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Big Brother 15 – MVP Nomination Could Cause Fireworks


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The MVP twist this season has been a mixed bag so far.  It was a terrible idea to allow back to back MVP’s, and also dumb to bring in a fan favorite’s relative this season. The twist was introduced as a way to scare floaters on the first night, but instead backfired and just nullified any power the HoH had.  With that said, the poor start to the MVP twist is turning into a strong finish when it was changed to America simply voting for the nominee. While it still had no impact on the floater aspect of the game, it introduced levels of paranoia that we haven’t seen in a long time.

The first week it was changed, Elissa was the nominee and people were thinking she nominated herself as a smokescreen for other intentions.  Others thought the ‘other’ side of the house had the power, and even when many said it was probably America controlling the vote, they stuck with the crazy theories instead. I guess it was easier to believe that Elissa would nominate herself than it was to think America was now voting.  I knew right away that Elissa would likely be MVP nom because many would still think they were voting the opposite way, so why was it such a shock to the house when Elissa was put up?  It’s strange.

Anyway, this brings me to the MVP nomination that will happen today, and the drama it could bring this week. Last week, Amanda was pretty sure Howard was the MVP, but also speculated that Judd could have won it and playing some crazy strategic game.  Now that Howard is gone, when Amanda is named MVP nominee (and I’m pretty certain she will), this could create a clash between Amanda and pretty much the entire house.  She won’t know what to think when one of her ‘allies’ are secretly nominating her, and the night could be fun on the live feeds.

(Try the live feeds out for free right here)

As far as last night goes, flashback to around 11:47pm to hear what Amanda is claiming Howard said to her before he left the house.  They finally didn’t cut away to fish during this conversation, so it’s pretty interesting.  She seems pretty certain that’s what he said, but according to interviews, he’s been deflecting a bit and saying it wasn’t nearly as harsh.

Also, the house did a GinaMariathon where they dressed and acted like GM to try and win the 3rd spot in the cookout that Helen won. Flashback to 9:40pm to watch it

Here are some images…

bb15-amanda-ginamarie bb15-elissa-as-ginamarie bb15-helen-ginamarie bb15-jessie-ginamarie bb15-mccrae-ginamarie

Apparently McCrae won, but he chose a night in the HoH room instead, so they gave the prize to Jessie.  After the ugly fight the night before, Jessie finally got what she wanted, a cookout.  Yes, really.

Right now the house is up and making breakfast, etc to prepare for the veto competition, I will keep you informed of anything exciting happening in the house!

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  1. Comments (51)

    seriously excited for Amanda’s reaction once she found she has nominated again by the MVP.

    • Comments (651)

      She is losing it. Even attacking McCrea. Aaryn is worried that if POV takes Amanda off, she’ll be the one up. So now “The House” wants the Noms to remain the same and Demanda is freaking out. She can’t believe they want to leave her on the block to protect Aaryn.

  2. Comments (271)

    why was Amanda giving mcpizza a hard time after GM comp in tail end where he raid whatever and walked away.

    • Comments (651)

      They have been fighting since Demanda went batcrap crazy and fighting with everyone. McCrea told her she shouldn’t have done that and she couldn’t believe he wasn’t on her side. Also they now disagree on who should to out this week. McCrea has been the whisper in the ear of the evil queen and now the queen can’t believe he doesn’t do exactly what SHE says.

  3. Comments (126)

    Amanda after her last week’s MVP nomination said ‘well now we know it’s not America’ it’s got to be someone in the house’. Her ego is so big, she is in illusion that she has to be America’s favorite.

    Let’s see if she figures it out, that no she is not, but she is America’s villain.

    Pride destroyed, will turn into a who cares attitude as her denial is denied.

    • Comments (651)

      Since this should be the last MVP then BB should tell them it was America and hopefully it will be Demanda. However there is talk that BB has rigged it and will put up Aaryn.
      The saddest part of this season is we the fans can’t trust BB to be fair in editing and wondering if they have pre-determined a winner.

      • Comments (453)

        does make one second guess

      • Comments (126)

        I know reality shows are not under the same quiz game dictates, but to say America gets to choose and then production overrides our choice, is at best a form of false advertisement- bait and switcherooo, rigged would be the right word. FCC should snoop in to this if true, but probably won’t. It will require an email complaint flood from the viewers and bloggers for them to get the message of discontent.

        I am sure they have been getting red hot pressure on this race issue, but Amanda’s mouth ain’t clean either.

  4. Comments (12)

    Amanda will blame Candice or Jessie for her impending MVP nomination. I’m calling it now.

  5. Comments (1)

    Have you seen this yet?

    Posted on another site:
    Exclusive Big Brother News was tweeted last night from the Twitter account @MissCleo_BB15 Miss Cleo has been a popular source of Big Brother news for the last couple seasons:
    “INSIDER EXCLUSIVE: Yesterday’s “LIVE” taping WAS NOT LIVE AT ALL- it was taped at NOON.
    Audience was CBS employees ONLY. HGs were informed at 10:55 am about early taping but not given specific reason why. Noon was when most CBS employees were available. This is why the feeds were cut at 11:15 am and blocked until the HoH competition started, which was when things went back to being “live”. The eviction was taped early cause production was worried about negative audience reaction to Howard’s eviction at the hands of Aaryn. This is the most likely reason the feeds cut to fish so much last night, to make sure any mention of what happened didn’t get leaked. Anyone who had tickets to the taping was turned away at the parking structure and offered tickets for a future live taping. The HoH competition WAS live. But we don’t know what happened between 1PM (when taping finished) and 6:50PM (when HoH started).
    It’s safe to assume that Aaryn’s eviction will probably be pre-taped as well with only CBS employees in the audience.”

    So who is Miss Cleo and can she be trusted? The story appears to be verified by a CBS employee, the Zingbot_3000 who tweeted: “didn’t you read my tweets? The HoH competition WAS LIVE. Everything else was pre-taped.”

  6. Comments (231)

    Since America has been given the MVP, it seems to me that they are voting for personal reasons and not for game reasons. On the chats, I read that most people vote to put HGs in their places instead of putting up the floaters and others who have made this season difficult for BB fans. The double eviction should be interesting since half of the house doesn’t know the game so they should be blindsided. I hope Candice wins the veto so that Jess or Spenser goes home.

    • Comments (140)

      Personally I want to see Amanda go up for entertainment purposes. It’s hilarious watching her go bat shit crazy trying to figure out who in the house she doesn’t have control of. I also want to see how some people react and respond to her leaving. Would we see some alliance shifting? Would we see some floaters come to life? Some “dominate” (at least those that _think_ they’re dominate)become floaters without their guidance from Amanda? All the what if’s and what could be’s are worth Amanda leaving.

    • Comments (651)

      Well yes we want to see Demanda go crazy…best part of this season. But it has put a wedge between her and McCrea. So now he may have to start playing in the open instead of hiding behind her. And Candice knows this.

  7. Comments (1)

    I think they will do away with the BBMVP after the first eviction this Thursday! Cuz there is no way they can do an MVP for the second live eviction… My guess is that this will be the last week Big Brother will have MVP… Then it will go back down to just two nominees! Since there will be less people in the house they have to do it that way I believe! Should be interesting though!! 😀

  8. Comments (140)

    And by “he chose a night in the HoH room instead”, you mean Amanda told him to give it to Jessie. She claims she had Mc do this because “Jessie really wanted it” but I have no doubt that Amanda just didn’t a) want Mc along with 3 women b) want to be apart from Mc in a scenario where there could be game talk without her.

    Having said this, had Amanda won the comp (did anyone notice how pissed she was about losing?) I guarantee she would not have given it away to Jessie.

    Excited to see the feeds tonight after Amanda get’s nominated again.

    Poor Candice, Jessie and Judd for their impending accusations of being MVP.

    • Comments (140)

      And btw, Mc was annoyed he had to give up the BBQ. He said he really did want to go, but of course Amanda gets what she wants.

      • Comments (651)

        McCrea is beginning to feel the heat from the monster he helped create. I think he’s going to keep pushing her buttons until so she’ll go even crazier and the others will think he has no choice but to get her out for her own sanity.

      • Comments (453)

        that means a BB divorce, roflmao

      • Comments (768)

        I’m sure they’ll find a good use for the ring if things don’t work out…. like sealing up a loaf of bread or something!!! <–expiration points

      • Comments (651)

        Thank you Rob. That was the biggest laugh of my day!

      • Comments (35)

        I’d be mad too if I were McCrae. From everything I’ve read/seen, he doesn’t get more than handy work from Amanda. Yeah, they have sex, but it always seem to end with her enjoying herself and then a lot of hand movements under the covers. And I believe she’s selfish enough to not let him finish with her, or alone, if she’s pissy enough. I can understand why he’d enjoy a BBQ more than another night of one on one with her. Plus, none of the food will bitch at him.

  9. Comments (1436)

    OMG – last night’s “homage to GM” was so painful to watch during BBAD. At first, it was painfully obvious that no one even wanted to participate. Apparently they had to imitate GM for a chance to win a seat at Helen’s BBQ with Aaryn and Elissa(who would WANT to go??). McCrae won, but even he gave it up to Jessie for 2nd prize, a night in the HOH bedroom. Yipee, another chance to watch them in bed…
    Seems there may be a crack in McCranda – she was jealous and he just walked away from her last night – wouldn’t that be sweet!! I think he didn’t like her behavior yesterday. Um…yesterday? How about the whole season pizza boy?? Your “fiancee” is a b!$ch!!

  10. Comments (28)

    I would love to see a chart or tally or whatever of the people evicted – how many of them were nominated by the HOH, and how many were nominated by the MVP.
    I think David (week 1) was MVP,
    Nick? (I can’t remember)
    Jeremy = MVP
    And the last two were HOH noms?

    Just interested to see the stats.

    • Comments (140)

      Nick was MVP. Howard last week was the first HoH nom to go home.

      • Comments (140)

        My bad, forgot about Kaitlyn. She was HoH nom too.

      • Comments (1162)

        Thanks for your earlier update about Amanda’s family’s
        Real Estate website being shut down.

        It sure took them long enough!!!
        Glad to know they are feeling some of the backlash from
        Amanda’s hatefulness.

      • Comments (20)

        Jeremy was also put up by HOH-Helen put him up after Kaitlyn won POV and took herself off the block. So it went-
        week 1 MVP-David
        week 2 MVP-nick
        week 3 HOH-Jeremy
        week 4 HOH-Kaitlyn
        week 5 HOH-Howard

  11. Comments (160)

    When will this game turn around?! I’m so sick and tired of Amanda running the show and floaters just floating. I’m cool with her conniving, scheming, confrontations and etc., but I just can’t stand her disgusting comments (on a personal level) about other HGs.

  12. Comments (1162)

    Amanda is MVP’s Pick!!!!!

    Judd and Spencer will play in the POV.

    : )

  13. Comments (651)

    Okay Demanda is the MVP!! Yes America!! GM/Candice/Jessie/Judd/Spencer comp for POV. Aaryn is worried that if Amanda gets saved then she’s up instead.

  14. Comments (651)

    Candice has got to Woman Up and win the POV! Just had to say that.

  15. Comments (1162)

    Helen is complaining to Elissa and Candice about GM.

    Helen, ” I hope when I was HOH I didn’t let it go to my head.”

    Too funny!!!

  16. Comments (1)

    All the bashing on Amanda cracks me up. THIs is a game. Who has been the SO CALLED MOM OF THE HOUSE. ?? Who is Politely telling everyone what to do. THen goes right behind their back and
    Says were aiming to get them out next week. I HAVENT HEARD HELEN ‘S NAME MENTION ONCE.
    SHE NEEDS TO GO AND AARYN. TIRED of hearing her say were in the minority group that’s why
    I say what I do plus I am from the South. America should of put Aaryn up Period. .
    Disappointed. In Jersey Girl thought she make big move and put Helen and Amanda or mcrae up.

  17. Comments (651)

    Amanda asks Aaryn why she’s scared to go on the block.

    Amanda: “Why are you scared about going up on the block? You’d stay, anyways.”
    McCrae: “Stop ruffling feathers that don’t need to be ruffled!”
    Amanda: “I’m not ruffling anybody’s feathers except Aaryn, and why are you (McCrae) fighting against me coming OFF the block?!!”

    Aaryn: “(I’m scared to go up for) the same reason you’re scared for being up on the block.”
    Amanda gets pissed off.

    Amanda: “Well then keep me up on the f**king block, I don’t care. I’ll win this sh*t.”
    Amanda storms out of the HOH room, pissed off at McCrae.

    • Comments (140)

      According to Amanda’s own logic she (Amanda) shouldn’t be scared on the block. She keeps telling everyone not to worry because the numbers are on their side. Of course she’s losing her shit though.

      The more she acts like this the more the other house guests are going to start thinking “hmm… maybe this IS the week to strike?”

      You don’t take bullets for people in BB, simple as that. No way would Aaryn want to take a bullet for Amanda. Amanda is delusional.

  18. Comments (651)

    And so the Demanda Meltdown begins

  19. Comments (1162)

    The hatefulness, bigotry and racism on BB 15 has given CBS/BB, both, viewers and
    critical backlash.

    IMO, the “Warning” at the beginning of each show is no where near enough cover for them.
    There should be no excuses, favorites, friends, etc. for their selection of HGS for next year’s House Guests.

    The one way CBS/BB might save themselves for this season is to allow
    America to have a vote for the Final Winner.

    Can you imagine the looks on the HGs faces when Julie counts their votes and then
    says, ” House Guests. Due to the racism, bigotry and outright viciousness in this BB House,
    we have decided to let America Vote for the Winner, too.”
    “So after counting your votes and America’s Votes, the Winner is ……………….”

    • Comments (1162)

      Ooops – I have a slight wrinkle in my plan.

      There isn’t enough time between the selection of the Final Two and the Finale.

    • Comments (610)

      Love your idea! This season has tanked as far as any game play and has become all about personal vendettas with racism, bigotry, extreme bullying, etc. It doesn’t even seem like a BB game at all & I’ve watched all 15 seasons. Maybe, just maybe after Amanda is gone, Aaryn too, they can salvage what’s left and see a little game before the finale.

  20. Comments (651)

    Amanda/McCrea/Judd in HN room:

    Amanda: “I don’t undertand! Where does your loyalty lie?! Are you more afraid that YOU would go up?”
    McCrae: “I don’t give a f**k if I go up!”

    They’re going back & forth. Judd jumps on McCrae’s side, saying that they’re gonna get pissed off at Amanda for pushing GM to use the veto on her, knowing that Aaryn could go up and to not worry–they have the votes. Amanda said that Aaryn is being a “selfish player right now”.

    McCrae: “YOU are being selfish right now!”
    Amanda: “Whose side are you on???” (to McCrae)

    Amanda doesn’t get it..what Judd/McCrae are trying to tell her. Instead, she’s calling Aaryn “a little b*tch” and saying she’s being “selfish”.

  21. Comments (651)

    12:05 BBT
    Andy: “Put yourself in Aaryn’s shoes, she’s been nominated twice.”
    Amanda: “ME TOO!!!”

    Amanda: “Judd shut the f**k up for a minute so I can talk!!”
    Judd: “DON’T TELL ME SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!!!!” (*whoa!)

    • Comments (768)

      That was McCrae who said that!

    • Comments (768)

      By the way, thanks for sharing that Jackie. That was a very interesting conversation. McCrae continues his battle to try to rope in Amanda’s mouth for the interest of their game. I have to wonder at what point he throws in the towel and decides to just go it on his own?

  22. Comments (651)

    Here is my Mea Culpa. I am so LOVING this meltdown. Normally I don’t want to see anyone in emotional pain but this is just so deserved.
    They still don’t know that America is MVP but McCrea and Andy think it is us. And if McCrea believes it and Amanda keeps going batcrap crazy do you think he’ll cut her loose?

  23. Comments (651)

    Comp will be starting soon so Demanda is going to get her Adderall and Judd is going for the Xanax.
    Here’s a thought BB. Next season no drugs for ADD/ADHD, panic disorders, etc. Does anyone else see a problem with the HG’s doping themselves before comps?

    • Comments (140)

      Yeap. It’s not fair that some houseguests take stuff to mellow themselves out while others don’t. Part of this game is about being in the house and handling everything. The people, the comps, the stress, etc.

      I’d love to see a 100% drug free game where only BC and Advil are allowed haha.

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