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Big Brother 15 – Overnight Recap


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Reminder, there is no Big Brother on CBS tonight.  The Tuesday time slot was moved back to the traditional Thursday night, and that’s also when the live show/eviction will take place.

Also, before I begin, some friendly reminders.    Watch the live feeds for free, and also follow me on twitter. Most nights I just randomly tweet what’s going on in the house, and sometimes it doesn’t always make it to the blog.   This is generally the place I can expand on my thoughts, but twitter is a good place for quick one-liners.


On to the Big Brother house now….

When you watch the live feeds, do you ever want to just be able to call someone in the house and tell them to stop doing what they’re doing?  That’s how I feel whenever I watch McCrae lately.

Note, the best way to describe the McCrae situation is making it sound like a movie…

He went into the house as a pretty big underdog being the average looking, skinny superfan who is generally looked over.  Winning the first HoH, and then getting into an alliance with some of the stronger guys in the house gave him a push, but then he met a girl. That girl quickly consumed his time in the house, and his friends became concerned about the influence she is having over him.  Gone were the days of the carefree superfan who was looking for a fun summer, as those friends plotted a plan to get rid of the girl so they could have their friend back.

McCrae got wind of this, so he’s been trying real hard to have his girl fit in with his alliance, but that’s been easier said than done.  They want her gone so they can have him back, he wants her in, but they’d sooner cut them both and replace McCrae than have her as part of the alliance.   Why is she oil to their water?  It’s mostly because Amanda is smart and very aware of what’s going on in the house.  She is starting to put together the pieces of the Moving Company, and like any secret organization, once that happens, they make you disappear.

While he should be sitting fairly comfortably in the house right now, McCrae has been chain smoking while worrying about the next week or so.  He knows the situation between Amanda and Moving Company is going to be coming to a head real soon, and looks powerless to do anything about it.  He will have to choose a side otherwise he’ll find himself back to delivering pizzas before the summer is over.

As far as the rest of the house, it seems to be like a set thing that Elissa is going home.  Amanda is one of the few who want to keep her for obvious reasons, but the rest of the house is too tempted by the thought of getting MVP for themselves, so it’s sounding pretty solid that she’ll be heading home on Thursday.

In Team Ignorance news, Aaryn pretty much spent the entire day bashing Kaitlin, and then was in bed with Jeremy alone for a little while before Kaitlin joined them.  Nothing happened between the two, but as soon as Kaitlin is gone, I can almost guarantee that Aaryn and Jeremy will hook up.

Jeremy and Aaryn in bed
Jeremy and Aaryn in bed

I will be starting an afternoon thread in a little while, but that’s the latest in the Big Brother house!

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  1. Comments (137)

    How can Kaitlin be so dumb and not see the writing on the wall of what is going on with Jerkme and Aaryn. I am totally surprised that comments being made by Aaryn are not getting back to her. One thing I do not like about how this season is turning out are all of the hook ups. If you want to have hook ups go to a dating show. This show is not for that, yes I do get that they might happen, IE; Jeff and Jordyn, Brandon and Rachel. but those just happened and were fun to watch as the season progressed. These hook ups started on day one and we have cast members who said that is the only reason they wanted on the show. Please big brother get back to how the shows used to be cast and stop putting in the models and people who are on there just for the hook ups. Ok, off my soap box for that.

    I think the Amanda and McCrae situation is a good thing. At least they are playing the game and hook up is just a side thought. Hopefully Amanda is not send packing and we can see how quickly she deduces the situation and keeps Crae Crae on her side along with some of the other power houses in the house. Candace, Helen, Amanda, Howard, Judd, Andy and Crae Crae need to form an alliance and take down team ignorance.

    I do have to agree with Beans, if I could only scream into the tv louder maybe they would hear me. Or, if you remember from the good ole’ days and rent a plane with a banner calling out team ignorance.

  2. Comments (1)

    Really was it necessary to comment on typos. Not like we all dont make them. But I do agree with what BB Fan said.

  3. Comments (77)

    It would be great if someone planted the seed to Jeremy about how Aaryn feels about Kaitlan. I would love to see the fireworks. I would love to see Jeremy and Kaitlan going after Aaryn, then the balance of the house can go after Jeremy and Kaitlan, GM too.
    I find Spencer to be like a big cancer in the house. I wouldn’t mind seeing him gone.
    I sure wish Elissa had not wasted the MVP on Nick. I like him and a lot of others do too. Seems that she could have seen that out of the three, she was sure to go. I really would have liked to see her play this game. Let’s face it, her sister sure knew how to play the game (i was not a fan of hers though).
    I am afraid that if the house does not get Jeremy out quick (early in the game) he will be a force to be reckoned with.

    • Comments (140)

      I think Jeremy knows, already. Aaryn has complained to him about Kait and she’s even voiced her concern about their showmance ruining her game and her just kept reassuring her she was fine and to not worry. So if he heard it from someone else I don’t think it would necessarily raise any flags.

    • Comments (11)

      All the more, the reason Elissa, should be evicted. He choice in noms, shows that her static game os just as week as her social game

    • Comments (1)

      Just to clear a little confusion, Elissa did not put up Nick for eviction. She initially put up Jeremy who then ended up winning the PoV unfortunately. I really had wished she would go further this season but doesn’t look too good.

  4. Comments (140)

    Someone from Joker’s updates made a comment that McCrea was really upset over some race conversation her heard from Aaryn. Any idea what the devil said this time? It sounds like the feeds took the camera off her when it started so perhaps no one really knows… if that’s the case, I don’t agree with something you pay for being censored. The whole idea behind this is “BB is always watching” so why not let us see it all? Whoever is offended could just change camera or take a break from feeds.

    Basically, I want to know what she said if it was bad enough to make McCrea sick to his stomach.

    • Comments (14)

      Aaryn: How come they don’t pick like half-black people that are fun? How come all the half-black people they choose, they all are annoying? Think about it, for so many seasons..
      McCrae: That sounds vaguely racist
      Aaryn: It does, but like they do it on purpose, they’re the racist ones, not me

      • Comments (137)

        OMG so someone called out Aaryn!! That is great, and now I hope more and more people take a stance against what keeps coming out of her mouth. KUDOS for you CRAE CRAE!!

  5. Comments (14)

    It was someting along those lines.. saw it on Dingo.

  6. Comments (231)

    Late last nite, Amanda, mcC and Aa talked about keeping E and screwing Jerkemy . Aa seemed interested! McC’s game has been disappointing w/all the indecision and he needs to realign bc mc will get rid of Amanda.
    I agree with u Beans! I still believe Helen should go bc she has no power.

    • Comments (231)

      I’m not sure of the time of the talk but A and mcC were alone in that rm off of the bathroom. Maybe just after BBAD, not sure though bc they were whispering and I pad was to my ear.

    • Comments (31)

      How would they keep Elissa and get rid of Jerk if he isn’t on the block?

      • Comments (1276)

        I think they meant screwing jerk by not getting rid of her, and voting out helen or even nick. that was elissa would still be in the game and gunning for jerk, as well as a vote against him, if she’s ever not on the block.

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