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Big Brother 16 – BotB Results – House Meltdown

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I have to jump right in once again.  The feeds are crazy right now


  • 9:55pm – Feeds return. Results – Frankie won the botb by himself. Caleb threw it.  Now, Zach is freaking out and Frankie is yelling back at him
  • Zach is blowing UP. He is screaming at Frankie about all the lies he has done this season. Cody and Caleb are chipping in occasionally
  • Every time Zach mentions Christine he yells it loud because she’s in the other room so she can hear it.  He keeps calling her a liar.
  • Derrick comes in the room and tries to tell the group to hash it out in a room privately, but Zach has none of it. He said he handed Frankie his Big Brother life and was shit on
  • Frankie asks them to go into the fire room for what he’s about to say….
    Frankie – “I’ve been lying to you the entire game. I was on Broadway. I am a Youtuber. I am a social media mogul. I have $1.5 million dollars (!!!!). My sister is a mega, mega pop star.  Ariana Grande.
  • Some don’t believe it, but Derrick does
    resume – “It’s been weighing heavily on me since my grandfather passed and it’s why there are only baby pictures”.  Frankie said he has 1.5 million followers (I wonder if that’s what he meant instead of dollars?)… but then he said he has a half a million on instagram and twitter… shrug
  • Frankie to Zach – You told me too much about your game to make me trust you. About your final 3 with Cody and Derrick.  It drove me nuts whenever I saw you whispering with them.  This is an apology.
  • The plan was for me to go to Hayden to vote you out (Zach). Last minute – Hayden goes to Cody and blows my cover. At that moment, everything shifted.  Hayden knows, Hayden’s gotta go.  Literally minutes passed and everything switched
  • Derrick – Let it be known, you didn’t decide that. We did (Cody and Derrick).
  • Frankie – I am building this game for a charity. I build schools around the world and I’m using the money I get from this show for that.
  • 10:09pm – Cody “Why would I be up on the block next to Zach?”
  • Frankie “It’s because  you being on the block, that would guarantee Zach going home. Christine asked me and that’s what I told her

—I am so glad I got an iced coffee on the way home. Could be a long night—

  • Frankie – I am consumed with lies. Consumed.
  • Derrick – “So why are you telling us?”
  • Frankie – “I’m telling you because I’m sorry. I fucked up”
  • Zach – “All I’m getting from this is you wanted me out of the house, you wanted me next to Cody and you wanted to work with the other side of the house. Is that true”
  • Frankie – No
  • Cody – You are fucking all of us or Christine is fucking all of us
  • Derrick – Does Christine know about this plan
  • Frankie (stuttering) – Uhhhh..

After Caleb gets pissed that Frankie is a pop stars brother and walk out, Frankie is puzzled. Derrick said “It’s because most of us are who we say we are”.. someone corrected “We all are”  (umm, oops Derrick)

  • Frankie – It’s all true. I just omitted the past two years of my life.
  • Caleb comes back in – Are you even gay?
  • Frankie – I’m very gay

Donny came in and was excited about Frankie being a Youtuber and social personality

  • Caleb – You as a person is one of the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Knowing that you’ve been hiding all of this
  • Derrick – Imagine me telling you today that I’m not really who I say I am (like a cop)
  • Caleb – I don’t even know who she is (Ariana Grande)
  • Frankie – Well, it’s Frankie’s funeral. I buried the Frankie you know and standing before you is Frankie Grande
  • Frankie – I’m backed against the wall and I have nothing to lose.  I get to walk around the house and be who I am
  • Derrick – I hold no ill will against you

Btw, I don’t normally transcribe conversations but this is a good one. Don’t get used to it!

  • Frankie – My grandfather was basically my father. You taught me how to shave and that’s why I was so impacted because I never learned.
  • Frankie – I am not supported by my family. My sisters money, my families money. It’s not mine. I am a struggling artist.  I am very successful on Youtube, but it doesn’t pay. I don’t get money (Youtubers make money. he has 250k followers so I’m sure it’s a decent amount, but nothing major)
  • Derrick – Weren’t you worried someone would recognize you?
  • Frankie – I think Victoria will shit. I think she knows, and I think this will click something in her head.
  • Caleb – My question is, when we get out of here, will you give me a shout-out?
  • Frankie – I will bring you hand and hand to Justin Bieber’s house. But Cody you can’t go near her.

Frankie goes around the room hugging the guys (except Zach who is still pissed)

  •  10:30pm – Meeting over. Caleb is blown away he’s hanging out with a pop stars brother. Zach is still not taking it well.
  • Frankie is now in the living room telling the girls.  Nicole is blown away by it (apparently she’s aware of Arianna). I think Christine said her husband would be excited.

victoria-reactionVictoria’s reaction to the whole thing

  • The girls are excited he met Justin Bieber. Victoria is excited because she’s obsessed with Arianna and just spoke about her in the DR
  • 10:35pm – The guys are in the bathroom talking about Frankie’s announcement. Cody still thinks he’s lying because he didn’t confess Christine working with him. Derrick said he did this because he has nobody left. He may not need it this week, but he’ll need votes.
  • Derrick gives a reality check.. She’s not Madonna.  You didn’t even know who she was before you went in. She is an up and comer. It’s not like Frankie goes out and hangs out with Justin Bieber
  • 10:50pm – Zach, Cody and Derrick are not impressed about his celebrity status. They’re annoyed an hour ago everyone hated him now the girls are ‘sucking his dick’ about it.
  • Both Zach and Derrick are completely demoralized how everyone loves Frankie now. He is going to promise them tickets to shows, to meet celebs and they’re going to keep him.
  • They also keep saying he’s going to win fan favorite (I think Donny will)

Ok, that was quite an interesting turn of events. I need to hit the sack

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