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Big Brother 15 – Live Double Eviction Thread

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bb15-ginamarie-hohroom (1)The summer of ‘the fix’ is about to come to an end tonight in the Big Brother house.  Early in the season, some anonymous person on facebook posted a status that they had first hand info that Amanda is friends with the producer of Big Brother, and the entire summer was rigged in her favor to win.


Yes, all those competitions she didn’t win, the MVP twist that put her on the block like three times, and all the edits that showed her in a completely awful light.  It was very clear she had so much pull in the Big Brother house that the other houseguests should have just forfeited the game.  I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, but it was almost hilarious how many conspiracy theories were out there this year.   Note for next summer, just read this blog and ignore any links in the comment section.

If something crazy happens where production steps in and they give Amanda a special veto power tonight, ignore everything I just said.


With 10 minutes to go, let me say real quick..

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Live Updates….

6:00pm – And we’re off!


6:05pm – Time to go through the highlights from the last few days.  I wonder if they’ll be able to squeeze in the fight from last night.

6:10pm – I’d love to see Spencer go home simply because people volunteering to go on the block should go home.  Pawns are usually the first killed off.. unless they’re the pawns that just kind of sit around all game with almost no purpose.


Anyway, Julie announces this is the 500th episode, and announces the double eviction (which they already knew).  I like how Julie tried to sound sneaky but the house pretty much expected it all week long.

Quick votes:

Judd – Amanda
McCrae – Spencer
Elissa – Spencer
Andy – Amanda

It’s a tie…  GinaMarie will be the tiebreaker…

GinaMarie wearing Nick’s hat (crazy), tells Amanda to ‘get to steppin’ and evicts Amanda from the house.

Andy tries to play it off like he voted for Amanda, trying to pretend shocked.  Amanda saw right through it and said ‘I thought I could trust you’ and he said ‘Amanda, you can!’  (She can’t)


6:20pm – During the exit messages, Andy does admit that he voted her out and admits his alliance.  He said he didn’t come this far to finish 3rd.  Considering the entire jury is friendly with Andy, I have a feeling he’s going to finish 3rd regardless (unless he wins his way into the final 2).  There is no chance anyone in that house is going to voluntarily take Andy to the final 2 unless they want to lose.

6:25pm – Like expected, the HoH competition is one where they run to a pit, search for 2 dog bones.. .let’s hope someone doesn’t throw the bone out of the pit (Jeff).

McCrae wins HoH!

6:30pm – Nominations begin….

GinaMarie and Elissa have been nominated.  (good job, dummy.  Elissa was on your side)

6:40pm – PoV time… Everyone is playing

It’s the maze one where player has to move a toy car through the maze.. another recycled comp

The winner of the PoV – JUDD

6:50pm – Veto results:  Judd doesn’t use the veto.


Eviction Results:

Andy – Elissa
Spencer – Elissa
Judd – Elissa

Elissa has been evicted 3-0

6:55pm – Elissa talking to Julie tells her she thinks McCrae flipped on Amanda.  Julie looked at her like she was crazy.  Apparently Andy is a good actor and will probably win the game

6:58pm – Eviction episode Wednesday and Thursday this week.  HoH competition will be played later.

What we learned tonight:

– Elissa is dumb (seriously, McCrae voted out Amanda?)
– McCrae is dumb (he can’t see Andy’s shadiness)
– Andy is a good actor (he’s going to win BB15 if he can get to F2)

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