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Big Brother 15 – PoV Ceremony Results; Live Blogging

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The PoV ceremony has been fairly uneventful over the past few seasons, and I don’t really expect it to start this week.  Kaitlin won the PoV this week after also nearly winning the HoH on Thursday night, so despite a few moments of stupidity, she is pretty set to use it on herself.  By doing so, she gains protection of Helen and Elissa for as long as they can do so, but the protection offer didn’t sit well with the rest of the house (future drama potential!).

livefeed2Watch Jeremy’s reaction to being on the block
Will he need the diaper all week long?

Jeremy replaced Kaitlin as expected, and barring any miracle by Team Ignorance, that alliance will be down to just the three most hated people on reality TV right now.  After Jeremy leaves, I have a feeling those three are just going to be insignificant to the game until they’re pegged off one by one. Two of them are acting like lost souls with their boyfriends gone, and the other just has no soul.  Seeing as they managed to have the entire house hate them, it’s unlikely they’ll be in any alliance other than an extra vote.


Forgetting about Team Ignorance for now, this is starting to look like another future blowup will happen when McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd have to go against their friends at some point in the near future.  The interesting part will be seeing whether or not the other side of the house forms up to get them out before it’s too late, or they just sit on their hands and enjoy the summer with free food.

From an entertainment point of view, losing Jeremy and Nick hurts because they were 2 people serious about making it far, but I have a feeling there will still be no shortage of drama once the male side of Team Ignorance is out the door.

Update – Someone asked about Jeremy in the diaper outfit.  Last night, the houseguests dressed up in crazy outfits and Jeremy decided to wear GM’s diaper she got for hosting one of the vetos.  If you want to see it, turn on the flashback to about 7:30pm


Post Ceremony Updates:

11:01am – Amanda and Elissa are in the pantry talking about how stupid it was for Helen to offer Kaitlin protection for the rest of the season.  Amanda is frustrated because Kaitlin suddenly gets sympathy after being nice for a week, especially since they’ve all been loyal the entire time.  Horrible offer by Helen to be honest.


11:15am – The girls are all up in the HoH room talking about the MC alliance again. They keep mentioning the ‘all boys alliance’ while talking about having a ‘girls party’ later on in the day.  Candice has also mentioned a girls alliance a few times.  Double standards!

12:25pm – Helen talking to the camera apologizing to Jeremy’s mother for evicting her son.  Andy also feels bad about voting out Jeremy considering he’s been nice all week, but that’s what people do.  They get nominated and they’re nice.


12:35pm – Jeremy is outside in the pool with a few other people and he’s talking about his situation in the house.  Candice – STILL bitter about the moving company – starts getting worked up at him about being used for a vote.  She thinks Jeremy is lying about his early votes and when he calls her a fibber, she jumps from the towel and starts getting in his face.

1:50pm – Candice talking to Aaryn outside about the whole guys alliance thing again.  She is really proud of finding out about the MC.  I’m sure she’ll be talking about it for years.  She then goes on to talk about an all-girl alliance, then takes some time to bash Jeremy again.

Candice’s issue with Jeremy is that he told Helen about the MC after it had broken up, and as he is scrambling to stay in the house.  I hate being forced to defend Jeremy, because he is indeed quite the tool, but the obsession of him is getting annoying.


2:25pm – McCrae, Amanda and Judd think of an alliance name – The Goof Troop.  It consists of those three and Andy, and Helen is the fifth who will be part of an extended second alliance.  Name tbd

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