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big brother 14 jenn arroya

Jenn Arroyo



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Name: Jenn Arroyo
Age: 37
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: Musician/Former Bass Player for the Female Metal Group “Kittie”
Three adjectives that describe you: Smart, sexy and funny.
Favorite Activities: I LOVE TO PLAY MY GUITAR/BASS!! I also like to work out, bike, run and lift weights. I enjoy writing and my journal tends to work out as lyrics.
Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: No contact with family and friends. It will be tough, but I have been on very long tours far away from my loved ones and survived, so I can do this.
Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” I’m going to be me. It’s a simple answer, but a fun twisted puzzle to unfold.
What are you afraid of: Roller coasters. Not too keen on heights either.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: I’m so very proud of every album I’ve ever worked on. A piece of my heart and soul are located within.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… TO ENJOY YO’SELF!
What would you take into the house and why: Guitar, a laptop to record my music and a flat iron.
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: Head right back into the studio and record a full length album and then head out on the road with my band and tour. Start a music program to help underprivileged kids stay focused. Music has saved my life and I want to give back to what has been so good to me.


big brother 14 jenn arroya


  1. Avatar
    joejoe (29 comments)

    No, I think she sucked big time at this game….and people, take the time to write shit down sometimes you write like little kids ok Myra. double check your shit!

  2. Avatar

    OMG awesome girl, had your own ryhumn, made the other say it all the time. Girl you had three things wrong, one – didnt hook up with someone, thats not you. Two – you didnt lye. And three – you didnt have an alinance. Wish you stayed longer because it was interesting to watch you play

  3. Avatar

    don’t pretend to be smart! as you are not…..

  4. Avatar
    Tina blasso (2 comments)

    Jen you rock girl I do agree that you didn’t play too much game and were a bit of a follower and a go to where power is girl, but you still seem like cool people, and I feel ad cuz you are evicted in 2 days! Damn , well there’s always next time and your band!!

  5. Avatar

    Poor Jenn she look like a hard ass… she should of played her game alot better and more fierce. screw Dan n
    and Dani

  6. Avatar
    Karen (7 comments)

    I have no problem with her being gay. I;m gay..but what I want to know. Does she have any other clothes? Just seems like she wears the same thing over and over..I know she had to burn her clothes,but it wasnt all of them,just what she was wearing.Same black bra,Same black vest,same skirt… On the other hand. Anybody that sits next to her in F2 , will have a better chance of winning.but.but,Does Jenn, deserve 50,000 dollars?

    • Avatar
      Kelly (65 comments)

      In Jenn’s defense its her style. Metal Heads usually own alot of black clothing. She probably has her faves to wear. So what… some people arent as fortunate as others, and I feel like shes had the most unique style ive seen on a woman in BB history… because shes truely herself and not there to try and impress other cast members… hint hint danielle….. I mean seriously.. that flower dress LMAO

  7. Avatar
    wanda (17 comments)

    Jenny want Danielle so bad. Her hands are all over her. Don’t let her touch you.

  8. Avatar
    Dan (38 comments)

    Lapdog Lezbo…………need I say more. Bad move this week carpet munch-er. She said on BBAH “you gotta be in it to win it”. OK Dumbass, if you were into win it you woulda stuck with Britt and Joe cuz your chances of beating Dan or Frank are Zero, kinda like your looks and body. Go back to the sewer ISLAND RAT!

    • Avatar
      Kelly (65 comments)

      Sounds like someone was left for another woman. Geesh I can understand your dislike towards jenn but why bring up her sexuality as a way to offend her? I DISLIKE people who use sexuality as a way to hurt people. I usually ignore rants from ignorant people such as yourself, but I couldnt resist. I think you need some therapy to help you cope with your loss. HAHAHAAA

      • Avatar

        @ Kelly people who bring up other people’s sexuality is so LAME…. They are mad they didn’t make it to the show, so they got to sit behind their computer and say such hateful and rude remarks about people. Why not say it to her face, oh thats right she might whoop you butt.

      • Avatar
        Kelly (65 comments)

        @ D…. He has keyboard muscles!! HAHAHAHAAA

  9. Avatar
    Sara (2 comments)

    She has been a useless person in the houses, and she will be a useless vote in the jury.

  10. Avatar

    Jenn seems like a nice person… However, her look creeps me out very much… ‘~’

  11. RAY
    RAY (135 comments)

    If Jenn wins, then she will give a whole new meaning to ‘Loafer Luck’.

    The way she heartlessly snubbed Ashley, the gal deserves zero dollars, in fact she should pay back the producers for all the free food she grubbed up

  12. Avatar
    Kelly (3 comments)

    \\m// OOOoooh Jenn, as a fellow metal head myself I have to say im sad to not have seen you step it up yet. I know you got it in you girl. You were in Kittie, show these people what your capable of dammit!

  13. Avatar
    Sue (7 comments)

    She has shown nothing in this thoughts

  14. Avatar

    jenn is also very strange not very competive or not very awesome my rating 4/10

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