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Jeremy McGuire

Jeremy Mcguire is a 23 year old from Texas who will likely be the southern boy of the group.  He has admitted to not know much about the show, but was encouraged to apply because his mother is a big fan of Big Brother.  That makes me feel a little better, as applicants are always easier to swallow than recruits, even if they don’t know about the game.   Recruits tend to play the game carelessly because they are looking for their 15 minutes, but applicants tend to want to go all the way more.  Maybe it’s just me, but it feels that way.

As far as photos, I am running late on the profiles and all I could find were Jerry Mcguire photos

jeremy_mcguire jeremy-mcguire-shirtless


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    Not one of my favorites. But Who Cares. I’m glad he was Voted Out!

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    Stop Being Mean About Jeremy.He’s Awesome,Nice,And A Good Competitor Until Retard Helen Kim Evicted Him.Ps.She’s An Ass.

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    Big Papi (746 comments)

    I am so glad Chief One Feather is GONE. He came in the game pounding his chest as if he was the alpha male and look where it got him. Outta here!

    What alleged nasty remark he say about Kaitlyn’s crotch?

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    Sydney (2 comments)

    I like AAryn the most

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    Glad Jeremy is on the block, he needs to go home. He is rude and beligerent and Aaryn needs to go next. Too bad this cldnt be a double eviction.

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    Bc (11 comments)

    God this BOY is an obnoxious, brainless asshole. He makes my skin crawl. Kaitlyn must be one desperate whore. Yuck.

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    carl (5 comments)

    JEREMY!!! I hope u stuff it too MaCrae and Spencer!!! And don’t leave Helenn and that bitch Candice standing!!

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    Newbie (3 comments)

    Bully will pay! we live in 2013, and it is not a world where you can threaten other to get your way.

    You are acting like the dictator in the house and making other people suffer. You feel no regret but proud of yourself for doing that, that makes me feel very sorry for your mom, raising a bully.

    I sincerely hope you will be fired from your job very soon too!

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    dom (1 comments)

    You are an embarrassment to the Cherokee tribe. Stop saying you’re are 1/16. You are a disgusting, ugly, misogynist, racist, bully. Your day will come. Karma is a bitch!

    Is the son you raised, Mrs. McGuire?

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    Lori Smith (1 comments)

    I am so glad that I have no connection to Jeremy. I feel sorry for his Mom. She must be mortified that she encouraged him to do the show. Watching he and Alyssa be so mean makes me uncomfortable. I miss Dr. Will. He was evil on the show but was intelligent and you knew it was all for the game. ( he was also actually attractive , not like this musclehead) I wish Big Brother would go back to casting likable castmates.l

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    Bradley (18 comments)

    He sort of looks like a squirrel.

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    Rachel Duran (2 comments)

    Jeremy thinks he is all that I have news for him he is not that goof looking Alec o loughing who plays Steve Margret on Hawaii give o has a hotter body then Jeremy and is noted Jeremy needs a reality check

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    Brian (1 comments)

    Jeremy you give texas a bad name I bet your family is real proud of you . First you call her a bitch then you put her hat up your ass. Ya that makes you a real man you pick on ladies not. You must be scared to pick on a guy

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