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Big Brother 15 – Jeremy Wipes His Butt With Elissa’s Hat


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The night before an eviction is typically hit or miss depending on how confident certain people are in the house.  Tonight, Dave’s friends are pretty confident Elissa is going home, so Jeremy told him not to worry and just relax.  For some reason, he then decided it was a good idea to take her hat and wipe it on his butt.

You can flashback to this scene at 6:55pm (7/3) to watch Jeremy completely make an ass out of himself (pun intended).  He was then called into the diary room for a solid 20 minutes but came out and didn’t say anything about it.  There is no word yet on a punishment, if any, but after the rough ride this cast has had so far this season, most are hoping something will happen.  Perhaps a public apology, maybe taking away his havenot pass, or something along those lines.

This leads me to my second thought, am I missing something about Elissa? Look, I am definitely no Rachel fan and wanted to puke every time her and Brendon were on screen during both BB13 and The Amazing Race.  That said, Elissa is no Rachel, at least not yet.  Sure, she has had some work done to her body, but her personality isn’t the same, yet half the house is really treating her pretty bad.

Right now, Elissa is coming off a hell of a lot better than Aaryn, GinaMarie, or even Kaitlin, Jessie and Amanda at many points.  A lot of people are upset because she got the first MVP, and possibly could have won more, but the irony is that she’s earning more and more votes out of sympathy alone.  I had no real interest in her coming into the house, but even I’d vote for her just to piss off people like Aaryn and GM.

What do you think of the Elissa situation so far?  Is she being unfairly targeted, or did I miss some part of the feed where she’s been mean to people?

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  1. Comments (8)

    They need to leave her alone! She is by far a nicer person than alot of the others in that house.

  2. Comments (2)

    I would vote for her to stay over some of them……of course it is early in the season. They really should give her a break.

    • Comments (15)

      I agree. She has been treated horribly for no reason other than her family connection. Jeremy has shown what an idiot he truly is. I hope she stays just to spite these awful people.

  3. Comments (151)

    She is kind of annoying, but so was Rachel and she is one of my fav’s (I hate to admit). I’d rather deal with somebody perceived as annoying, than some mean girl like aaryn. I knew aaryn would be a b word when she kept going on and on about how Elissa is Rachel’s sister (I don’t watch the live feeds). Who cares? I’m cheering for Nick cuz he’s funny. Or elissa. I like a good underdog story! Except for Ian last summer. He DID NOT deserve to win against Dan.

    • Comments (231)

      Ian was great

      • Comments (3)

        Dan was Greater! 😀

      • Comments (3)

        Dan WAS great up until he crossed a line that he didn’t have to. For proof of that, just look at Ian. He won without crossing that line and turning into a total jerk. The better man won….no doubt about it. It should’ve been Dan, but he forgot TO THINE OWNSELF BE TRUE.

  4. Comments (10)

    The caSt is catty.. Elissa is nice, the only thing they hold against her is that she is Rachel’s sister… they need to realize that she is her own person..

  5. Comments (1)

    i think she is totally get the shaft. what sucks is she if she does manage to stay through this week, she will be a fierce competitor making a solid dent in the MC alliance. she had the chance to get one of them nominated this week, and didn’t take it. this could have been her only real shot to stay in the game based on her alone and nobody else. im so frustrated!

  6. Comments (1)

    Jeremy is a scumbag jerk. He freaked out because he thought people were talking about evicting him (haha- loser) so he had a meltdown and yelled at people. Then, he was completely disrespectful to Elissa because he thinks she is going home. I wish Big Brother would just break the rules just this once and put together a “Greatest Clips” video and play it for the houseguests. They could put Aaron and GM’s comments on there. Jessie’s Twilight dilemma would absolutely be on there. At least all the HG would know who (or should I say what?) kind of people they are dealing with.

  7. Comments (143)

    I don’t see what she did so bad. She is a former contestants sister, its not her fault, she can’t control what her family did. What was she suppose to do come out and say I am rachel’s sister look at me. Then they’d hate her for being a show off. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  8. Comments (18)

    She’s been lying to a few of the houseguests, as seen in the previous episode. Although, I don’t think she deserves all this trash, and I can tell that she is a semi-good player. If only the word in the PoV competition was 1 word she would be safe.

    • Comments (1276)

      That’s part of the game. There is a big difference between lying in the BB house and in real life. Even if this was the real world, and they weren’t in the BB house, they shouldn’t be saying they would like her to get stabbed, beat up and messing up her personal belongings. It’s childish, gross, and borderline illegal.

      • Comments (3)

        OMG! Have they really said they want her to get stabbed?!?!? WTF!!! That’s horrible on SO MANY levels. I want to fly to LA just to be there when Jerkemy and his ilk get evicted and call them out for their cruel behavior.

  9. Comments (231)

    Elissa is being unfairly treated. She can’t open her mouth without someone jumping down it. McC and Amanda screwed her when she went to game with mcC. Then Amanda ( the snake) brought those 5 beasts to confront her. She was gaming and went to a reasonable hg ( I thought) and he wussed out. Nick had the right move. McC is thinking with the wrong head and Amanda is a viper. We don’t even know what she can do bc of the hostility towards her keeps her quiet. Jerkemy — what can I say, does she know about the hat, was it washed or replaced. I’m worried!

  10. Comments (8)

    All I can say is this I agree when I heard she was Rachael’s sister I sighed but I sort of thought maybe the twist was they all were related to past players but the people I liked at first have shown that there appearance is pretty but personality is otherwise. I hope Elissa stays in the house and wins HOH and kicks some booty, namely the Pizza boy (for being 2 faced) and Jeremy (for just being an ass) and America should give her MVP and then she can throw Jessie or Kaitlin in there….THAT WOULD BE EXCITING

  11. Comments (5)

    This has to be the worst cast ever on BB. I love Elissa and how she has been handling herself. Jeremy, Aaryn and GM should all be evicted this week and they should bring in alternates or something. I am sick to my stomach about the goings on. I am a superfan and love this show more than anything, but do not condone racism, homophobes, and violent treatment towards woman. Enough is enough.

  12. Comments (1)

    I really like Elissa the best, so far, she has more class than any of the rest of them..That being said, this so far is the worst bunch of house guests EVER..

  13. Comments (191)

    Jeremy is a dick.

  14. Comments (24)

    Really ? Wow, It was made way too obvious who the MVP would be, and I can see where it would make the other house guests feel as though they were trying to see if they were smart enough to figure it out, Is it just me or is that using elissa ? I feel bad for her, I hope Jeremy’s punishment is that he gets evicted and Elissa gets to stay ! I was a Rachel fan, yep she was annoying as ever, but she was a heck of a player !!!

    • Comments (231)

      Rachel’s antics made me scream most of the time but she was a fighter and in the end she won. I liked Rachel for her game and Elissa is not Rachel. I raised identical mirror twins and they are completely different. I did not treat them the same.

  15. Comments (1)

    Rachel’s sister?!?! How come no one else anywhere has realizes there are other siblings on the show! This is so great I won’t ruin the fun just notice who the blond looks and sounds like :). Brittany right? Who else looks like siblings?

  16. Comments (1276)

    Not only is Jerkemy gross, but that could be something that would make her physically sick. While they should have called him in the DR, the least they could have done is then told him he had to throw it in the wash, if not completely replace it. Haven’t people been repremanded in the past for messing with peoples personal items? And I don’t remember anyone doing something that disgusting.
    I’ve been saying Elissa’s not being treated fairly. Yes she’s Rachels sister, and while they look a lot alike, she is not annoying, she seems like a sweet and grounded person. She’s way more mature than Rachel (maybe due to being a mommy and a wife) and doesn’t go after people the way Rachel did. Plus, she seems to have the fight in her that Rachel did, but isn’t in your face about it.
    The only thing I’ve seen her do wrong is not just going ahead and saying that she’s Rachel’s sister, but as mentioned above, she would be targeted for telling or not telling.
    I really hope CBS not only shows the kinds of things these houseguests are doing and saying, but actually take some kind of action. And by action I don’t mean getting called to the DR and getting a slap on the wrist. At minimum Jerk should loose his “Not have Not” pass, and maybe they should even make all of the racists be Have Not’s, I’m not sure how they would work that in, but these people need to go. If CBS let’s these horrible people stay in the race for this much money, well shame on CBS.

    • Comments (2)

      Christina, season 2 Hardy had the toilet scrubbed with his toothbrush.

      • Comments (1276)

        I thought there was a toilet/toothbrush incident, but I couldn’t remember who it happened to, so I thought I must be wrong. Either way, it’s gross, and shouldn’t go un punished.

  17. Comments (1276)

    On a side note, Stevebeans, and everyone else, do you all still think that David will get voted out? I’m really not trusting that they won’t end up Sending Elissa home. I hope they get rid of David, guilt by association plus I don’t want him protecting the really bad ones. I just don’t think, from what it looked like last night with the little bit of BBAD I got to see last night, that she is going to get to stay.

  18. Comments (316)

    Jeremy is out of control. Spencer is too but he gets less air time. Aaryn and GM are just too painful to watch at this point. Of the girls, Elissa and Amanda are the most decent. Maybe Helen too but I hardly ever see her so can’t be sure. I like back stabbing in this show, but not the below the belt kind. i like the kind that is playfully mean lol. where no one really gets hurt and everyone can plot against eachother and be sly just not harmful if u know what I mean…

  19. Comments (2)

    I can’t get over the ridiculous behaviours from this year’s contestants! It’s like they cast a bunch of immature 14 year olds! They are all showing their Klassy sides. Hope their parents are proud!

  20. Comments (1)

    BB should do a twist, by saying you cannot vote out a MVP. Then they can save Elissa

  21. Comments (231)

    Jerkemy was made to apologize to elissa and he acted contrite. I hope it doesn’t make him worse bc he is so jealous of her. this happened after 2:00 am east coast. Tonight is going to be hard to watch bc mcC better have his ducks in a row. Nick had the right move bc Elissa is a great ally.

  22. Comments (77)

    I would love to see Dave go tonight, then Jeremy and then Aaryn. That would send shockwaves through the house. Would be interesting to watch.

  23. Comments (1)

    Honestly, I hope Elissa gets MVP every week because right now she is the only one that isn’t annoying. These rasict, annoying attention w**res need to leave right away. Definatley hope Elissa takes it all, just so Jeremy can go cry to his nasty girlfriend.

  24. Comments (1)

    This is a horrible cast. Why have they hired such young idiots! Just because they are good looking. I think the horrible comments should be addressed to the house guests and why do they put men on the show that are going to be so horrible women. I am very close to stop wasting my time on this show that use to be a favorite!

  25. Comments (4)

    It amazes me that CBS/Big Brother can call Jeremy into the diary room for 20 minutes for his disgusting actions, but not for the racial slurs by others.

  26. Comments (1)

    I agree….terrible casting with this group!! I have been watching since Season 1, and IMO this group is as bad as the year, that they did a winter BB (during Hollywood’s writer strike).

  27. Comments (1)

    Elissa, Helen, and maybe Candice (“??) all act like grownups and Elissa has been the biggest surprise. She’s not only more gorgeous than her sister, but a lovely, classy young woman, who doesn’t deserve the attitude some have displayed toward her. Ditto Helen and Candice. The other girls are pigs and just vile, as are certain of the guys.

    I just subscribed to the live feeds, because I can tell this season is going to get interesting…in the meantime 2 houseguests have already lost their outside jobs because of their behavior inside the house…”Expect the Unexpected” Indeed! I hope Elissa stays!!

  28. Comments (178)

    Elissa was marked for eviction simply because she is Rachel’s sister, which is extremely unfair. From what I can see, Elissa has kept a fairly low profile in the house. She appeared to be friendly with Andy and Helen and that is why they have also become targets. The “logic” of some of those immature females in that house is mind boggling. Some of the women appear to be jealous of Elissa and not only because she is Rachel’s sister. I believe they are hoping to systematically eliminate the female competition. As for what Jeremy did with Elissa’s hat, that was despicable and it deserved more than a verbal reprimand from Big Brother. I would applaude CBS if they had Jeremy evicted from the show. He would not be missed. Hopefully, he takes Aaryn with him when he leaves.

  29. Comments (1)

    Jerkemy is a gutless little punk. I’ve at least watched most of every season since season two, but will not watch this anymore after just four episodes (unless they get rid of Jerkemy & Aa(irhead)ryn).

  30. Comments (1)

    She is NOTHING like her sister Rachel, besides looks and voice. I was dreading her coming into the house because I wasn’t the biggest Rachel fan and I was not looking forward to Elissa coming in and being just like her sister. But, she is nothing like Rachel. Everyone seems to think she is just a huge threat because she is related to a legend. Related is completely different than actually being. She isn’t as good in the game as Rachel was but I like her so much and she does not deserve to be treated this way. No one does. This is just downright disrespectful, disgusting, and childish.

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