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Big Brother 15 – GinaMarie And Amanda Have It Out

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Last night in the Big Brother house was a strange one indeed.  Sometime around midnight BBT, the feeds went down for a little while, and when they came back up, the veto competition players were picked.  Nothing something that happens on a Friday evening, which made people wonder if they were going to do a weird overnight PoV competition – spoiler alert: they didn’t.   I do think the PoV is going to be pretty early today because it makes no sense for them to draw names otherwise… unless they were just egging the house on for a fight – which they got.

Watch the flashback of arguments here


Before I get into the argument, here are the veto competition players today:

Elissa, Aaryn, McCrae, Judd, GinaMarie and Amanda.


I am really crossing my fingers for an extremely wild and shocking veto competition… the ‘what would you do for veto’ because if there was a week to do it, it’s this week.  With Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and GinaMarie all playing for either MC or Amanda, that’s 4 solid people who are willing to do a lot to win that competition.  Please make it happen BB, please!!

Now, the fight….

At some point in the few hours I missed due to the house slowing down, Elissa appears to have had a change of plans on her target this week.   She went up to Aaryn and told her not to worry, and the main plan is to backdoor Amanda, or simply vote out McCrae if nominations remain the same.  Naturally, it’s going to be a bit hard for Aaryn to start trusting Elissa, but I am wondering if GM actually was able to get in her ear.  If so, it will be a crazy twist of fate that the mouth from Jersey actually had a decent sized role in splitting Amanda/McCrae up this week.


Elissa and GM were in the kitchen doing some whispers on the plan, and every time Amanda walked by they shut up and played it off as something different.  Neither are very good actors, and Amanda quickly caught on to what was going on.

Flashback to 12:26am to watch the blowup unfold as Amanda had enough of the two acting very shady every time she entered the room.  Amanda decided to call GM on the massive amounts of shit talk she has done about Elissa throughout the season, and GM was having no part in that.  In one of the most shocking moments of the season, Amanda was the one who couldn’t get a word in as GinaMarie screamed at her about… well, whatever GM was talking about.   The ‘bully’ tried to bully the wrong person last night, and it resulted in Amanda slinking away into the other room.


The fight goes on for a bit, but I’m no good at describing word for word what happens, so just pop up the flashback and watch it.

Now, to today… the veto competition.  Easily the biggest competition of the season so far, and just about all the right people are playing in it today.  If Elissa is telling the truth and Amanda or McCrae are the real targets, it really doesn’t matter who wins, but they don’t know that.  People are going to bust their asses to win it, especially Aaryn and GM to secure Aaryn’s safety.  Sure, Elissa may have promised safety, but promises mean noting inside that house.

I will be covering it throughout the day, but for now I leave you with another poll…

[polldaddy poll=7344409]

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