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Big Brother 15 – Big Decision Today For Aaryn

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Update:  People waiting for the upcoming challenge and nomination.  Candice and Howard apparently broke off their ‘showmance’ to work alone.  Follow my twitter for updates, or get a free trial to the live feeds

Update 2:  Feeds down for the competition, likely havenot.  I will create a new post when it’s back up!

The Big Brother house was a weird one last night after the live eviction ceremony.  People were getting along, Elissa was acting normal, and everyone came together to pull a mini prank on Aaryn (they hid when she got her HoH key). It’s not the typical post-eviction scene that we’ve been used to this season, but it was pretty fun to watch nonetheless. Sure, nobody was flipping mattresses, but it’s clearly the calm before the storm.  Everyone seems to both worry they’re going up and comforted about being safe at the same time, and that’s due to a huge wildcard winning HoH.


The house quickly went into game talk pretty much right after I went to bed, but I won’t hold it against them – this time.  Aaryn is wondering if she should keep the deal she made with Helen and Amanda about letting them choose nominations, while Howard realizes he’s a target and is trying to deflect. I plan on a lot of last minute conversations with Aaryn prior to the nominations today, but it’s unlikely her decision will be swayed by any of it. It is sounding more and more like she likes Amanda’s plan of putting Howard and Spencer up, though one wonders if that is the best game move for her.

Whenever someone is HoH, I tend to find myself playing fake HoH role and wondering who actually would be the best people to nominate to further their game.  This one is a tricky one because there are a few really good options available for Aaryn this week.  The way I see it, she can do…

Howard and Spencer

This is the safe route of the week.  Neither of them have a whole lot of support in the house, and it would make the goof troop pretty happy to see a big threat like Howard go.  That said, is he really that big of a threat at this point?  Big Brother competitions are generally more about endurance and luck than strength, so even if Howard was throwing the comps like he said, that doesn’t guarantee anything moving forward. If I were Aaryn and knowing there is a good chance of an endurance competition this week, I’d much rather face a 200+ lb guy than a yoga instructor.  Big guys just have too much weight to hold up, and they always struggle on endurance.

The ironic part is, last night even Amanda said that muscle is not a big factor in competitions, then a few minutes later mentioned that Howard needed to go because he’s a strong player.  When these competitions turn into Survivor competitions, then worry about Howard.  For now, worry about the good social players, or the fit thin people.

Elissa and a pawn


Elissa would seem like a no-brainer to me, simply for the reason that she absolutely hates Aaryn.   No matter how Aaryn tries talking to her, Elissa either ignores her or gives her a rude, snarky reply.  Sure, Aaryn is a pretty mean person and you almost can’t blame Elissa for it, but when someone hates you so much she’s willing to nearly destroy her alliance to get you out, that’s a red flag.  Plus, Elissa can’t play in veto this week, so this is the prime opportunity to get her out of the house before she goes on a Rachel-like winning streak of competitions.

McCrae and Amanda

Here is the dark horse power move that nobody would expect. Aaryn said she wants to make a big move this week, get some blood on her hands, etc, well this is your chance. Sure, it will likely be Big Brother suicide because Amanda and crew still have the numbers to take you out next week, but there is no denying the strongest social player in the house right now is Amanda.  Also, if you do this, you have a solid 5 alliance moving forward (Aaryn, Spencer, Howard, Candice, and GinaMarie).  This is probably the best move to make if you want to go big and win it all or go home trying.

Right now I think she’ll choose option a, but this is Big Brother.. expect the unexpected.

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