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Big Brother 15 – Preparing For A Big HoH Competition


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I don’t really know if I can stress the importance of tonight’s HoH competition for some people.  There are some people in the house who are primed to make a big move, and if they win HoH, it could possibly flip the house upside down.  With that said, even if they do win HoH, it’s not a guarantee at this point because of the jury deals going around the house.

Some of the people who could really alter things are Amanda, McCrae, Howard, Spencer, Elissa, Aaryn, GinaMarie and maybe Candice.  I think if anyone else wins, they’ll just play it safe and nominate Aaryn along with a GinaMarie or a pawn.

It was a relatively quiet night in the house, which appears to be typical the night after a blowup.  What’s wrong with this cast?  They fight and then make up the next day?  It’s not really a bad thing, this is a pretty entertaining cast to watch even when they’re getting along.  Some may talk a lot, and I do mean a lot (Andy, Helen), but some are pretty funny, good talkers, interesting people, etc.  If I joined the show, I’d probably run out of things to say in about 2 hours and you’d see me sitting on the couch staring at the wall for hours.

This post is going to be fairly brief, but I will get on a prediction thread and also post if anything happens when the house wakes up.  As of last night, Kaitlin is still set to go home, but this cast is pretty unpredictable, so if that changes you’ll be the first to know.

One note, I don’t always update this blog if only minor things are happening.  I do, however, tweet a lot of stuff going on in the house.  If you have twitter, you can follow me by clicking on this link. It’s not easy putting together a 300-500 word blog post over Andy telling a joke, but when I have a 140 character limit, I post a lot more!

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  1. Comments (53)

    Flip the house ! Howard candice maybe spencer for hoh!
    it’s now or never because they dont have the votes espeacially if one of them goes up for mvp.
    They need to win and try there best to flip some votes, can’t wait for the thursday night drama packed special, i’ve got my popcorn ready !

  2. Comments (1436)

    Loved it that Elissa and Helen were actualy talking last night about the rest of the house getting tired of “Queen Amanda” and that she could very well be backdoored soon. Apparentely she PO’d Judd by pushing him to put up Howard last week. Does Amanda ever leave the HOH bed?? Not a fan of Elissa, but am so sick of McCaranda!! I am rooting for Candice, Howard, or Spencer in the HOH competition tonight!!

  3. Comments (316)

    Maybe Jessie will win HOH because people are forgetting she is even in the house.

  4. Comments (53)

    It’s shameful how everytime elissa gets and idea of whats going on helen talks her out of it not knowing that elissa’s on to something,i can’t beleave helen thinks howard put her up.

    anyways andy really has helen eating out his hands , and jessie has candice the same.
    i would actually respect their game if they didn’t report EVERYTHING back to amanda it really just makes them seem as much as pawns as the rest of house

    the house chess board in my eyes amanda’s the king protected at all ends even thoses she is hated by many
    mccrae her queen exstemely loyal and will go the distants for her.
    Andy her knight despencible but very handy in keeping pawns in line.
    Jess an upgraded pond to bishop she is slick & unexpecting.
    Judd, helen, elissa, aaryn, pawns around for votes
    on the next side howards king the most important piece on that side, lose him & its game over some of them wouldn’t even get along if not for him.
    Candice his queen always putting her self on the line to protect him and a equally important piece from a socal piont .
    Spencer his rook loyal and rootless
    gm pawn

  5. Comments (27)

    I honestly hope that Howard, Candice, Elissa even that Spencer win HOH,and I also hope they mean what they say by sticking to their plan before winning because they tend to change their plans after they get hoh,and go another way because they think they will be hoh for the rest of the season instead of just the week…Amanda seems to think she is everyone’s boss and people in the house are allowing her to be just that!! unbelievable!!

  6. Comments (191)

    Howard for HOH!!!! I would like to see him go far but they would be stupid to keep him.

  7. Comments (10)

    i hope elissa wins HOH.. she won POV, i just want her to prove that she deserves to be in the house too instead of being used by the rest of the house for her MVP power. so the girl has lied throughout the game. did everyone forget dan’s big move after being in solitary for 24 hours? coming out and yelling at danielle like he did? or how about matt lying to everyone about his wifes ‘illness’. it’s a game, and people lie in the house. you can’t dislike a player because of that. i personally think amanda should be put up. she’s a strong player mentally by trying to run the house. i don’t like the way she’s playing the game and i think she needs to go home next. my hopes are for helen, andy, elissa, howard and candice for final five!

    • Comments (191)

      Elisa and Helen need to go!

    • Comments (35)

      So you like Elissa because she lies and should be given a chance but hate Amanda because of the way she plays? which is lying and doing whatever to stay on top and not go home..

      • Comments (1436)

        I think alot of us don’t like Amanda because she comes off as lazy and entitled. She does nothing but try and manipulate others into doing her bidding and acts like the HOH room is hers every week. I also think she has no intention of having anything to do with McCrae once the game is over(and he will be heartbroken, stupid, but heartbroken). My Jewish female friend says that she is the epitome of the stereotype, and that’s sad.

      • Comments (160)

        Even though Amanda is not my favourite (I don’t really have one), I can’t hate the girl because she’s playing the game so well. It’s not all about being physically fit or having a good memory; it’s also about how observant you are and clearly Amanda has it. I think she needs to tone it down if she wants to continue to play the game. She’s starting to get cocky and people do not like it.

      • Comments (39)

        amanda is not my favorite either, but i completely agree with you Kathy. how come when a player like Dan has people do his bidding he is a genius, but when amanda does it she is lazy and entitled?

      • Comments (1436)

        I don’t recall Dan laying claim to certain food in the house, or taking over the HOH room and wearing the HOH robe(which wasn’t hers), or demanding that other players put up players that only threaten her game, or talking graphically about oral sex and bathing with another houseguest. She’s just plain arrogant and nasty. Did you know she came into the house in a long term relationship? She needs to go…

      • Comments (1436)

        Oh, and Dan knew when to be humble and subtle, which Amanda clearly doesn’t.

      • Comments (38)

        My only issue with Amanda are the vile things that she says.

      • Comments (39)

        same. i really don’t have a problem with her game play.

      • Comments (10)

        i didn’t say i liked elissa for that reason. i just like her & have since day one. maybe i just feel bad for her because she’s had a target on her back from day one (mainly because of her sister) & i hate when people don’t give players a chance. she’s played the best she could & has tried in competitions. amanda just seems lazy. like jannie said, she makes others do her work & i don’t like players like that. i like players who try in the game. the only bad things i’ve seen elissa do is lie to some people (but then has came out with the truth) and say those things to amanda (but aaryn was saying racial remarks & everyone seems to be over that, besides elissa). i just don’t like the cockiness amanda is portraying.

  8. Comments (453)

    BB needs to have a challenge where Amanda gets no talking for 48 hours and is put on the block!!!

  9. Comments (53)

    ramdon thought isn’t it funny that everytime helens not completely sure on who to vote out andy there to tell her that his and amanda’s target is “coming after her” just saying lol

  10. Comments (528)

    The most interesting thing about this house right now is how there are no really defined alliances but still so many people left. Everyone has their own agenda and there are no clear targets since so many people want different things. It will be fascinating to watch the group break down as more paranoia and and back-stabbing sets in.

    • Comments (160)

      I totally agree with you. I looooove the unpredictability of this game. This year is all about twosomes. I know there’s some threesomes but there’s always a strong twosome within it and LOTS of “floaters.” The MVP doesn’t even phase me this year, I just hope that next year they keep the MVP but with ALL new players (including NO connections to alumni players). I’ll be honest, I don’t watch all stars or BB season with alumnis because I feel like it’s not really an even playing field. Anyway, that’s just me going off tangents.

  11. Comments (83)

    All Amanda does is lay around in the bed, like some little hoe, they break everyother showmance, why not hers, she is worthless, loves telling everyone else what to do, time for her to go. I would like to see Elissa win HOH, and show them all.

  12. Comments (7)

    I LOVE Amanda! She is hilarious! Yes, she can be a bit perverted, but I find it comical. She is beautiful and more importantly, she is intelligent. She needs to control herself a little more before she pisses off too many of the HGs. Now, she isn’t my favorite, but she is pretty damn close. Team Amanda all the way!!!!!!!!!

  13. Comments (8)

    I’m finding myself in a conundrum this year! I am a BB super fan to the max y’all! But I actually know spencer personally! We aren’t super close, but his dad and my dad are best friends… Since they were in the first grade together (they’re now both 61). Spencer is an awesome guy! I think he’s become a victim of aaryn just like Kaitlin GM Elissa. He’s going along w the pac. Btw… I don’t decorate for Christmas either… I let my parents do all of that (bc quite frankly I just can’t afford all that, and I’m pretty sure [especially knowing him] that’s prob the case w spence too).

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