comment on his game, or his relationship with his housemates, but don’t throw him into that silly autistic “spectrum”. The spectrum is the most imprecise and unscientific diagnosis I have ever heard. Misty, your comments on this forum are shameful.

        On Ian’s game, let me say that this dude is a contender. Oh, he is up against some rough competition, especially among the veterans. I do think Ian will make it to F2, especially if Dan leaves. However, it is going to be rough going for Ian.

        And back to Misty. After you get fired, perhaps you should take some remedial English. Themselfs? the word is “themselves”. Oh, and get some anger management too. I would never trust my austistic child to you.

      3. THANK YOU RON, JANE, SAM, NICK and anyone else who understands all that I have posted on here. It was never in anyway an attack or attempt to be rude towards Misty. I just can’t stand BS forced onto others, belittling or labeling. LET’S JUST TALK GAME ALREADY 🙂

  55. The comments on here are completely inappropriate. I know people that were in high profile court cases and they went back to read comments and were hurt by those comments. It’s beyond me how anyone can diagnosis anyone from a t.v. show. To diagnosis someone as anything takes hours of testing and in person interviews. Diagnosing someone based on a t.v. show is just plain sick.

    1. Nobody is “diagnosing” anybody here, we are just curious. On of the things about CHOSING to be on a TV show is that you are ALLOWING people into your life to speculate on whatever they want. Whether wondering if someone is autistic, gay or a natural blond, we have the right to do so simply BECAUSE he is on TV. Nothing sick about it so you can jump off that high horse now.

  56. I found my way here tonight because since the show aired I knew something was up with Ian medically and I’ve been searching for answers since. The toe walking and pacing, in my opinion can easily be contributed to a slew of possible conditions,but coupled with his near constant rocking and arm tics have raised my brow on more than one occasion. After seeing his verbal antics to himself, as though speaking out loud to himself, and then looking to see if anyone else noticed has left me certain that he has some type of condition which is more serious than just anxiety or attention deficit etc. I also suspect he maybe fully aware but hiding whatever it is. What makes me sick is reading all the posts here of everyone saying the show, the network, etc. needs to address and out it so the house stops poking fun. I am not in favor of bullying, poking fun, or any other negative hurtful behavior towards anyone, disabled or not….but do any of you realize how that could ruin his game. There have been plenty of past house guests with conditions of one kind or another and the show never gets involved or revels anything to the other house guests because it wouldn’t be fair to that person & their game. As far as the current house feeling bad or ashamed of themselves if they were told has nothing to do with Ian as a disabled person. They have made fun of him for his quirkie awkwardness and although it may not be tasteful or appropriate “nice” behavior they would do the same for less even without a possible condition. Sadly, that’s reality. And, just as most who I know, don’t want their disabled children treated any differently than those not disabled, that means being laughed at in this case. For the most part, all who remain in the house have excepted Ian with all his quirks and genuinely like him…not to mention HE IS LOVING LIFE! Stop trying to make him a victim. Stop pointing fingers. And, please stop saying you want those you know with conditions to be treated the same as equals but then you yourselves treat them different. We have all been laughed at and made fun of at one time or another, reality, Ian is no exception. Btw…I don’t even care for Ian as a player but your comments on here are BS. Oh, and I can speak on this…as I’m on the spectrum.

  57. As a mom of a very intelligent and high functioning Aspi teenager the very first time I watched BB After Dark I noticed the telltale signs in Ian. It’s not picking on him, or making him a victim, or being mean, and anyone who thinks that so obviously knows nothing about the wonders of the Autistic Spectrum. Ian is highly intelligent, adorable, and a wonderfully unique person who has a lot to offer and it is apparent to anyone with experience he is also falls into the spectrum in some way. The tip toe walking, the rocking, the pacing, the social awkwardness, and more…they are all sure signs of ASD and people without some form of ASD just simply do not do all those things. They might be socially awkward, they might pace, they might even rock, but they do not do ALL of those things. It’s not a bad thing, it just is. Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn’t. It doesn’t seem to be affecting his life with any level of detriment so it probably doesn’t matter. It just makes him seem “odd” to others. There doesn’t need to be an explanation for his behavior, he shouldn’t have to announce it, BB shouldn’t broadcast it. People should just learn to accept other people even if they aren’t exactly like them. Realizing this about Ian just makes me root for him even more and makes me feel even more confident that my son can accomplish some awesome things in life, even with his unique personality attributes and challenges.

    1. I love this post! You convey everything I think (but I guess didn’t state well). Thank you!
      For me, however, I’m not rooting for Ian anymore or less….we all have or favorite for one reason or another. That’s the beauty of the game 🙂 I do support Ian in general though and love that he offers inspiration to others, like you and your son.

  58. notgonna tellyou

    Fosoo: That is what this thread is about, whether he has autism or not. I already said he is very intelligent and quirky. He is playing an awesome game now that he has gotten one over on Boogie and Frank. They never suspected him of anything, wouldn’t even entertain the idea. THey thought he wasnt capable of it, but he was! There is nothing to get so worked up about. If he is autistic, then he is. Its nothing to be ashamed of or not to talk about. Why is everyone on here so rabid over the subject? I understand that many of us have family members or work with people with autism, but to get so upset is acting like you have to protect them when it looks like Ian is doing just fine protecting himself.

  59. Can ya’ll comment on something else, other than his “diagnosis”? how would you feel, if u got onto a blog, and the only thing people talked about was your “diagnosis”. you people who have a son or a relative with it, should know better than to do this. he is much more than that. there’s nothing wrong with being aspergers, so stop acting like that’s all there is to him. i challenge you to write about other characteristics of him, rather than the fact he walk on toes. Come on!

    1. Well asid, and I wish I could take back my long disertation that I had previously entered. Ian is loveable and most people like him for being whom…… so who cares! Right? I just thought that if he is on the spectrum that it would be a great way for BB viewers to see and be more educated about the disorder and topic. No matter if I am a special education teacher or not, I still love him and keep rooting for him to win because I enjoy him as a PERSON and not a disability. Thank you all for making me see that my voicing my opinions online, whether correct or not, can have more of a negative impact on him when he reads them than makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  60. KITTY- Just because someone has autism doesnt mean they are not able to be social or speak clearly. And high vocabulary? I believe Ian has Aspergers which is a high functioning form of Autism. Autism is on a broad spectrum. Ian has had some great parents or teachers in his life obviously bc he works through his “Stimming” and can control a lot of this. I have watched him catch himself several times doing things when he becomes overstimulated.I love Ian. I admire him for being himself and it kills me when the others pick on him. But Ian can take it! Rooting for him to win!! If you notice Ian may be able to talk to others and socialize, but it is a lot of little things that you have to look for. Just misplaced actions here and there. Sometimes he does or says things that arent appropriate for the time or place. Another example… he can become easily distracted by things that you and I probably wouldnt notice. A bug flying by or a sound coming from the other room could cause him to become overstimulated and he stims out a little. But I love watching how well he handles his autism. Kudos to his parents and teacherS!! Kudos to you Ian!!

  61. I have my masters in Austism and I have no doubt that Ian is autistic. But to address everyone about Ian letting the houseguests know that he is Autistic –> Theory… One night on showtime Ian was saying in another Country Big Brother had a houseguest act like he was mentally impaired for so many weeks. If the houseguest pulled it off he got so much money, but if he was discovered he wouldnt get any. Well, supposably the guy pulled it off and got the cash. So, my husband and I thought well maybe Ian isnt autistic and this is his game?!Or Maybe it’s the opposite and he has to not be discovered for having Autism? Or maybe he was just saying that as a way to bring up the topic. Hmmm… Whichever one thing is sure I am obsessed with BB & I watch a lot of showtime and as a special education teacher with a masters in Autism, Trust me when I say , IAN IS AUTISTIC AND WONDERFUL!!! Go IAN!!!

    1. I believe Ian has Aspergers but I am commenting on the fact that you said you have a masters degree yet used “supposably” in your post. I suspect you meant supposedly since supposably is not a word. Sorry, just a huge pet peeve of mine.

      1. don’t worry about grammer errors. I have a masters, BA and Doctrine and when I type fast with kids in tow I always mispell. We are all human here! Lol

      2. You have all these degrees and you can’t spell GRAMMAR…why would we take you seriously on anything you have written? I don’t care how fast you type, proofread your work or else it looks like it’s coming from a 5 year old.

  62. notgonna tellyou

    I also Googled to see if he was on the spectrum. I think that it is up to Ian if he wants to disclose it. Maybe he just wants to be treated the same and not be treated with pity. I bet he tells everyone after and then it shows that people with Autism can do everything anyone else does. Either way, I think the houseguests know something is different, but just quirky. I think he is one of the smartest guests that have had and the others have a lot of respect for his intelligence. Go Ian!

      1. Poochie this site is not for you to go around being rude to others or telling them they do not have a right to their own personal opinion! Please stay off here if you are unable to play nicely with others! Thank you

      2. Poochie stop harrasing everyone! Go play in traffic why all us ADULTS have a nice common and respectful chat! You are a very rude little girl and your mommy needs to take away your computer. Maybe this whole chat is a bit too much for you a little over you ablity!

      3. Oh Misty, Misty, Misty! It is ok for you to tell Steve the he needs to (and I quote) “Read some damn books!” but it’s not ok for me to tell another chatter that she should education herself a bit before sharing opinions which make her look ignorant? Hmmm…smh! I haven’t posted anything on here in anyway rude to anyone, nor have I attacked anyone. I have however, called you out on you hypocritical and contradicting bs, which has clearly left you mad. Get over it and or don’t come on these sites if you can’t handle others having a say too. We are all aloud to (and I quote again) “call it as I see it”…not just you. You were wrong about the network outing his condition, period. I’m not the only one who shared that point on here but I am the one you let get under your skin the most about it, for some reason.

  63. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with Ian whatsoever, and it is all of you who are unintentionally poking fun at Ian. If I were on Big Brother, and then came home and saw all of these comments online about the entire public thinking I had autism, I’d feel devastated. Perhaps his “odd” behavior came from his upbringing. Maybe he doesn’t think he’s odd at all. Or, perhaps you are all correct in your thinking, and he does have a mild case of autism. Is it any of our business to make sure CBS and viewers know? He can clearly fend for himself, he doesn’t need this hurtful attention. People get picked on, it happens. They all get picked on. You guys want something interesting to discuss, check out this article. http://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/archives/big_brother_7/2011_Aug_03_mike-malin-lawsuits

    1. That’s all well and good but his behavior is all just odd or quirks. His inability to control his verbal antics and arm (wrist)twitches (especially along with toe walking) are undeniably symptomatic. Maybe not Autism, but most here found this thread because we are all wondering and thinking alike. That said, it doesn’t mean we are poking fun but I however am disgusted by some of what I’ve read regarding the network outing him. That wouldn’t be fair to him and it certainly wouldn’t be treating someone with a condition or handicap as an equal, if he does in fact have something like that going on.

  64. All I know is no matter what Ian is a amazing player! I love his energy and his corkiness makes him who he is! If he is on the spectrum , I am so proud for him to be there. To be a role model to all the spectrums out there. He makes me laugh and not at him but with him. I love his boyish charm. His manners and self control. The other players could learn a thing or two from Ian!

    1. I personally don’t find him charming or entertaining nor do I want him to win. I haven’t liked his game but he does deserve kudos for his move on Boog’s and I will always stick up for his right to control his own game and not have special treatment from the network…if he in fact does suffer from a condition. Just being fair and honest here.

  65. I myself have a child with Aspergers and I feel that he knows. I don’t think he wants it known because it might make him more of a target. I teach my child the she is special and that while she my have to work harder at things she can still do them. She can achieve anything she puts her mind to. Also most people who struggle with this kind of thing do not want special treatment just because of it. They want to be treated like everyone else. I don’t feel the network is at any fault here.

    1. I think it would have made him less of a target…and he wouldn’t want that. I mean I’m sure that he wouldn’t want people to feel sorry for him or treat him any differently.

  66. Has anyone thought that maybe Ian’s parents/Ian hasn’t ever been diagnosed? That does happen too. I teach Autistic children as well and noticed the behaviors that you have all pointed out too…that’s what has brought me to this webiste. Even though people may think it needs to be addressed, it may have not even been addressed in his own household. Ian is kind, loving and a great player! I think that’s what we should all focus on. Even if he does have autism, would that change anything? It wouldn’t for me! 🙂

    1. Has anyone ever thought maybe he doesn’t want to be the Poster child for Autism . Maybe it is how he deals with it. I dont understand why people have to come out about anything ,just because someone thinks it is the right thing to do.Maybe not to the person who doesnt want to come out about their personal life so butt out and leave him be. He watched Big Brother for 10 years and knew what he was getting into and he is so happy to be there,and seems to be enjoying it .

  67. Ian definitely has something going on. However, when you consider the comments and ridicule that normally occurs on BB, Ian is actually talked about, even behind his back, in a very friendly, almost loving, way. Perhaps he has asked the producers to not make it an issue? Pure speculation. In any case, it is what it is, he’s doing well, and we should just move forward.

  68. I was upset with this myself. I’ve worked in the Sped department for many years and yes I too have noticed Ian’s behaviors. Who am I to judge, but yes I feel he has Aspergers. I’m a huge fan of the show, but they lack awareness to the public about Ian and his background. I don’t like the house guests making fun of him, it upsets me and disappoints me that grown people can’t be mature enough to understand others differences… everyone deserves the same respect…boogie did do a GREAT thing by awarding Ian the 3K:)

    1. I know I totally give Boogie props for that! However now that the coaches are players I really hope they don’t all use poor Ian. I hope Boogie still treats him as he has been. Janelle well she is to much of a self centered B—h! To even care about anyone but herself! I hope she don’t go after poor Ian or use him!

      1. Wow…I think you are the most offensive on here Misty. You keep degrading Ian by referring to him as “poor Ian”, and you act like he should be treated different because you think he is autistic or may be. You think it’s awful that the house laughs and pokes fun at him yet you yourself just name called at Janelle(?). I think that about sums you up and is enough said on your hypocritical nature. Maybe your the one who needs some educating or at least a self awareness book.

      2. again my opinion about janelle is a opinion not a fact. I am intitled to that , or so say the Declarition of Indepence as well as the amendments! Janelle has had many of post and websites conversations where she leads people to believe that she is very self centerd. Maybe she isn’t at all. Know one really knows but she sure acts like it. I call it like I see it. If you don’t like it do’t read it. My self awareness book is just fine. Maybe you should read a book about “starting trouble for dummies” or possibly “not starting trouble on websites” or better yet “mind you own business people are intitled to opinions in the REAL adult world” Thank you … I am highly educated. I have a BA, Masters and a Doctrine. Which degree have you gotten my dear.Plus I am a grown woman with real adult knowledge in the real world. Thank you. Please keep your nastiness for your own “alone time”

      3. How did you get by in school with that spelling/grammar and that sexist profanity? “Doctrines” also aren’t any form of degree…

      4. Oh my, You are laughable Misty. So sad! Again, you contradict yourself. You are on here telling others not to have “opinions” towards those with autism unless of course those “opinions” are positive in nature. Yet, you are entitled to your negative “opinions” simply because of The Declaration of Independence which apparently only applies to you as you see fit. I’m an educated grown women as well & clearly capable of calling out BS. As stated before, you’ve shown us your true character….enough said.

      5. “know one really knows” -are you kidding?I don’t know what you have a Masters,Ba or Doctrine in but it sure isn’t English. .

    2. Let’s not get twisted. This is BB. The houseguests are nicer to Ian, to his face and behind his back, than one could hope to expect. Are they supposed to coddle him to the very end? I TOTALLY understand the compassion standpoint, but Ian entered this contest willingly, is doing well, and is loving every minute, I bet.

      1. He is doing well and all on his own!! he even makes us all laugh from time to time! Love Boogie gave him a “hats off” too funny!! Enjoyable TV

  69. no offense Steve but read some damn books! You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Autism is more then behavioral problems! It is sensory problems, processing delays, developmental delays, speech delays and so fourth. Every child is different. There is no carbon stamp for Autism children. Try going to Barnes & Noble or download one on a kindle. Read more about Autism and Developmental Delays. You may find a whole world of things you never knew! If Autism was a simple Diagnosis then more people would be diagnosed today! Please I ask before you put anymore posts you read more about it out of a actual book not online. NOT WEBMD either, ~or~ Wikipedia either! Those are NOT actual sources.

  70. @ Steve, My daughter is autistic and has no problems with anger what so ever! Neither does my adult son! They know how to handle anger and stressful situations just ilke another person. Aspergers is a form of HIGH FUNCTIONING autism! Many brillant minds have Aspergers. It just shows by you thinking this sooooo many people out there really know NOTHING about autism what so ever! If someone were to look at my children they would have NO idea they have anything wrong with them what so ever.. Autistic people don’t look different and many have no behavioral issues what so ever! He didn’t loose money, he won money and he was overcome with joy and appreciation just as my children would be..Sometimes the little things in life mean 10xs more to a person on the spectrum then anyother random person

  71. Meh. I don’t think someone with Asperger’s could handle the uncertainty of this show without showing any anger whatsoever.
    Also, I’m pretty sure Ian has multiple interests, is capable of extended eye contact, and understood the loss of the money led as the cause for his sadness.

  72. I never thought about the fact he might be autistic, but maybe he is. Tiptoeing, going around alone, above average intelligence are usually signs of that. The housegeusts don’t consider that to be a problem and he is targeted because he is being “annoying” without knowing it. I’ll definitly look at Ian in a different light now, thank you.

    1. I found Brittney’s scratching her scalp and face and picking and Danielle’s obsession with face picking and popping and makeup caking far more disturbing to watch than anything Ian has done so far.

  73. I am so glad to be reading this post and the comments by others. I am a special education teacher and I specialize in working with students with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, besides the fact that I have an Autistic uncle and a cousin with Asperger’s Syndrome. I too noticed from day one many signs of Autism in Ian. His toe walking, his self stimming, his failure to sit still for extended periods of time, his social awkwardness,and his desire to be alone at times. I tried to express my thoughts in a chat during the live feeds and was chastized for “diagnosing him” and basically told “shame on me!” I was not doing it to pick on him or diagnose him but to simply make other veiwers who were saying bad things about him more aware of the possibility that he has this condition. Furthermore, I really do think that it should be made public to the cast and America if he has been officially diagnosed and is aware of his condition, because I think that it would be a great way to raise awareness of a condition that is growing rampantly around the world. The only way that people are going to be educated about the disorder and see that people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome are able to be productive in society and lead happy and healthy INDEPENDENT lives is for more awareness to be put out there. What better way to do that than to let the viewers see first hand a small snippett of the Austism Spectrum and may think twice about what they say about Ian or others that they may encounter in their lives like Ian. I keep hoping that something will be said and done about it, but only time will tell and I have to look at it as it is Ian’s perogative whether he wants others to know as well.

    1. Steve it is more then the toe walking. You article is great but one it applies to children. Two its from webmd. They have horrble reviews and is more like a the wikipedia of the medical field more then 76% of the information on there is false. So please people do not go solely on webmd! Second there are more signs then just toe walking. I have two autistic sons one is adult and a daughter all three have different spectrums all three have different behaviors! I am going by my professional psychlogical background not a wiki type of medical online ad.

    2. WebMD has been known for years of wrong diagnosis and false information. WebMD is no more then a internet version of Wikipedia for self made Doctors to give random medical facts! Not a actual certified diagnosis.

  74. If he does know he should adress it to the roomates. He would be a role model for so many young people on the spectrum that they can do anything they set their minds too. If he don’t know I feel bad for him. I think CBS knows that is why suddenly they have stopped spotlighting him so much! I don’t watch the live feeds. I just hope they say something in some way. I mean really it’s not a bad thing. Its actually amazing. One he could teach so many people about people on the spectrum and all they can do. Two he could be a role model for so many like him who have been told their whole lifes “they can’t” do certain stuff.. Either way CBS sees these posts and I am truly disappointed in them about not doing or saying something! This is BOT bad they can make it a GOOD thing. Or they could ignore it, be ignorant and lose rating from People and families on the spectrum. I know they are losing a LOT of respect from me!

  75. I also believe he is on the “spectrum” but I do believe he is aware of it. I have the live feeds and he was alone in the backyard rocking and making noise doing so. He then says aloud I can’t stop stimming. I looked it up because I was unaware what it meant. Apparently, it is self stimulation. Many autistic people use this means. So I do believe he is aware of it but has not addressed the house about it yet.

  76. I am so happy that I am not the only one that sees that he has an ASD…I also have a son on the spectrum and I am working on my masters to become a child psychologist and I see so many signs…the tip toe walking…the stemming(he tries hard to control it) and the awkward social skills, the players were making fun of him at first but I haven’t seen that much more of it on the feeds or showtime after dark so I am hoping that they have just accepted him for who he is, or cbs did inform them but it is not public. I’m very excited to see him on the show.

  77. so glad I am not the only one who noticed this. I told my husband the other night Ian was an ASPIE as soon as I saw him walk on his toes. I have a son who is very similar to him (my son is 10) It has been painful to watch how cruel the others are with their comments. I know it is part of the show and maybe CBS doesn’t realize what is going on. Ian, on the other hand, could have asked CBS not to come forth with his DX so he could be treated like all the other players. If that is the case then CBS has no choice but to respect his wishes. I do hope at some point it does come out because I think it would be nice for other ASPIES to see Ian as achieveing his dream of being on BB despite his challenge. I have decided to write CBS an email and see what response I get.

  78. I also googled to see what others were saying. CBS needs to get on this so that they stop making fun of him. It is very hurtful to watch. My sons are autisic and I caught on right away.

    1. If he wanted it announced they would above it. I am also the houseguests have been told. I watch the after dark program, I think he’s handling things great. If it was too much for him there would or could be an intervention.when he goes to the dr, he gets to decompress. I love him … GO IAN

  79. I actually got on today to google if someone else had noticed the same thing. I have a high functioning autistic brother and when i saw the way he could not sit still, walk on his tippy toes and other various signs it was more than certain that he is autistic. I feel the same way myself, having the other members of the show make comments about his “weirdness” is hurtful personally and shouldn’t be tolerated on the show. This shows how informative this country is on this condition when you have 15+ contestants in one house that could not pinpoint this out. This should be announced and respected as normal behavior and such a success that someone as smart as he is, is on this show!

  80. Rhonda~

    I’m glad someone else beside me and my other spectrum moms realized this. I don’t think CBS knows. No offense to reality TV but I don’t think the producers are exactly the cream of the crop! I think they pick players like Ian to make fun of. I was reading his bio and I sadly also think that his family and himself may be unaware he is on the spectrum, as with many families who tend to want to ignore it. Yes he is smart but a LOT of Autistic people are brillant! I hope CBS picks up on this right away and don’t continue to unknowingly insult Autistic Children and Adults everywhere.

    1. Handled poorly -there is no shame in Ian’s game -no matter where he is in the spectrum. However it should be out in the open, I bet some house guests will not be happy with themselves. I can’t belie e someone hasn’t connected with it. This one blues eyes, that one blond, that one a cook this on autism – out in the open – level playing field on many levels – lets hope network wakes up soon !

      1. Are you all serious????People with any kind of medical condition mentally or otherwise have the right to not disclose it!!! Just read any application for anything…job, rental, Driver’s license, why would anyone have to disclose it on national television or want to?

  81. Misty I totally agree. I am a Spec. Education teacher and I picked up on it right away. I’d say Ian has Asperger’s Syndrome which is very high functioning Autism. I really wish that the show would address it instead of allowing the other players to continue to make fun of him with no understanding of his issues. Not fair to him and certainly not fair to others out there with ASD for CBS to condone this behavior toward others with disabilities.

    1. Rhonda, Ms. Special Ed teacher, how dare you turn this guy into a victim? He seems perfectly happy, and content with who he is, and I am sure that he is a fun guy to be around. He is having a great summer vacation on Big Brother. I am also sure that he is ten time smarter than you, and for that reason you find ways to classify him as “having disabilities”. I would say that he is probably more productive to society than the wasteful amount of money our school systems spend on nicey-wicey Special Ed teachers. Ian will far exceed someone on your meager ability.

      Go Ian! Go Sheldon! You guys rock!

      1. Oh My! You have to get mad…she didnt say anything wrong…why get rude about it! Oh I get it…maybe you have a issue with this and are not open about it, there is nothing wrong with having disabilities!

      2. And here is your Overreaction of the Year award. Rhonda was sticking up for Ian, certainly not making disparaging remarks about him. Get a grip

      3. talk about you can’t tell who’s talking to you. you’re ridiculous. he was talking to ron. i could not leave this unanswered..

      4. Ron, put your money where your mouth is,,nobody saying hes a victim….just saying he is socially challenged, He’s very smart,but socially he isnt…when I see your name on Big brother with your key, then maybe you have the right to even open your mouth and say something…Britney was the only one that understood him.Now hes stimming more than ever..He spends hours by himself on the hammcok.Just to maintain himself in their. I think its very brave of him..Being put in the enviroment that he’s in.

      5. WOW these armchair doctors should know better NOT to post crap like that… Ian is a very nice young man why not comment on that. Most likely you are WRONG and these posts cannot be erased… if he happens on these posts how will one feel. good comment Ron I am with you! These people guessing a condition is wrong… Ian mentioned he had some sort of issue but it is not affecting his life he just rocks it out!

    2. @ Rhonda…yes a very teachable moment was lost. Instead of making an incredible young man’s win a teachable moment as to how we all can grow and respect others,it came down to Dan and his manipulation. I think his Asperger’s kept him from realizing he and Danielle should have thrown Dan under the bus! +1 though for Britany who was a protective and nurturing friend. And as I always say, BB is a microcosm of the world.And the world doesn’t like dirty mean players.Congrats Ian,you were my fave with Danielle(a fellow RN) all the way!

      1. Danielle is not an RN. Thank goodness. She is an LPN and according to many sources, she failed nursing school and became and LPN!

      2. @ Sue…are we a little jealous of Danielle?Watch out for that green eyed monster dear,it might bite you in the ass! lol.

      3. I did a background on Danielle and she is an LPN(also called LVN in California where I practiced).The only thing LVN’s couldn’t do compared to RN’s was/is deliver IV drugs. Still the same hard work,just not as much money and respect.

  82. I was watching big brother tonight Sunday July 15th episode. Watching Ian Terry leaves me to believe he is Autistic? I am not saying this to be mean. I myself have two autistic children. His behavior would believe me to think this. Walking on his tip toes, wondering around alone, doing strange things that would normally not be acceptable at his age are the signs that lead me to believe he is on the spectrum. The other houseguests are laughing at him & making fun of him behind his back. It is very sad. If this young man is on the spectrum then it needs to be addressed to the house and public. If not then he definetly needs to be looked at because in my 20 years of experince with children on the spectrum Ian Terry is 100% on the spectrum!!

      1. Well we all have something now don’t we, just like ur stupidity!!!! Love Ian!!!!
        You can win this Ian hands down. The jury loves you too!!!!
        Stay focused my friend and best of luck.
        GO TEAM IAN!!!!!!
        Much love your way…..
        Tammy aka Tambo!!!

    1. I thought I was the only person who noticed Ian’s behavior is linked to autism. After 22 years in education, his symptoms are hard to ignore. I can’t believe CBS hasn’t addressed this situation.. It’s just typical of our society’s ignorance. People would rather make fun than get educated. I taught a student who could not speak but used a computer to interact with the world. He was accepted to Rice University. Autistic children are smarter than most of us! Kudos to his mom because he is at the top for being able to channel his intelligence and function in the “real world.” And kudos to you, mom, for bringing in your experience to further awareness.

      The walking on “tippy toes”, rocking himself constantly, flapping his hands when he fails at something, pacing, speaking in sentence fragments to himself, and responding inappropriately to situations definitely puts him on the spectrum.

      Since he is a teacher, I think Dan knows and that’s how he is manipulating Ian. Shame on him and shame on BB for not using this “teachable moment” to further awareness of broad spectrum autism. Ian is a role model, not someone to be used and ridiculed. He should be an inspiration for others and so should his mom! I would be happy to spend a day in an educator’s workshop listening to her parenting methods.

      1. Wendy (Autism Para.)

        How can you make a blanket statement “Autistic children are smarter than most of us!” no, they are all on different levels, some are brilliant some are Mentally retarded.I would have thought your years in Education would have told you that.

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