Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread


bb15-judd-relaxingHere we are, heading into the final week of the Big Brother 15 season.  Tonight we will be down to 4 houseguests, and tomorrow night we will see the final 3.  I have to say, it’s been a busy, stressful, but still fun summer blogging this show.  There were some real heated fights, some incredibly stupid things said, and some nights where I didn’t want to sleep because so much was going on.

If you would have told me the Spencer, Judd, GinaMarie, Andy and McCrae were going to be the final 5 after the first week of the season, I’d probably say …. meh, I can see that.  Sadly, it’s not because they’re the smartest, fastest or strongest, it’s mostly because they’re regular people who can float under the radar and get pretty far.  Each one of them has a handful of competitions under their belts, but their strength was the weakness of players like Jeremy, Amanda, and Helen… (GinaMarie aside) they knew when to stop talking and pretend to be furniture in the house.

That’s not exactly the most exciting strategy, but it’s pretty damn effective.  The trick to getting far in Big Brother these days is being social enough where you can survive the first few evictions, but quiet enough where nobody really thinks of you when it’s time to vote someone out.  The key to winning Big Brother is doing what I said above, and then making some key game moves during the final 2-3 weeks of the season.  Nobody cares what you did the first 6 weeks or so because anyone remaining in the house or jury likely had a hand in helping you do whatever you did (evict the strongest players for example).   If anything, taking credit for evicting early strong players makes you look like an arrogant ass to the rest of the house (*cough* Amanda).

Anyway, I’m giving away far too much of my strategy for when I win Big Brother 16, so I’ll stop now   😉


Predictions for tonight… 

Andy – Judd
McCrae – Judd

Judd should be sent packing 2-0.  The reason is simple, despite being a pretty fierce competitor at times, GinaMarie is super banged up and is an easier person to beat when you have to.  Judd the stud will be evicted for the second time this season tonight…

Schedule this week…
(based on my best guess)

Tonight – PoV, Eviction, HoH
Tomorrow – Nominations, PoV, Eviction, the start of the 3 part final HoH and should be endurance
Sunday – Showing you clips of the first two HoH competitions
Wednesday – The 3rd part of the HoH competition, eviction, winner of Big Brother 15 is revealed

This is not a guaranteed schedule, but I’m going by what I expect.


Anyway, here is the poll for tonight…

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