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Big Brother 15 – Power Of Veto Results

Jessie gearing up for the PoV today

The veto results are in, and it was probably my favorite veto competition of the season.  It’s the one that players get rewards or punishments, not unlike the one where Judd got solitary confinement about 2 weeks ago.  I don’t know much about the competition, but they’re all dressed in hunters gear, so I’m guessing they had to search for stuff in the yard, and the highest whatever got to take whatever prize they wanted.

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Here is what I am learning:

Jessie won the PoV!
Candice has to wear a clown suit for the week
Spencer got a trip to the bahamas
Judd got $5,000
GinaMarie got a cone of shame (like a dog thing)
Amanda got spray tanning every hour I think

So Jessie will obviously remove herself from the block and that seems to be ok with GM.  She said now Candice will have to dress like a clown like the rat she is and will leave wearing a clown suit (Hey, it’s GM talking)

Meanwhile, McCrae is back to lecturing Amanda in the havenot room about her bullying and attitude.  He can see the writing on the wall, Amanda is not going to be winning this game unless she alters her personality, and quickly.

I will keep updating this thread as I get more information

2:30pm – Amanda is crying about something Candice said. Candice said that Amanda thought that Judd was the MVP, so Amanda is losing her cool.  This is going to be a rough night.  Apparently the two had a shouting match

2:45pm – Judd and McCrae are talking in the cockpit and they clear the air on the MVP situation.  Judd had no clue Amanda thought he was MVP and felt a bit betrayed.  This alliance could be crumbling

Ran out to store, back to see GinaMarie is wearing her cone of shame…


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  1. Comments (2)

    I am so happy for Jessie and that she finally won a competition!! There are very little fans of hers and I am proud to say since day one, I have been rooting for her :)and now Amanda can be voted out instead.

    • Comments (2)

      It’s highly doubtful they will get rid of Demanda. None of them know how to play the game, just wanting to be on the jury. This season is terrible so far. The only high-light will be when Amanda finds out that America is ashamed of her behavior more than Aaryn.

    • Comments (1)

      It’s highly doubtful they will get rid of Demanda. None of them know how to play the game, just wanting to be on the jury. This season is terrible so far. The only high-light will be when Amanda finds out that America is ashamed of her behavior more than Aaryn.

    • Comments (45)

      good for jesse. beans has been updating alottoday

    • Comments (302)

      Helen could win me back as a fan if she recognizes that now is the time to strike. No doubt pea-brained Gina Marie will put up Spencer opening the door for the rest of the sheep to eliminate the two weakest players in the house and keep Amanda. Helen could easily get Elissa on board and with Amanda foolishly announcing she think Judd is the MVP .. Helen should be able to convince Judd and Jessie to go along. I’ve grown pretty sick of Helen but she seems to be the only one in the house smart enough to pull this off.

      • Comments (160)

        If Candice just learned a better social game amidst all this BS, she could possibly be a forerunner. But because she always wants to confront people once she hears something about herself she’s ruining her game herself.

      • Comments (651)

        Since week 1 Candice has been a target and has had taken all their racist crap. Everyone has a breaking point. Now she’s alone in there. It breaks my heart.

      • Comments (1)

        Remember that CANDICE was the one who figured it out about the Moving Company alliance during Week 1. Before anybody else. I’ve liked her since then, but agree that her social game could use some work. I hope she doesn’t go home this week.

      • Comments (16)

        And they thought Amanda would be the one to figure it out. LOL

    • Comments (2)

      Did you guys forget its DOUBLE Eviction this week?

      • Comments (302)

        No – just assuming that it will be Spencer, Candice and Amanda and that Candice will definitely go down and that no matter how it falls from there the sheep will still be too afraid to take down Amanda. Helen keeps thinking she can always accomplish that the next week … well you’ll be next weeking yourself right off this show.

      • Comments (873)

        What Helen doesn’t know is that the lower the number of people left in the game, the harder it will be to get Amanda out…It is best to break up the 2 headed snake now, (McCrae & Amanda.)

  2. Comments (11)

    I just hope GM doesn’t put up Elissa in Jessie’s place… Maybe put up McCrae, to make Amanda sweat. 😛

  3. Comments (169)

    Ah yes… Sounds like a great night ahead for all of us. Who should make the popcorn?

  4. Comments (233)

    Right now, I like Jessie and Elissa. Of course they aren’t perfect , but they seem like like decent people. Hope they make it to the end. Amanda and Aaryn should be the double evictees. They are nauseating.

  5. Comments (191)

    Aaryn proved that you can get everyone to remove you as the #1 target if you change your attitude and the way you treat people. Amanda is out of control and I don’t think she knows it.

  6. Comments (35)

    Does GM choose the new nominee or is it the 2nd MVP runner up?

  7. Comments (49)

    As much as Amanda is out of control, she is probably still safe. Two sure votes against her…Candice and Spencer (will be replacement), will be on the block against her so that scheming won’t materialize. And I don’t think we are quite far enough into the game where she will get burned by the Double Eviction thevway Shelly burned Jeff. I think that Spencer is at some risk, especially after winning a trip. Candice is still probably the lead candidate to leave. In any case this will be a fun week leading up to a great show on Thursday.

    • Comments (10)

      Helen said last week that after they get rid of Howard, that the next target would be Amanda. I highly doubt, though, that she would go after her because she is spineless like most of the house guest. We’ll see.

  8. Comments (10)


  9. Comments (316)

    I would love to see Spencer walk out the door and let Candice stay!!

  10. Comments (1162)

    Reports are the HGs were yelling and screaming at each other during the comp. —
    Major editing going on …….

    – Amanda said, “Howard’s cock was in it, but he wanted it in me.”

    Isn’t she lovely?

    • Comments (768)

      Where the heck do you get this information MM? All I saw was fish.

    • Comments (150)

      I’m glad you said it so I don’t have to. Things that I am embarrassed to write, let alone say, just come flying out of Amanda’s mouth without a bit of shame. How on earth can Candice still be the target when Amanda is disrupting the whole house? It’s a long way until Thursday so maybe there is still a chance to get Amanda out. Aaryn is starting to turn on Amanda, but GM is fixated on getting out Candice. Here’s hopin’.

    • Comments (873)

      Amanda is a Vile, Vile Person, McCrae would be stupid to follow her to Florida.

      • Comments (33)

        Well I don’ think GM has any love for Amanda. If they put Jessie won HOH and put up Amanda & one of her allies, then they might have the votes to send Amanda home because GM would probably vote with Helen & Arryn would not want a target on her back for going against the house. Spencer would probably jump on that bandwagon too. Maybe Helen is smarter than we give her credit for. I would still LOVE to see McRae & Amanda on the block against each other with no MVP. Maybe if we all pray to the BB God?

  11. Comments (651)

    Amanda and Candice had another fight after the comp and she is totally out of control. Another site reported Andy saying to her:
    “Andy: “You have to control your f**king mouth! Espeically with the personal stuff. You said about putting Howard’s c**k in her mouth..”
    McCrea is really worried that she’ll bring them both down and now that Judd knows Amanda thinks he’s MVP he thinks she’ll come after him.
    This should be an interesting night except poor Candice has to wear a clown suit.

    • Comments (160)

      Is this the last MVP? I hope not! I want another crazy Amanda next week as MVP (hopefully, she doesn’t win the HoH). It would probably be more interesting if non of the Amanda followers win. I hope either Judd, Jessie, Spencer or Candice, of course it’s all depends on who will exit the BB house.

  12. Comments (651)

    Now the question is will Elissa, Helen, Jessie and Judd see the meltdown as a good reason to kick Demanda to the curb? Will Demanda go so far overboard that McCrea cuts her loose. This game has finally gotten fun.
    And yes I know I’m losing Karma points taking pleasure in another person’s pain but I just can’t help myself.

    • Comments (407)

      Jackie, you’re not losing Karma points with me because I am loving the drama going on. Yesterday McCrazy told Demanda after the fight “You’re so stupid. All you need to do is shut the (expletive) up.” Wonder how she likes being called stupid by her loving partner!!

  13. Comments (651)

    They are saying Amanda called Candice “Shaniqua” sometime during or after the veto comp. I wonder if BB will edit that out or let the truth be seen/heard?

    • Comments (1162)

      From reports online—– after editing CBS/BB may have 60 seconds of film to show
      on television.
      What a group!

    • Comments (150)

      Spencer brought it up again on BBAD. Spencer was talking about how funny that was and Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd were all laughing along with him. Too bad the president doesn’t choose the BB house for a drone strike.

      • Comments (1276)

        I still can’t forget one day when Spencer and Aaryn were talking, I believe by the hot tub, about Candice. Aaryn made some comment about how he could hook up with Candice, and his response was basically ‘why would I when I have a whole white one at home’. Spencer, GM, Amanda and Aaryn make my skin crawl.

      • Comments (407)

        Surprise! You may not have a “whole white one” or a job when you get home. I can’t believe these people believe they can say and do the things they do on TV and not have consequences when this game is over.

  14. Comments (676)

    Amanda received “Fifty Shades of Orange” and Gina received “The Cone of Shame”.
    I wonder if it’s like an orange chum bath every hour for Amanda and a collar like they put on animals to keep them from licking themselves for GM. It’s just not Amandas week. Whaaaaa!

  15. Comments (9)

    I really hope Candice stays for another week.Amanda NEEDS to go!!

  16. Comments (651)

    I’m thinking it’s time for BB to step in and take Amanda out of the game. Even during a POV comp she couldn’t control her venom. Calling Candice “Shaniqua” is hate speech. We may be glad the Amanda is losing it but it’s Candice who is paying the price. With Howard gone she’s all alone in there and at their mercy. And we know they have no mercy.

    It’s time to put a stop to this.

  17. Comments (45)

    I dont get it GMis HOH she should be doing wantsbest for her game not what Amanda and Mcrae wants.

  18. Comments (23)

    McCrae will be nominated,I guess?

    • Comments (1276)

      i don’t know where that came from. I don’t think he’s going up. GM doesn’t want Amanda out, just candice.

      • Comments (23)

        Do u hv any thread?EXCEPT MC,I was really confused about the replacement this week

      • Comments (1276)

        GM won’t put up the replacement until either today or tomorrow (I can never remember which day it falls on).
        One girl posted on here earlier that Gm put McCrae up, but I have no idea where that came from. He isn’t up,and prob wont’ go up.

      • Comments (407)

        Christina, Melissa posted “Ginamarie, put up McCrae” and I don’t think she meant he was actually put up, but like most of the rest of us, it was just wishful thinking or hoping on her part.

      • Comments (407)

        In fact, I put the comma in after Ginamarie which she didn’t have in her post, so hopefully that is what she meant.

      • Comments (1276)

        there’s no telling

  19. Comments (9)

    Helen’s biggest mistake to date is the fact that she mistakenly believes in her heart that she, Elisa and Andy have a final-3 loyalty pact that supercedes any other alliances that each may have with other houseguests. But in reality, Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Aaryn have a final-4 loyalty pact that supercedes any other alliances they each may have with other houseguests. If Helen knew that she was really number 5 in the pecking order behind Aaryn, she would probably be more willing to go along with Jessie’s plan to oust Amanda. Problem is – Helen is clueless about Andy’s stronger allegiance to Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn.

    • Comments (676)

      I don’t see Andy having an allegiance to anyone. He is a pawn just like the others not under Mcrandas spell. Unless he steps it up he will be forever the one “nobody will take to final two because everyone loves him” and will be taken out before final 5.

      • Comments (873)

        Andy is this Seasons “Ronnie the Rat.” And Judd reminds me of that cartoon character from “King of the Hill,” Boon Hower…lol

  20. Comments (169)

    I’m pretty damn speechless that Big Brother would seriously have that stupid “Clownie” doll as a Unitard…and all it ends up doing is humiliating Candice. Sorry, but that is pretty damn disgusting to me… Nobody likes that clown except Aaryn. Do the producers seriously think we, the viewers will get a kick out of Candice being humiliated like that? What the hell is wrong with production this year? It’s like they all turned into sadists.

    Aaryn appears to be going back to her old self, likely because she’s beginning to feel comfortable since she’s had no heat on her for two weeks. I can only hope somehow Candice ends up staying, to the disgust of Aaryn. And did I read correctly somewhere that Elissa is wanting SPENCER to be voted out? None of them are even considering Amanda as a target, except for Jessie.

    And yes, I understand some think Candice is annoying, and maybe she has been at times, but nobody deserves the kind of humiliation she will receive from wearing a unitard based off of a doll of Aaryn’s, especially when she will likely be evicted in it this Thursday. At this point, I am beginning to question the sanity of the production staff, it’s like they’ve gone off the deep end for good, and do not care about the repercussions.

    Oh, yes….did anyone hear that Aaryn thinks Amanda will gain a lot of fans because of the way she talked to Candice during the PoV competition? I swear, it’s like up is down, and down is up this season. I honestly cannot wait til they all see that we don’t hate Candice as much as they think we do, and that it is themselves who will incur most of our wrath.

    Sorry about the kinda rant, but that whole “Clownie” thing is disgusting, and I had to vent! Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

    • Comments (68)

      I agree Keith, something has to be done! It’s getting out of hand!

      • Comments (169)

        It’s sub-human. I have never in my life seen a HG treated like this. And for no reason at all. Their hatred of Candice has nothing at all to do with game. How can they allow this to go on?

        Also, did anyone read the post on Jokers where supposedly a member of production said the “Live” show on Thursday wasn’t actually live, but filmed at Noon Pacific Time, and the audience was filled with CBS employees? That people with tickets were turned away at the gate, security claiming “overbooked”, someone asked to go to the restroom, which is next to the audience staging area, and he or she found the area completely empty. Wouldn’t that area be filled if the studio was overbooked? They say that Howard was evicted at 12:30 PST, and they went around the CBS studio lot recruiting workers to come be apart of the audience, and were instructed to chant “We love you Howard!” when he was evicted.

        The HoH competition was live, that was supposedly the only part that was live. The unidentified production member said CBS made the decision to pre-tape the eviction, for fear that a real audience would display a bunch of backlash for Howard being evicted during Aaryn’s HoH. If this is true, we can safely expect more pre-taped shows when Candice and Aaryn are evicted. This could also explain why the feeds were cut so early on Thursday…

        I’m in no way endorsing this theory, I just felt it was worth sharing with my fellow friends here at BBJ, since this is where I spend most of my BB time.

        Who really knows? With the way this season is going, nothing would surprise me anymore, sadly.

      • Comments (271)

        I read that also about the pretaping and just really wondering why CBS is continuing to try and fix this season but ultimately fall short
        .It is pretty messed up and know it seems they have joined in humiliating of Candice.This poor girl has gone through the ringer with Aaryn,Amanda,Gina Marie,and Katlyn.When will it be enough for them

    • Comments (1276)

      It is gross, but I’m guessing they had it picked out based off of that scary doll. And had no way to know that Candice would end up with it. Sure, they risked it since she was in the comp. But they couldn’t have known.
      Candice saying “it is what it is” 50 times during every speach. Getting on kicks like “keep my name out of your mouth” or calling out everyone whenever she sees fit is getting annoying, and not great game play, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want her out over Amanda, GM and Aaryn.
      It’s honestly drives me nuts that so many people support any of those three. I can’t stand Helen anymore either, he holier then thou act… grrr, I’m so over it

      • Comments (169)

        Yeah, I’m sure they had no way of knowinf that Candice would end up in the costume, but still… did they really think the viewers love that freaking clown doll? It was so dumb last Sunday when they made a big deal of it during Aaryn’s HoH reveal, then had Amanda in the DR fake screaming when the clown was in there with her. It’s just stupid, and it’s like they’re trying to force us to like the dumb doll.

        Guess what? Judd just said “Candice said she can’t breathe with the clown nose on her nose.” Amanda said “GOOD”. I think Amanda might be kind of sadistic… after that whole “Birthday” event with McCrae and her dressed like she was, add in all the violent comments she has made about Jessie, Elissa and Candice… I’m really thinking she’s into stuff like that.. I mean, probably not actual murder, but it’s obvious to me she’s into bondage at the very least.. once again, just really disgusting to me…. but what else is new? Who isn’t disgusting this season?

      • Comments (1276)

        I totally agree it is horrible that she has to wear it. But I think because they know we all hate that scary clown doll is why they used it for the humilitard. They thought it was funny, it’s in horrible taste, and if I had any control, I would have found another outfit just in case, but unfortunately I didn’t get a say.
        But there’s an idea, next year they should let us vote on their top three costume ideas. As an americas choice. Just a thought.
        Amanda is sadistic, she’s show it more and more as time has gone by. McCrae keeps telling her to stop, but she just keeps going.
        Did anyone see the other night when she was in the bed pouting, and bitching at him for not leaving the HOH room when she did? She was pissed that he stayed to finish his pizza after Jessie came in. Amanda walked out and told him to go, and he said NO. Then he went down, she was in the bed saying he should have left, that he was basically saying he was fine with Jessie, even after Jessie had (during her argument with Amanda) said that Amanda was using him blah blah blah.
        For the first time in weeks I was proud of McCrae, he told her the whole thing was stupid. And after she ranted for a bit longer, he just stood up, walked out, and went back to the HOH and had more Pizza. Can you imagine how pissed the queen B was??? lol

      • Comments (1162)

        Even if production selected the Clown Unitard earlier, once they began
        watching the horrific mistreatment being leveled against Candice, one of them
        could have shopped for a different Unitard to be on hand just incase Candice
        ended up having to wear it.
        IMO, there is no excuse for production to allow the bullying going on
        inside the BB House and, now, they’ve added to the mix with the clown unitard.

      • Comments (453)

        If production gave a sh** they would have had two costumes ready in case Candice was the one to get it, then they could have

      • Comments (453)

        ooppss, so darn disgusted I hit post by mistake. Could have switched them. It is heartbreaking the way Candice is being treated by the others. No one should have to endure that. I want her to win America’s favorite just for the hell she has had to put up with.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree – Vote for America’s Favorite – Amanda!

      • Comments (1162)

        OMG, Scratch that……


    • Comments (1162)

      Well Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (1)

      Someone has to be humiliated in a silly unitard every season, it’s part of the game. I’m not sure why It’s a big deal that its a clown this time?

    • Comments (676)

      Big Brother fans know wearing the unitard originated as BB’s way of humiliating the HG but evolved into being part of history. Even those with unappealing body frames would be more than happy to wear it knowing they will be forever remembered. Candice is doing a good job representing in that elite club and only wants to look her best. Clownie or not, Candice will stand out even more with the way she gracefully accepted her “punishment”.

    • Comments (1)

      Wholeheartedly agree

    • Comments (58)

      Keith you always are right on the money 🙂 … Could you pls clue me in on what happened btween Amanda and Candice during POV…I’m behind, my radiator blew and was changing it out all day… Wow, All I ever see Andy do is EAT! lol .. Watching him eat is like watching a little rat with a piece of cheese…

      • Comments (169)

        Thanks, Sapphire 🙂 I just tell it like I see it! I’m not sure what happened during the veto.. I know Amanda made some below the belt remark to Candice regarding what Howard supposedly whispered to her… That’s all I know for sure. GinaMarie said quote “Amanda tore Candice five new a**holes during that competition!” So it must have been something notable. Not sure how CBS can edit it to give Amanda a favorable edit of that’s the case… But we all know the magic of editing can

      • Comments (58)

        Ok got it….Thx so much Keith!!!!

    • Comments (873)

      Especially since the unitard is taken from Clown Doll that is Aaryn’s!!!
      It is like they are rubbing Candice face in the BS going down with GM aka nutty, Aaryn, & Amanda.

    • Comments (2)

      I appreciate that rant!

  21. Comments (1)

    Now would be the perfect time to back door macray,
    Get him out first then get amanda during double eviction!
    If the house was smart that’s what they would do!

  22. Comments (316)

    I’m re-thinking the Howard and Amanda thing. If only CBS employees were there while Julie spoke to Howard there must be more to it than we know. Perhaps Amanda did tell the truth about what he said but since Amanda is messed up anyway they just let her take the blame for it. Maybe they wanted for Howard to be seen in a good light so they let this one thing slip by and be swept under the rug. Maybe he did say bad stuff to her. Just my 2 cents but I think I may be right.

    • Comments (1162)

      Scroll back through this website. – the day after Howard was evicted – Friday’s posts.
      Several here, including me, listed a link to Howard’s outside interview where he
      explains the entire incident.

      Also, I read online that at 5:–AM Friday, Amanda told McCrae that
      she exaggerated her comment about Howard. She considered it her gameplay.
      Remember, she walked away smiling after she spoke to Howard.

      Amanda is a crier when she feels threatened or slandered in anyway.
      Remember when she bawled and complained about Elissa dissing her
      stripper/bathing suit?
      IF Howard had threatened Amanda in any manner, I think she would have
      been screaming, “WTF!!!” and yelling for BB right then and there.

      Also, even before Amanda explained things to McCrae, he wasn’t the least
      bit upset…..just blew off her yammering about it and BB would go to
      fishes whenever she brought it up.

      • Comments (316)

        Howard used to be a Youth counselor but not anymore. He said it in an earlier interview that he was unemployed but was afraid to say it. They put Youth Counselor in his bio anyway. I think he did say bad stuff to her and she was intimidated at that moment but later she began talking about what really happened. Since everyone is bothered by Amanda at this point anyway they swept it under the rug and told her to down play it and let Howard be kept in the bright light. Also at one point Production told both Helen and Elissa not to vote Howard out at that time. It was because of all that racial stuff going on and it wouldn’t look right to send him packing just then. Its just an uneasy feeling that I’m getting about it. Most people in the house said crappy things but they wanted Howard to walk out looking great. He is a decent guy but I think he did slip and say that bad thing to Amanda… They had only CBS employees as he spoke to Julie just in case..

      • Comments (1162)

        I simply disagree with you and will take Howard’s word
        over Amanda’s ……….any day / anytime.

      • Comments (316)

        We agree to disagree and I’m ok with that. I know what I’m saying is not favorable. People have short term memories. Aaryn used to be hated now it’s Amanda. Many houseguests have said disturbing things at some point. Even lovable Jeff from Seasons past. I like Big Brother a lot either way..

      • Comments (1162)

        Aaryn is still disliked/hated; Amanda simply joined her, along
        with GM.
        Kaitlin was there, too, but has exited the House.

      • Comments (302)

        From Day one Howard hasn’t displayed any characteristic that would make me take the word of Amanda over Howard and she did indeed admit to McCrae that she lied and it was part of her game play. What great game play … destroy a person character. Howard may be the last to walk out of this game with his character intact. Those people are being taped 24/7 and as Aaryn, Jeremy, Amanda, Gina Marie and Kaitlin proved .. sooner or later the walls come down and your true character is on display. Howard was nothing but a gentleman this entire game.

      • Comments (873)

        Amen! I just hope that we can vote for Howard to be America’s Favorite Player on BB. Howard was just so inspirational, it was a pity that he really didn’t know how to play the game

      • Comments (651)

        I like Howard but Candice has been the target of the Mean Girls from day one. And now Demanda is constantly attacking her. She has lost it once in awhile but is still hanging in there. The fact that she has to wear the clown suit all week which thrills Aaryn and the others but she has done it with grace. She gets my vote.

      • Comments (453)


      • Comments (453)

        Messed up again. I meant it(x2) to go on Midwest Middie’s post, sorry. Howard has had to deal with racism all his life, he knows how he would be perceived if he were to say that, remember “To Kill a Mockingbird”? Sadly that mentality still exists in this country, perfect examples are Aaryn, Gm, Amanda, Kaitlin.

      • Comments (316)

        …and hateful Spencer

      • Comments (150)

        Why does Spencer get a free ride here? He has said some despicable things about women and his admiration of Hitler has not gone unnoticed. Just tonight he brought up the Shaniqua remark, saying how funny it was. And remember his “Kermit the fag” remark? As far as I am concerned he is just as bad as the others.

      • Comments (1162)

        Spencer hasn’t been given a pass on any of the horrific things
        he had said on the show.Never!
        I think the only time he has been praised is when he
        talked back to Amanda.
        Boy, was she ever shocked!!!!
        Too bad none of the other HGS were around to see it and learned how
        not to be afraid of Amanda.

      • Comments (1162)

        LOL – I been messing up my comments. There are times when
        posting here while working in the kitchen can become………… challenging.
        : D

  23. Comments (48)

    Just when you think this BB season couldn’t get any worse, it does. Go figure! BB casting has much to be desired. I’ve always loved BB, but this season it is a trial. Can’t for the life of me figure out why I keep watching! The only humor exhibited this season is when Gina Marie orchestrates some fun in the house.

    • Comments (302)

      Sherry – I am in the same boat. Can’t believe I keep watching but I think we all like to see the villains get payback. The problem is that there are so many villains or ratfinks it’s turned to Torture TV … we all want to see good people triumph … but evil has taken over this house of floating losers.

    • Comments (150)

      or speaks…

  24. Comments (4)

    I feel for Candice. She has had to endure a lot in that house. It seems they go for the jugular anytime she gets into an argument with certain people. What does being an “Oreo” “Shaniqua” “nappy head” (I read that on a blog) “Aunt Jemima” have to do with this game? With all the other things they could have chosen to insult her about, they choose to go there? That is what is unfair. As emotionally annoying as she has been at times, that is still no reason to demean her in that way. I want her out of that house since she has no chance of winning with this bunch.

    • Comments (407)

      I’m just wondering how many houses Amanda or her family will sell to people of color? All of this stuff she has said will not go away anytime soon. And just to see what a “skank” she is, go to and watch her bandaid and thong “show” she put on. Also, watch GM grab Amanda’s boobs and shake them. When you go to that website, click on BB15…Amazing what they have posted.

  25. Comments (111)

    Sad that I have to resort to this… #TeamGinaMarie

  26. Comments (1)

    This cast is awful…Worse season ever. Last week they should of backed door McCray. Not that I don’t like him, but if I was Helen I would of made sure he was the one to bite the dust. I don’t see how no one see’s Andy for what he is a slithering snake he actually has the best social game. I have no idea why they wanted Howard out so bad he could not even win a competition….CRAZY

  27. Comments (610)

    I hope CBS/BB pays for therapy for Candice for all the abuse she has had to endure.

  28. Comments (271)

    So glad football season is almost here,

  29. Comments (1)

    It was very nice of Amanda to give Aaryn advise on how she was appearing to be racist to America. In fact, this made Amanda one of my favorite houseguest. I now just wish Amanda had taken her own advise. Like I said initially I was a fan of hers, BUT now I’m done with her bullying and her hypocrisy. She truly deserve to go home soon.

  30. Comments (83)

    They won’t get rid of Amanda, none of them are smart enough, I think McCrae is starting to wise up ,maybe he will turn on Amanda, because she is hurting is game, maybe he will convince the others she needs to go,we can only hope.

  31. Comments (1162)

    Candice is being a good sport wearing her clown unitard and she looks
    fantastic in it.
    Judd told her how great she looked and said no one else in the House could
    have looked that good.

    Meanwhile, GINAMARIE really looks like a CLOWN wearing her DOG CONE OF SHAME!!!!

    AND, the BB Bride from Hell is getting sprayed orange/tan for her wedding. LOL
    Just about perfect ……….

  32. Comments (1162)

    I’ve read, Amanda will be getting 50 tanning sessions… per hour for the next 49 hours.
    She will be a darker skin tone than Howard before too long.
    The Tanning Booth should be named – KARMA!
    How long does the tan stay on one’s skin?
    I wonder if Amanda will quit the BB House before the 30th hour?

    • Comments (768)

      Too bad they didn’t use green and she’d end up looking like the photo that Beans posted…..

      • Comments (169)

        So true, Rob… I thought she looked like a lizard in that photo.. Heh.

      • Comments (1162)

        Joker’s Updates has fan photos of Amanda’s Tanning Booth and Amanda showing
        her backside orange tan lines.
        Included are photos of an adorable clown costumed – Candice.
        A poster. also, sent in a funny photo of Dog GM being “walked” while wearing her
        doggie collar but no crown.

  33. Comments (407)

    The green photo made her look like the HULK. Come to think of it, she really does resemble him.

  34. Comments (58)

    Well with all the hateful things Candice has put up with I wonder if she needs to look into a Lawyer if/when she gets evicted and give CBS some grief.

    • Comments (169)

      Yea I thought the same thing. I’m afraid she

      • Comments (169)

        Yea, I thought the same thin, but I’m afraid CBS probably had her, along with all HGs, sign a bunch of paperwork that will protect them from any lawsuits :-/ they probably wouldn’t have let anyone on the show who refused to sign.

        Eh.. Sorry for the first comment that was incomplete… Once again, just my iPad making me look bad 🙂

    • Comments (873)

      When screening for Big Brother contestants, why doesn’t CBS tell the prospective contestants that, “Racism of any kind, will NOT be Tolerated from the HG!”

      Believe, this is not the 1st Season of BB where Racism has reared its ugly head, but this is by far the “worst” Season of it. And why, when Candice is half “white & black!”

  35. Comments (68)

    Just as Aaryn did and does with constantly talking about Candace,AMANDA is doing the same exact thing. Every other minute AMANDA seems to be bashing her and basically bragging at how she taunted Candace during the veto comp. This chick is sick! What is it about Candace that that these ignorant chicks constantly have to pick on. AMANDA is no better than Aaryn. They (AMANDA & AARYN ) should of been called to the DR and sent home. This behavior should NEVER be allowed! Last year Willie was sent home for fighting and I see no difference in what he did and in what Amanda, Aaryn, &Gm has did. It’s still abuse and should not be tolerated under NO CIRCUMSTANCES! CBS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES FOR ALLOWING THIS TO CONTINUE DAY AFTER DAY! NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED THIS WAY. WHEN IT INVOLVES SOMEONE’S RIGHTS AND BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, BEING RIDICULED AND TAUNTED, TEASED AND BASHD BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HER SKIN SOMETHING SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE LONG AGO WHEN THE FIRST RACIAL COMMENT WAS

    • Comments (1)

      Whatever ! It’s tv … Don’t think for a second that Howard or Candice isn’t just as racist as The rest of the house. Your just not showed that because then CBS would be considered racist too

      • Comments (68)

        @ Shanikwa, if you have the live feeds it shows you everything so NO, Howard and Candace haven’t said racist anything! But, Amanda, Aaryn, GM and Spencer have all made racist comments. Where have you been?? smh

      • Comments (1276)

        Don’t forget about GM. She’s right there with them. Howard and Candice haven’t said anything racist. For that matter, Howard even more than Candice has been able to, was able to completely rise above their crap and not even acknowledge them. That is a pretty ignorant comment.

      • Comments (68)

        agreed Christina! Obviously this person hasn’t a clue about what’s been “really” going on in the BB House.

  36. Comments (873)

    I totally agree with most of you that Candice does not have a very good “social game,” but does she have any game at all??? Candice is on the block now, & the “mean girls” aka GM & Aaryn have her out the door already. What Candice should be doing is going to Elissa, Jesse, Helen, Andy, Judd, Spencer, & McCrae to tell them that “I will be a vote for you in the Jury House!” I love Candice & Howard to death, but they both didn’t know the Big Brother game that well, & it shows.

  37. Comments (1162)

    BB Staffers were sleeping again last night.
    Amanda got out of her tanning shower before it was done and not one word
    from BB.

    She should be penalized with another 10 sessions.

    • Comments (316)

      I recall a time when Aaryn and Jeremy cheated in a HOH comp and still won anyway. So yeah, I think cheaters of any kind should be penalized. All of them, not just a select few.

    • Comments (651)

      I’m getting really tired of Amanda getting preferential treatment from BB. I’m beginning to think the rumors of her being the BB predetermined winner may be true.

  38. Comments (1162)

    Anyone having trouble with this site?

  39. Comments (407)

    I believe CBS would have so many complaints against Amanda they would have to take some kind of action but people don’t really knew the truth about her because they edit it out and don’t show what a horrible person she really is. If you don’t watch BBAD or have the live feeds you really don’t know a lot of this “stuff” going on. I have talked to many people that are surprised when I tell them of things she has done and said. They need to start letting the truth come out and quit covering up the horrible things she does. Until they do, I will firmly believe the show is rigged.

    • Comments (1162)

      CBS has a Feedback email link.
      I’ve tried posting it here but it never comes up.
      The link allows you to voice your opinion about BB or any CBS show.

      On their page, you click on the show you’re concerned about and
      write your opinion. It states, there will not be any personal response from
      CBS, however every email is read.

      From their page –
      “I’m writing about something I saw on CBS television”………….

      • Comments (610)

        I used it a week or so ago to complain about the racism stuff. It worked then…

    • Comments (407)

      OOPS…I meant to say know the truth. When I’m talking about Amanda I think I go brain dead!

  40. Comments (1162)

    Stevebeans, why can’t I post the Feedback link to CBS?
    The link is from the network.


  41. Comments (191)

    I am certain that behind closed doors CBS is thrilled with what is going on in the house this season. Ratings are up and I haven’t heard of one sponsor leaving.

    Why doesn’t Candice leave? The chance of winning $500K, that’s why.
    Why doesn’t CBS throw Aaryn off the show? Ratings
    Why doesn’t CBS throw Amanda off the show? Ratings

    I hear everyone say they are discussed but you are still watching. If it’s Helen, Andy and Jessie at the end will you still watch?

    • Comments (1162)


    • Comments (302)

      Yeah Bobby Joe – I never believe anyone who post they’re boycotting the show and will never watch again. We all know they’re still watching. The best point you made is that no sponsors have said a peep. That’s where angry viewers should complain if they’re disgusted. CBS couldn’t be happier .. Big Brother 15 started with the worst ratings in BB history and the train wreck aspect of this show has driven the ratings up up up. My guess is if the next four to get the boot were Amanda, Aaryn, Gina Marie & Helen ratings would drop with only a dull cast remaining. That being said, I sure wish the next four voted off were Amanda, Aaryn, Gina Marie & Helen.

  42. Comments (191)

    typing too fast disgusted not discussed!

  43. Comments (2)

    Again, this is DOUBLE EVICTION week! And I think the fact that America put Amanda on the block shows they see and don’t like it.

  44. Comments (3)

    bb is helping people of different backgrounds show how much people really hate each other in real life. thier disclaimer is nothing. and it shows if they do that on tv what must thyey do in real life. thats a form of mental assault. for that they should be removed from the show. thats whats wrong with our country and cbs approves of it. what happen to respect.

  45. Comments (2)

    Please please wake up and boot Amanda’s ass right out the door…..

  46. Comments (26)

    Helen – the dumbest player in the history of BB. Why you got rid of the players that you actually mat have been able to beat. All of your talking and lying will lead to your demise. You deserve to loose. You really are just as mean as the other mean girls.
    Amanda – everyday you show just how insecure you really are. when Candy us gone, your whipping boy will be Jessie, then spencer, then elissa, then Helen, then GM, then judd, then aaryn, then Andy, then oops that leaves Mc. he will take you down. The jury will never let you win. America HATES you. Your behavior reveals that you need counseling.
    GM N Aaryn – the two immature, bi-polar wanna be(s). I mean GM do you really think Candy looks humiliating in the clown suit. Check out the mirror. Then you have the nerve to show your a** on national TV, literally shoed your pale a**. You n aaryn are trying to pick up offers. Well hang on you are going to need them. Two unemployed, unintelligent mean spirited, females. No real MAN would want to date either of you. You are to loud for Nick and I am sure you have completed turned him off. You girls are a “booty calls dream”.

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