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Big Brother 15 – Have Not, Nomination Results

bb15-helen-talkingThe Big Brother feeds were down for about 3.5 hours or so, and I figured it was for the have-not competition and nominations, but when the feeds came back, the have-nots were revealed.  Nominations should follow shortly…

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The have-nots for the week:

GinaMarie, Helen, Amanda, Elissa

The competition was messy, and I’m sure Amanda will be whining about losing yet again, but the bigger news is how Elissa and Helen are going to take being nominated.   As of 7pm bbt, they haven’t officially been nominated yet, but it’s likely to happen and when it does, will Helen have a meltdown when she realizes she’s the actual target?

Another interesting note is how Elissa will handle being on the block while sleeping in the HN room for the second straight week.

The feeds should be heading back to trivia soon and I will update this and twitter/facebook when they come up and the nominations have been officially announced.

8:20pm – Oops, feeds have been back for about 30 minutes now, but lost track of time.  As I’m sure you read in the comments, the nominations were no surprise:

Helen and Elissa have been nominated. 

Helen is the target this week, but they’re going to play it off like she’s not.  Perhaps Jessie was used as practice for this strategy?  Maybe that’s why it was so important to get her out when they did?  Anyway, the only thing that can save Helen is if she wears the PoV tomorrow, but even if that happens, Elissa will go home. Once Elissa is gone, Helen will be the target once again and she’ll have to either keep winning veto challenges, or somehow use some jedi mind tricks to flip the house on Amanda.

9:10pm – Nothing really happening in the house right now.  Food, chatting, talking about each other.  The normal…

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  1. Comments (162)

    I hope Helen realize that she is target and see how Jessie felt last week..

    • Comments (23)

      however,when Andy will be awake and know he is also on the bottom of 3 AM? time 4 big move!

      • Comments (162)

        True Andy is going to be so shocked but shouldn’t be…and if Helen really thinks McCrae is going against Amanda right now… She is crae crae..

      • Comments (23)

        AMANDA IS NOT DESERVED TO WIN because she really didn’t win anything.IF MCANDA get into final 2,wish MC gonna win.

      • Comments (1092)


        Not a fan of Amanda, but at this point she is in the top three deserving to win.

      • Comments (160)

        I hate to say it, but I agree with you dmc.

        If Helen was smart enough 2-3 weeks ago, she should’ve have rallied enough votes to get Amanda out. Dumb move Helen.

      • Comments (224)

        I’m starting to suspect that Amanda might be throwing competitions and crying about them to make herself seem weak at winning anything, thus, convincing people that she’s a safer bet for the final 3 since she can’t win anything. If even Gina Marie and Elissa can manage to win a challenge, then something’s seriously not right that Amanda hasn’t won anything.

      • Comments (6)

        OMG! I was beginning to think that Andy was invisible to everybody or just a figment of my imagination, he is such a snitch he needs outta there!

    • Comments (302)

      As much as I would like that Charlotte I just think the payoff of watching a shocked Helen getting blindsided would be too rich. Then she can cry to the rest of the jury who won’t be in the mood to hear it.

  2. Comments (1)

    Helen was my favorite from the git go. But now it disgusts me to watch her. I don’t like any of the current house guests. Where did bb find these selfabsorbed losers? They need to get average looking people of different ethnic backgrounds. Why not try something different, their current formula is a bust! I miss the days of chicken george!

    • Comments (5)

      I agree! The older seasons were the best. I don’t even want any of the remaining houseguests to win they all suck

    • Comments (1)

      Helen WAS my fave too, but times have changed. This season is sooooo boring that I regret having get the live feeds, especially having to hear all the racist, ethnic, homophobic statements. Not only should they do more ethnics, how about some older people and not all the 20 something “kids”. It’s all crap now. No one in the house that is going to make it fun to watch. Once Helen goes, the drama might be over

      • on-a-low-BS-diet........
        Comments (53)

        Im sooo sick of Helen and her fake sounding pep talks. Shes always jumping up and down <—–and I Really wish THAT would stop. She looks psycho doing that all the time
        shes been lying to everyonecand thinking shes the most brilliant BB mastermind……its gonna make a Helen blindside Awesome to watch!
        And her alliance with Elizard?
        Oh Helen…….
        If you didn't figure out that she was a Loser by the way she went around telling everyone ALL the secrets and schemes of your alliance or the way she acts superior and either fights with or infuriates the other houseguests then you have no one yo blame but yourself Helen for pairing yourself with Elizard. I guess you felt you could ride on the coat tails of her being Rachel's sister….it was the only reason a floater got MVP or got this far at all. And now she wants to screw you even more. Not even go to jury?
        I want to see Helen go but her buddy Elizard? What difference would it make if she went? She does Nothing. She wins Nothing unless its given to her. Shes like an annoying insect in the Bb house. They should have cast her as an ant.

    • Comments (6)

      how bout seniors???

  3. Comments (17)

    Its Helens own fault for not getting Amanda out when she had the chance…real dumb move…

    • Comments (23)

      the most important is more DRAMAs.IF MCanda is FINAL 2,it will be so boring…

      • Comments (160)

        If Amanda really want the top prize, she shouldn’t take McCrae or Andy with her. She’ll definitely lose. Her best bet is Aaryn. I hate admitting that… I really do!

    • Comments (1)

      Why all the Helen hate? She’s in the same position as Jessie was last week, and now Jessie is a fav for creating drama. May be Helen will burn bridges on the way out too.

      • Comments (1162)

        If Helen finds out that she is the target, I’m sure she’ll
        cry, swear, and carry-on.
        The only problem is she has NO AUDIENCE to care what she has to say
        as they are in on the deception.
        Helen sent all of her former allies, minus Elissa, out the door and to
        the Jury House.
        Regrets …… are what Helen will be taking home from her BB15 Experience.

      • Comments (1436)

        I would rather see Elissa leave. Helen may have screwed up her game and frustrated the heck out of me, but at least she did pay the game. Elissa did nothing but follow Helen, vote w/the house and stand around posing for the cameras.

      • Comments (271)

        Problem with Helen is she OVERPLAYED.She should have stuck to a plan instead of bounce around on it.In the end she booted people who would have supported her for people who are just playing her.

      • Comments (50)

        You are right! Jessie and Candace were on her side. She probably could have gotten Howard on her side too. I also saw Kaitlyn get interviewed by Jeff after she got evicted and she told him she felt most loyal to Helen. She has made lots of huge mistakes. At finale night when they ask old house guests who made the worst move of the game, I bet it will all say Helen for not voting Amanda off when she had a chance.

      • Comments (302)

        Incredible tonight that Helen says how impressed she was with Nick and appreciated the way he stayed loyal to the Moving Company Alliance. Meanwhile she became obsessed with getting Howard out because of his allegiance to the moving company. Her crusade to get Howard out part of a pattern of getting out people that may have been loyal to her.

  4. Comments (676)

    Head cheese and habaneros! Love watching Amanda gag at the smell of the head cheese!

  5. Comments (43)

    No nominations yet?!

  6. Comments (6)

    To bad Aaron won’t put up Mcray and Helen.Now that would be some fire works.

  7. Comments (27)

    Hey Helen, should Aaryn “wait till next week” to vote you out or is it “too early to make a big move”. Hahahahahahah

    • Comments (1162)

      I’m looking forward to Helen’s “What the House Wants” eviction, however it
      will be bittersweet when it happens.
      We will be left with the racists, bigots, bullies and haters in the BB House.
      BB15 Sucks!!!

  8. Comments (528)

    Yay, maybe Helen will finally get A FRICKIN REALITY CHECK. That woman has been floating in a sea of total ignorance, which is weird because she started out so hopeful and seemed to have it together. But Amanada is the one I want to see out because I’m just sick of hearing her shrill harpy voice.

  9. Comments (1092)

    What is really ironic is that during the live show, when Helen was talking to Julie about voting Judd out, she said, “don’t worry, there are some more big moves coming soon”

    Can’t wait to see her expression when she gets voted out!

  10. Comments (12)

    Yep, predictable nominations. If Helen or Elissa win POV, Spencer is being put up as a pawn yet again and whichever one didn’t win POV is out to the jury house only to possibly come back in. I’d prefer Jessie or Candice come back over Judd/Elissa/Helen.

    • Comments (873)

      @JoAnn, I’m with U on that! Although I would prefer, Jessie, or Helen to come back into the house.

      A) Jessie, because she always wanted to put up Amanda, & McCrae on the block and shake the house up.

      B) Helen, because of the betrayal of Amanda/McCrae/Andy she will have a fire under her to “get even.”

      C) Judd, I believe is a double edged sword, he could come back to take revenge on Amanda, & McCrae. Or he could come back in the house to “work again” with Amanda & McCrae.

      Remember, Candice, Judd, Jessie, and the next evicted House Guest are being held in Sequester, and have “NOT” talked to each other, all they know is what was happening in the house when each of them they left. They are currently not in the Jury House, after the competition for 1 of them occurs to go back into the BB House is done, then the rest of the evicted former HG will enter the Jury House.

  11. Comments (2)

    I will not be sorry at all to see Helen go even though she was my favorite the first couple of weeks. I especially will be happy to not see her “I’m sassy” look/pose like she gave when voting out Jessie on Thursday or her rather condescending DRs. Her ego got too big for my tastes and I sooo want a super-blindside to see her reaction! Hope she doesn’t re-enter right afterwards, though!!!

  12. Comments (118)

    Before the episode ended, Chen revealed that for the first time on a U.S. Big Brother season, a juror will have the ability to compete to return to the house in next week’s live Thursday eviction. With Judd, Candice, Jessie and the next evictee fighting for a shot to go back into the game. Go Helen! Not! Hopefully Judd gets it and does something, anything!

  13. Comments (1162)

    After her eviction –
    Helen will probably say that she should have figured out McCrae was using her.
    Yeah, “like” duh!!!
    Andy’s deception is the one which will shock her. Too bad!

    Will Helen find out she is the target before the voting?
    My bet – Yes!
    Production will give her hints and/or Andy, with his guilty conscience, will begin
    sleep walking and talking and tell all.

  14. Comments (873)

    When this horrid Season of BB 15 is finally over, and Helen sits down to view all of the episodes of her season…She is going to realize that she played a very stupid, dumb game of Big Brother! Helen spent the majority her time protecting Amanda, & McCrae.

    And even as she is on the block with her friend, Elissa, she is “still” confiding in McCrae & Amanda, like they both have her back…LOL & smh!

  15. Comments (118)

    it would be hilarious if Helen does what Jessie did to them, makes her apologies then tells them I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  16. Comments (18)

    Watching The Hunger Games got me thinking; Maybe they just need to get these houseguest,throw them in an arena, and let them fight it out.IF CBS does that maybe,just maybe, they might still be able o save the season. And all those evictions where they went after physical targets might help in the arena.So I want to know who you guys think will win if it happened.

  17. Comments (96)

    For once I want to see a 5 to 0 vote with Helen out the door. I hope she gets blind sided and is so shocked that she can’t focus on the Jury comp

  18. Comments (6)

    I wish they would add fewer twists in big brother this season. It’s making it worse not better. The MVP thing being Elissa 3 times was really unfair especially since she mostly got it because of her sister. It would’ve been nice to see how the moving company might have panned out without the MVP nomination. And the juror returning. As much as I wish Judd could reenter, Helen’s pretty smart and I’m going to be so annoyed if Helen reenters the house and it’s like this week didn’t occur.

  19. Comments (302)

    The problem with this cast is that it’s like they are in an army bunker being shelled by Amanda & McCrae. They think they can just wait it out and sooner of later Amanda & McCrae will run out of ammunition and they can mount a counter attack. Sure along the way the likes of Howard, Candice and Jessie all told their compatriots in the bunker that maybe it’s time we fight back … but no .. the bunker Helens convince them to wait it out and … BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM you’re all dead.

  20. Comments (16)

    OK I def want Helen to go….I can NOT watch her anymore. I am so tired of seeing her eat. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU CHEW YOUR FOOD. You are not a freakin cow.

    • Comments (624)

      I don’t think Helen means any offense by it. It’s probably just coming out from part of her Asian culture.

      • Comments (3)

        Sweeping generalization 🙁

      • Comments (27)

        Well I married an Asian and my father-in-law who I love and adore told me that if you do not show and chew loud people think that you did not like the meal!! I am canadian/spanish just saying 🙂

      • Comments (624)

        It is offensive to chew with your mouth open, smack your food, etc. If you moved to America, then those people should conform.

  21. Comments (88)

    iNo way! I think elissa is the best player in the house . People forget that at the the first couple of weeks in the game she was the biggest target and every week she saved herself . Plus she did play an important in getting the first four house guest evicted. She may not being doing a hole lot right now nut why would she . She is no ones real target. I would do the same if I was her . Just because she’s not annoying and in your face like her sister doesn’t mean she’s terrible

    • Comments (2)

      I disagree that Elissa “saved herself” during those early weeks. She hardly ever campaigned…Helen did it all for her! All she did was look shocked and nearly cry every time she got MVP and then do nothing really strategic herself with the power. Sure, her nominee kept getting evicted, but again, it was usually Helen pulling the strings and doing the work. Elissa always blabbed that she got it instead of using it how, in my opinion, it should have been used (secretly, to spread paranoia) and then run to Helen and others to see who she should nominate. I don’t mind Elissa on a personal level (especially when she calls out derogatory comments in the house), but I think she is a horrible game player and undeserving of winning BB, IMO.

      Btw, while I give Helen a lot of credit in this post, but I have since grown to dislike her intensely. She has too much of an ego, and she overplayed all around. While I dislike Jessie, I also hate what Helen did to her. I want Helen out of the house because her power trip and fake pep talks really annoy me, but I also think Elissa should go soon as a weak/boring player.

  22. Comments (21)

    Hope Judd comes back nd goes all out after these racist people ! Although I believe that’s all that’s left in the house, McRae and Elissa are the only ones decent people left in the game.. It would be awesome too see Arynn win it all after she is the one the house left instead of the people that were deeply offended by her comments. Poetic Justice!

  23. Comments (88)

    I think everyone underestimates elissa and in the end it could lead to there downfall . I think she win this if she plays it smart . To me floaters are the most may make me unpopular but I’m team elissa!

  24. Comments (1)

    Looks like Helen will be making her last move in this house and I hope it’ll be out the door. She’s by far one of the worst BB players of all time… And Elissa- really!?!? C’mon BB. This girl says every week, “I sadly vote to evict…” Then make a move! Oh and Helen, that crap you told Amanda about “playing the best kind of game because you’re making moves with no blood on your hands…” Yeah we all know you were trying to convince yourself that you’re a good player. Good luck with that. Would’ve been a great season if competitors like Nick and Jeremy stuck around. Worst season!!!!! But it’s a train wreck and I can’t look away.

    • Comments (86)

      You are so correct about this season being a train wreck! It pisses me off that Amanda and Mcrae will most likely take 1st or 2nd. Game play Amanda got it but the things that come out of her mouth are disturbed. I’m sick of hearing her talk about ana sex.

  25. Comments (1288)

    If anyone wants drama, excitement and to put the bad people in their place they should be calling for Helen to pull thru in the veto and throw a wrench in 3AMs plans. But noooooo, everyone is writing her off and consigning the season to the “bigots and racists” who incidentally might end up being better players.

    This threads poll reveals loads about the idiots voting hereabouts. They want Eloser to stay and she has absolutely 0 chance of stopping 3AM. Is Helen a long shot? Certainly. But that is a trademark of BB, a person with their back against the wall and having to win. A veto win staves off eviction and she would be very happy to see Judd return. He would make a much better ally than Eloser.

    Do I think this will happen? Probably not but I certainly hope for it. Yes, Helen is annoying as hell and has made some major misjudgements but she is not a racist or a bigot. She does love the show and is trying to play it. What the hell about Eloser invokes such blind following?

    This is a competition, not some silly popularity contest enroute to J-list celebrity status. Please remove your lips from Rachel’s buttocks and honor the game for what it is.

    • Comments (624)

      Even though you’re getting the thumbs down from people, I do agree about needing Helen on board to flip this house.

    • Comments (302)

      I’m with you DanDaMan on the “bigots and racist” front. It would just sicken me if Aaryn or Amanda won this. While I am amazed at the fan base that Ellisa has … I will say this about her … she has continually spoken out against the racist remarks while Helen uses it as part of her gameplay. During a 1-on-1 talk with Candice, Helen becomes outraged when Candice calls her out as one of the people controlling the house(completely true)and then scurries to the HOH room to join the Candice bad mouthing. Helen makes deals with Aaryn and is one of the main reasons Aaryn is still in this game. She constantly praises Aaryn about being a good person. Condoning racist remarks is nearly as bad as making them in my book.

    • Comments (1092)


      Completely understand your post. It is true that it would be sweet to see the power shift, but I as well as many others are holding onto the memory of Helen’s recent power.

      You do have admit though, that as of now Amanda deserves to win based on strategy; Aaryn deserves to win for dumb luck and 4 hohs, and Andy deserves to win for being a great gameplayer

  26. Comments (198)

    At 11:47 pm a new supply of dental dams appeared. According to Jokers

  27. Comments (198)

    I am sorry but I had to look this up I guess I must be quit dumb or just not that sick. Make your own judgment.

  28. Comments (302)

    Tonight we learn that Aaryn was voted “Most likely to become famous” at Douglas High School. Wow they were really close on that one … just missing the “in” as in “Most likely to become infamous”.

  29. Comments (302)

    If you need a refresher course on just how hateful Aaryn and some of the other house members have been before you cheer them on down the stretch check out the you tube video “The Big Brother 15 Experience: Bullying Candice Edition”

    • Comments (357)

      That was really hard to watch! Candice never stood a chance in that house. CBS knew that there were racial relations in America at the beginning of this season and they profited off that! I’m glad that Candice left and I don’t blame her for giving up at the end. For those who gave the thumbs down clearly didn’t watch the clip. No one is immune to people like this. Outside of the “black” thing? Think about your child with a disabilities coming home every day crying about the bullies. Your mentally challenged child is no different than this! They are a target also. Howie and Candice were destined to this from day one. Helen forgot that she is a part of the minority also. We get it! For the thumbs down crew? Karma is a bitch you, really don’t want to mess with! This is a game that was made personal by bigots and racists! I love and am proud of my black heritage, but this GAME has made it real for me. I work with 95% Caucasian people and I have to listen to them talk about how great this season is. My best friend and my sister from another mister calls me every time a racial slur is shown. She is a blond haired, blue eyed beauty with a heart of gold. She overcompensates for racist people of her race. America is a melting pot that will continue to blend.
      NOTE TO RACIST PEOPLE: One day you will find yourselves as the minority and guess what? Black people will still have your backs We are just not that type of people to hold that type of grudge……..LEARN FROM IT!

      • Comments (357)

        AFTERTHOUGHT; America is the most sought after country for those who want to achieve their dreams (land of the free). This show and the simple minded thoughts of a few… being watched, listened, and learned! Food for thought!

      • Comments (302)

        It’s a crying shame that anyone would give you a thumbs down for your thoughtful response to that video. I just don’t get it. Not different than the cavalier manner it which Aaryn throws around her hateful comments to Candice. I’m a white guy in his 50’s that has never had to face that kind of bigotry and I was just sickened watching that treatment of Candice.

      • Comments (610)


      • Comments (610)

        Well said nqb1234! I think Candice endured such a hostile environment that she couldn’t possibly play the game. She never had a fair chance to play because of all the racism and bigotry and bullying…so much of it directed at her. She was in constant survival mode.

      • Comments (624)

        Oh there wasn’t THAT much racism or bigotry. Just some loose talk.

  30. Comments (357)

    Just finished watching BBAD. I know that GM says that she doesn’t drink, but DAMN maybe she should! Then we could blame it on the wine! WTH….she has to be sneaking that crap when nobody is looking!

  31. Comments (83)

    Everybody has protected McCrae &Amanda, thats why they will be final 2.

    • Comments (32)

      Dead on comment Veronica. Dead spot on.

      I am amazed looking back and how it all unfolded too. The lemmings basically allowed Amanda to bully them and Mc-C simply went along for the ride. I just wonder if any of them will look back at this summer and consider just how much power they gave Amanda – and how they actually could have controlled it.

      • Comments (86)

        Well said Gern. They freaking wrapped it with a nice bow put it on a silver platter and handed it over to her. It would be great if she wasn’t a horrible person. Hellens biggest non move was keeping her.

  32. Comments (7)

    Helen showed some potenital there for a while, but that quickly ebbed away for whatever reason. Now it is time for her to go, especially in the wake of her lies when confronted by Jessie about their plan to get Amanda out. I find it hard to imagine Helen as a political consultant, since we all know politics is a dog eat dog world and she’s shown very little of that in the BB house. And what about Aaryn? Her HOH nominations were so predictable they made me want to yawn. Once again, the puppeteer, Amanda, is pulling the strings. The only question I’m asking my self now is why the worst season of BB had to also be the longest. As for the final two…who cares? They are all awful. I wonder if it is possible for contestants in the jury house to abstain from voting? I’d be hard pressed to give the 500K to any of the remaining houseguests. Still, I watch the show, in the hope that one of them will surprise me and actually make a big move. Even a mediocre move would be welcome at this point, though.

  33. Comments (48)

    I have been so disappointed this season. In the past when things did not go like I wanted them too I would still watch to see what happened. This year I have not watched all the episodes in the last couple of weeks. My only saving grace has been that football season started. I at least have that to watch.

    I hope the BB crew responsible for this year’s houseguest selection is not up for a raise this year because they failed miserably. Maybe these people should be paying CBS some of the salary back to make up for the viewer ratings lost.

    • Comments (32)

      Can you imagine the BB questionnaire for this group?

      1. Do you have any criminal background? If yes, proceed to Q-2. If no, please turn in your paper – we will be in touch.

      2. Do you prefer to use racial slurs and believe that it is OK to do so? If yes, please continue to question 3. If no, please turn in your paper – we will be in touch.

      3. Have you ever, or might you become, the target of a horrific criminal investigative process? If yes, please continue to Q-4. If no please turn in your paper – we will be in touch.

      4. Can you lie to others without even the slightest hint of regret even knowing that your friends, family, and your own children may see you do so? If yes, please continue to final question. If no please turn in your paper – we will be in touch.

      5. Do you place more value on the idea of having a “Show-mance” as opposed to really trying to win $500,000? If yes please sign your name below on the contract and turn your paper in. If no, please just turn your paper in – we will be in touch.

      Yup, I believe that the questionnaire above is probably a pretty decent sum of what this group had to complete in order to be selected….

  34. Comments (1162)

    Last night Helen told Elissa that Jessie and Candice simply did not know how
    to play BB.
    Before she left the BB House, Candice told Helen to trust Jessie
    and not Andy. Andy!!!!!!

    Oh, my …………Helen’s “Spot On” recollection of what others told her will become
    her BB Nightmares ….FOREVER!!!!!

  35. Comments (79)

    Congrats on the worst BB season ever CBS.

  36. Comments (32)

    An open letter to Helen in the hopes that she might read this after her stint in the BB house (and jury house) is over….

    Dear Helen,

    You played a great political game. You lied, smiled to a person’s face while holding a knife behind your back, and ultimately (like all liars) you were left exposed and vulnerable. Here is hoping that you recognize the errors that you made and that you grow and learn from them:

    1. Your kids saw you lie. The example you set for them is going to be a hard one to overcome. Good luck explaining how “sometimes it is OK to lie kids” when that one comes up. Better to have kept on the high road and at least been honest.
    2. When you are up against someone who has enormous power and influence and you have an opportunity to take that person out – take them out. I am surprised you didn’t know this given your chosen career. But bottom line you should have listened to Jessie, flipped the house, and taken Amanda out when you could have.
    3. You aligned yourself throughout with one main person – Elissa. Better to have looked around a bit, see who seems to be on an island by themselves, and form a secret alliance with them. You, Spencer, Elissa, and Jessie could have gone to final 4. Instead you were too busy telling Aaryn how wonderful she was, how great her decisions were, and how strong she was.
    4. Finally you had a shot at half a million dollars. And you blew it. Watch the video how it all played out and you will see why America saw you as a fool with little if any game and was happy to see you lose.

    Best of luck in your political future though!

    • Comments (357)

      Wow….Point #1 will sting the most! I’m not even in the game and that shit hurt me! Any politician with a grain of sense will NOT be hiring her in the near future.

      • Comments (1162)

        Since Helen’s children are so young, I doubt they’ve seen any of the
        footage showing her in any bad way.
        As far as Helen’s future employment, I’m pretty sure she’ll be hired without
        any trouble. From online sources, she wasn’t a key player in any GOP campaign
        and staffers for the day to day monotonous political campaign
        work are not that easy to find. The pay sucks!
        “Welcome back, Helen!”

        I think Amanda will have a difficult time finding clients for her Real Estate
        profession, assuming she can find a new office willing to take her and she keeps
        her license.

        GM has her Dance Studio, but has she lost students since being on BB15?
        I’ll bet she has lost the support of many of the parents. Would you want
        your children being around GM?

        Aaryn will have many modeling job offers, but the majority of them will be from
        jobs she would have NEVER considered……… until now. “Smile!”

        Andy – This is an easy one – WalMart Greeter!

        McCrae – Due to his lack of personal hygiene, he will find a job
        as a Sanitation Worker. One of his qualifications is his ability
        to identify any disgusting substance found in trash cans.
        Personal Experience!!!!
        He’s lucky he can fall back on this employment because I doubt
        any Pizza Shop Owner would hire him..

        Spencer, as a Union employee for the Railroad, will remain employed,
        however his job location may change. To the Train Yard! Out of sight!!!

        Elissa – Out of all of the remaining HGs, she is the most fortunate.
        IMO, she’ll be able to open a small Yoga Studio and do quite well.
        I doubt she will ever be on the Amazing Race even though she wants
        to be a contestant. However there are numerous Yoga Travel Adventures –
        Vacation Destination Trips to foreign countries and her Studio could offer one or
        more esch year.

      • Comments (302)

        Very funny and very perceptive Midwest Middie on all of them. I don’t laugh out loud reading post but you got me with Andy the Walmart Greeter.

      • Comments (624)

        Elissa can just go back home to her kids and 40 something sugar daddy. Hang out at the health club and do her yoga for fun as always.

      • Comments (32)

        You got me LOLing with the Andy @ Walmart comment too!

        But I believe that Aaryn, assuming that she doesn’t end up somehow winning, may end up doing porn. She certainly has both the looks and the personality for this sort of work.

      • Comments (357)

        Somehow i think Spencer and Andy will be just fine! They are protected by unions. Now the location for Spencer and subject matter for Andy is in question.

    • Comments (12)

      Yep, I, like many others here, like Helen at the beginning. However, her lack of true game play has been extremely frustrating and now she deserves to be voted out (even though Elissa truly has done nothing all season as far as the actual game is concerned). Helen’s Achilles Heel is Andy. She thought he was the third member of her inner circle, and clearly he wasn’t. Huge mistake in not figuring that out — and that’s probably at least part of the reason why she never recruited more people to join her alliance ( like potentially Jessie, Judd, or Candace or Howard). Big, big, big mistake. So yes Andy is a weasel, but he is also the key reason for the fall of Helen.

      • Comments (453)

        Andy is partially at fault for her fall from grace, however, she made the choice, more than once to not vote out Amanda when America used MVP to nominate her and convinced others that it wasn’t the right time, so she is mainly at fault for her own demise.

      • Comments (12)

        Absolutely that’s true. But one reason for that is that she did not think that she had the numbers without Andy……and did not recruit anybody else. For a blindside to truly work, you do have to secure the numbers.

      • Comments (453)

        Right, need the numbers, but she didn’t really try and mentioned it to others once then dropped it, or like with Jessie told her not the right time then lied about it when confronted. She even shot Candice and Elissa down when they mentioned it. I feel she could have convinced them and would have had the numbers if she had really pushed for it hard like she did other things.

    • Comments (651)

      Lying is part of Big Brother.

      What she’ll have to explain is lying to her allies/friends and stabbing them in the back to get in good with her enemies. So maybe this will be a learning moment for her kids…don’t throw away friends just so you can be with the “cool” kids because they will use and abuse you all while laughing behind your back.

  37. Comments (453)

    When did the pov rules change? Around midnight BBT, Amanda told Elissa that if Helen used the veto on her (Elissa) then both of them would be safe and Spencer would go home. I always thought that if two were on the block, one wins veto and takes the other off the one left on the block was vulnerable to go home. SteveBeans whats up with this thought???

    • Comments (400)

      Rules didn’t change. You’re only safe after pulling someone off if you weren’t on the block yourself.

      • Comments (453)

        That is what I thought. Hope Elissa doesn’t believe her and set herself up for being voted out.

    • Comments (12)

      It’s part of Amanda’s deception to make everyone think that Helen is the pawn and that Elissa is the target, with Spencer being the secondary target. Trying to make Helen feel safe. And unbelievably trying to get Elissa to convince Helen, if she wins the veto, to use it on Elissa instead of herself. If that happens, Helen would go down in BB history as one of the dumbest players ever…..but truly don’t think Helen would do that. Or would she?

    • Comments (195)

      She was saying that because she wanted Elissa to think the house would then vote out Spencer because Helen is just a pawn. But, as we all know that is not the case.

    • Comments (400)

      I see thumbs down. Am I wrong? Isn’t that how Marcellus was eliminated? Didn’t use it on himself?

  38. Comments (453)

    Really don’t think Helen or Elissa would fall for this one, at least I would like to think they are smarter than to fall for it, can’t figure Amanda coming up with it thinking others would believe it, in the end it makes her look uninformed.

  39. Comments (162)

    I say lets get the ones who went home early and put them in jury house and let the winner be from there. Wouldn’t GM crap if she knew Nick was in jury house and she wasn’t… Lol

  40. Comments (357)

    I watched GM on BBAD and some of the normal conversation is funny. She is loud and boisterous, but as a fellow New Yorker. That doesn’t bother me. It’s when she get vile and hateful that I forget that she doesn’t stand a chance back home. Her inner circle will support, but New Yorkers are known for speaking their minds and she may not appreciate the “words that are coming out of their mouths”. I commend Elissa for constantly distancing herself with the hate talk begins. It takes a big person of character to go against the house and make a stand. Andy was visually appalled at first, but he is soo happy to be a pat of the ‘in’ crowd, that he will accept anything at this point. BBAD episode showed Helen lay in bed and listen to every hateful word said. Somewhere deep down inside, her conscience is telling her “do not engage or encourage”. Spencer may have said some racial things, but his perverse attitude towards woman and kids, overshadows any respect I have for him (even if it is the sign of a mustard seed…the ability to move mountains with that much faith). Aaryn layed low for a min and became more personable, but the fact that she can’t stop talking about an evicted guest (Candice) to this day? Just reinforces that whatever talks made to them in the DR were a waste (if any, who knows what BB production is coaching them to say at this point)! McCrae is smart, but his personal hygiene and aloof attitude makes him guilty by association. And then there was Amanda….for the life of my i am trying to understand her GREAT speech to the mean girls early on this game. What a disappointment because she had my vote to win the big prize and Americas Favorite, Then she got comfortable to her surroundings and showed her true colors. GM has such pint up anger that even if I was drunk out of my mind, just seeing her in a club would repulse me. McCrae has his own challenges due to this game. His condoning and horrible personal habits will haunt him for a long time. I feel like I forgot someone, but what does it matter? What we have seen so far has really not been a positive reflection on the HGs left in the house. “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”! And we are witnessing that on this show. Freedom of speech can only go so far and cbs did ALL of these guest a disservice by pulling them in the DR and saying cool it! Your looking really bad to the American and Canadian public!

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