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Big Brother 15 – MVP Nominee and PoV Players


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Like expected, Amanda was selected as the MVP nominee for the second straight week.  The biggest surprise is how America has cooled on Aaryn and is now really anti-Amanda.  I guess Aaryn’s plan of playing nice is actually working because from all the polls I’ve seen, Amanda was the overwhelming favorite to become the nominee.

Selected to play in the veto competition are:

Amanda, GM, Jessie, Candice, Judd, Spencer

We’re likely minutes away from the competition starting, so I’ll create a new post when the feeds come back and we see who the veto winner is this week!

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  1. Comments (4)

    I love Amanda! In my humble opinion she is the one that is playing the game the way it is suppose to be played. I would rather see Aaryn Go out.

    • Comments (651)

      Amanda is so full of herself she doesn’t even see that McCrea has been feeding her strategy and using her as a shield to hide behind. She has no game without McCrea.

      • Comments (768)

        You’re right on. I see that now after viewing the conversation you gave the heads up on in the last thread. She really doesn’t have a clue and her social game sucks.

    • Comments (15)

      I loved Amanda in the beginning but have quickly grown tired of her bullying everyone. She is such a hypocrite! The minute someone stands up to her she calls them a bully or that they are “victimizing” themselves. She is so rediculous that she doesn’t even realize that everything she is accusing others of is exactly what she it’s doing. She has become obnoxious. Good for America voting her as MVP. I only wish she knew how she is being perceived. A big bully!

  2. Comments (1)

    America being the mvp is the stupidest twist ever in this game. Its sad someone can fight to keep themselves safe and off the block just to have a bunch of idiots who just want to see drama in the house put up one of the best players in the game. Its ridiculous! America is acting like the jury from last season bitter and ignorant. Dan losing last season was a monumental mistake and almost made me stop watching entirely. I’m about to that point again with America being the mvp! #dantheman #amandamania

    • Comments (302)

      I agree that MVP is a stupid twist that has made it easier for floaters to float rather than the opposite of what was intended. But America as MVP has at least given some of us reason to keep watching .. because we freakin’ hate bullies. If Amanda was playing such a great game she wouldn’t be put in this position because a majority of viewers wouldn’t hate her guts. When she couldn’t get Howard out by bullying she then began to spread lies about his character. She is a despicable person who likes to call out the racist in the house while she spits out the same bigoted crap. That being said I’m amazed I agree with you on some points … I was disappointed Dan didn’t win and I do like seeing the best player advance … but as we see power corrupt players like Helen & Amanda it’s very easy to root against them.

      • Comments (2)

        Yet our picks are not getting voted out. I think they should have thrown in the twist a different year, because in the beginning we voted for Elissa because of her relationship with her sister/the fact that she was being bullied because of her sister. If it was thrown in next year with people who can actually play, we may have a good twist.

      • Comments (3)

        I know it sucks…but it is enjoyable to watch her head spin around wondering who put her up 🙂

      • Comments (651)

        If the HG’s would play rather then worrying about getting on the jury we would know who the best player is but all they do is talk about when they want to get to the jury. Need players who want to win to see game play.

      • Comments (610)

        Do the jury members get to catch up on all the b.s. that happened before they went there? Or are they totally in the dark until after the finale?

      • Comments (768)

        They generally hear information from the most recent evictee about what happened after they left.

    • Comments (27)

      I think if they are told that America is voting for MVP, that’s when they’ll realize the way they are acting is not acceptable, and I say this because they all seem to think they are America’s favorite!!! They need to know they are not like by any means by the American people!!

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  4. Comments (45)

    GM nominated jessie and candice and Amanda as the third nominee. Amanda flipping out telling people to use the POV on her. My theory is that if spencer wins the POV he should use it on candice and GM is in a tough decision. She would have nominate aaryn, elissa or elen, mcfrae. She wont nominate aaryn there friends so its between the other housguest.

  5. Comments (453)

    We can only hope that with the double eviction both Amanda and Aaryn go home Aaryn is still making racial slurs against Candice and Amanda shows how she loves someone when they don’t do what she wants, McCrae talked to Aaryn without her permission and she said he says the wrong things alot and it makes her want to get a harpoon and shoot him in the eye! These two need prozac instead of aderall!!

    • Comments (651)

      Demanda just hasn’t caught on to McCrea’s game play. And that is using her as a weapon while hiding behind her. At some point he’s going to have to cut her loose and THAT’S what I want to see. I’m are hand jobs on request worth 5K to Pizza Boy?

      • Comments (33)

        After MVP is over I would love to see Jessie win HOH and put up Amanda & McRae. Then the game would really get interesting then. Could you just imagine Amanda then. I’d give $500 to see that. They would throw each other under the bus in no time. The engagement would be off. They would not be as classy as Howard & Candace on the block. All you Amanda lovers could see her true colors & all you McRae fans could watch your boy in action. Maybe there is a god. I can at least dream.

  6. Comments (528)



    I guess we know who Americans tolerate less.

    • Comments (651)

      Amanda is just as or even more racist than Aaryn. Check out YouTube and see what BB isn’t showing you.

    • Comments (19)

      It isn’t that women are in control as the reason for Amanda. Amanda has been pretty much bullying everyone to do what she wants them to. She isn’t playing a game with manipulation and wits, she’s plain old telling everyone what she wants and expecting it to go how she wants. Aaryn is still disgusting, and I want her gone. My best case scenario for this double eviction would be Amanda and Aaryn leaving by week’s end. Then let’s see who becomes public enemy #1. I also predict after the double evict this week, BB MVP will end too.

      • Comments (528)

        I dunno man, if you’re in the BB house, telling everyone what to do and they’re listening, and everyone you want out is going out…I kinda think that would be actually playing the game well…? I just feel like I ALWAYS see this behaviour in men in the house who become BB “stars” who play the game so great and are praised for their manipulation, but when it’s a woman she’s hated for it. Helen gets the same treatment. She straight up says in the DR she’s purposefully manipulating people and sabotaging them when she feels threatened. I’d think that’s good gameplay, but it’s WHY people are hating on Helen.

        It’s ridiculous.

      • Comments (19)

        I like Helen and her game play is better than Amanda in my opinion. Helen is manipulating and thinking precisely about what she does before she does it. Amanda is expecting everyone to come to her and let her make the decisions. I really think that McCrae and Helen are playing by far the best games in the house, and I would really love to see the jury vote between those two. I honestly don’t know who would win.

  7. Comments (23)

    if Amanda is paranoid, she has to treat Spencer as the MVP this week.

  8. Comments (4)

    I think CBS finally got Aaryn to realize that she was way out of line and possibly threatened taking her out of the game if she didn’t stop with the hate comments. I know that it did cause a ratings jump, but when they last aired the worst of it, a lot of people felt very uncomfortable. I’m assuming that enough was enough at that point, as Aaryn has come across as the quiet girl just going with the flow ever since. Also notice, she doesn’t even mention who she wants out of the house until someone else says it first.

    • Comments (610)

      I think she’s still doing it, just less often, based on what I’ve read on other blogs. She’s totally clueless, but she won’t be after she’s out of the house!

      • Comments (19)

        Wouldn’t it be great if zingbot told her she’d been fired from her modeling jobs. The look on her face whether to believe it or not would be priceless.

      • Comments (271)

        Thinking that’s why everyone is pretty fed up with Amanda since she was the one pointing it out to Aaryn at first who really seems clueless about racism,she feels being called Barbie is a racial slur,and kept on with the racial comments even tho she knows better.

    • Comments (651)

      She slowed down until she got HoH then started up again. She blamed Candice for making her look racist and she and GM have been back to there old ways since. The live feeds and BBAD show she just hasn’t learned.

  9. Comments (651)

    Jessie wins veto!!

  10. Comments (651)

    Demanda is REALLY losing it. I guess things got ugly during POV and after she and Candice had another fight. From what other sites are saying Amanda said something about putting Howard’s c**k in her mouth. McCrea can’t control her anymore. Judd is scared that she’s coming after him because she thinks he was MVP. The witch is wigging. 🙂

  11. Comments (2)

    I can not stand to hear GM or Aaryns voice anymore. They are still bashing Candace and just won’t give up. God help her when she puts on the leotard. Just give her strength to get through this hell house.

  12. Comments (1)

    With Arag taking adderal as an adult, it doesn’t have the same effect as children with ADD or ADHD. When adderol is taken as an adult, the adult feels as tho they are high on cocaine. I don’t know a reputable doctor would even prescribe that for an “adult’ like Arag.

  13. Comments (33)

    I just wonder why we haven’t heard from Amanda’s employer.I guess her father or aunt -uncle own the real estate co.I mean she is the meanest, most despicable person on this show, the way she talks about the other contestants & potential buyers of property from this realtor. Jessie Jackson where are you when America needs you. Why hasn’t some news org. contacted them for a quote concerning their mean & racist employee talking so mean & discussing about potential customers. I would hope people would rise up and boycott this realtor for keeping such a mean & nasty person on their payroll.You have heard from Spencer’s,Arryn’s & Gina Marie’s employers.Why not Amanda’s, she get’s to do whatever she wants without any repercussions.Where’s the media. I just hope potential buyers are watching BB and decide not to list or use this real estate company to have anything to do with buying or selling their property. Hit them where it hurts, the pocketbook!

  14. Comments (2)

    I’m at a loss that Amanda is MVP again… So she is snotty at times. So she sounds like a bully. So she was using a pizza boy to get further. (Lucky for her he’s also very good at the game) Anyway, big deal- It’s her strategy – and it was working great until lately when her insecurities have seemingly been making her lose her cool. But she isn’t a racist like some of these other people! (AARYN!!!)

    The same people watch Big Brother year after year complaining the whole time that these horrible people scheme and lie to win. Of course they do. That’s the whole reason the show works… That’s why it is fun to watch.
    Did you see Season One? If so, you probably didn’t watch it for long. People were on and just competing in the competitions and voting on who to send home. No scheming, no alliances. Just crickets. B-O-R-I-N-G.
    Dr. Will revolutionized the game in Season 2 by coming in and letting America know he was working a strategy by lying to everyone to get to his end result of being safe week after week. And he did it without being crude and mean. (He is still by far the best BB player to every grace our TV’s)

    So, back to my point… I just absolutely can’t believe Americans are more tolerant of racism than we are of bitchiness! What a depressing thought.

    Amanda has a tendency to get bitchy for sure. That’s how she behaves.
    Aaryn is a racist. That’s who she is.

    • Comments (2)

      OMG!!! I’m sorry!!! I spoke too soon. Amanda can go. She is horrible too. I just saw a video clip of some of the things she says. It’s awful. Terrible. I feel so dumb for having defended her.
      I have to go pick a new favorite now.

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