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Big Brother 15 – The Meltdown Begins


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Like expected, it’s been quite an entertaining night on the live feeds (get them here – 2 days free) since the live eviction.  GinaMarie is not taking the eviction too well, and she’s been bawling uncontrollably at times, in shock others, and (as the picture above shows) angry at other times.


Team Ignorance has tried to support her, but it’s hard for someone like Aaryn to offer a comforting shoulder considering she’s as warm and inviting as a blizzard on Antarctica.  Jeremy has been off shmoozing with the winners, and Kaitlin seems to have already checked out (to be fair, I’m not sure she ever really ‘checked in’ other than to get a showmance going).

On the winners side, Candice is vouching for Howard as a man of god saying the other vote had to have been Jessie.  This leaves Jessie in a lousy situation after being embarrassed during the live show by Julie, she then becomes an outsider to both sides.  I went from making fun of Jessie and her ego to feeling really bad for her and thinking she seems like a sweet person.. I must be soft.

Don’t worry too much about Jessie, however.  Amanda is still in the house and she is smart enough to see past the vote split between Howard/Spencer.  She sat in the cockpit room with McCrae, Judd and Andy and they mentioned how slimy those two players have been, and how that group needs to protect Jessie this week because they’re going to be after her hard. That group believes Jessie voted with them (she did), and knows it was likely Howard who voted the other way.

One noticeable thing from this night is the house is starting to split into 3 smaller groups.  Here are the current groups now..

Team Ignorance – Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, GinaMarie
Team Boy/Girl Next Door – Judd, Amanda, Jessie, Andy, McCrae
Team Girl Power– Candice, Helen, Elissa

Free Agents – Spencer, Howard

I will be doing some live blogging for those who don’t have the feeds.  If you do, turn them on, seriously.

10:09pm – Jessie is sitting in the bedroom with Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy.  Kaitlin and Aaryn are giving her crap about the vote, and talking down to her in a mocking tone because she flipped sides.  I give Jessie credit for standing up to those girls, she has some guts.

Judd walks in and Kaitlin gives him a ‘Judd, get the f**k out of here right now’.  Very intense right now

Judd escorts Jessie out the door, and Aaryn promptly starts making fun of her using Judd as a ‘last call’ situation.

10:15pm – Amanda is calming Jessie down in the bathroom when Jeremy comes in and says what they did was uncalled for.  Amanda scolds him that he should have jumped in, but he didn’t want to get in the middle of a girl fight, he’d look like a bully.

In comes Judd getting worked up about the situation, calling Aaryn and Kaitlin animals for the way they acted.  I love Judd, he seems like such a nice guy.  Andy then offers his bed to Jessie and he’ll sleep in the havenot room for the night.

10:28pm – Jessie had to get some stuff from the room that Team Ignorance has decided to take over, so Amanda went with her. Naturally, the mean girls didn’t say anything in front of Amanda, but the second they leave, Kaitlin starts making fun of how Jessie had to bring in a body guard.  They don’t really see how awful they’re acting to people in the house.


10:39pm – Aaryn decides to flip a mattress over.  This is moments after they decide it’s like high school all over again, but they’re on the ‘losers’ side.  Yes, yes you are.

10:41pm – HoH reveal time!


10:48pm – Bitch time is back.  Jessie takes her bed back, and Kaitlin decides she’s going to lay on the bed as well to pick a fight.

Kaitlin spends the time calling Jessie and Candice children when she’s also acting just as immature.  This is a crazy night

10:53pm – Candice is pissed about someone flipping her bed, so Kaitlin and Aaryn start mocking her.  Pretty sure I hear Kaitlin in the back saying ‘the blackness is coming out now’ while Aaryn rolls her head and snaps her fingers.  Wow, bitchy… amazing.

GinaMarie then fires up and gets in the face of Candice before Howard steps between them and carries Candice out of the room screaming back at the girls

11:09pm – Amanda enters the room with Team Ignorance and starts yelling about various things.  She tells the Mean Girls that they all talk shit about each other. Aaryn talks about Kaitlin, Kaitlin talks about Aaryn, etc.

Amanda also tells Aaryn about the racist remarks and how she’s being portrayed.  Apparently the DR has been asking everyone in the house about her remarks, but this is all a shock to Aaryn… because she’s in denial.

Seriously, the whole time Amanda is in the room is must watch.  She absolutely destroys Aaryn and Kaitlin.  Get the feeds.

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      • Comments (274)

        I’m just at a loss for words.

      • Comments (12)

        Wtf are you talking about? Jessie is a whore… thats not even bullying. Thhey were being Jeremy, David, and Howard.. None of that worked so now what? She is with Judd. thats classy! haha no!

      • Comments (51)

        @BROOKLYN you are definity with Team Ignorance! All your comments are defending their Racist and Bullying Ass.

      • Comments (12)

        Team ignorance? haha wow! there just jokes! aaryn didnt mean for it to go that far… to the point where she ment to be racist!

      • Comments (3)

        Okay, let’s say that she didn’t mean it. Fine maybe she is incredibly ignorant and skipped all her history classes through out her education. But to say it on TV? Seriously? Why not keep the comments to yourself? You are playing a game that is 50% social. Plus if she didn’t mean it…if they were taken differently then she meant. Why not apologize? Why not own up to it? Why? Because she is racist, and while she can not come to the realization herself everybody else around her has. And frankly? that is all that really matters. Everything she had before she came into BB is in jeopardy. If she was involved with anything at school, her job is gone and in the future when potential employers google her name THIS is what will appear. So even if she “didn’t mean for it to go that far” she certainly didn’t do a damn thing to change it.

      • Comments (1276)

        her father basically admited that he was racist, which is why she is. so yeah, she’s a racist.
        and, btw, if no one else finds it funny, it’s not a joke. if she wasn’t a racist, she would feel bad for making herself look and sound that way, not say “I should care more, i just don’t”, she’s trash.

  2. Comments (1)

    thanks loads for the updates! knew we’d be in for an intense night.

  3. Comments (143)

    Can someone explain why spencer and mccrae voted nick out? I don’t get it. Nick said spendcer didn’t need him, but stil what was in it for them to vote out an mc member when they could have kept him.

    • Comments (140)

      Knowing Elissa would be (more than likely) MVP again. They started to panic about who would be MVP once Elissa was voted out and the idea of not knowing and it potentially going to the wrong side of the house freaked them out. They decided it was best to keep Elissa and continue to use her as a weapon.

      • Comments (51)

        Knowing they can easily persuade Elissa to vote on their side having the MVP. Was the meltdown aired in the after dark episode? the Mean Girls (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gm) bullying Candice and Jessie. Amanda and Judd to the rescue.

      • Comments (12)

        I really hope that bitch doesn’t win MVP!

    • Comments (126)

      I really think the cracks in the MC began when Jeremy strong-armed every member to back Katlin, the trust factor was damage and different mental strategies began to fester. Spencer no longer saw a solid thing.

    • Comments (216)

      Spencer and Howard split their vote in order to have plausible deniabiliy.

      McRae would like to have coitus.

    • Comments (12)

      Spencer and Mccrae are shady bastards! Thats why!

  4. Comments (18)

    I knew there was going to be a melt down, right after I knew Nick would be voted out. There is every week, hahahah! I am really happy for team girl power, and so glad Helen is the HoH. Lets get team ignorance out of the house, especially the racist blonde(s) and Jeremy.

    • Comments (140)

      This meltdown is priceless…

      And if you can believe it, right now Aaryn is bullying Jessie and saying things like: “Do you have any idea how you’re getting portrayed, Jessie?” and calling her the house slut. I am hoping SO HARD that during Julie’s interview with Aaryn immediately following her eviction, she is filled in on how SHE was portrayed and to let her know she’s unemployed because I NEED to see that girls face when she learns the truth.

      • Comments (2)

        I totally agree, Aaryn is about as ignorant as they come. She is in denial and oh how I wish Julie Chen will put the question to her……

      • Comments (15)

        Absolutely! I have been saying that it would be a great follow up show, to see Aaryn’s reaction to what America has seen and what she has stirred up but she is so damn stupid that she probably would continue to deny it (even though the world has evidence on video! ). My biggest sentiment about last night’s mess after the show, other than what bullies Aaryn and Kaitlin were being toward Jessie, is that I love Amanda! She handed those girls their asses last night and called them out! It. Was. Awesome! Total respect for her.

      • Comments (12)

        Amanda is a fucking slut! Like going on national tv and showing her tits.. haha eww! Really? How classy!

      • Comments (1)

        It’s clear you are as ignorant as Aaron, Kailan, & Jeremy and Kaitlan is the Slut, even knowing that her dad is watching the show she still acts trashy 🙁

      • Comments (12)

        Aaryn isnt gonna get sent home! Im pretty sure that the best players in the house will win POV.. and that is Kaitlin,GM,Aaryn, and JEREMY!<3

      • Comments (15)

        You are delusional.

      • Comments (4)

        Pretty good chance Kaitlyn will be on the block with Aaryn, and POV can only save one person. Even Jeremy wouldn’t save Aaron over Kaitlyn.

      • Comments (274)


      • Comments (4)

        Ooooh- and the nominations are in and I was right. Surprise, surprise.

      • Comments (1276)

        LOL, Kaitlin and GM? Seriously? what have they even come close to winning? And btw, if anyone in that house is a slut it would be Kaitlin, followed closely by GM, oh wait, Nick wouldn’t give her the time of day (when it came to messing around) so she didn’t get the chance.
        Amanda? Jessie? You are either a Troll, coming here to tick people off, or not to bright… possibly both.

      • Comments (178)

        Julie Chen is the host(ess) on Big Brother. This, unfortunately, means she has limitations as to what she is allowed to say to a departing houseguest. I have to give Julie a lot of credit because there are times when you know she dislikes the person but still has to keep a professional demeanor.

  5. Comments (126)

    ‘Meltdown’, how about the lava is flowing, its very funny to watch the claws and fangs come out so quickly, this is real reality t.v. entertainment

  6. Comments (528)

    This is what happens when the show specifically goes out of their way to full the house up with a bunch of sociopaths. These people should be in the nuthouse not the big bother house.

    • Comments (528)

      Goddammit I wish there was an edit button.

      • Comments (6)

        they need a more diverse cat not 13 white people and 2 blacks and a asian …like they need to even it out maybe less racist things would be said because there would be less people to say it to and when you walk into a room and talk shit someone of that ethnicity may be there to cut you off..Stop with the Racism with diversity

  7. Comments (3)

    This meltdown is epic. E…P…I…C!

  8. Comments (1)

    The meltdown is pretty amazing after having to deal with the bully & the mean girls last week, but will there be any “game” this week at all? Assuming anyone other than Jeremy, Kaitlin, GM and Aaryn get MVP (which seems pretty certain), the other side is all but guaranteed to get the anyone that they want out and given the votes they have, they could easily wipe out all 5 on the other side in the next 5 weeks regardless of who wins the future HOH comps. If I’m not into high school drama…do I really need to stop watching for the next month for any new gameplay to matter?

  9. Comments (28)

    Thanks for all the updates!!!

    I hope Aaryn gets what is coming to her. What a jerk. And I hope Julie confronts her on the exit interview too – I also want to see her face when she finds out that he is not loved by America, and moreover, she is unemployed.

    I like Howard, and can’t wait to see what he is capable of.

    • Comments (22)

      i don’t like howard.

      i know i’m supposed to, with the jesus act and all, but i think he’s weak.

      • Comments (274)

        Howard is a hypocrite when it comes to the Jesus thing-Jesus doesn’t lie. Or say “control your woman man” as Howard did concerning Amanda.

      • Comments (12)

        OMG, Someone who agrees with me! (:

      • Comments (1162)

        Same here!!!

      • Comments (15)

        Agreed he voted Elissa and kept denying it. Pray God for forgivenes and comes back to Helen and Elissa then lies. what a hypocritical scumbag.

    • Comments (1162)

      What is Howard capable of doing on BB?
      Howard is capable of attempting to sabotage Jessie by claiming she voted
      for Elissa to go when he knows she didn’t.
      Howard and Spencer are attempting to set Jessie up for a fall.

      *Not sure about the following, however, one poster claims Howard stated that he
      supports dog fighting. Hmmmm

      • Comments (15)

        They do ot believe him.

      • Comments (15)

        They do not believe him. My finger is not doing a good job on typing. Sorry.

      • Comments (1162)

        Correct and Thank Goodness!!!

        I really liked Howard at the beginning of the season, however
        his duplicitous behavior has changed my opinion about him.

      • Comments (233)

        Yeah, I’m over Howard. He picked his side and stuck with them even when it was obvious they were terrible people.

  10. Comments (21)

    Meltdowns is more like it tonight.

    Amanda called Aaryn out on her shit, all of her shit including the racist comments, back stabbing everyone in her own alliances, bullying, all of it and she did to her face, with GM, Jeremy and Kaitlin there.

    Did Aaryn hear any of it, probably not. Amanda is just plain wrong in Aaryn’s eyes. Needless to say, Kaitlin is not a happy camper now either thinking that she is getting lumped into a category with Aaryn when she hasn’t done anything wrong.

    • Comments (6)

      What Kaitlin has made racist comments too she has said the N-word and in he blog above stated that Candace Blackness was coming out and she has made asian jokes like she is just as bad as them but she didnt get fired from her job because she is a bartender at some garbage bar

    • Comments (51)

      i’ve missed that! where can i watch it again? that was awesome for Amanda! confronting Aaryn in front of Team Ignorance.

  11. Anti-ignorance Fan
    Comments (16)

    Amanda completely destroyed the mean girls. I loved it! Kaitlyn shut her trap quick, but dumb*ss Aaryn kept right now showing how ignorant she is!

  12. Comments (74)

    I’ve never been emotionally invested in BB but watching Howie try to deal with the most vile, pathetic piece of shit scum. It’s breaking my heart. Racism is not dead! Racism spits out of white people, black people etc mouths. No one is immune. What Aaryn is doing is a form of abuse! No remorseful, justifying her actions makes me angry but aware that people like her exist in large herds everywhere!

    • Comments (44)

      Well said. Aside from the whole Racist thing, Aaryn lacks the capacity for positive human emotions. She just looks pissed all the time, not even capable of having a real moment and very delusional as well, he demeanor ugh. When she tried to defend herself, i just find myself very irritated.

      • Comments (28)

        Perhaps Aaryn can befriend Farrah Abraham and they can shoot a porn together. Seems like a match made in heaven.

  13. Comments (74)

    Jeremy “they can’t put us all up” Uh? Yeah they can LOL Karma!!!!!!!!!

  14. Comments (271)

    Now team ignorance is turning on jerkamy because he is being civil with the house while the girls are being catty with everyone.And poor clueless Aryan says she feels hurt.SMH

  15. Comments (1)

    CBS…you ready to kick Aaryn and GinaMarie out now??? This is past trying to be fair! Get rid of them!

    • Comments (274)

      Yet I believe they know what’s gonna happen here. Hence why the live feeds keep going off when their discussing the DR interviews. They know they won’t last. These fools are packed & panting at bb door.

  16. Comments (453)

    Every time Aaryn opens her bigot mouth I expect to see maggots fall out. She is the worst person I have ever listened to. And the rest of her team isn’t far behind her.

  17. Comments (35)

    This display of cruelty and racism is ATROCIOUS. The terrible trio believe they can do and say whatever they want because they feel safe amongst each other. I AM SO INCREDIBLY ASHAMED that these scumbags represent American “diversity”. Shame on CBS! As a nation we are becoming a joke to the world and this is a great example of why.

  18. Comments (35)

    Kaitlin is the biggest hypocrite of all! I’m certain when all is said and done she will claim innocence, but she has made her fair share of racist, hateful comments to Candice, Jessie, and others, and she should definitely NOT be let off the hook for enlarging the crowd around the racist ringleaders.

  19. Comments (2)

    I actually auditioned for this season of Big Brother; and boy am I glad I’m not in this freaking house. Aaryn is smoking hott, but her personality is so unbelievable. I don’t understand why she is so hateful. Amanda and McCrae…definitely didn’t see that coming. Jessie is cute, seems pretty sweet and is inviting a showmance. Approximately 70 days left in the house…one of the guys (Judd) needs to plan a slop date. I actually hung out with Elissa and her husband a couple days in the Bahamas in January of 2011. They were actually very, very nice people. I may have to schedule a last minute doctor’s appointment for tomorrow so I can ask him to prescribe some blood pressure medication. After watching the show and BBAD, I don’t know if I’ll last another 70 days. Guys, we all need to come together and switch up the MVP vote a little…Lets make it Judd, Jessie or Howie.

  20. Comments (6)

    Kaitlin Needs some backlash too she is just as racist as Gina Marie and Aaryn..I dislike Aaryn so much but i hate the other two as well and feel like they should get some backlash too.I was so sad watching Candice and Howard cry and Howard struggle to stay above the racism and not say something.I remember on BB After Dark Gina Marie seen him crying anf went back to the girls and said Howard and Candice got into a fight i thought they were supposed to be like that..then they was laughing smh he was crying with Candice because he wanted to curse yall out but had to control himself..I LOVE HOWARD AND CANDACE

  21. Comments (29)

    Prior to Amanda walking in, Aaryn was telling Jessie that she was “twisting” everything. Aaryn was denying treating Jessie bad. What was funny was that Kaitlin kept interrupting and saying that she has been defending Jessie to Jeremy, GM, and Aaryn for weeks. Well, if Aaryn and Co. hadn’t been saying crap about Jessie then why would Kaitlin have to defend Jessie to them? They’re just not too terribly smart when they’re confronted (or at all)

  22. Comments (6)

    And whats up with Kaitlin Eyebrows there just so EWWW.Thick ,Bold and Fake

  23. Comments (2)

    Has anyone not been able to get live feeds? I have tried for days. It says error…try again.

  24. Comments (8)

    BB need to step in and do something about the issues at hand before someone gets hurt! If it was me I would said to hell with the money beat some ass! I’m so proud of howard for of walking away along with candice. It was just a matter of time it would have come to one of them to explode. Please big brother I have been a fan since the show started and this is the first that I had to write a comment.

  25. Comments (15)

    You can call me a racist if you wish, but I stopped watching BB last yr. when they only had one minority and she got voted off the first night.

    Maybe other folks that thinks like ARyan are watching the show and are pulling for her.

    anyway……Helen gets all 10 of my votes.

  26. Comments (3)

    I don’t know how anyone can be locked up with such ignorant trash like Jeremy,Aaryn,Kaitlyn and Ginamarie and not start swinging. Don’t think I could observe their behavior and not lose my religion. They are the most shallow,self-entitled bigots in BB history.Of all the threads and posts I have read,they don’t have one fan.Of all the unlikeable players in BB history,I think that’s a first. That’s how shitty these people are!

  27. Comments (35)

    On that note: Why has kaitlin not been fired from her job as well?

    • Comments (3)

      I think last night was the first time she said anything racist, before that she was just a bystander (which is still shitty to be a witness and not say anything)…but maybe now she will face some repercussions?

  28. Comments (6)

    I have the Live Feeds. I missed when Amanda confronted them. Can you tell me how I can go back and watch it? Thank you.

  29. Comments (316)

    When Aaryn gets out the only thing Julie should say to her is “DO YOU WANT SOME RICE” and not another word.

  30. Comments (1162)

    6:55 AM CST

    Is GinaMarie STILL crying??????

  31. Comments (2)

    Jeremy needs to b the next boy on the block going out and then maybe Kaitlyn will see the light of the all girls team!!

  32. Comments (1)

    I don’t get how these girls(aaryn n kaitlyn)have the nerve to call Jesse a slut when she hasn’t even kissed a guy n kaitlyn is bangin Jeremy on live tv!!!

  33. Comments (768)

    Wow!!! That was the best BBAD I’ve ever seen!! Props to Amanda for walking into the lioness’ den and taking the four of them on … head on!! And then arguing them to the ground. Aaryn just doesn’t get it .. and never will get it. She continues to victimize herself and be in denial… typical sociopathic tendencies. I’m sure her parents are so very proud of her!!! NOT!

  34. Comments (1)

    Their best play if offering Jessie a guarantee at being on the jury, a paycheck for the season, plus getting that far you never know. Her game is horrible, however she’s a class act sitting next to Kaitlyn & Aaryn. Jeremy is such a douche, minus points for both girls bedding with him.

  35. Comments (1)

    Aaryn is really truly believes that she has done nothing wrong. Gotta love the I’m a Southerner, that is why they think I am racist. I can’t wait for her to be evicted.

  36. Comments (83)

    The hell with money, if Aaryn wants to act like a school gir, I would take her sorry ass in the bathroom, beat her ass and flush her head in the toilet, just like I did to bitches in high school

  37. Comments (5)

    The sad part of all of this is, now it is not fun anymore. This is suppose to be entertainment for us to watch over the summer. CBS to me needs to step up to the plate and take care of this so we can get back to watching the GAME PLAY… of ALL the Houseguest!!! The EVIL, NASTY HATRED needs to move out… It causes poison and venom to spread like wild fire and people can only take so much!! My Aunt was a Freedom Rider and she put up with worse. I have a greater appreciation of what she went through now!!!

  38. Comments (3)

    Can the HOH be nominated as MVP as well?

    Also..not sure if this was mentioned already in the comments, but both Kaitlin and GM said something about Candace’s “blackness” coming out when she confronted them. So they should both be called out equally.

  39. Comments (274)

    What I’m truly waiting for is Nicks response when he sees how America hates HATES her & her little dog too. Wonder if he will finally confess he never licked her. I’m still thinking he doesn’t like women. He tried hard to convince in his interview with Julie that he might be close to Gm, but he also nervously leaned back and put his hands up in the air. You tell the truth with your actions.

  40. Comments (14)

    Need more updates please please. I wish I could get the feeds. I haven’t laughed at dumb mean chicks so hard since Chima got booted. I can’t believe how clueless some people are. Towards the end of last nights after hours Aaryn kept saying over and over how she didn’t understand how people could treat her like this. Wow! Just wow!

  41. Comments (1)

    Why hasn’t the incident with the bed flipping between aaryn and Candice been spoken about more.?!?!?
    I just saw the video tmz released about aaryn and GM bullying Candice and imitating her “blackness”…
    Howard actually needed to step in and seperate them! Why hasn’t GM been thrown out like Will last year?

  42. Comments (77)

    I hope some of the pressure is now off of Elisa and she can show us some game play instead of having to protect her back all the time. I also think it would be nice if Helen won MVP too. No one would think that she has HOH and MVP. She could really do some damage then and make her HOH count. Ohhh, I am loving this idea.
    I also would not mind seeing Amanda get MVP. I know she would do some damage.

  43. Comments (77)

    I did not think HOH could be nominated as MVP. Julie mentioned one night that HOH and MVP was the only way anyone could assure safety.

  44. Comments (5)

    screw it lets just MVP Judd

  45. Comments (44)

    I like controversial characters, evil dick, mike boogie, upon reflection i like Dan, so i find myself rooting for Jeremy– he’s obviously a target for the rest of the season. The last 2 week has been amazing because the evictions were not predictable, which is good for the show. I think it didn’t even matter who won HOH this week one member of “Team Ignorance” was going home. I’m actually starting to hate this MVP thing, since its obvious who gets it — “the good guys”, MVP with the numbers seems to the more powerful than HOH (even is), credit to Amanda for seeing that. Btw, seems like i’m not the only who realizes this–lots of intelligent people commenting, great to see.

    • Comments (528)

      Yeah, duh, people like the good guys because they don’t like the idea of a half mil going into the pockets of a dick like Jeremy or a racist like Aaryn. I appreciate the fact that BB fans are giving the MVP to anyone BUT team ignorance and that they are outraged by the extreme douchebaggery in the house right now.

      It’s an interesting high school dynamic going on right now and I think most of us knew girls like Aaryn (not just the racist stuff but just being an extreme bitch, narcissist, mean girl) and guys like Jeremy (the jock, bully, meathead) and I think they made a lot of our lives pretty hellish during those years…maybe we’re up in arms because we’re able to relate to the situation and want to see these people – who think they rule the school – put in their place. It’s hugely satisfying.

      • Comments (44)

        Really couldn’t care less who gets half a mil, as it doesn’t benefit me in anyway. What does however, is entertainment, bottom line, i want some villian in the show— Apart of Aaryn, I can pretty much tolerate the other HG.

  46. Comments (5)

    GM must of thought this was the bachelor when she signed on to this. She is beyond ridiculous.. If she doesn’t care about the $$$ and she is so heart broken take yourself off of the show!

    ARYAN is like the popular girl in school that makes fun of everyone but everyone is afraid to stand up to her.

    She is beyond awful!

    • Comments (528)

      I was thinking the same thing during her psychotic breakdown…I don’t know why someone didn’t say hey, moron, you’re on BIG BROTHER not the bachelor, get it together!! Yeesh. How long have they been in the house? Can you imagine how these folks are going to be in a month??

  47. Comments (1)

    I still do not understand the 7 hour crying session by GM over Nick’s eviction. Yes, it caught her off guard but –get over it already.

    Things that make me cringe about this season:

    1. Do any of these girls own a BRUSH? I really hate seeing your tangled nasty hair (GM and Kaitlyn and…)

    2. Does BB not care that racist stuff is being said and done?
    It is one thing to ignore comments and the fish tank remarks becuz they could say it happens in real life. Yeah, in real life when a horrid person says things you can walk away, drive away, live somewhere else, get another job etc. But these people HAVE to stay inside the walls of the BB house for the whole summer with these immature and obnoxious girls and tolerate this MEAN and racist talk and behavior.

    BB should have done something about flipping Candace’s Bed.

    3. Why doesn’t anyone give Candace credit for being so smart? She nailed the all boys alliance and had every name figured out well before anyone else said word one.

    4. Why the Elissa hate? I thought Rachel had an annoying voice and horrid annoying laugh. She has thousands of Brenchel fans. Yet Elissa who has not been mean, has not been racist and has been a Have-not since day 1 and a target since day 2 is accused of turning the house upside down. I think Elissa is the better Reilly girl and I hope she gets a chance to truly PLAY the game now instead of just being used as a weapon becuz of MVP.

    I tried to post my opinions and thoughts without using nasty language or tearing anyone down. I hope you can all respect me and my words enough to know that all of us will agree on some things and disagree on other things. Please show the courtesy I showed and don’t call me names if you disagree with something I have stated here.

    Enjoy Big Brother.

  48. Comments (3)

    Does anyone else think it is weird that GM and Aaryn were making fun of Jessie over the boys buy yet they bawl like babies when their showmance gets evicted? I mean, come on they just met these guys and they act like they have been in a relationship for years. Talk about immature!

  49. Comments (1)

    Last night on the feeds Candice made a statement that Aaryn’s parents should be ashamed of how they have raised their daughter, and I totally agree. This got me thinking though, has anyone noticed or commented yet on ‘Aaryn’ being an anagram for ‘Aryan’?

  50. Comments (111)

    Almost at 100 comments!! Damnnn

  51. Comments (137)

    Time for some updates in the house PLEASE BEANS!!

  52. Comments (3)

    I feel like the racism in BB is at an all time high. They have referred to Howard and Candice as “shaquita” and “roaches” and so many other slurs its unbelievable. The moment shared between Howard and Candice will forever go down in BB history as an example of what ignorance can do. Howard spent his time trying to calm Candice. He understood her will to fight but knew he couldnt control his temper when it came to this situation so took the high road and pleaded with her to be a bigger person. But watching him break down? Oh that broke my heart. At this point I feel like BB should step in, while I know its not possible and they won’t do it, they just can’t let those women keep taunting them as such because it will get ugly fairly quickly. They intervened when a woman wouldnt wear a microphone on one of the seasons. I don’t understand why they wont intervene now. Jeremy wiped his ass with Elissa’s hat and they intervened. The comments being made are putting everyone at a boiling point and I won’t find it in me to sympathize with the Mean Queens if Howard and or Candice loose it on these girls.

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