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Big Brother 15 – Jeremy: A Legend In His Own Mind

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Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Thursday, and you know what that means – Eviction Night!!! The most unpredictable night inside the Big Brother house when tempers flare, some rejoice, some cry, and some act like people died (*cough* GinaMarie).  The past two weeks, there have been major blindsides which rocked the worlds of Aaryn’s alliance of ignorance.  Sadly, I expect tonight to be a predictable eviction which will send Jeremy packing and the 3rd straight guy to leave the BB house.  This will leave the girls scattering trying to find new alliances, so it should be both entertaining and pathetic at the same time.

livefeed2Watch the live feeds now!

Losing Jeremy is a little bittersweet for bloggers like myself, mostly because the entertainment and drama he brings to the show.   Sure, his ego is the size of his home state, he pisses off a large portion of people every time he calls himself the “Cherokee Chief”, and his slicked back hair style makes him look like a complete douchebag.  That said, nobody can deny he brought a little drama to the table this season, even if he wasn’t directly involved in most of it (minus the wine incident Helen still talks about).  His ‘mean girls’ crew stuck together under him and created one of the most entertaining nights on the live feeds in a very long time, but with him gone they’ll likely split up and calm down.


One thing that was a bit funny is how he thinks he’ll be a guaranteed ‘all-star’ selection if the show ever runs another season like that.  If your boat gets an internet connection, and you’re reading this at some point, you won one veto.. that’s it.  Sure, you dropped off the bag for a guaranteed ‘never-not pass’, and you gave away the HoH to Aaryn when you both won the challenge, but Big Brother historians will see you as a random person who flat out won just one competition.  You’re probably going to be remembered more for being associated with two of the biggest a-holes in Big Brother history (Aaryn and GM) than whatever you did in the game.

This Big Brother talk show!
This Big Brother talk show!

Anyway, I will update this thread throughout the day if anything interesting happens.  The big thing that happened in the house last night was the talk show segment the house put on for BBAD.  It was funny at times, slow at other times, but more entertaining than watching Jeremy and Kaitlin make out for 2 hours. As someone who watches show like ‘The Next Food Network Star’, it was actually impressive how some of the house handled the talk show environment.  Why bring up that show?  It reveals the weird things show hosts have to do/think of during segments.. like bringing up their past while not slipping over words, etc.  (I’m over-analyzing this show)

If you want to watch the talk show, turn on the live feeds and flashback to 9:25pm. One of the funnier moments is when Aaryn came out with different pieces of clothing for the house to guess who it belonged to, and she finished with a handful of band-aids.  If you don’t understand the band-aid reference, you need the live feeds!  (hint: Amanda, band-aids, lots of skin)

I will be updating this thread throughout the day if anything exciting happens. There could be some last minute scrambling as Jeremy realizes he’s actually leaving, so we’ll have to see what happens!  Stay tuned!

update: Feeds are on trivia as the houseguests get ready for tonight.  I hope they go live sometime before the show.  It is very fun to watch them prep for the live show. It’s a weird behind the scenes feeling as they talk about what will happen tonight, get their seats ready, etc.   Little things like that amuse me…

second update:  If you’re reading this far, thank you again for the donations this season.  I love my readers, you make it so fun to tweet and blog!



12:56pm – Yay, feeds are back up and the houseguests are getting ready for tonight!

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