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Big Brother 15 – Afternoon In The Fish Bowl


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It’s a slow afternoon in the Big Brother 15 house, and that’s to be expected considering how late the houseguests stayed up last night.  There has been a little strategy talk, but it’s mostly been Helen and Howard doing some exercises in the back.  Realizing I’ve posted a lot of bikini photos, here is a shot of Howard for you ladies.

While you watch the show tonight, remember to do a few things:

Howard, if you’re reading this after you get out of the house, hit me up with a workout routine!  My girlfriend thanks you in advance.

livefeed2Tonight on CBS, Big Brother will show who won the MVP, the nomination, veto competition and ceremony.  We have all the spoilers here, but if you want a rundown again, they are:

MVP: Elissa
PoV winner: McCrae
MVP nomination: Dave
PoV result: Candice down, Elissa nominated

With that said, here is the afternoon in the house…

12:10pm – Houseguests are starting to wake up now, about time. Entertain me!

1:00pm – Aaryn, Jeremy and Judd in the bedroom talking about Elissa (of course).  The funny part of this conversation happens when Aaryn pointed out that Rachel and former houseguest Ragan are friends, despite the horrible things he said to her.  She then said “He said the most horrible things you can say to a person. Way worse than anything we’ll say in the house”.  To give an example of a horrible thing was him saying “The only real thing about you, Rachel, are the zits on your chin”.

Yes, way worse than anything you will say in the house, Aaryn.  I have a feeling she is going to go into hiding and not appear in any future ‘reunion’ specials in the future.  She is going to be humiliated at how she has come off in the game so far.

Side note: Aaryn hanging around with Jeremy may be a glimpse at what is to come after Dave leaves the house.  Kaitlin and Aaryn are going to be at each others throats come Friday.


1:10pm – Kaitlin and Jessie sitting outside talking to each other about how Elissa is going home this week.  They think there will only be 3 people voting for Dave to go home.  Unless I am missing something, they’re going to be in for quite a big surprise tomorrow night… or we will.

2:10pm – Game talk has stalled for now, and everyone is sitting around the pool talking over each other.  Mostly talking about movies, celebrities and so on.  Going to take a little break for now, will be back shortly!

Keep checking back on this thread and I will update as the day progresses.  Hopefully some interesting stuff happens after they all wake up!



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  1. Comments (231)

    I wanted to comment on something other than the dingbats but the tweets revealed something… . Jerkemy and (????) were talking about Elissa being stabbed by Gina and needing to go to the hospital. Around 2:15 am. Threatening bodily harm against someone should be an evictable offence especially since he is unpredictable when drinking. Enough said on that, I’m not a fan of Candice and I was hoping she would get evicted but now I see that she walks around in a fog, is clueless and crosses personal physical boundries. This is not enough to warrant the comments.
    Howard looks great and I like him but don’t see enough of him on the feeds but that could be his strategy. Andy seems to be playing Shelly’s game ( could be wrong) but he should be careful — it didn’t work out so well for her. Nick and McC still have secret talks when possible without anyone else to check in with each other

    • Comments (1276)

      It was Jerkemy and Spencer talking, they were on the hammock. It was pretty gross. I was just asking my boyfriend if that counts as communicating a verbal threat or not. I don’t know if they would have to say it to her or if it isn’t considered an issue unless they start pushing GM in that direction. Either way it was low and I want both of them out, I mean seriously, what has she done to either of them? Or to anyone for that matter.
      Don’t get me wrong, this is just one of the many reasons I was Jerk gone, the racial things being said still seem to have more real venom behind them. But I think at minimum Jerk, Spencer, Airhead and MG should be gone.

      • Comments (169)

        Jeremy and Spencer are the worst. Jeremy, the way he was cheering when Elissa lost PoV? And the way he talked to her? And now this stabbing comment? He’s terrible. I hope Elissa wins hoh AND mvp, and puts that bastard up on the block.. Along with Aaryn and Gina Marie, though Spencer would be fine too. So many pickings and its sad. Spencer is just a nasty pervert, showing off his genitals to the camera and everyone. WTF? I can’t decide who I want gone first! As I sad in an earlier comment, I’m ashamed that Jeremy, Aaryn and Spencer are from the south… And, as an Arkansan, I’m especially ashamed that Spencervis from here. He is a toolbag of the highest order, though Jeremy wins that crown. It’s obvious he has zero respect for women. Why any woman would give him the time of day after seeing him on BB is beyond me.

  2. Comments (316)

    What worries me is that if Big Brother plunges in the ratings that they may not return next year. I really do enjoy the show. Don’t forget, this is Season 15 and it has lasted a lot longer than many other reality type shows….

  3. Comments (231)

    I know and every time I just want to not comment anymore about it — it gets worse. Jerkemy and Aaryn should be evicted and long gone gone gone. BB hopefully has the sense to know when it could get dangerous. Does Elissa know about Jeremy’s fantasy? I think not!
    I’m going to try and look past the ugly and watch the game and talk about my favorites and not so favorites — regardless of being polka dot or not!!!!

  4. Comments (1276)

    I think it will be intereseting to see how much of the comments are or aren’t shown on CBS. I am thinking they are going to not even show the horrible things being said, and for those who don’t get on blogs, chats or watch the feeds, they will be in the dark about how bad these people really are.
    I also think it’s sad that it is almost hard to watch to see the game play when their mouths are so bad, it takes away from the show and the game.

  5. Comments (1276)

    what is everone’s take on the votes? When I’m counting up, I see Andy and Nick as the wild cards, I just don’t know/trust who they will vote for.
    I think the votes should go as follows,
    to get out Dave – Amanda, Helen, Howard, Candice and Judd
    To get out Elissa – Airhead, GM, Jerk, Spencer
    leaving Andy and Nick going either way. As much as I think common since will tell them both to get rid of Dave, I think Andy is so much of a follower, it will just depend on who and how many people get in his ear. And for Nick, I’d like to see him go against the hate group, he is (as akward as it might be) kinda around GM, so he might think it’s better to keep Dave in, plus, he seems to actually like Dave.
    What do you guys think?

    • Comments (1276)

      I left off Kaitlin from the votes against Elissa (too bad her being mad at Jerk didn’t last but like 2 minutes,that vote could have helped).

  6. Comments (231)

    Andy and nick are against Dave. Stupid Kaitlin against Elissa.

  7. Comments (231)

    Amanda and Candice are pro Elissa.

  8. Comments (231)

    Nick is the mole like ian

    • Comments (231)

      And only mcC knows and ignores him

      • Comments (1276)

        But how sure are we what side nicks on? I think he’s against most of the “bad ones” but at the same time, he actually does seem to like Dave.
        And what about Judd? Which way is he voting? I’m not really seeing his interaction with many of them.

      • Comments (231)

        Nick is with mcC all the way from the get go. I’m fairly sure Judd is with them too

  9. Comments (316)

    After they kick David out I hope Spencer goes home next. His behavior is pretty creepy!!

  10. Comments (126)

    As of right now Howard and Nick are my two Favs.

    But as we all know when true personalities develop on camera, opinions can change, like Aaryn, her mama needs to tell her how fast beauty fades, especially to those with proud hearts

  11. Comments (231)

    When the power shifts, it should be interesting if this mc holds up. I don’t think it will because of Jerkemy and Spenser.

  12. Comments (23)

    I can’t wait to see the blogger as a big fan to join the bb family and win it!Go for it!Hit a strong strike!

  13. Comments (77)

    I think Nick will vote Dave out. It was his suggestion to McC to get rid of him because of his physical strength.

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