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I recently purchased a house, and during my process I met with a few real estate agents to see who was the best fit for me.  The learning experience of agents was almost as big as the learning experience of buying a house.  I had some try to steal me (and commission) from others, some rude, some nice, and some who probably have no business selling anything.

That brings me to Amanda Zuckerman, who is a real estate agent from Florida. She is 28, and has admitted she will bring ‘shock value’ to the game, mostly by her mouth.  I assume she thinks we’re going to be shocked if she is blunt, but she does realize how many blunt people have come and gone in the world of Big Brother?  It will probably take a lot to shock us at this point. That said, it’s always nice that she’s willing to try.

Back to my original point about the real estate agent career and how it relates to Big Brother.  One thing I did learn that a successful agent is patient, aggressive, and pushy (usually in a good way).  They’ll also tell you what you want to hear, and most have chameleon-like personalities where they can adapt to any environment.  I have a feeling this will backfire in the end because she’ll remain fiercely loyal to an alliance, then try to flip as the ship is sinking.  Her agent skills won’t help her, and she’ll be gone… unless she is able to dominate her own alliance.

To summarize, I can see Amanda fairly deep in the game, and very involved in the outcome of each vote. If her alliance doesn’t sink, she’ll be in it at the end as a possible winner.  Then again, she could chose a weak alliance and be out first.


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  2. I think you are a person that thinks you are the best ,but actually you are one that isactually one of the peoplpelple that think they arereat , when you are actually ar

  3. Amanda ism the biggest bitch i have ever seen. if not for the CBS ratings she would have beensent packing a long time ago. i truly believe the show is telling the contestants how to vote. Mccrae needs to wake uo and see that he is being used by Amanda and as soon as she has no further use for him she will dump him like the bitch she is. Julie Chen is really disappointing to allow this crap to go on.it should have been stopped before it started. nothing but lying cheating racism etc going on. how people will stoop so low for money.

    1. Big Brother Executives should establish a “NO BULLYING'” policy and should make it mandatory that all BB cast members understands what bullying is, what it does, and why it should not be practiced on BB. Quite frankly, I am so apalled at Amanda’s bullying, BB should kick her out. IT’S OUTRAGEOUS THAT BB IS ACCEPTING THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR TO GO ON AND ON, AND ON. SHAME ON YOU AMANDA. YOU ARE AN EMBARASSMENT TO ALL.

  4. Everything is o so true….Amanda is a loveless chiid…I hope she is a lot nicer to her brother and sister…Not sure if she even has any….I have been readin all your comments…And never read anything about ALISSE eyelashes.Evey week I hope she does them right don’t like the clump of lash she has in the middle of her face..come on makeup people do it right…

  5. Amanda is the most obnoxious and rude young woman. If you look up the definition of bully she fits the definition perfect. She should have been removed from the show weeks ago by the producer for the ugliness she has portrayed. what goes around, comes around. We have seen in the outside world what has happened to Aryn’s future and also Gina Marie. Amanda will be brnaded forever with the cruel racist and indignant remarks she has made. Alos her choice of clothing is not suitable for her body.

  6. She is really gross, and disgusting. McCrae seems like a normal enough young dude (I don’t watch the feeds) so I can’t understand why on earth he would tolerate a woman like this??? It’s crazy, dude, RUN!!!!!!

    Your gf is a PSYCHO, nasty, gross, vile beast, she is basically satan…

  7. i think amanda should be removed from the show by big brother for emotional harassment. a smack in the face would be easier to take than all the nasty aggresive attacks by this bully. she must go.

  8. Amanda go Home. your rude and just ugly. YUCK!!!!! stop crying you big baby you won one thing on the show now get the heck off. so people can get back to enjoying the show. I am so happy i am not your parents.

  9. Amanda is the one I love to HATE! She is a spoiled brat. She clings on to McCree. I read her real estate license went for ACTIVE to INACTIVE after her behavior was seen on the show. There is also a rumor she previously knew a female BB producer. She’ll probably try to go back to her life in FL and when she is shunned will act like she wanted to move to Minn. with McCree anyway which will be a downgrade in her lifestyle. I hope she disappears and is never shown on BB after this season.

  10. Amand is so ugly and trashy, how anyone would employee such scum is shocking to me! In all the years i have watched the show this is one piece of crap that should never be acknowledged by anyone!

  11. Amanda, you disgust me. You honestly ruined Big Brother for me, I hate watching it knowing you’re on this show. You’re a trashy person and don’t deserve that half a million dollars. You should be evicted for the shit you say on TV. Go sit your nasty ass down miss “queen bee.” Honey, you don’t run the game. Go take McCranda and shove it up your ass, you whore. You don’t deserve to be in this game, you’re just a big bully and I hope McCrae sees that. I hope you go home next week ya psycho.

  12. Amanda are they paying you to be on big brother to win with your nasty mouth and comments if I were Elissa I would have knocked you out but Elissa has class.

  13. I think it’s actually hilarious that ppl are freaking out about the things going on in the BB house. How we sit here and judge ppl from outside looking in, not knowing the full context in which things are said as editing can do wonderful things to make interesting TV!! On a game level, Amanda is my fav this year and right next to her is Arryn. They have DOMINATED everything and are really the perfect team; if they could only stand each other hahahaha … Elissa is ANNOYING as hell!!! Just because she is Rachel’s sister ppl like her???? I don’t get that at all, she has done absolutely NOTHING this year except fly under Helen’s wing and then finally last week she wins a veto and now HOH… Her voice is retched and she is so self absorbed its ridiculous! Rachel should be disappointed given her “grab a life vest FLOATERS” philosophy. Anyway I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions, thoughts and beliefs! We sit here and judge Amanda & Aaryn for the words they use or their “bullying” yet who is judging us? When we look at our everyday life and the things we do, if seen by the world on a 24/7 feed I am 100% certain there would be a few things misinterpreted. For anyone to judge either of these “human beings” without fully knowing them is wrong in itself… basing an opinion on someone off of an edited reality show is just as prejudice, no one should throw stones at a glass house!

    1. Live feeds aren’t edited. If you think talking about slitting someone’s throat and using the blood as lube as you rape them in the ass is okay then there is something seriously wrong with you. You obviously ONLY watch the edits to form your opinion. I can guarantee you all the things said in these comments about Aaryn and Amanda are 100% accurate and not taken out of context.

  14. She’s a fat, ugly and vile. She an angry, scheming shrew. I cant imagine peope having to live with this female for months. How can anyone stand this horrible creature?

  15. This pig does not deserve a dime in this game!!! She’ll only waste it in her drugs anyway- what a waste… Get her out!!!!!! She’s a racist pig!!! How does this psycho have a job in the real world…. She should be fired- she is a horrible human being!!!! GO HOME!!!

  16. I cannot for the life of me figure out why those idiots in the house listen to this disgusting, shameless, horrific, and ugly person. She is below the scum of the earth. The things that come out of her mouth are despicable, racist, bigoted, and hateful. She is so full of hate it’s indescribable. I would love to see them send Helen out only to be brought back in the house to torment Amanda and have her evicted! Can you imagine the violent outrage that would happen? And I can only hope that goofy McCrae doesn’t win it to share with her! Andy is a snitch, Spencer is sadistic, Aaryn is racist, GM has got some mental issues (bulimic), no need to point out Amanda’s issues, Helen just seems too much like a know-it-all and quite honestly she seems fake. Judd is horrific (see youtube where he says to “abuse ’em and lose ’em about women). I really would have like to have seen Howard, Candice, Elissa, and Jessica as the final four. [stepping down off the soapbox lol…had to vent after seeing that nasty and disgusting Amanda tonight!!!]

  17. Not that i dont like amanda but she better wach her back because she is going to be in the elimination and will go to the jury house so good luck amanda !

    Also i dont really think the relation ship with her and mcray is going to last very long

  18. Another BB waste of space. The clincher was when a couple of weeks had past and her and McCray were sleeping in a bed that had crums on it and had not been washed in weeks..straight up nasty…I can’t wait for this hag to go home.

  19. Go Amanda, win it all! You are playing a masterful game! 0 competition wins yet running the house. Love the end of Wed episode where she says they will send Helen home….or maybe Spencer…whoever I decide to send home. hahaha. Hope McCrae gets HOH tonight, get some blood on his hands, and Amanda is safe, and still squeaky clean…..

  20. I think Amanda is a gutter rat, she has the morals of a HO her parents ott to be ashamed of the creature they brought into this world and raised. She has no respect for her self let alone anyone else. She glorifies in kick people when they are down and encourages others to be mean a cruel. She is the epidomey of bullies, she is a racist, is a vile horrible individual. I hope when she leaves big brother that her life is a living hell, she deserves no better than what she put Candice, Howard, Jessie and Elissa through. Remember karma s a bitch and it will come to Amanda.

  21. If Amanda actually is the pre-determined winner of BB-15 I wonder if the other houseguests know about it? … Wondering if the entire show is scripted and the other houseguests are being paid for their appearance on the show knowing that they will not win.

  22. Amanda needs to hit the door Jack and don’t ya come back….lol seriously. Go home she has fought with Jessie and Candice saying rude racist comments and the house acts scared as hell to evict her? Get real!!!! She walks around in her underwear thinking that its okay. Well Amanda its not and I’m glad Jessie told you that during your poor sounding argument with her about Helen’s BBQ picks. Get rid of Amanda please she is a racist b****. Get rid of Aaryn and GM. These there are horrible. Its no wonder GM and Aaryn got fired from their jobs. Ha ha ha hope they grow up and realize mean people suck!!”!!!!!!! Just saying.

  23. Alan Carneiro Leao

    BB PRODUCERS need all types of me me me me players in the house, the more vocal, off-the-wall, and able to elicit emotional audience reactions, the better. Remember, this is a FOR PROFIT venture, CBS PROFIT. I really dislike Amanda, so she is a good cast for this show. But I’d avoid her in life. She is not acting. Neither is GinaMarie & Aaryn. Three monsters. Bad news. May all who watch BB15USA remember who said what, don’t forgive, don’t forget.

  24. I cant believe how much my opinion of her has changed. She a hypocrite and obnoxious. She treats people like garbage and I love how Mcrae is calling her out on her shit.

  25. Why is it that Gina Marie and Aaryn got fired while this woman is 100 times worse than they are… And god knows they are disgusting.. It seems as if CBS is protecting her image on the show.. How fair is that to the other racist they get fired she gets a pass..

  26. Oh & don’t give her too much credit on the real estate thing. She did say she isn’t selling lately & she also said her mother helps her to the extent of ‘closing’ deals for her. ie her mother makes the sale; Amanda profits! I have no respect for this family period!

  27. I just gave my 10 votes to Amanda. I want her out of the house. She is unbearable, bossy and just a horrible person. She’s also a bully. I can’t stand her.

  28. PLEASE SEND ”’HELEN”’ HOME! She is a mean-spirited, evil-doer who is trying to get everyone to think that she is running it!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?

    1. Not yet! Helen is now conspiring with Jessie & whoever else (I have to check the updates/feeds from last night) to send Amanderall home! Helen can go after Amanda goes – fine by me!

  29. she is too controlling theonly reason she likes mcrea is because she dosent believe he a pizza man and think he one of those rich smart guys she rascist and manipulating everyone soon every ones gunna band together and evict her

  30. On July 24th at 5:51 Amanda LED the racist slurs. She was talking with Aaryn about what house guest private parts taste like. She listed all the WHITE house guest parts as tasting like rasberries, icecream, etc. When it came to Howard and Candace, she laughed and said they would taste like coco butter, then she laughed and so, ‘Oh, is the racist….Watermelon then” then continued where she and Aaryn agreed Helen, the Asian, would taste like Egg Rolls and Soy Sauce!
    DISGUSTING PEOPLE! They both had a good laugh. It is clear they believe being white females, they are superior to their Black and Asian counterparts. I would like to see her mom respond to the above comments and please explain to me how the comments are made with “Affection!”
    There is no way to talk this away…Amanda herself acknowledge they may be racist slurs, then continued anyway laughing at the Black and Asian house guest. I CANNOT stand her now. She is nothing but ANOTHER HYPOCRITE!

    1. Besides the racial and homophobic slurs she made the disgusting remarks against Elissa, knock her teeth out and slitting her throat so she can’t scream when anal sex is done. Refuse to buy a house from this sicko and she just might stalk you to get revenge! Also, how about the rumor that she knows A. Grodner and is the productions choice to win the game?

      1. I have been reading every where that Amanda is the pre-determined winner because she knows someone in production…if this is true, if she does win, I will NEVER watch this show again, nor anything this station offers. Above all others, she is the worst human being in this house and deserving nothing more that a swift kick in the butt as she is thrown out the door! She is despicable!

    2. Midwest Middie

      Yesterday, Amanda went on a rant against Candice – claiming she wanted to “KILL HER!”
      Also, she called her a “bit*h face cu*t.”
      She has certainly brought her promised “shock value” to the BB15 game, except she always does
      her hating on those not around to hear it!!!

      If she hadn’t latched onto McCrae, I can only imagine what she would be saying about him ……….

    3. In reading these comments, check out how ppl have lost their respect for Amanda as time goes on! She just keeps getting worse with her mouth & slutty ways – the bully of the house! I have named her ‘Amanderall’ – for her heavy use of Adderall in the house; how she gets away with this, is beyond me. (Yes I know she has a prescription, but let’s face it, this is NOT the drug for her – she over-does her ‘meds’ & gets angry, paranoid & just plain horrible! Even her boy-toy is sickened by her @ times! She has got to go!

  31. I liked Amanda until I started watching the live feed. OMG she is a hate-filled angry shrew!!! She must be McCrae’s first girlfriend ever, otherwise I cannot imagine how or why any man would tolerate her incessant hate-hate-hate! I’m pretty sure she has hissed about how she HATES!!!! every single person except McCrae, and she’s definitely talked ugly personal trash about everyone. She needs to go home!

    Seriously regretting getting the full season of live feeds now because I have no faith in most of the HGs for having either brains or common sense. x__x

  32. I loved how Amanda tried to break it to Aaryn that she was coming off as a racist. Disappointed when I heard Amanda imitate an Asian accent when talking about Helen.

  33. I LOVE Amanda. I think she could easily win, so long as the other house guests don’t see how good she is at manipulating them. She is able to get them to vote pretty much however she wants them to.

    1. being manipulative is one thing, but harassment is another, if she pulled that crap outside she would be facing a judge right now. I can’t stand the woman…needy, racist, narcissistic, stalker c***!

  34. So pretty and she keeps it real. Respect her to the fullest. Also loved that she tried time and time again to explain to Aaryn (in a nice way) that she is a dirty racist bitch, even though Aaryn “wishes she cared more about it but she didnt”. Good job Amanda in your efforts, sorry they went to waste.

    1. If she is the most normal one in the house, I feel sorry for the state of your country…is it normal to be an aggressive, rude, ignorant, narcissistic, racist bitch? Judging by the cast this year, it is. What does that say about the average attitude of Americans…are you all like this and Amanda is the best of the worst? What a sad state of affairs. Everyone needs a huge ‘attitude adjustment’towards their fellow man. No wonder the rest of the world hates Americans with people like Amanda, Aaryn and GinaMarie representing you on national television and being praised for their horrendous attitudes! Sickening!

      1. Amanda is a racist and has no sympathy or empathy for children or people with handicapabilities
        I have been a fan of this show from the first season and was looking forward to seeing how Amanda would react when she found out that America put her up.
        I am now only watching to see when Amanda, Gina marie and arian nation(aryaan) are kicked out
        And if Andy( for a gay individual to not speak for another minority is unbelievable) wins or any of the mean/racist people win my family and friends will definately not watch.

      2. omg i have never saw a player on this game that i dislike so much as amanda.she is so obnoxious,rude,and self centered its unreal.God help the people in her life.I realize theyre playing a game but come on have some kind of coif please get her off the show.

    2. I can only imagine how embarrassed her parents must be. People with mental issues SHOULD NOT BE ON TV. I thought you guys learned that from the other kooks you had on. This season is the worse. How you found all these individuals with racists, bigoted, hateful comments to be on one show is a disgrace. Someone needs to improve your screening process. Amanda is a fool, a bully and a disgrace to woman. To hookup with a pizza boy who just lays in bed all day and grunts is ridiculous. I hope they marry (they are cut from the same cloth) but avoid having children. God help us.

      1. wow look what happens over the big brother time. Nick was evicted Amanda has become Americas least favorite and Elissa became a well not big tome floater and every one else has just changed so much. the only person really who hasn’t changed really is spencer. The person I want to win Big Brother is Elissa that’s because shes not as rude as others this season and she’s a Riley who wouldn’t think if Rachel’s sister won it would be cool. 🙂

    1. Amanda is a bully and a bigot, she says horrible things and she should be expelled from the house, and I would NEVER hire her to sell my house, or would I buy one she has listed

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