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Big Brother 15 – Afternoon Feeds With Some Lotion and Jealousy

bb15-jessie-dave-sunscreenIt began innocently enough in the Big Brother 15 house, with Jessie outside rubbing sunscreen over her body in front of guys.  This is a typical occurrence in the house this season, as she’s been caught flaunting many parts of her body in hopes to be checked out.

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If you turn on your feeds to about 12:05pm, you can see the drama unfolding from the beginning.  Get your live feeds here

Jessie asks Dave to help her put lotion on her back, and he gladly complies.  This has been the intro to countless adult films over the years, especially when the girl is extremely boy crazy.  Fast forward to 12:08pm and camera 3, you will see Amanda heading into the back yard and notices the action.  I can’t see her signal anything to Aaryn, who was in the kitchen, but shortly thereafter Aaryn decides it’s a good time to see what’s going on in the back yard.  I’m pretty sure as she’s walking out the door, you can hear the words “what the f*ck?” but this is unconfirmed.

About a minute later, Aaryn comes inside and looks pretty frustrated to the point where she left the sliding door open.  Amanda had to come along and shut it, and then Aarryn disappeared for a little while.

Fast forward to 12:25pm c3 where Amanda stirs the pot a little more by telling Jessie that Aaryn is upset about the sunscreen scandal.  Jessie is a little taken back by it because “wooahhh, that’s just sunscreen“, and Amanda adds some fuel to the fire by saying how she’d be mad in Aaryn’s situation.   This leads Jessie to go talk to Aarryn, who is sulking in the bathroom and putting makeup on.   As our lotioned up temptress sits behind Aarryn to talk about it, Kaitlin walks away a little bit but still listens in on the conversation.

Jessie apologizes and pretends it was nothing, and says it will not happen again, we’re all friends, blah blah.  It would be a different story if we were laying on the bed and he was giving me a massage (would it?), etc.  Aaryn asks how she knew anyway, and Jessie replied “Because Amanda just came out and told me that I need to quit flirting with everyone’s boyfriends”, which lead to this reaction by Kaitlin..

Shit just got real
Shit just got real

I don’t think this will impact the vote this week simply because the numbers are still there to get Spicoli out. Still interesting development to follow, especially when things start to boil over a bit.. which could happen as early as Wednesday.

If you want to watch any of this or more, sign up to the live feeds.  You get a free trial, so it’s a win-win!

The houseguests were called inside, and the veto ceremony will likely begin shortly.  We’ll update again when the feeds come back.   Very catty house this season so far

What do you think?  Was Jessie going too far with the flirt, or is a minute-long sunscreen rubbing a bit too long in that situation?

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