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A picture of Elissa doing yoga.. just because

Big Brother 15 – Wednesday Updates

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A picture of Elissa doing yoga.. just because
A picture of Elissa doing yoga.. just because

Quick note – If you read my last post, I said that Brendon was given immunity for a week when he returned to the game.  I was wrong, he was voted out the next week in a backdoor move.  It doesn’t make much sense to allow them to get booted right out, but we’ll see what happens this Thursday night.

It’s the last full day that Helen can campaign for her safety this week, but as the days go on, I just feel worse for her.  She’s clearly hurt by her own ‘trusting’ gameplay, and upset Amanda was able to make the first move.  It’s understandable, but as a fan of the show, after 14 seasons of watching it, she should have known better.  It was a bad game move, and she’ll forever regret it assuming she doesn’t win her way back into the house tomorrow night.

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Updates – 

9:30am – House is still sleeping, no surprise there.  Feeds did just go to fish, so they could be getting a wake-up call as I type this.

10:00am – It was the wake-up call, some houseguests are starting to make their way out of bed.

11:00am – Nothing has happened in the past hour. Nothing at all.  I guess mornings are like this, but makes for a slow work day!

11:35pm – Elissa and Aaryn talk about how important it is to evict Spencer this week because they’re going to get picked off one by one if they don’t.  Good to see the fight in Elissa/Helen instead of how Candice and Jessie handled their eviction.


11:50pm – Helen reveals that she has further plans beyond this game.  She wants to eventually run for a public office, but can’t do that if she’s known as a liar or a cheat.  Here I was thinking Helen knew politics…


Now my feeds are all crazy and it’s showing last night for some reason…

12:45pm – Feeds were crazy for a little while, and I come back to hear Helen crying to Aaryn about the same stuff she’s been saying all week.  Helen has a professional job, and her husband has a very professional job…. (what I hear is = I don’t need the money).

1:05pm – Aaryn is going along with the plan, but we’ve heard this all week.  As soon as the girls leave, Aaryn will be back on team Amanda.

I'm a mom of 2 kids, I can do no wrong!
I’m a mom of 2 kids, I can do no wrong!

1:15pm – Elissa FINALLY jumps in with what we’re all thinking.  She tells Helen to stop freakin talking about America and start playing the game and working on Andy.  Very impressive by Rachel’s Shadow… seriously.   She is jumping up a few notches in my book this week.


As soon as she leaves, Helen thinks Elissa is mad at her for not trying hard enough.  No, she’s mad because you’re campaigning up the wrong tree.  Stop with the America crap.

1:25pm – Elissa comes back, tells everyone that she doesn’t care what she thinks, etc.  Aaryn then leaves and Elissa apologizes to Helen.  Her strategy is that she wants Aaryn to feel she has an equal relationship to Helen as Elissa does.  Interesting.

1:30pm – Andy comes up to the HoH room and Elissa starts right away ‘I know you’re voting out Helen’.  Andy is waffling and trying to talk his way out of it.

Elissa and Helen are now resorting to the bully tactics to threaten Andy.  They’re saying if he votes out Helen, all the girls in their little alliance are coming after him.   Helen, stop being a freakin’ hypocrite!!!  It’s so frustrating for her to mention America, Heroes, etc in one breath, and then threaten Andy in the next.  Someone call on  her this – PLEASE

1:40pm – Andy does it!  He said they’re not going to sway his vote by threatening him.  Elissa jumps in that it’s part of the game, but she should tell her ally that.

1:45pm – Elissa was bashing Amanda and as she was saying the line ‘You’re letting a 28 year old real est…’, Amanda walks in to join the party.  Fun times ahead

Amanda catches Elissa in a lie. Elissa short circuits
Amanda catches Elissa in a lie. Elissa short circuits

1:50pm – Andy jumps in again to mention how he’s annoyed about being threatened, and Elissa just sticks to her guns that it was a ‘game move’.  Andy raising his voice was apparently threatening, but saying he’ll be voted out wasn’t.  This is hilarious.

Elissa is leaving saying ‘I’m going to talk to my DR and tell them everything is going on’ – (yes, her friends in production)

1:55pm – McCrae joins the conversation and Andy asks whether or not Elissa’s comments were a threat.  McCrae says yes, absolutely.


1:58pm – More bashing of Elissa going on as Aaryn comes in the room to re-tell all the nasty things Elissa has said to her.  Amanda jumps in ‘Just so you know, she got permission from the DR to sleep with the comforter’ (cut to fish)…. yes, Amanda is the one with connections, not Elissa….

Aaryn – ‘Elissa said that production will work to keep her here if she’s put on the block because she’s Rachel’s sister’

1:05pm – The group is now telling Helen that her best friend in the house is a bully.  It was only a matter of time until they saw it.  Elissa completely destroyed Helen’s game and I doubt she gives a crap.

1:12pm – Things break up for now… that was a very interesting little spat, worth a re-watch.

3:30pm – McCrae, Aaryn, Spencer and crew are in the HoH still talking about how bitchy Elissa has been lately.  They also keep mentioning how many favors she gets from production.

4:30pm – Things have quieted down, but Amanda is already playing nice to Elissa to work her for next week.  Gotta give her credit, Amanda never stops playing.   Big Brother is on CBS tonight, so I’m going to watch that and update this later on if anything happens

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