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Big Brother 15 – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

'Evil Amanda' was busy yesterday
‘Evil Amanda’ was busy yesterday

Yesterday was a banner day for Amanda..  she forced Elissa into the HoH room for most of the night, was banned from going up there, and was given a warning to be respectful or face a penalty nom.  I think it’s safe to say that Elissa won’t be invited to Amanda and McCrae’s wedding when they get out of the house (which btw, they actually talk about having)

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While Amanda is receiving a ton of heat on blogs, twitter, etc, what I am wondering is… would it be different if she were male?   Russell Hantz is one of the biggest sore loser, bully dbags on TV, but he’s been on Survivor multiple times, on another reality show flipping houses, and half his family has been featured in various other shows.  Dick Donato told a girl he couldn’t wait to hear her bones crushing between his fingers, while also banging pots and pans and bullying everyone he comes across, and he is a beloved former player/fan favorite.

You can also go through the list of other former winners/fan favorites who lied, bullied and backstabbed their way to victory, but one thing is common – the biggest fan favorite bullies are male.  Why is this?  Can men be complete a-holes on Big Brother, yet come out well liked, but girls have to be sweet and innocent like Jordan?  Is there a double standard in the way we view our competitors on the show?

I am sure people will read this and instantly think I’m some Amanda superfan, but I’m not.  I will admit that I’m a fan of drama, but I don’t really care who is causing it.  As a blogger, drama = interest in the show = people reading my ramblings.  I would have stayed awake all night blogging and laughing had Elissa went through the house at 2am with a marching band trying to piss everyone off.

Anyway, that’s just a thought I had as I watched the feeds yesterday.  Amanda is clearly not a fan of Elissa and plans to push the envelope to let that be known.  I am not really sure what Amanda’s end game plan with this is.  Is she just losing her mind after being in the house for so long?  Is she taking a page from the Russell Hantz playbook to make it to the end only to lose because of a scorned jury?  I don’t quite understand her strategy, but as a blogger, I am not really complaining… the house has been dull for weeks, so it’s good to finally see a little drama.

Moving on, it’s veto day, so we get to see if Elissa will nominate either Andy or GinaMarie to replace McCrae on the block.  Additionally, things were a bit strange in the house last night with some weird noises in the walls.  The house heard commotion in the HoH room, and by the front door.  Many were expecting someone to just walk in (via Pandora’s Box), but it never happened.  McCrae suggested they’re getting it ready for tomorrow (today), and he’s fairly certain Elissa will get the box sometime this week.

If Elissa does get the box, there is probably a 94% chance it will be something good for her and something bad for the house and that’s mostly because she’s Elissa… and the rest of the house is disliked by the fans.  I’ll be shocked if the house is rewarded while Elissa gets some sort of penalty hour…  assuming it happens at all.  Maybe BB is thinking of something new?  There is still a lot of season left, and plenty of time to watch the live feeds.

This post may be a bit sloppy, but I can just blame my cat.  I was up late waiting to see if anything would happen in the house, but he doesn’t care how late I stay up when he’s hungry in the morning.  If I have typos or weird things this post, just blame him.

There will be a new post soon for the daily updates, and what I’m real curious to see is if Andy will look even worse than he did yesterday if he is indeed nominated today..


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  1. Comments (1276)

    I see what you are saying about Amanda, which I would have agreed 100% with at the beginning of the season. And while I’m sure a lot of people don’t like her for those reasons, I think a lot, don’t like her for the horrible racist remarks she’s made. If she could have stuck to game play, could have developed some sort of filter over that wretched mouth of hers, I could have still liked her right now.
    But she didn’t, she made the remarks, honestly I think she’s said a lot more than GM and Aaryn. The way she went after Candice during the comp, and said to Candice some of the same things she had told Aaryn to watch saying, just proves that she knows how wrong it is, and just doesn’t care. Which is really worse than Aaryn, I think she honestly doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s said, ignorant, dumb and wrong, yes, but Amanda knows, and still says them.
    Plus, you can’t be an Evil Dick like personality, and then cry whenever youd don’t get your way, and hide behind trash cans! If you are going to steam role the house, you have to be able to back it up. ED could win comps, bully, trash talk, all while laughing at the house while he was doing it. She just isn’t that good.

    • Comments (1162)

      Well said.

    • Comments (822)

      I agree with you 100% Christina. I’ve been saying all along that Amanda can dish it out but can’t take it. The minute things don’t go her or someone says something about her she loses it. She got so upset when someone does the same things she does. I’d have more respect for her gameplay if she wasn’t so insensitive about what she’s said about other races. I don’t think she’d handle it well if people made those type of comments about Jewish folks (and I’m glad that no one has resorted to that). This should be the lost season of BB. It will be memorable but for all the wrong reasons.

    • Comments (302)

      Amanda is unlikeable on two fronts; (1) As a bully she is 100% mean girl who will gladly destroy someone’s reputation(Lies about Howard) if it advances her in the game. Nothing is off limits to her. (2) As a victim she hides behind trash cans and curls into the fetal position crying because she failed to win another competition. She expects everyone to feel sorry for her as she loads her barrel to take another shot at whoever doesn’t agree with her. Amanda … you suck … and I’m not referring to a pizza boy body part.

    • Comments (18)

      There is a big difference between saying mean d-bag things and saying racist remarks. CBS really shouldn’t allow it as they don’t allow any of their employees this behavior.. I’m down to now just watching thursday to see who gets HOH and reading these boards. I literally cannot watch that woman on TV. I am guilty of wasting time on other non-contructive activities… I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste time on her.. Please let next season have a great mix of people!!.

      The similarity to all these people is that they are fame whores.

      Google Amanda getting an abortion to get on the show. It was on a site celebrity dirty laundry and at first I thought ‘just another dumb rumor’ but the timing of it had me wondering. And seeing Amandas past reality show attempts and the fact she has some connection to CBS casting, really has be wondering. Oh and mostly because she is so friggin out of her mind, I’d believe almost anything. lol

      • Comments (400)

        Sorry you felt it necessary to share the rumor.

      • Comments (77)

        greggbrent, they did sign a contract with CBS before they entered the house so in essence they are employed by CBS. Whatever CBS does not tolerate from their employees should also go for the houseguests.

    • Comments (34)

      I completely agree, Christina.

    • Comments (60)

      Amanda needs to feel the same consequences that
      Aaryn,Ginamarie and Spencer will feel when they are released from the BBH.
      a unemployed model,unemployed pageant coordinator,and bad conduct conductor. Do you want to buy a house from an out of touch realitor. It is a game but there is not reason to strike it personal.

    • Comments (64)

      I agree 100%. I wouldn’t mind Amanda returning for an Allstars. I admire strong women. I love to see boss chicks running things! I actually don’t mind when competitors play mind tricks to outwit their counterparts. But this season has colored all of that with comments that are extra cringeworthy. I’m able to appreciate her as a player and comment on her as a person, without confusing the two.

      I applaud her ability to control the house, but with the group that was left: timid and too scared to go against unanimous voting, how great is she really? Hard to say. Bring her back with some heavy weights. That would be a fair comparison and I’ll gladly give her an unqualified kudos as the best BB player. For now, Amanda, in my eyes has played the best game but I’m not certain she is the best to ever play due to this season being full of lame ducks.

      • Comments (77)

        Amanda would be chewed up and spit out probably the first week in an allstars series. She would not be a match for them because they would not be her lapdog doing her dirty work for her. She would have to do her own.

      • Comments (71)

        If she’s ever on BB again, I will not watch until she is gone, much less pay for live feeds.

      • Comments (64)

        I wrote my above without knowing what Amanda has been up to: the tampon, throwing Elissa’s stuff in the toilet, banging on the door, blowing the party horn.

        As a viewer, drama that breaks up the monotony helps to spice it up. But this does not really spice up anything. I would like it if Elissa stood up to her with some over the top mayhem. In this house, though, it would fall on deaf ears. So, I’m without words. Sure, this can be seen as strategy as part of the game. But it’s in poor taste and is just more of the same…same nonsense….no real substantive gameplay…. Ugh.

      • Comments (1076)

        Amanda has turned an aloof snobby Elissa into a sympathetic character. If Elissa had done this exact same thing to Amanda there is no way Amanda would have handled it with Elissas calm demeanor. Amanda asked the others why she was the only one torturing Elissa. Because she looks like a lunatic, that’s why.

      • Comments (4)

        Elissa would never have done anything like that to Amanda. Amanda is classless!

      • Comments (71)

        There is a HUGE difference between “strong women” and the likes of Amanda Zuckerman, and to describe her as just being a “strong woman” is offensive and might I say, sexist. Or maybe you just like nasty women and don’t actually know any real “strong women.” “Strong” does NOT equal “bitch!”

        *Also, I don’t like or know of any other strong women who care for the term “chicks,” especially “boss chicks.” Amanda might though, it suits the silicone and desperate need for male attention.

    • Comments (143)

      Well said. +1 for you.

  2. Comments (191)

    I agree with Stevebeans 100%. Go back and look at the way Evil Dick treated people and Amanda looks like a saint.

    Elissa, Andy and Spencer are boring to watch.

    • Comments (191)

      I am not saying I am rooting for Amanda to win but she is entertaining!

      • Comments (30)

        She is only entertaining because of Elissa, had Elissa been as big a push over as the other house guests then Amanda wouldn’t have any reason to go over board with her antiques.

      • Comments (1076)


    • Comments (487)

      I didn’t like Evil Dick either, entertaining but I would not have voted to give him a dime.

      • Comments (64)

        Yeah, I did not like Dicks behavior either. He certainly lived up to the name. So whether female or male, me no likely douchebag behavior. I hope they air some of Amanda’s shenanigans. I missed Sundays episode. Will catch up tonight. Did it liven up the viewers’ enjoyment? It’s been pretty boring lately.

      • Comments (30)

        When Jessie acted up they called her crazy, now they see real crazy. Jessie told the truth in regards to blowing things up, Amanda is a childish moron.

      • Comments (71)

        No, it wasn’t entertaining. The other HGs were generally unimpressed too. She just looked psychotic.

    • Comments (1076)

      Evil Dick was a miserable prick and I was uncomfortable watching him. But, he didn’t roam around the house in his undies, looking unkempt and being an all around pig. And, evil dick could take as good as he gave. He never portrayed himself as a victim or expected other to throw themselves on a sword just to help him succeed.

  3. Comments (1)

    Remember the time when airplanes would fly over the house with banners warning houseguests? Well, we really need some this season. I cannot stand that snake Andy. How the hell does anyone believe those fake tears? Nor can I tolerate Amanda! Mcbitch is annoying and needs to stop sucking the queen’s penis…

  4. Comments (3)

    there is a difference between Amanda and Evil Dick. Amanda should be Evil Amanda. She is horrible and is saying horrible things to Elissa. in her ear. touching her personal things. she is tormenting her. she can call it game after leaving house, but that is bs. this isnt game play. to want to cause someone pain and make them cry is just pure evil. i dont have any respect for the others either who sit back and watch. they prove that the way they treated candice and jesse. Elissa is the only decent person left in the house. i do like judd too

  5. Comments (27)

    “…Dick Donato told a girl he couldn’t wait to hear her bones crushing between his fingers, while also banging pots and pans and bullying everyone he comes across…”
    YES he did all that, and more but the reason he became a fan favorite was because he did all that to save his daughter. He wanted the house to hate him so much that they would vote him out and keep her. That is totally different! Amanda is just MEAN cause she can be like a Jr High School bully!

    • Comments (224)

      Evel dick said and did things like that even when he wasn’t on the block. The pots and pans in the middle of the night was when he and Danielle were on the block together, but he was just as mean to Jen all season long as the mean girls were to Candice.

      • Comments (27)

        Maybe so, but he was that way with everyone. Just like Boston Rob on Survivor! If they disliked his bullying personality they could have voted him out, just like they did Jeremy this season.

      • Comments (224)

        Who hasn’t Amanda been a jerk to in the house? She’s been in fights with just about everyone.

      • Comments (1076)

        That’s because as someone said previously, she can dish it out but can’t take it.

    • Comments (34)

      ED was on the bottom of the house and did it to save his daughter. Amanda has been on the top of the house each week and saying rude and nasty things and expects sympathy from everyone. She and McCrae are safe this week and she’s doing all this stuff to Elissa for NO reason. Because she’s mad that Elissa went after McCrae?! That’s the game sweetheart, I’m pretty sure you targeted Elissa and got out HER biggest aly last week. God it annoys me that she thinks that she should never be touched and everyone should just bow down to her. She’s allowed to play the game but nobody else is? Give me a break.

      • Comments (226)

        Well said. I can tolerate good game play, but like the comment at the top-she can’t take it if she’s not in control. I hate I say this but I wish we didn’t have any insight on the adderall/Xanax taking bc it makes me wonder who/what the real Amanda is.

  6. Comments (822)

    Steve, you may be right about the male/female theory. Although, with Dick, he came into the game with the Evil Dick name & personality. He was more of an equal opportinity offendered & picked on numerous HG’s. Amanda has mostly been outwardly “mean” to a few. I can’t remember some of the other former HG’s antics. It’s fun watching Andy in panic mode. I can see the wheels turning & he’s trying to remember who he’s said what to etc. I swear that guy must have cloned himself before going on the show. He’s everywhere! I so wanted to like Andy, but he’s been such a tattletale it’s hard to respect that play. But, it might work for him. I just wish there was a HG I could root for! Don’t really like anyone!

  7. Comments (302)

    If we’re to believe the late night birth of the new alliance “The Exterminators” we won’t have to endure an all day crying session from Andy as it appears he will be safe even when he goes on the block. I do hate seeing a Rat like Andy catch a break like this but I’m sure he’ll try to ride the fence to appear to be on everyone’s side. His Elissa bashing mixed with world class whining last night was pathetic as if she owed him something for being nice to her early in the game.
    As to the above topic … I’m sure Men get away with more than women on the bully front … but I hated Evel Dick and couldn’t stand Jeremy early this season. I could tolerate Amanda to a point but she just keeps pouring it on. There’s a real mean spirited bullying by Amanda while some of the fan favorite male bullies are just over the top ridiculous.

  8. Comments (3)

    I feel Amanda is acting the way she is to torment Elissa the same way Elissa is tormenting the household. Nobody is safe with Elissa as HOH. Not even the people she says she is working with and who she should be working with. Then she locks herself in her room like the queen she sees herself as, to be away from the others who are beneath her.

    • Comments (400)

      How is Elissa tormenting the household?

      • Comments (1076)

        Elissa is not tormenting the house but she has been aloof, distant and condescending form the very beginning. Amanda is making her a sympathetic figure.

      • Comments (1)

        She became aloof when she realized who she was locked up with for the summer. The language and racist attitudes are enough to turn anyone off. Mean people with no feelings for other’s pain and I could go on and on.

    • Comments (302)

      Let’s see here. Elissa tormenting the household by not using any racist remarks and never raising her voice. No one safe with Elissa as HOH … hmmm .. she already guaranteed Judd, Gina Marie & Spencers safety … let’s see .. Amanda & McCrae POV … that leaves only Aaryn left who has put up Elissa 3 times. Amanda starts harassing Elissa and blowing a horn in her face so Elissa locks herself in her room to avoid the bullying … what Stuck-up Queen.

    • Comments (412)

      I love how real Elissa is.

      • Comments (60)

        First off….I am not condoning anyone’s behavior in the house at the moment because they have all had incredibly poor form to say the least at one point or another but to say Elissa has been real is stretching the truth and then some.

        She said she is BB Royalty and that the producers would find a way to keep her in the game and that the other HG were beneath her and she didnt even want to sit near any of them. Only to turn around and blow the biggest pile of sunshine up GM’s ass and tell her she thought she was amazing and how she would love to get together after the show and that it was all the other HG that were saying terrible things about her and her eating habits when she did it as well.

        Several others have been given the same sunshine blowing treatment since….I swear she has spoken more in the last three days then in the 53 days in the house before that.

        She did not say nice things about GM prior to her HOH and to sit and listen to it made me just feel like not bothering to watch anymore…they dedicated an hour or possibly more to it on two hr after dark show and it was sad. Again not condoning any of the bad things that have been said by anyone.

        This is a girl that was ready to walk if Helen left because she did not want to be associated or near any of these people!! In my opinion there isnt anything real to the about face she has made whatsoever and I do think if Amanda was male she wouldnt be taking half the flack she is….Evil Dick was far worse Steve is right!!

    • Comments (77)

      I don’t blame Elissa for locking herself in the HOH room. After all, didn’t Amanda make a statement about going up to HOH room after all went to bed and attacking her.

      Also, it is Elissa’s HOH, not Amanda’s. I love the fact that she doesn’t spill her guts to everyone telling just what she is going to do. It also makes it more interesting for us as BB fans.

    • Comments (226)

      Tere-Elissa is actually playing Big Brother! The whole point of being HOH is to get someone out. No HG should feel safe, ever. As we all know all alliances and deals can be said with fingers crossed so why punish Elissa for that?? It’s ok to not like Elissa as, many don’t like Amanda but the same rules apply to everyone.

    • Comments (26)

      Who is she supposedly “working with”? The house just evicted her only ally. Yes, she could have opened up her mind and developed relationships with other houseguests by now, but can you blame her? She knew everyone in that house was coming after her next so she tried to blow shit up so the minions would scatter. Better than going after someone like Spencer or GM and getting evicted next week.

    • Comments (48)

      she locked herself in her room because of how demanda was treating her! I don’t blame her, I’d lock myself in a room if someone were RUDELY blowing a horn right in my face and ranting and raving like a lunatic towards me and she LOCKED her door because demanda put disgusting things like a pad with chili sauce and 2 condoms with milk in them, on her dresser….I’m sure if the roles were reversed, Elissa would’ve been chastised too and worse

      • Comments (48)

        and demanda said that she was gunning for that BITCH like Osama bin laden, she was going to MURDER that bitch….nice…I wonder if she kisses her mother with that disgusting mouth >:(

  9. Comments (357)

    I am looking forward in seeing Andy’s reaction if he gets nominated. I also think that it’s great that BB finally said something to Amanda about her behavior (well some of it). I have a feeling that the penalty Nom Steve was talking about may really happen. Amanda can’t control herself. She is slipping into some form of psychosis.

  10. Comments (1288)

    Andy will be fine. His night ended on a high note with a scrubs alliance guaranteeing whichever of them that goes up safety and Aaryan going out. I expect it will fade if McCranda ends up HOH.

    Elissa exposed herself to this when she first threatened to just walk out. Now she didn’t do it but Amanda sensed that weakness like a shark getting a whiff of blood in the water. Then when Elissa said she didn’t care about next week and only wanted to get the evil Aaryn out, Amanda decided to match her attitude. She doesn’t care about next week, she just wants Elissa out. It will most likely worsen after the POV ceremony when Elissa’s power ends, there will probably be tumbleweeds in the HoH room after that point.

    Again last night Elissa alluded to just walking out, this time to Judd [he took it better than Helen did] so it might be working. Amanda and others have been put on notice about personal items but the verbal pressure will probably continue. Spencer has boasted he can make her self-evict in the past and Andy is probably going to be not very happy with her. GM and Judd will be hard pressed to go against the rest of the house.

    • Comments (231)

      Flight is the first response in a perceived threatening situation —- physical or otherwise.

      • Comments (1288)

        This is a game. It is only Elissa’s “sensibilities” that are being threatened. Amanda is not standing over Elissa with a blunt object saying she is going to bash in her head. She is marching around the house dressed as a granny yelling mean, absurd nonsense. She is attempting to draw Elissa into verbal confrontations while breaking her will and spirit.

        Now I would think someone as experienced in a discipline like yoga can reach an inner strength and withstand this trial. She can at least get away in the HoH but that may not be available next week. Elissa exhibited a weakness and Amanda is exploiting it.

      • Comments (231)

        Yes, well your excuse for all of Spenser’s vile comments was that he was just having fun and joking. So, reading that comment from you tells me that U are possibly like him.

      • Comments (1288)

        He was playing his game. His jokes are offensive. No one has been injured, the game continues. Perhaps you would find something from Nickelodeon more to your liking.

      • Comments (231)

        You are offensive.

      • Comments (231)

        I was responding to your reply not to defend E because I would have stayed there until Am felt like a fool. My reply to U was purely about the the “fight or flight” reaction that people have to others who act aggressively around them. DUH, I am acutely aware that this is a game and Quick Draw McDraw was more my time.

      • Comments (1076)

        DANDAMAN was not being offensive. You made a personal attack and said ne was like Spencer. We don’t need these kind of remarks. Everyone was having a mature and intelligent discussion of what went on last night in the BB house and now it has degenerated into this. I really don’t want to bring snarky suzyq back, but I will if this degenerates into the name calling fiasco perpetrated buy a bunch of very mean women who insist on calling the houseguests despicable names. They have not shone there ugly selves yet today and the discussion was coming along just great. Let’s try harder to be adults here.

      • Comments (1076)

        Please stop fighting. He was just expressing his point of view. Patricia, there was no reason to say he was like Spencer. That is an unnecessary personal attack. Buck up and stop whining. We had this nonsense last night when a grouep of mean girls decided to call the contestants horrible names and all the sheep jumped on board. Up until this incident we have been having an intelligent and mature discussion of what has happened last night in the housed. I really don’t want to bring snarky suzyq back! I hate this bullshit.

  11. Comments (1162)

    Production’s idea of penalizing Amanda for her behavior –
    Banning her from going into Elissa’s HOH.
    Good Grief!!!
    Really, that’s all they got?

    Hey, is CBS/BB hiring?
    Getting paid for doing nothing – sounds like dream job……….. for some.

    McNoBall is qualified to do nothing.
    Andy could be the Corporate Crier.
    Spencer could be in charge of Bathroom “Security” Tapings.
    Aaryn – Eyebrow Makeup Specialist.
    Amanda – The Office’s Easy Lay.
    GM – the Corporate Stalker.
    Judd – Consumer Tele. Contact Support. Nice voice and his mumbling
    prevents callers from understanding a word he says to them.

    Elissa – Zen Yoga Clases for the employees who survive working with those listed above.

  12. Comments (162)

    I think Amanda has made a lot of threats to Elissa that should be addressed. Other seasons the one of the guys got sent home for just chest bumping another. But I think Amanda is a little crazier then a normal person.

    • Comments (1288)

      And if Amanda initiates any physical confrontation she will be removed from the game. But everything else is just psyops gameplay.

      • Comments (1276)

        agreed. as crapy as the comments are, there is still a big difference between talking crap and getting physical.
        it seems like BB hasn’t ever had anything about words that can and can’t be said, and in all honestly, I’d rather know what the people are really like, by hearing what they say, then it be so edited you have no clue what type of people they are.
        Don’t get me wrong, it makes my skin crawl to hear what these people have said this year, but if they had a muzzle on them, and weren’t saying these things, then we might be rooting for them. If I knew Amanda or one of the others in real life, hearing what they’ve said in there would cause me to totally disown them when they were out. Sometimes people just can’t hide their true colors when they are on camera 24/7.

      • Comments (162)

        Oh, I agree I would much rather hear what they have to say, but I just don’t think she should be able to stand outside the door and beat on it..that is simply crazy.

      • Comments (405)

        Or just stupid random talk. I wish someone would put a video together of all the times Andy said he wants to slap or punch people in the face. Is he seriously going to? No way. That’s just the way he expresses his anger and frustration.

      • Comments (3)

        I think Elissa should pull one of those moves the football and basketball players do where they throw themselves on the ground if another player barely touches them. lol Then scream, oh she shoved me! But E is too classy. 🙁 If you watch the live feeds, she doesn’t like to talk bad about ppl and if she does, then a few mins later she comes back and says she shouldn’t have said that. The only “bad” thing I’ve heard her say, (which I agree with) is how disgusting, terrible “those” ppl are.

      • Comments (233)

        Yes, a ‘flop’ world be hilarious, even just to scare Amanda that she might be fired from BB.

      • Comments (1076)

        Elissa will have plenty of time to be her angelic self when she is sent to the jury house a week from Thursday.

  13. Comments (26)

    It’s nice to see red rest Andy run around like a rat being chased by a cat. I hope he is voted out.
    No more info can be told to the nastiest n lamest players ever McCran n Mandy.
    It’s nice that E shook up the house. I hope E, G or Judd wins.
    I think overall gm has some remorse . Not Aryan, Andy’, MaNdy and Spencer is just a looser. McRae please see doctor about the nail biting.
    Go Elissa

    • Comments (1076)

      In spite of the hundreds of thumbs down I have received on the subject of Andy’s eviction I will still continue to state that Spencer, Judd and McCrae really enjoy Andy’s company and have no intention of voting him out. I will bet dollars to donuts that Aaryn is going to the jury house on Thursday. Spencer and Judd seek out Andy’s company most of the time and McCrae learned his lesson when he voted out someone he really liked when he voted out Judd. And, the most ironic part of all this is that getting out Aaryn was what Elissa truly wanted and all of Amanda’s chicanery has been for naught. Amanda spends the week acting like a total lunatic and Elissa gets what exactly what she wants any way. I just don’t understand the game play on Amanda’s part. The 3AM pact was always bullshit and was just put in place to shut Aaryn and GM down. Amanda wastes so much energy for nothing. She is going to end up shutting herself out of the final three and she has no one to blame but herself.

      • Comments (1076)

        P.S. I miss Big Papi. I enjoy his comments and his jovial sense of humor. I hope he is back tonight.

  14. Comments (1)

    Amanda and Russell Hantz shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. Russell played the game masterfully and wasn’t all hopped up on Aderall thinking he was being portrayed as well liked Rupert.

  15. Greetings from Spain
    Comments (5)

    Well steve, I agree that throughout BB history there’ve been villains worse than Amanda. However, it doesn’t portray her as good anyway. She’s by far the most mean-spirited HG this season IMO and my views have to do with this season only. As much as I love the show, it’s getting hard for me to watch. The “it`s a game” thing may be a good excuse to keep one’s conscience quiet but Amanda sometimes crosses the line and can really hurt people. It’s no game, darling. Big game hunting instead.

  16. Comments (231)

    Amanda’s rampage is not game or remotely close to calculated subtle intimidation. She is acting like a two year old who can’t have the lollipop she wants and throws herself to the the ground, kicks n screams. This is the first time the McCruds have had to really play the BB game to survive and they are reacting like the bullies they are by attacking not strategizing.

    • Comments (162)

      Yes, she doesn’t like it that she can not control Elissa like she has everyone else. I don’t want Andy to go. I want to see him have to turn on one of them. Andy going home would be to easy for him.

      • Greetings from Spain
        Comments (5)

        Well he did turn on Helen. We knew he would, but Helen didn’t until it was a little too late.

        Given the chance, he would turn on Amanda/McCrae. Spencer and Andy aren’t too different. They’d do whatever to stay in the game.

    • Comments (400)

      Can you imagine if she wasn’t on any meds?

      • Comments (162)

        I saw somewhere they said she was out…….

      • Comments (60)

        Ok I cannot believe no one has even commented or given a thumbs down for people referenciing peoples medications.

        We are not medical professionls we do not know why any of them have been prescribed these meds and I think it is ridiculously improper to speak out regarding them in anyway…say what u will about the behavior of these people but those meds are helping people everywhere and I don’t believe they should be brought into this.

        I would hate someone to stop using their meds because they are being slammed on the show and off. Just one person’s opinion but if it were insulin would it be coming up?

      • Comments (60)

        My post about medication talk was referencing comments like ” being hopped up on Adderall” not the general comments …..sorry guys like I said I dont want someone to go off their much needed meds because they are being slammed any place.

    • Comments (1076)

      McCrae is not doing it, Amanda is. Don’t worry, she will get hers when the next time she is on the block she goes home. Spencer, Judd and Andy would much rather spend the time left in the house without her. GM has a better shot then she does.

  17. Comments (9)

    I saw on YouTube where Amanda lost her job also. Prudendial, the real estate company she worked for with her mother, has taken all of her information off their website. It maybe because she isn’t working now but I hope it is because someone at Prudential watches BB also like AAryn’s
    and GM’s employer doesn’t want their name connected to hers.
    Too bad one of the challenge losers didn’t have to wear a diaper and suck on their thumb for a week. Since Andy is acting like he is it would be right up his alley.

    • Comments (158)

      That’s old news. But there’s no agreement as to what that means. I think both ends of the spectrum have been speculated. On one end, yeah she was fired. On the other end, they took it down because her family was getting threats. Somewhere in the middle is about how your license has gone to inactive because she’s in the house.

      You get to take your pick of about 785932 theories that have been rehatched over and over.

    • Comments (1076)

      Marilyn Zuckerman houses her license in the West Boca Pru office. Amanda Zuckerman housed her license in the East Delray Beach office. The East Delray office has taken down the her listings from their front window and she has 90 days from termination find a new employer or her listings revert back to Pru and will be dispersed throughout the office to other agents. She has 24 months to find a company to “house” her license or it will become inactive.

  18. Comments (30)

    ELissa’s best chance is to put Andy up, ensure him that he’s not the target, and for him to give her something she can use in her campaign against Aaryn. Once the word of 3am leaves his lips, Elissa can use that to secure GM’s vote against Aaryn, and even make a final four deal with an alliance of herself, GM, Judd and Spencer, while using Andy as a ‘go between’ to funnel information from McCranda.

    There are no wasted HoH’s, everything is an opportunity, and while Amanda winning PoV was a major upset, Elissa & Co have a prime opportunity to size all the power in the house if only they’d realize it and work together.

    • Comments (1288)

      Late last night Spencer, GM and Judd guaranteed Andy’s safety on the block this week so he will give Elissa nothing. The four of them are looking at turning on Elissa and McCranda next week. That would be loads of fun.

      • Comments (30)

        But I don’t understand. Isn’t Judd and GM working with Elissa? And by guranteeing Andy’s safety, aren’t they giving Elissa exactly what she wants? So how is she not gaining?

      • Comments (302)

        Unfortunately for Elissa late last night Judd, Andy, Spencer and GM formed a new “Exterminators” alliance and it appears Judd & GM will honor that over their commitment to Elissa. Of Course Andy would probably flip flop again if Amanda & McCrae win HOH this week. So Elissa does gain by breaking up the 3AM alliance and getting out the person she dislikes the most Aaryn. But in the end it looks like she is out on an island all alone.

      • Comments (30)

        Oh ok cool. I’m still surprised that they trust Andy knowing he’s a rat though. It would be smarter to just use him.
        Either way Aaryn will be gone. Once they send home Amanda next, then I have no problem with this alliance.

      • Comments (1076)

        I keep telling you, the guys love Andy. They see him from a totally different perspective then us at home. They enjoy his company which means a lot in the situation they are in. The game is a form of torture that is easier to bear when surrounded by people you enjoy.

      • Comments (60)

        Did anyone else hear Spencer ask Andy if he would show him his ” rattlesnake” ? I couldnt help but wonder if it had anything to do with Spencer’s incredibly bizarre comment about what a “snake fight” might be like with a bunch of guys and their ” snakes” he said Andy was the one to name it that last week…maybe thats why they like him so much lol!!

    • Comments (1076)

      The only hole in your theory is that the house hates Elissa even more than they dislike Ananda. The house is boring and torture enough without hanging with some one who has treated you with distain and contempt from week one. We see Elissa as an anti-racist, the house sees her as a total bore and a snob. I would much rather be with GM and have a good laugh then be stuck watching Elissa doing yoga all day while she kept her distance from me because I did not measure up to her “standards”. Elissa might be noble, but noble ain’t good company.

  19. Comments (1276)

    I would love to see Judd and Elissa in the Final 2 spots. If Judd can pull out a win next week, then put up McRae and Amanda, only one can get pulled off the block. Elissa and GM will vote out whichever is left. Then Judd can split the tie.
    I did like McRae a lot, but he’s coming off as a baby too. He’s shown a great jerk side, since being nominated, he can’t seem to handle it. Maybe that due to Amanda keeping his balls in a bag somewhere, but still the way he literally ran to the DR to tell as he said “everything”… he’s a big baby too. I’ve said it all along, that if you hang around garbage long enough eventually you’ll end up smelling like trash. Welp, looks like Amanda is finally effecting McRae in just that way.
    GM actually said it best (I can’t believe I just typed those words) when she said “she’ll ruin him” talking about Amanda. Looks like she’s on her way to doing just that.

    • Comments (158)

      Elissa in the final 2? Ugh, no. BB’s self-proclaimed royalty doesn’t need another ego-trip.

      • Comments (1076)

        Don’t worry. Elissa, unless she wins POV, is going home a week from Thursday. The house despises Elissa, but unlike the lunatic Amanda they see no need to scream about it.

      • Comments (36)

        I’ve seen this self proclaimed royalty questioned before and no one could come up with an actual time stamp from feeds where Elissa actually said that. If you can I’d love to see it.
        All BB houseguests have lies told about what they’ve said and done but I can’t recall anyone ever being maligned as much as Elissa.
        The other houseguests take what she says and change her words to the most offensive and exaggerated version they can come up with and then claim that’s what she said. Amanda, MaCrae, Aaryn, Andy, and Spencer all do it. I realize that’s a game tactic, just not sure if you do.

      • Comments (60)

        In answer to the question about when did Elissa say she was BB Royalty etc

        I believe the self proclaimed BB Royalty and that production would find a way to keep her in the game was during the time when Helen and Elissa were hard core pushing for Helen to stay… all happened in one day and it was to Aaryn and Andy and I am not sure who else ….guess that would make it the day before eviction…it was around that time Elissa said she would just walk off show instead of jury as everyone but Helen was beneath her and she just didnt care anymore.

        Sorry can’t.give u a time.stamp but hope that.helps!

    • Comments (400)

      Unless McCrae is playing her to get to the end (for his loved ones’ sake I sure hope so) I have to assume that inside he’s just like her. Yeah, sometimes he acts like he thinks she goes too far (especially if it affects his game) but he wouldn’t be with her if he weren’t like her.

      • Comments (293)

        McCrae turned on Judd for her. Judd was his best guy friend in the house. The best way for him to save face outside of Big Brother is to help to vote her out.

  20. Comments (1)

    I’m not exactly sure how this has turned into an issue about sexism. I don’t care what gender the person is, the actions are deplorable. You really want to claim “sexism” for something as disgusting as bullying? I didn’t watch the season Evel Dick was on, but I for sure wouldn’t be here for his antics either. Everyone tries to justify the behavior by saying “it’s only a game” but that’s not a part of the game. Personal attacks, talking about someone’s child/husband shouldn’t be part of the game. You don’t have to be Evel Dick to win Big Brother. If that’s all you have, you simply suck at the game. Anyone who thinks what Amanda was doing is ok is just as disgusting as she is.

  21. Comments (2)

    yada yada yada.. double standar yada yada yada, we’re not talking about the past season we’re not talking about men acting stupid we’re talking about this particular situation. there’s something mentally wrong with Amanda. the canopy for her behavior should be to take her veto win away from win now thats good T her parents should be hiding under couches about now

  22. Comments (2)

    Oops, sorry voice activation made mistakes.. I meant.. take her veto win away due to her behavior

  23. Comments (487)

    Steve I would agree with you if Amanda wasn’t so vicious and nasty. Her moves are not game, but mean-spirited bullying. That anywhere else, anybody else would have gotten a charge for punching her in her mouth. When she started talking about Elissa children and her husband, that for me was crossing the line into getting personal. This is a game and Elissa is under no obligation to share anything beyond having a family with anyone in that house, least of all Amanda. Amanda could learn a few things from Elissa about playing the game and being able to leave the BB show with having to explain in every interview why you did this or that. As for the beloved hated cast members, I didn’t like any of them and would not have voted to give anyone of them a dime.

  24. Comments (528)

    I’ve always found women with strong personalities tend to be hated by the community, while men are just considered strong. I wish I could agree with Christina that is has to do with her racist remarks, but I think that’s a convenient excuse…she would most certainly be hated regardless, as she was towards the beginning of the season before we heard some of the things she was saying. I HATED Dick, I couldn’t believe how much support that a-hole got in the fan community and was also disgusted that this chauvinist pig who went around threatening women was allowed to continue. The fans didn’t like Jenn (that was her name right?) so Dick the prick can flick a lit cigarette in her face and she SHE gets punished for retaliating?? I was or riffed by that whole season. Not as much as this season, though. Then the douchebag wins. Disgusting.

  25. Comments (1)

    Great comments all. This is my first season and I’m horrified as I watched yesterday on live feed. (I watched for 2 hours before I cancelled it). No one stopped Amanda while she bullied El relentlessly?!? All the racial/ misogyny/homophobic behavior that goes on & no one stands up in an adult manner. Except Elissa. She HAS to win. Thank you to all who watch feeds for us and fill us in and have to listen to those voices all day! :). I couldn’t do it.

    • Comments (1076)

      Elissa would win if anyone in the house liked her. To the guys she represents every stuck up pretty girl that has ever shot them down. Her social game sucks and she is out the door after Aaryn.

  26. Comments (27)

    Amanda is kind of like the Incredible Hulk in reverse: the fatter she gets, the madder she gets.

  27. Comments (68)


    Amanda then proceeded to take Elissa’s “Sweet Elissa” sign and put it on the toilet. She put a condom over Elissa’s Memory Wall photo and poured chili sauce on a feminine hygiene pad leaving it on Elissa’s dresser.

    To get away from it all, Elissa hid out in the Head of Household room.

    “Elissa betrayed me for no reason so I will harass her and make her walk. She doesn’t deserve anything,” Amanda declared.

    Please, support this coverage of Big Brother and click here.

    Read more:

  28. Comments (1288)

    This is like if a soap opera and pro-wrestling [without the contact] had a bastard child.

  29. Comments (6)

    Amanda is a certified Sociopath, she knows the difference between right and wrong, but believes the rules do not apply to her. She will do anything to win and has no empathy for who she hurts, she gets angry when she cannot control what’s going on around her (for instance, she has no control over Elisa). Her anti social behavior will get her to the end; bet will also be her downfall. She doesn’t belong in this house, she belongs in a hospital where she can get the help she needs.

  30. Comments (400)

    Of course there’s a double standard. But many of us consider Dick and the Hantz clan despicable. I’d be afraid to live anywhere the Hantz clan. Not so Amanda.

  31. Comments (80)

    I’m a little confused by the first paragraph. Amanda was banned from going to HoH and had to leave Elissa alone? Did something happen? Or am I just being silly and not reading/understanding things correctly?

    • Comments (302)

      Amanda started her torture Elissa campaign by putting the “Elissa” placard from her previous POV win on the toilet. Amanda defaced Elissa’s picture with condoms and whatnot and put some gel on her clothes. Amanda then started following Elissa around and blowing a horn in her face. Elissa retreated to the HOH where Amanda followed and harassed her from outside the door. Amanda finally called into the DR and reprimanded by Production by banning her from the HOH.

      • Comments (80)

        Thanks for filling me in! Now just another reason why I can’t stand Amanda! What a sad excuse for a human being.

  32. Comments (162)

    Amanda would of went nuts if someone would of done that to her picture…I think CBS let it go to far…..

    • Comments (3)

      CBS loved it I’m sure. Normally HG’s are told to stop making any kind of loud noises,singing,or bouncing balls etc. but Amanda was allowed to walk around blowing the whistle/party favor. CBS just wants to “look” like disapprove of what she was doing. The comments about gang raping jessie were the worst along with killing elissa in her sleep.

  33. Comments (34)

    I don’t think I’d call Amanda a villain, or compare her to ED and Russell Hantz. Yes she’s good at manipulating/blindsiding/playing the game (in that aspect), she doesn’t own a lot of the things she says. She’ll say something under her breath to Candice (or whoever) and then play innocent “I didn’t say anything!” or “I don’t get why everyone hates me!” or “what did I do?!?” lol… She also slinks away and cries a lot; neither of those two villains would have done that after being attacked or losing a competition. She can dish it but she has a really hard time taking it.

    I don’t know. I think Amanda is more annoying to watch than anything. She whines a lot and does nothing. I haven’t seen what she’s done to Elissa though so maybe she is like ED and RH but I just don’t see many similarites.

  34. Comments (1)

    Elissa is a cry baby. Her complaining about being bullied is laughable since that is all her and Helen did last week to Andy. She’s just an entitled and arrogant cry baby. Her woe is me act is ridiculous. It’s a game and maybe if she would have had to put in a fraction of the effort the other HG’s had to put in to get on the show she’d actually play and understand the game. Instead she just walks around acting holier than thou. She’s the worst and i can’t wait for her to be evicted.

  35. Comments (21)

    So sad that people think its ok to bully and isolate a person. Make them feel like they can talk to no one or pay a price. Torturing just one person in a house of eight with CBS doing nothing to stop it. Pranks are funny when they’re meant for Humor not Torture. Smh

    • Comments (302)

      If McPussy was any kind of man(or smart competitor)he would have told Amanda to stop it immediately. He’s becoming more attached to the hip of Amanda and now is stuck to her when payback starts being dished out. That is … IF … the cowards of this house don’t wait until it’s too late.

      • Comments (1076)

        Right. But, maybe this is his way of letting others get rid of her. This behavior can’t be defended.

  36. Comments (74)

    You made an excellent point about double standards. I will tell you how I felt about Russell Hanz and Evel Dick from my perspective.

    I rooted for Russell Hanz his first go around because he claimed to be from New Orleans and he was sitting on his ass doing nothing and lucked out on occasion. He found the hidden immunity without clues multiple times and that hyped fans up. That sort overshadowed his bully tactics because short and fat like he was he was an ox in comps.

    I was excited to see him back for the heros and villains shortly after. Yet I got to see more of his douche bag womanizing ways. It was disgusting how he flaunted his sexual desire for Poverty (don’t know how to spell her name) while he had his wife and kids watching.. I stopped rooting for him that season!!!!!!!!

    Now Evel Dick! Though lazy, disgusting and down right rude! I rooted for him and his daughter because I hated the pompous religious attitude of the other houseguest and how Dick and Dani were outcast! I seem to always root for the outcast eve before they become underdogs! I love how mean he was to Jen because she made up lies about Nick that had no game relevance! She was mentally disturbed! I think when you dislike people in the game and the “bully” sticks it to them you cannot help but cheer and we forget about how awful they really are!

    When he returned with his daughter I did not root for them. The arrogance was too much for me.

    I love villain girls but when it’s not somebody laying in bed to do it. I rooted for Rachel who was a huge pain in the ass but she rocked the comps therefore I rooted for her. It’s a male driven world most times but I think when a villain can rock the comps and rattle the cages it’s exciting and most times it’s men and their egos that go for it!

    I loved Amanada when she stood up against Aaryn and Katlyn and if she kept that mentality I would have been on her side still!!!!!!!!!

  37. Comments (74)

    ***** he wasn’t sitting on his ass doing nothing. Damn phone!

  38. Comments (412)

    I didn’t know Amanda did that to Elissa, that’s messed up! Did cbs ever step in and do something?

  39. Comments (162)

    I believe they told her to stay out of the HOH room

  40. Comments (10)

    i never watched the season with evil dick but i’m pretty sure from what i’ve heard about him, that i wouldn’t have liked him. i don’t like bullies. i don’t like people who bully others to get there way, people who talk down to others like they are nothing. if amanda was a man, i would dislike her (him) as much as i do now. i don’t think being a different gender has anything to do with bullying being okay. nothing amanda has done has been okay or funny. talking about someone else’s family, racial remarks, taunting people until they break.. that’s never okay. personally, i have never liked any of the players who have done a little bullying in the past but from the seasons i’ve seen, i’ve never seen bullying this bad. i really hope the stick to their word and give her a penalized nomination if she continues this. like i’ve said before, her game play is smart, but her personality is just ugly and that’s not something i like.

  41. Comments (8)

    I have no problem with amanda’s game play. I have no problem with people being “mean” in the context of the game. Keep it in the game, don’t make it personal. Once it becomes personal it is no longer game play. Amanda struggles with this on occasion. She is no evel dick. Amanda’s recent meltdown is…epic. It did not help her game. Mcranda needs to run the table or they are gone.

  42. Comments (77)

    In the picture stevebeans showed us of Andy sitting outside yesterday, he looks like a little boy pouting because he has not gotten his way. That is such a sour look on his face. The good I see in this is he is finally getting to see what everyone else has felt. I just wish McCrae could have felt the same thing. However, he knew his queen won POV so he did not have to worry.

  43. Comments (1)

    I would buy a house from Amanda cause she tells it like it is. Amanda is the best player in there. Elissa is an ass hole she thinks she is better than everyone else. The only reason she married her husband is because he has money. She never says anything about her stepchildren. The only thing you ever here about is my little pumpkin. I guess he’s the only child in the patch. Elissa is a troubled person she need help.

  44. Comments (60)

    I am so glad Andy is feeling the pressure. I never liked him from jump street. He’s a Floater…and acts like a victim now that he might be on the block. Oh…and did I mention hes a big snitch! As a fellow gay man….I think they could have picked someone way better to be the “token gay”

  45. Comments (5)

    Okay, Amanda is officially a fucking crazy bitch! Outside of the house it is obvious from her “resume” she is a whore and tramp! (I see now why she spends all her time in bed!) Really, really low class! Now she is showing her true colors. It is just not possible for anyone of such poor upbringing to maintain their sanity in a controlled environment for very long. Her treatment of Elissa is anything but gameplay. It is just pure meanness, and that shit just won’t fly. Karma is a bitch, Amanda, and it is going to come back and bite you in your large fat ass very hard! I see now why McCrea’s family seem less than thrilled about his relationship with Amanda, as they know about her past. BB production needs to reevaluate their criteria for selecting HG, or you will forfeit me and man others as fans of this show. How proude Amanda’s family must be of their low-rent, trash mouth, slut of a daughter!

    • Comments (1076)

      Are u related to Annette or lez? Please tone it down a little bit. Your vitriol is no better than Amanda’s. From your outburst I have no doubt you could give Amanda a run for her money, There is criticism and there is hatred. Back off. You are talking about someone who has no relevance to your life. Cut out the nasty comments,

    • Comments (60)

      Wow…..well thats pretty personal

      • Comments (60)

        Sorry my post ended up abit further down then it should have I was responding to the ” Amanda is a crazy bitch ” post not the one after that!

  46. Comments (162)

    so I just read that Amanda got back up in Elissa face

  47. Comments (82)

    Steve- Its nice to read that paragraph about Amanda being singled out so badly. I have used that example many times on here, and to personal friends that she is being unfairly criticized I feel because she is a female. Its definitely sexism, as suprisingly its mostly women hating on her. You bring up great examples of similiar male “villains” from other shows and BB. They are indeed fan favorites. Has Amanda done some crappy stuff? For sure, but she has been terribly terribly personally attacked on so many levels, on so many blogs/websites. Its unreal the personal attacks this girl has gotten. I also feel she is getting so much hate as she is playing a great game, and people just get sick of a winner. I cannot WAIT for Wed nights episode for the Amanda haters that have not looked ahead…hahahaha…..they will be soooo upset. Have a great day!

  48. Comments (135)

    I don’t care about the gender of a bully. I didn’t like Evil Dick any more than I like Amanda (which is not at all, in either case). Stevebeans, I see why you asked the question, and it’s a noble one. However, at least with me, a bully is a bully is a bully — regardless of gender.

  49. Comments (14)

    I don’t think that Russell Hantz is well-liked at all. Other shows may have thought they could cash in on him, but I’ve read the fans are not there for him.

  50. Comments (71)

    I’m sorry but as a woman, I’m super tired of hearing people cry double standard when it comes to being an asshole. Just because one can name a few male assholes doesn’t mean anything. And look at the disdain people have for Andy the Rat and Spencer the Perv – nobody is cutting them any slack (including me).

    Also, Elissa has been annoying at times during this season but I don’t think she’s getting special treatment at all, I think that’s just something Elissa-haters like to imagine, especially the morons in the BB house. I’m not a big Elissa fan, but the Elissa hate on the Internet is completely irrational. Most of the time she’s little more than part of the furniture, unless she’s cleaning up the kitchen after the resident pigs. I do like that she’s having none of Amanda’s (or Aaryn’s!) BS this week, she gets points for that – but she’d have gotten a lot more if she had put hateful Amanda on the block. I’m sure her sister has been face-palming all weekend!

    Amanda is a _______ (Insert your own despised filthy Amandaism). No double standard, no lame excuse.

    • Comments (71)

      Also, I think Amanda needs some different meds, and probably a straitjacket after yesterday’s bizarre behavior. Obviously the Adderall isn’t helping her in any respect.

    • Comments (60)

      Re post saying Elissa has.not received any special treatmemt……there a number of examples but one that springs to mind is her asking for and getting a down comforter when she was sleeping in the Have Not Room…..while the rest of the Have Nots have had to do without.

  51. Comments (339)

    I agree totally about Evil Dick being a jerk. But Russell Hantz was just sneaky. Sneaky is the name of the game in Survivor and BB, like it or not. It’s a game about bad morality and lying. Amanda’s comments are insane, and mean-spirited beyond belief….she’s not just lying/manipulating. I never hear Russell Hantz rip people’s looks and their husband. Totally disagree on Hantz.

  52. Comments (143)

    What happened with the tampon and elissa and amanda?

  53. Comments (9)

    YA Botox lips will be going home next week for sure amanda wins veto takes off McCray Watch Botox LIPS Your NEXT!!!!!

  54. Comments (1)

    as I said before Amanda is a friend of someone involved with BB15 and just likd Jordon she is picked to win. Read that on yakity yak and if she wins then you know this is definitely fixed. She hasn’t won a darn thing all season and when its needed she wins give me a break. Shame on CBS.

  55. Comments (1)

    Holy crap Amanda has shit load of Cellulite on her LEGS Bahahahahaha

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