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Big Brother 15 – I Actually Feel Bad For GinaMarie?

This is how I react after every blog I publish, too
This is how I react after every blog I publish, too

Luckily it’s been a slow day in the Big Brother house so I can just sit here and focus on how expensive cars are.  I bring my car in for a little noise in the engine and it turns out my water pump is making crazy sounds and is ready to break.  Between that and another thing, boom, $400 down the drain.  It’s the first time the mechanic has ever seen a water pump go at 40k miles…  I’m glad I’m his first?   Typical luck.  I guess I’ll be panhandling for the next few days, not like I had any pride left.  If you’d like to donate, here is the link, now let me shower…

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Ok, so the biggest news of the day was the reaction GinaMarie had after writing her HoH blog post.  As you can see above, it wasn’t a very good reaction.  She feels she misspelled a lot of words and sounded stupid, and for some reason it struck a cord.  My brother always used to tease me for my writing – always – and even though I never cared about being the smartest in the room, it can hurt.  I have no idea why I blog, how I am able to blog, and why people read my stuff.  This isn’t a pity party on me, I’ve learned to tune out negative comments about writing but watching GM react this way brings back memories.

It’s always a weird reminder when you see people who act like they don’t care if they’re smart or not suddenly break down over these issues.  It just gives people a reminder that despite the hard exterior some like to give off, most people are softies inside.  Speaking of, I think this is the softer side of me showing through right now.  The reason I questioned the feeling bad for GinaMarie is because, despite some early stupid comments, she made a pretty big mistake coming on the show.  She lost her job doing probably one of the few things she’s good at, looks like a stage 5 clinger to a guy who didn’t even like her, and doesn’t come off as the sharpest knife in the drawer.

In other news, Jessie seems to be the biggest girlfriend material in the house right now. That’s not too surprising considering the mean spirit some of the other girls have displayed this season.  I think tomorrow I may do a similar one for the guys.

I don’t really have much else to say, it’s an extremely boring time in the house right now, but I’m hoping it will pick up the closer we get to eviction.

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  1. Comments (676)

    Stevebeans it’s a very sad post and we understand feeling sorry for the underdog. But you’re right about her making a big mistake coming on the show. But if she is as tough as she thinks she is (and I do too) she will become a better person for the experience.

    • Comments (676)

      And by the way… My mother was famous for making up her own words and using real words out of context. But we all loved her for the person she was and wouldn’t want her any other way.

      • Comments (357)

        I have to laugh at your last comment Rita. My Mother was like that too! As kids, we would be like…Huh? Great memories and good times

      • Comments (271)

        Agree with both,my uncle wakes up everyday and writes a little good morn or how you all doing every morning he miss spells A LOT of words and some you have to read 2 or 3 times before you figure out what he says but that’s why we all love him,he starts out my day with a smile,Thanks Uncle Charles.

    • Comments (18)

      GM may have a learning disability. Maybe dyslexia or dysgraphia. It’s sad to see someone so upset. With that said she is a mean person for the way she treated the other house guests.

      • Comments (160)

        Yea, it’s hard for me to sympathize with someone who’s just been so awful to someone for NO apparent reason. Her speech and reading disability can be fixed BUT you can’t change someone’s race.

      • Comments (18)

        I agree with you

      • Comments (4)

        I can’t tell if GM is as dumb as she wants people to think or if part of that is game play. The Racism was way out of line, but by being the one that is a little slow and loveable one noone is too woried about her being smart enough to do anything onher own.

  2. Comments (45)

    So is jesse with judd or is judd with aaryn. Judds relationship status: #complicated

    • Comments (4)

      I think Jessie is with anyone that will give her attention and that is what makes
      her so annoying to people. Judd obviouly doesn’t want a relationship with her. Maybe if she learned how to dress for her bodytype and made herself look like she wasn’t pregnant and didn’t try to make friends by running around telling everyones secrets she could do better. I feel sorry for her.

  3. Comments (45)

    Just wondering whose everyones favorite HG of all time? Mine is Mike boogie

  4. Comments (316)

    I’m sort of out of the loop. I don’t get the live feeds so I miss a lot of stuff. I feel like throwing up over Spencers remarks on small children. Are we just going to sit and keep typing? Lets do something. I’ll sign a petition but lets do something more…

    • Comments (3)

      You’re overreacting in my opinion. Was what he said completely stupid? Yes. Was it absolutely disgusting? Yes. However, he was being facetious. Obviously if he was a true pedophile he wouldn’t have actually said that knowing that he’s being watched by America. He was holding McCrae’s microphone and acting like it was him saying that for production to hear. As for the details about the basement, well I have never watched child pornography myself but I’ve seen enough TV shows and movies that have been based on that happening in the basement. I think that anyone that makes a huge fuss over this and tries to get him kicked off the show is just as dumb as he was for making the comment. The fact that you didn’t see what happened and are going purely off of other people’s word about what happened is wrong. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that unless you know the facts and saw/heard them with your own eyes/ears, you should probably refrain from making any huge opinions that would lead to you wanting to sign a petition.

      • Comments (1)

        “I’ve seen enough TV shows and movies that have been based on that happening in the basement”. -Agree with this. I mean, if you’ve every watched Law and Order SVU, you probably know a lot more about child pornography than you ever wanted to know.

    • Comments (48)

      I just read this about Spencer on one of the BB posts:
      Spencer blurts out: ”I like to beat off to child p*rn. Did I ever tell y’all about that?” Well, I hope he never did tell us all about that and never does again!
      Andy replies with “Oh God” and Spencer doesn’t stop there: ”I love it. Beating off to child p*rn is my favorite thing there is. I love it when they’re around 3 or 4 years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they’re in a basement.”.
      These comments by Spencer make me sick to my stomach. Wasn’t Spencer also the one that made the Holocaust remark? My husband helped liberate the concentration camps. I could have wept over that comment of Spencer’s! Now this with child p’rn. BB casting and BB production have you lost your minds? Maybe you’re the ones who need to be voted out. Jus’ sayin’ – I agree with yearbooks, let’s do something!

    • Comments (357)

      No petition needed for this one yearbooks. I think that Spencer will be in for a rude awakening when he leaves this house. I also predict that he will be the 3rd HG to lose his job because of the diarrhea of the mouth. In due time yearbooks…in due time! Corporations don’t ant to be associated with this prehistoric notions that it;s OK to say whatever. I do however wish that people outside of the house would catch a clue that these HGs know they are being filmed. But since the beginning of the Season, no one (BB production) has called them out on it. So in their minds…it’s OK!

      • Comments (36)

        Spencer won’t lose his job because of union protection. I don’t know about the union his job is under but a lot of unions today would prevent you getting fired if you actually were a child molester. This is one example of why people are beginning to turn on unions.
        Having said that, I don’ t think he should be fired for a joke, no matter how despicable and disgusting.
        His karma will come with personal relationships. I wonder if his girlfriend is still his girlfriend? I find some of his other remarks about women in general and Jessie in particular very disturbing.

      • Comments (1)

        If you go to, you can read the article and actually watch the video. I think if he isn’t kicked out of the house, he will definitely have to suffer consequences when he does get out.

      • Comments (150)

        u r an idiot…..

      • Comments (357)

        WHO is an idiot cnoodleman? And what is so idiotic about any of the posts on this thread? Speak up….call it out!

      • Comments (1162)

        “……….but a lot of unions today would prevent you getting fired if you
        actually were a child molester.”

        Unions, as well as School Districts, not only have the authority to terminate
        teachers who commit sexual misconduct (physical/verbal) but they are
        also required to do so. It is the law.
        If a teacher believes one of her/his students is being abused at home, they
        are, also, required by law to report their concerns.

      • Comments (36)

        Try googling ‘ unions protect child molesters’ . I think you will be overwhelmed at the amount of examples you will find there.

      • Comments (1162)

        You should have been overwhelmed with the large number of BS articles
        Former CNN “reporter” Campbell Brown’s comments about
        Teachers Unions and her article in Rupert Murdoch’s, Wall St. Jr., have been
        completely discredited.

        While searching through the numerous articles found on Google, I suggest
        you locate and read the ones from credible sources. If you do, you will
        find that your “information” is incorrect.

  5. Comments (3)

    I agree with you about Jessie being girlfriend material but I also think that if Elissa was single she would make pretty good girlfriend material as well. Now I may have missed something but she’s about the only one in the house that has kept true to herself and not pushed her morals aside for the sake of the game.

    • Comments (357)

      I disagree, Candice kept to her morals as well. And look where that got her? She trusted and believed in the wrong people. I.E Spencer, Elissa, Helen and Howie.

      • Comments (1)

        I kind of disgree with Candice. she is a sweet person but she sux at big brother and elissa, spencer would have been on her side if she kept quiet. She made a scene when she thought Spencer was double crossing(which he wasnt). When all she needed to do was talk to him alone not have a house meeting to insult or confront him. I love her but to be in big brother u have to be low key or be like Racheal loud, mean,stands up for herself,not scared, annoying but wins challenges.

  6. Comments (238)

    Stevebeans, your a good human being. It’s natural for us to still see or look for a good side to someone. To me it’s not how smart a person may be but how they treat another is the true test of humanity. I recently read a quote that stated when someone says cruel things to you, it’s not you the person is speaking to, it’s their heart speaking about how they feel about themselves. I quit watching BB this season as it was too frustrating. I get all the information I need to be kept updated here. Bonus there are some great people here. You’re the first blogger I have followed. Keep up the great job!

      • Comments (231)

        Ginamarie will write her blog the same way that she speaks. As an educator who taught in Philadelphia schools, her speech patterns are also spoken here and are very common in some neighborhoods.

    • Comments (302)

      I agree JD. I find myself ripping many of these houseguest because it is very difficult to find compassion for a bully. I’m glad Stevebeans reminds me to at least think twice before posting(I’d then probably do it anyway). I do believe bullies aren’t born they’re made. I read once that Bullies & their victims are usually the least popular kids in school. Peer rejection can lead to many problems as an adult for both. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gina Marie had a learning disability or just struggled in school and was a target. Most of us would agree her reaction to spelling errors on a blog was not normal behavior. It’s odd to watch GM act so sweet sometimes then turn into a little terror as if to show off for the bad girls club that embraced her. It’s hard to watch some of the bullies in the house go unchallenged … that’s what bothers me the most. The Non-bullies staying silent instead of challenging the bullying behavior.

  7. Comments (40)

    I wish I could feel sorry for GM but SHIT nope! sorry for cursing Steve! She did Candice so wrong I mean wrong and you mean to tell me she can’t spell? Then wants to cry about it? You guys she said ” that’s what I liked about Nick he always made me feel smart” or something close to that. I am sorry I know I sound harsh but she should not be the first one jumping to talk about someone when she can’t spell the basics like Chicago! ok ok let me stop now because we all know I do not have the best grammar lol but I’m just saying.

    • Comments (676)

      I’m over feeling bad for GM. Thanks Greentea for making my brain flash back to all the nasty comments GM has made, especially to Candice but to all the HGs. The inability to spell does not give her reason for speaking the way she does about the HGs and the name calling. I bet she can spell those words just fine.

      • Comments (7)

        I agree. I don’t feel bad for her at all. She is getting back what she dished out about the other HG’s. She’s going to deal with the consequences of her actions.

        How do you read the blog? I have to see it.

      • Comments (873)

        It will be on the “Big Brother 15” website, most likely b4 the end of the week comes, and GM’s reign as HOH is over.

      • Comments (1)

        I can’t wait to read this blog too! She is so busy making racial comments, meanwhile she is as dumb as rocks. I’ll much rather be black than dumb. So over her and her pity party! Wonder what she’ll do when she learns america can’t stand her with her no morals having self. Guess she isn’t smarter than a fifth grader! #gohomeGMandreadabook

      • Comments (160)

        How about just “NOT be dumb” instead of comparing it to being black? I don’t mean to be rude but it’s as if you’re picking between the lesser evil if you phrase your argument that way. It’s like comparing xylophones and oranges; there’s nothing to compare at all.

      • Comments (150)

        cold, cold, heart..

    • Comments (453)

      She spells like she speaks.

    • Comments (31)

      I agree with you Greentea. Gm was very mean and I guess she forgot the old saying, “what goes around comes around!” Her day came around.

  8. Comments (676)

    Let’s not forget the things GM has said about the other HGs though. She’s probably bad mouthing someone as I’m typing this. There is no excuse for that in a 33 year old woman is as exposed to humans in America today.

    • Comments (3)

      Yes GM has said some very repulsive and unforgivable things about other HG’s, especially Candice, but as a human you can’t help but feel bad for a person when they are displaying themselves in the most vulnerable way possible. I can’t help but wonder if those tears had more to do with seeing tweets about her, Aryan and Amanda and her losing her job.

      • Comments (357)

        I doubt that she knows that she lost her job because of this. The fact that Production told them to cool it and they still continue? Reminds me that GM showed NO sympathy when she attacked the other HGs with her vile and hurtful words! No empathy or sympathy for GM because at the end of the day? Her words were more hurtful to some HGs. Then her ability to not know that if she took a deep breath in, slowed down the hyperness within, and looked for the spell check button? She would not be in this position right now. IJS

      • Comments (160)

        How about when Candice cried when she was being bullied? Did GM empathize with her? Of course not, she even put more fuel to the fire as she started mocking her! How about the time she cried because of Nick and Candice tried her best to comfort her?

  9. Comments (2)

    We sometimes seem to forget that the players are actual ppl. That they also have many moods. Sorry that GM, has had a rough day. However. I AM ASKING NO NO I ABEGGING PLEASE L
    LIMIT THE AIR TIME OF HER CRYING. I tend to get irritated with fake ppl crying. I HAVE no respect or patiencee for ppl that BULLY OTHERS. Which is what was done. No one deserved what happened to them in that house.

  10. Comments (40)

    RITA she was bad mouthing someone as you were typing her and Aar were in the hoh room talking about Candice again. Right now.

  11. Comments (2)

    What did Spencer say about kids? I sure hope if it was inappropriate thatt BB & CBS did not just sweep it under the carpet.

  12. Comments (40)

    okay seriously it is funny that we as humans push away people we need and that could help us the most in life. GM has a serious speech impediment Candice is a speech therapist. Once again I am just saying. This is a life lesson for me quick to listen slow to speak (judge)

    • Comments (1)

      Someone else made the comment that I know about Candice should help her out because she’s a speech therapist…Speech is not GM problem….Ignorance is…Candice can’t help her with that…that’s years of lost education.

      • Comments (31)

        Agree. If Gm knew the words she could say them. I think she missed some very early English classes. Candice cannot help her at this point…..that is not what a speech therapist does.

    • Comments (226)

      I’ve seen moments where GM talks completely “normal” and not all jersey shore. Her tough girl persona is probably her amour and at the end of the day she just wants to be liked. I’m not defending her remarks, just pointing out it all could be part of an act and/or deeper emotional issues.

      • Comments (77)

        I agree Saabgirl. I think it is an act and a bad one at that. I have heard jersey shore people talk and they do not sound as bad as GM does. It is also disgusting to watch when you know she is a 33 year old woman. Come on, she needs to grow up and act like an adult. You can be an adult and still have fun without talking like this.

  13. Comments (68)

    I sympathize to an extent. If u noticed Amanda & Aaron constantly correct her and talk about how many times they had to do it. GM, her tears mean nothing to me when she had made people to feel less in the house and she has talked bad about several of the players. Kinda think it’s all for sympathy from America. (Not). Don’t want to be harsh but if you know how it feels to be teased and not to be accepted for who you are then why so it to other people in the house. She might w as t to get some Kleenex, Cuz when she comes out and finds out all is not well in her world, it’s going to be devastating to her. Sad but true.

  14. Comments (1276)

    Let me start by saying I can not stand GM, she has said horrible things, that I don’t even know if she gets, or maybe understands is a better word, how hurtful and hateful her words are.
    That being said, I can’t stand seeing someone really upset. I have no idea if there is more going on then her just not being the sharpest knife, or what, but seeing anyone struggle with things most people take for granted is always hard.
    Stevebeans, this blog right is is exactly why I can’t stand the other sites and will be loyal to BB junkies as long as you are still writing it. You not only give great insight, and the basic play by play, but you do have a heart. It does bother you when they HG’s are hurting, even when they don’t deserve your sympathy. And, except for a little comment here or there, you are pretty damn good about not attacking the houseguests on a personal level, unlike so many of the other sites. I will continue to tell everyone I know who watches BB about this site.

  15. Comments (357)

    I would feel sorry for GM if she was one forth of a decent human being.Pardon my french but, Karma is a Bitch and she was just Bitch slapped!

  16. Comments (651)

    Stevebeans Have your timing belt done at the same time. They have to take the same stuff out to get to the water pump so if you have them done at the same time you save big $$ on labor.

    Also I’m having a kumbaya GM moment myself. Yes she’s mean (understatement)and yes she’s a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. But she has lost her job and is not likely to get another one. Employers don’t like risking lawsuits from an employee going off on another employee or customer. She’s not equipped to do anything else.

    Yes she brought this on herself but if I take joy in GM not having any future then aren’t I as bad as she is?

    • Comments (610)

      I agree Jackie. GM’s behavior is atrocious. But I do feel sorry for her in that she most likely won’t be able to get another job and that could crush her. As for the others, yeah, they’ll be pretty ticked off at first, but they’ll parlay that into something else, no big deal. I don’t know if they will ever show remorse. GM, maybe down the road. The others are too full of themselves.

      • Comments (1162)

        GM lost her employment with a Pageant Company, however she owns a Dance
        BUT – she may have lost a some of her students after their parents heard
        her comments or read about them.

      • Comments (10)

        GM and one ofthe others use language that dies not belong on tv. Watching after dark, I have to fast forward because they “swear like a sailor”. The other thing that bugs me is that they use “like” , like way too often. Also, they shouldn’t be allowed to smoke since it is also a bad example to the younger viewers, although there is an “18” warning for the show. Smoking is so disgusting!

    • Comments (150)


    • Comments (160)

      Oh please. No offence but she will get a job if she’s not picky. Sooner or later she will. SHE’S STILL YOUNG! It’s as if we’re talking about a 60 year old woman who’s ready to retire soon but lost her job. She always has the option to go back to school and get a degree. Who knows?!

  17. Comments (14)

    Hey! The cast bar is back up! I didn’t even notice it was gone at first.

    Anywho, I don’t feel bad for GM for all the reasons above. She’s a mean, nasty girl, the ugly came out in her and now all I see is the ugly in her. GM’s crying for the fact that she sounds stupid (which she does) when she talks/type. If her attitude wasn’t so stank in the beginning of the season, I’d might feel bad.

  18. Comments (768)

    So GM does a blog and misspells some words and gets upset with herself because she comes off as being dumb and uneducated. Oh well, could be that that she is!!! <– expiration points (for example) She has inflicted tons of hurt on other people in the house and I feel absolutely no sympathy for her at this point because she feels a moment of weakness. Just look at her speech in her nomination ceremony where she totally crapped on Candice and Jessie. There was absolutely NO need to be that harsh with either of them. Wallow in your own self pity GM. Karma's a bitch!

    • Comments (453)

      Well said. She trash talks others and laughs with others about it so she does understand what she is doing. I feel sorry for people who have learning problems, but a 33 year old bitch who takes delight in trash talking others and in her sick mind make her look better than the ones she is trashing doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy.

    • Comments (407)

      Here’s my question….didn’t she have to fill out and sign papers when she applied to BB, or is she another one that was “drafted” by CBS or BB employees? I guess she is a little more stupid than we thought.

      • Comments (1162)

        The CBS/BB staffers, responsible for admitting the majority of BB15’s House Guests,
        should be fired.

        How many thousands of BB fans try out each year and are rejected?
        Yet a BB staffer went into a Strip Club and recruited a bartender for the show………….. GAG!
        CBS/BB apparently has little respect for real BB Fans and it shows.

    • Comments (1436)

      And she laughed hysterically last night when Aaryn (staring at herself in the mirror for 10 minutes)said “If I didn’t have my extensions I would feel like a big lesbian tank.” GM is a mirror whore, too. Sorry, but she has always worried about her outer beauty rather than what’s inside – and now it caught up with her in a weak moment.
      No sympathy for GM – actually like seeing her feel the way she has been making Candie feel. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

  19. Comments (316)

    Production should try to sway the houseguests in the diary room to get Spencer out of the house. It doesn’t matter how he goes as long as he gets out. BAD MAN!

  20. Comments (1)

    LOL…love this show and all the crap that goes with it. The only one I like on this show is Spencer and truly hated seeing Howard go . . .these two are the only ones with any class. The rest are a bunch of underachieving actors. Let’s face it, it is a fake show made to appease the public using amateur actors. Bigger kick I get is CBS charging for the live feeds – talk about a rip off. Multi billion dollar company and they still have to hold their greedy hands out. We didn’t do that up here in Canada . . the feeds were free. Good job on the web site – sorry won’t be donating. Keep up the good work!

    • Comments (14)

      You say Spencer is the only one with class (not) but what about Candice and Elissa? Or Helen? I’d say Howard but the comment he made to Amanda, (I know he was joking) was still inappropriate and wasn’t even funny. I would have freaked out and twisted his words too if I was Amanda. And yes, Helen and or Elissa can be annoying but they’ve held themselves like grown, respectful women so far in this show.

      I, too, love the drama in this show, but this is the most distasteful season yet. I’m not impressed with anyone this season. The HGs are all scared and uneducated on how this game works. If they do not band together and get Amanda out, she will control the rest of the game. If she makes it to jury, she will manipulate anyone who walks in behind her. McCrea, Helen and Andy are in the same boat with her and I hope they all sink. Candice is an idiot for having googly eyes for Howard and now she’s one foot out the door. Spencer is a jerk/poser. We all know how America feels about GM and Aaryn…

      The only people who’ve played the cleanest game is Elissa, Jessie, and Judd. They can win this if they play their cards right. But, this is the Big Brother House, the game exists for back-dooring, lying and sneaking.

    • Comments (77)

      Skaggsy, we here in the states do not mind paying to watch live feeds. Feel free to not sign up for “OUR” live feeds.

  21. Comments (35)

    I don’t care how many people hate this, but I am beyond over hearing “but what about Candice…”. Not everything is about her. Not everything has to involve her.

    • Comments (357)

      Your so right Lady S,the world does not revolve around Candice. But for her to go through weeks of racist comments, looks of disgust, and talks of not being raised because she was adopted is a bit much. On top of that, she has NO friends in the house to vent to that won’t use that against her later. WE empathize and/or empathize with her because she is stuck in a house where people don’t like her because of the influence of a select few. How long could you stay in a house like that and still contain your composure? Enough said!

  22. Comments (40)

    live feeders!! please go to tonight at 7:20 really 726 ish its good Candice is putting her foot down her and Jessie are shinning light to Helen!

    • Comments (768)

      And unfortunately Helen excused herself to go find Jessie’s nail file and then ran right up to the HOH room to tell GM and Aaryn everything Candice just said…. twit!

      I’m finding watching the live feeds more and more painful all the time.

      • Comments (873)

        I do not like Hell-on at all, I find her as irritating as Andy.

      • Comments (1162)

        Question – Is the sound good on the Live Feeds?

        It is awful on the majority of BBAD.

      • Comments (768)

        Yes, the sound is good MM. They’re just so booooring to watch right now. Four cameras…two of them pointed at Amanda and McCrae sleeping in a bed and two pointed at Candice, Helen and Jessie in the backyard. It was like they were the only people in the house for half an hour.

      • Comments (1162)

        Thanks, Rob.

    • Comments (1162)

      Helen – “If Jessie wins HOH, I’m going to self-evict.”

      Bye, Bye!!!!

  23. Comments (9)

    I guess it’s pretty pointless to put my two cents in, at this point. However, it is just crazy how people are jumping on every statement these people make (in order to be “happily offended.”) I was offended (initially) by the statements that Aaryn and Gina Marie made. I felt rewarded when I found out the real world was awaiting them. I just think that joining the lynch mob and demanding that the network change the rules and evict someone for non-violent behavior is silly.
    Also, what is with all of the outrage about Candice possibly being evicted in her costume? This is not a new BB concept. Candice had every opportunity to make alliances and play the game. She failed. I don’t think any of the racist statements (however offensive) would have changed that.
    I don’t like any of these people much at all. CBS keeps trying to skew ratings to a younger demographic~so, we get morons. I have watched this show since the first season…which means I’m too old to enjoy the antics of the idiotic twenty-something.

  24. Comments (1)

    GM said a bunch of nasty things and she isa bully! And it makes sense that her ignorant ass is functionally illiterate. Usually bullies pick on people who are smarter than them, pretty than them. Hitler was that kind of racist bully! I’m glad she is crying I am glad she is embarrassed. She should be she is loser. I am glad that company she use to work for is smart enough to not subject children to her ignorance!

  25. Comments (302)

    From invisible floater to stand-up gal. It’s amazing listening to Jessie make the most sense in the house right now. She has talked herself blue in the face trying to convince Helen that now is the time to act on Amanda. She has also figured out that Andy is the King Ratfink of the house and she needs to plant that seed with the rest of the house. I can’t stand listening to people like Helen and Judd blame the likes of Candice and Jessie for ruining their game .. what game??? Do what the house wants every week. Jessie with the line of the season “This game is how far can you stick your head up Amanda’s A$$!!!” Truer words never spoken.

  26. Comments (12)

    Question. In the house, is there zero tolerance for physical abuse i.e. shoving, slapping? if so, why is there tolerance for verbal abuse (BLATANT racist comments directed to HG?) A missed opportunity to teach TOLERANCE. teaching isn’t a guarantee that a person learns but u won’t know unless you try. I know, Im an idealist…BBproducers you might still be able to turn this around…instead of silently approving the RACISM (insert VERY HEAVY SARCASM-oh I’m sorry you do have disclaimer stating you don’t necessarily agree with comments made).

    • Comments (226)

      Totally agree. I would expect BB to say something to them or call them to the DR each times it happens. I mean BB is not only all knowing, but powerful. “He” can stop it if he wants…

  27. Comments (1)

    Mercuy posted:
    “Candice had every opportunity to make alliances and play the game. She failed. I don’t think any of the racist statements (however offensive) would have changed that.”

    I totally disagree with you. The racial comments started almost from the very beginning of the season. Everyone in the house felt that the comments were out of line and even Amanda, who is guilty of making plenty of racial comments herself, even tried to get Aaron to dial it down a notch. When Jeremy & Aaron won the competition and Jeremy gave the HOH to Aaron is when things started to change. Everyone was kissing up to Aaron big time and saying that her comments weren’t racist and they weren’t that bad at all when they were outraged by them just the week before. I don’t feel that Candace and Howard were ever given a fair shake in the game from this point on.

    • Comments (160)

      So true… and I remember Spencer saying that Howard and Candice were selected, not because of merit, but to be the token black people. Like wtf?! What makes him, Spencer, so special?

  28. Comments (1)

    Stevebeans- I love to read your blogs you give us play by plays, fun little comments, and funny enough you sound like a friend debating about the HG. I can say you are a great blogger I look forward to your updates everyday and sad when you can’t blog lol. Keep up the great work!

  29. Comments (624)

    F Gina Marie. Jersey should be ashamed of her.

    • Comments (8)

      Whoa! stop the clock! Let’s get this very, very straight here. GinaMarie is from Staten Island NEW YORK! Much like the collection of idiots from the Jersey Shore….theses are all NY refuse. Please don’t assume this human vomit is from the beautiful Garden State.

      See, this why we New Jersey people keep our borders all fouled up with ugly sites like Newark and Camden, it’s to discourage the mental midgets from NYC and Philly from crossing over into our state.

      Go back to NYC Gina!

  30. Comments (26)

    The Spencer thing while not surprising surely is disgusting. He is serious. I bet they find stuff on his computer. I guess he is BB “token” whack job.

    Helen – do you EVER shut up? You have something to say about every conversation that has taken place. You and GM need to be locked in the room to death so you can determine which of “youuus” will have the last word.

    Amanda – please cover up that “unique” body of yours. Come on Mc you can do better than that. Manda is so jealous of how beautiful candy is.

    ANDY – you and spencer would make a great couple. You can share digging, scratching, picking and then eat or drink something. You two are so Nasty. You do have the creep factor in common.

  31. Comments (143)

    I read th eblog b/c it is not too long but not too short, gives just enough information. Other BB sites have either 1 liners or a too long list and I don’t have time to read 3 pages of what happened.

  32. Comments (1)

    GM is a horrible, vile human being. I feel no sympathy for her. She is a bully because she knows that she is worthless. I feel that if your going to be evil you can’t go around crying looking for sympathy.

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