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Elissa Slater

The most anticipated cast member to join Big Brother 15 this season is easily Elissa Slater.  What makes her special?  Well, the fact that her sister is the queen of drama, tears, and a former winner of Big Brother.   If you need another hint… nobody is gonna get between me and my man!

That’s right – Rachel Reilly!  I think this is a good substitute for bringing in former houseguests, simply because they can bring the drama, they have some name recognition, but aren’t celebs and have no experience in the game.  No matter how ‘good’ your family is at reality shows, being a sibling doesn’t seem matter (see: Willie Hantz).

Elissa is going to enter the Big Brother 15 house incognito, and may get to stay that way for a solid 2-3 days.  One of the superfans will recognize her as she’s been no stranger to the camera by posing with her sister.  In addition, there was a lot of speculation that her sister was going in, as she casually tweeted she was going away on vacation.  I believe it was the same ‘vacation’ spot Janelle used last year.

By the time the cameras go live, her secret will likely be out, and she’ll become an instant threat in the game.  Due to the fact that she doesn’t have the experience (or former houseguests protecting her), Elissa’s game may end sooner rather than later.   I’m sure she’s going to be a fierce competitor, but once that secret gets out, she’s toast.

Let’s just hope she cries less, and has a normal laugh.

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    makenna (2 comments)

    go GINAMERIE !!!!! I think most people underestimated her so i am cherring for her!!!!!!!!!!

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    makenna (2 comments)

    if i won hoh i would bring andy to final 2 cause for the votes if u look at every body andy has backstabbed i could win

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    angel leigh (12 comments)

    I like Elissa she was a good hearted player.Yes somethings she said wasn’t very nice.Do you people know another person in this world who never says one thing negative??? I’m a little chunky,so to a person who staying fit means alot would think (my body in a sexy outfit) would be GROSS.Yes this is hurtfull and I would like her to keep that to herself.She’s right about some of the house guest THEY ARE GROSS PEOPLE…I don’t mean on the outside it’s there sprit.They may be playing a game but does anyone have a heart?I think she played with her heart on many times.This wasn’t the game for her.But yes she did do very well in the physical games.GOOD JOB GIRL

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    I wished Elissa Would have Won BB15. She’s the Only One who showed “Class” in the House. She deserved to win the Game. We love You Elissa.

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    LoveLeigh (3 comments)

    I hope she wins, she’s my FAVORITE player!!!!

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    anyone with a brain (6 comments)

    -Threatens to leave if she doesn’t get her way (seriously as opposed to everyone else’s jokes)
    -Is not in it to win it (doesn’t need money, bad competitor/ strategist 99% of the time)
    -Says/ thinks incredibly dumb things
    -Voice is like being shot in the ear with a thousand needles
    -Looks like the Wicked Witch of the West if she went to a hack plastic surgeon after Dorothy’s house fell on her
    -Complains about leaving her family when everyone made the same decision. Because you are married and have kids does not make you special.
    -Is super condescending, arrogant, self-centered

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    everyone in america with a brain (6 comments)

    Elissa is incredibly stupid and annoying.

  8. Avatar

    i love you you are one of my faverit

  9. Avatar
    Seth (1 comments)

    Elissa was in my graduating class. She seemed very nice in high school. Didn’t get a chance to get to talk to her that much. Hope Elissa wins!

  10. Avatar

    i want you to winner the big brother OK eilssa

  11. Avatar
    Steve (6 comments)

    Aderall is synthetic heroin
    -Elissa Slater, August 23

    Fucking idiot

  12. Avatar
    sheri (3 comments)

    I really hope Elissa gets to the end if she puts up Amanda and mcmrea I would be so happy

    kick butt 26

  13. Avatar
    sheri (3 comments)

    I really hope gets to the end but I would be so happy I she puts up Amanda and mcmrea

  14. Avatar
    Trina (2 comments)

    The balls in your court …go take down the Queen B!#?#/!!!!!! And her court of wimp followers!!!Y0u are the only normal person left!!!you and Judd final two!!##

  15. Avatar
    Steve (6 comments)

    Elissa is the biggest bitch this season hands down. She’s incredibly self-centered and condescending. On top of it she’s a terrible competitor; considering walking, whining ALL THE TIME. All she does is whine unless she gets perks like MVP. I can’t stand her voice and the vile shit that comes out of it. I wish she had never been cast, she does not deserve to be in this game. Everyone left their families to be there and it was everyone’s choice to do so. The fact that you have a husband and kids makes does not make you special at all. She likes to slam younger players for being carefree, but she is the one that needs to grow up. She’s also a giant hypocrite, along with Helen, when it comes to bitching about being bullied when she says nasty things about other plays. I cannot stand her.

  16. Avatar
    JLR (1 comments)

    Mo’s daughter from the simpsons

  17. Avatar

    2 me I think Elissa will win something if she feels like she going home.

  18. Avatar

    Elissa is the biggest piece of shit I have seen on TV in quite some time. She can’t compete and doesn’t even care about the game. All she can do is whine and suck. You have no business being on BB if you want to walk as bad as she does. She thinks she’s better than everyone else because she has money and people know who her sister is. She has absolutely nothing going for her.

  19. Avatar
    on-a-low-BS-diet........ (53 comments)

    Ellisa is boring
    A major league floater
    convinced that she is better than everyone else
    addicted to her own relection
    and looks like a lizard

  20. Avatar
    Emilie (2 comments)

    I hope she wins her sister rachel already win big brother that means so can she. hope her the best. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go ELISSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Avatar
    Marpar (32 comments)

    Liked her at first but now i find her boring. Shes a major floater

  22. Avatar
    Rachel (159 comments)

    I didn’t like her at 1st but I am now cheering for her. She is the least offensive out of the bunch, sadly.

  23. Avatar
    Pam Jenkins (1 comments)

    So hoping Elissa wins the game.
    Classy lady. Why should she have a strike against her because she had a sister play the game. Also I am not really in to the people who said some very degrading comments. I think those people should have been kicked off the game immediately.

  24. Avatar
    Peggi (453 comments)

    Elissa is the only one on this season who has class and integrity, she refuses to set her morals aside to appease others in the game, it may cost her the game but she will be the only one walking out knowing her self-worth is more than a few $.

    • Avatar

      If her morals include being OK with putting other women down and degrading Amanda, then yes you are correct. She is worth something. A steamy pile of poop.

      • Avatar
        jaritza (3 comments)

        it not her fault amanda looked like a whore I mean she decided to wear the bathing suit so she should’ve been aware of the Consequences I was very shocked especially because she stated she was jewish and she knows their christian people in the house she exposed herself knowing this is national tv I bet many people in the house and outside felt it was.inappropriate

      • Avatar
        Patricia (231 comments)

        Elissa only put down Arryan for her racist and unkind, to put it mildly, behaviors towards others. Gm and Kaitlin might have been included by reason of association but I really don’t remember anymore. Amanda’s behaviors are unbecoming for a grown women but it it is all a matter of personal taste. Also, Amanda sure seems to have a lot to say about others that is not quite so nice either.

  25. Avatar

    She won POV thank god GO ELISSA

  26. Avatar

    Lets go Elissa! I hope you win. You deserve it WAY more than anybody else!

  27. Avatar

    She has done nothing to win she acts as if she’s so surprised to win MVP and acts like she’s actually doing something she is lucky but when it comes to the jury I don’t think she’ll win because she has done nothing other than be able to put someone up because she’s pretty.

  28. Avatar
    Marpar (32 comments)

    Classy player, nothing but respect!

  29. Avatar
    blake (7 comments)

    All I got to say is she should thank her lucky stars for the BB twist this year. She would’ve been out the door BOTH weeks if it wasnt for her being America’s sweetheart. The sad thing is, she isnt even coming close to playing the best game in the house. Helen and Amanda are clearly the MVPs of the season as of this post, Week 3. Things change fast in the house but she hasnt done a single thing in the house to warren the “Valuable” part of the MVP award aside from being a genuinely good person. And for that I do give her kudos for taking the abuse shes taken in the house and still been able to stand. Still thats not playing the game well, thats playing life well

  30. Avatar
    Morgan (2 comments)

    Elissa should be the winner of big brother 15 because she is pretty and so is her sister and Rachel won so there for she (Elisse) should to Elisse is a good I mean a GREAT player and she should win every single hoh and win every big brother game she deserves it !!!!!!!!

  31. Avatar
    Bob (3 comments)

    Shes nothing like her sister.

    • Avatar
      on-a-low-BS-diet........ (53 comments)

      ELISSA is the worst player in bb history. Shes done nothing. Not a thing. In fact she has done and said things that have seriously hindered her own alliance!
      Are people cheering for her because her sister was a great player??? Makes no sense at all.
      She is selfish. Condescending. Rude and outright nasty to others
      shes an empty pair of yoga pants.
      And she looks like a lizard

      • Avatar
        on-a-low-BS-diet........ (53 comments)

        And now Elizard says that if she is evicted she will refuse to go to jury and just go home.
        Selfish to the Max.
        Its unbelievable. Worst player EVER.
        She cant win anything and so she will just run home like the loser she is
        She should stick it out; —there may be a twist where there is a prize for Least valuable player
        ELIZARD DEF has my vote on that one

      • Avatar
        Kaytee (25 comments)

        Have you ever watched bb? Worse in the history? Uh remember Lawon? COME ON! You don’t like her because she is Rachel’s sister. Get over it. People are cheering for her because she seems to be the only one in the house that is NOT ok with the behavior of the others. I’d rather have 16 snobs in there like her then the racist disgusting scum that is in there now.

  32. Avatar

    I mean I guess I’ve kinda liked Rachel I mean if Jeff or Jordan didn’t win then I wanted Rachel to win. Elissa is one of my favorites so I agree she should win. I hope she does, I mean she is still a huge threat . She doesn’t stand a chance

  33. Avatar
    Jill (274 comments)

    As much as I dislike Rachel, this Elissa seems pretty normal. She may look, sound like her sister & have similar mannerisms but alas,she’s not her sister. Everyone needs a fair shakedown. Honestly I feel sorry that everywhere you read about her it hase something about her sister. Almost like that’s her only reason of existence.

  34. Avatar
    Sharon (110 comments)

    I hope you win Big Brother’s this year you don’t seem as mean let some of
    the other girls in the house.

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