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GinaMarie Zimmerman

GinaMarie is going to give Aaryn some competition in the ‘blonde model’ department, but I look at her more like a blonde JoJo from last year.  She has a thick NY accent, and claims she has thick skin as well (that remains the be seen).  GinaMarie claims to be a big fan of the show, but I’m guessing she probably is the type who catches the show once a week or so, maybe every other season, only when she’s bored at home. (not that I have anything against those type of fans)

She apparently loves wearing really tight stuff, so the guy viewers will definitely be enjoying her for the week or two she’s in the house.  Sorry guys, but I don’t think she’s going to be around very long.  I wouldn’t be shocked if she was the first evicted.  Enjoy her while you can!

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    This season has been alright and has been played hard… Who ever wins good job it was rough… For Julie Chen….l. Would like to be a contestant on next season what should I do to make that happen…. Need it to happen…;-)

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    I have watched Big Brother from Season One. I don’t know the person that picks the contestants but SHE is the one to get fired! This year has been a total waste. If next year starts like this one, I take it off my “RECORD” LIST. Their is no reason why the Jury can’t give the money to charity. $500,000.00 would go a long way in feeding the homeless. ” Ask Amanda” she has the BB book on dos and don’ts.

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    GM is a fierce competitor on BB 15. 1 woman left in the House. I seriously don’t think the Men will allow her to win. Best of Luck to All.

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    bbfanlover (6 comments)

    can you eat with your mouth closed

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    lulla (4 comments)

    I used to her hate for the nasty things she has said especially to Candice….but she kinda changed now, she seems nicer and more entertaining.

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    Michelle (30 comments)

    GM is such a b**ch you said such bad things about Elissa’s. Son I hope you are ready to face whats waiting for you.

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    Riley (27 comments)

    U rock Gina Marie!!!! I hope you win!!!! Play on!!!!

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    you are not my favorite ginamarie

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    Martin Sanchez (60 comments)

    She needs to realize…Nick isn’t going to be with her….some people are so delusional…lol

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    Marpar (32 comments)

    Your fake new york accent is beyond annoying. If your gonna talk the talk, then you need to walk the walk…..otherwise shut the fuck up….oh and just a little word of advice for life after the game…PLEASE, PLEASE CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH SHUT, maybe if you learn to do that then Nick will want to take you out for dinner!

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    This is The Best Show A lot of Crazy Things are happing Andy hunnie come on you have such a big move this week. Get with it babe Money

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    Sharon (110 comments)

    It was awful what Gina Marie said to Candice when she left out the door
    Thursday night saying least her mother wanted her and Candice mother didn’t
    want her she is nothing but a bitch and I hope she is the next one out the door next Thursday,

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    Melissa (10 comments)

    Shes the cockaroach…. Nick is going to use this season of Big Brother as evidence when he gets his restraining order. Poor nick! He must be scared to go to sleep at night…


    Candice is a hero! She took all that crap from those racist plastic girls in there. I’m gland Candi can keep it real away from those bigots. I’ve seen your post on Candices page. How would you feel if someone came to you and was saying nasty things about your color? How would you? And how in anyway is Candice fat? I be she’s skinnier then you. Your probably a bigot to. Have fun with our racist friends.

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    Sadie (27 comments)

    Keep playing strong GM!! Wow- it’s amazing what people will write when they’re jealous….. Don’t like her then don’t watch it!!! This is a reality show & u have people from all over with different opinions & beliefs!!!! Playing this racist card thing AGAIN & blaming CBS is getting real old!!!!! She’s entitled to say & feel what she wants & I’m glad she does…. Can’t stand Candice – hope her fat a$$ gets kicked out this week so she can go home & cry that she was picked on because she’s of color!!!! Get over it & grow up & please stop using this dam race card crap!!! U rock GM!!!!!!!

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      buggie (2 comments)

      So are YOU jealous of Candice then Sadie? It would seem so if we were to follow your logic/writing. What exactly rocks about GM? Her poor grammar? loud-mouthed racial slurs? mis-pronounciating every other word? sobbing when Nick left? weak competition? her Miss White Trash Trailer Park crown?

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    Marpar (32 comments)


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    Bc (11 comments)

    Brain-dead Gina-Marie was being a racist pig again the other night on the live feed, calling Howard and Candice “Milli Vanilli” and “Oreo.” To their credit, a couple of other houseguests (Jessie & Judd?) told her to stop saying that. I can’t remember who it was but it sure wasn’t Aaryn (who has actually said much less racist shit than this idiot)!

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    MissKatie (21 comments)

    So pretty on the outside until she opens her mouth…. Not only does she talk like an old, drunk jersey man, the words that come out of her mouth are UGLY!!! She also seems to be lacking in the brain cell department. Definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. Not to mention, who sobs like that over a guy she’s known less than a month. They weren’t dating. They weren’t a couple. Wtf?! She’s not all there. That’s very obvious. I hope she doesn’t regret her behavior when she’s done the game although I’m sure she will. She’s a beauty pageant director?! Who is going to want her representing them after this?! GM may fail to realize that pageants are made up of ALL ETHNICITIES!!! Anyone in their right mind will not allow this racist to respresent their pageant, let alone even within 50 feet of it. Gina Marie is bad news and a bad person. I guess this is what Satan would look like in blonde bimbo form…. Now we know!!! Kharma is a beotch hunny and there is a lot of BAD kharma heading in your direction so look out!!!

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    RJ (5 comments)

    Can’t wait for the howler to leave. Disliked her from the first night! What a loser!!

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    Marpar (32 comments)

    Desperate, pathetic, bigot, uneducated, self-centered, immature, ignorant, dirty mouthed PIG! Please take some time and do some soul searching because you are clearly extremely lost!

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      Marpar (32 comments)

      Keep your day job and stick to modelling Jolly Rancher candies…..OHHHHH wait, thats right, you cant because your modelling agency FIRED you because your an obnoxious bitch. Dont worry, at least you can still pay your bills with your “nigger insurance”. Your filthy, disgusting, unemployed words, not mine!

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    Bc (11 comments)

    This bleached-out Snooki wannabe makes me want to puke. I can’t decide whether I want to see her out ASAP or if I want her to stick around a while just to see her dark roots grow out more and how she’s going to deal with that. I hope she decides to shave her head like Britney in her meth-head trailer trash days. Actually that’s exactly what this chick makes me think of — a meth-head from the trailer park. Honey boo-boo has more class than this pageant whore troll!

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    Biggest melt down ever. When Nick left she act liked he died waaaaah!

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    Kelly (65 comments)

    Dumb Bitch.

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