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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction, HoH, and Post Eviction Thread!

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Which direction will Kaitlin go when Jeremy leaves?

As we near the 3rd live eviction show for Big Brother, tension begins to build in the house over the potential direction the next HoH will take it.  Seeing as it is likely the ‘What did America vote’ contest which literally anyone has the chance to win, things could shake up quite a bit tonight.  I have a feeling Andy is going to win it, but if Kaitlin, GinaMarie, or even Howard / Spencer win it, the other side of the house should buckle in because the week could get interesting.


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It’s pretty much set in stone that Jeremy will be heading out the door, so the conversation with Julie Chen should be interesting, but I wouldn’t hope for anything crazy.  Keep in mind, Jeremy’s big issue is his ego, not so much his words.  While he was a little rough around the edges, he is mostly tied to the negativity for being in an alliance with Aaryn and GinaMarie.  I’m not defending him by any means, he is quite the d-bag and I’d never want my daughter to date someone like that (especially the way he talks about women). That said, he’s a dime a dozen on reality shows these days.  Had he not aligned with Aaryn and GM, it’s likely few would think twice about it.

I will be updating this thread throughout the show, as well as live tweeting.   Keep checking back as the show begins!   Have fun and enjoy!


9:00pm – The show is on!  Time for some clips about how evil Aaryn is while ignoring GinaMarie.

The producer of Big Brother also tweeted that there will be some new type of power tonight.  Viewers will have the power like never before.  Guess we’ll find out what that is.

9:10pmRehashing prank night.  Was pretty funny to see GinaMarie’s reaction. She has lost it.

9:20pm – Julie talks to the house for the first time.  She chats with Elissa first because that will be her only airtime for the next week.   Candice next, asked about bed flip and just deflected the question.  Howard admits he is now conscious free.   Still no talk to Aaryn from Julie .   Time to meet the parents of McCrae and Amanda.

9:25pm – The segment with the families was decent, but eviction time after the break!



Candice – Jeremy
Andy – Jeremy
Howard – Jeremy
Elissa – Jeremy
Kaitlin – Spencer
GinaMarie – Jeremy
Amanda – Jeremy
McCrae – Jeremy
Jessie – Jeremy
Judd – Jeremy

Jeremy is evicted 9-1!

9:40pm – Julie talking to Jeremy about his bully image, apparently he thinks it’s because he has such an amazing profile.

9:45pm – Twist change.  No more Elissa as MVP, now we get to vote who will be nominated. It’s basically the production saying ‘please evict Aaryn’

9:50pm – New HoH time.  It’s the trivia based on what America voted this week.  They guess what America picked, which means it’s basically a crapshoot.

Round 1 – Nobody
Round 2 – Andy, Amanda, Candice, Elissa out (living at home question)
Round 3 – Nobody
Round 4 – Nobody
Round 5 – (duke of dork) Aaryn, Jessie, GinaMarie out
Round 6 – (sultan of sexy) Howard, Spencer out


Final round – Judd, Kaitlin, McCrae — winner: JUDD!

Julie is going to drop a hint that the MVP has changed.  I was hoping it was still going to be anonymous so everyone will wonder who put (Aaryn) up this week.

Turns out Julie didn’t give much away, just told them to expect the unexpected.  I think they’ll figure it out when Elissa doesn’t say she won, but here is hoping for some drama!

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Live Update time!  (now converting back to BBT for the feeds)

Thursday’s are tough.  I am a dork and play an online video game that schedules a guild thing on Thursday nights.  Of course live eviction comes first, but after that I jump in game for about an hour then I’m back to the feeds!   Sorry about the delay in updates, time to see whats’ going on in the house

8:45pm – Aaryn’s seduction of Judd underway.  She’s on the same bed with him, and I expect to see a lot of her in the HoH room this week.  This should create some drama between her and Jessie.

9:25pm – Jessie and Spencer talking about the potential twist that Julie hinted at.  They’re wondering about the 3 evicted people competing to come back.  Spencer also thought that there will be a pandora’s box that removes the MVP.  He’s close to an MVP twist.  They’ll figure it out soon.



9:40 – Elissa sighting!

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