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Big Brother 16 – Dead Girl Walking Live Blog

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Kind of a morbid title, but that appears to be the case for Amber’s Big Brother season. As the girls slowly get picked off, and Big Brother continues to lose male viewers (I kid, sort of), the season is shaping up to be completely dominated by the core of Derrick, Frankie and Cody.  Amber – the one who will likely go home this week – was the person who ran to the guy alliance and told them about Joey’s half-assed “all girl” alliance.  This prompted the alpha males in the house to beat their chests, band together even more and start going after the girls..  Of course as Devin found out, multiple ‘alpha males’ have a hard time co-existing, so he was shown the door when he let the power go to his head. Caleb and Zach will also suffer the same fate eventually, but not before the core have an extreme lock down on everything.

There is still time for the rest of the house to remove their heads from their butts to see what is happening, and also time to save Amber – should they choose. Amber only needs 4 votes when you count Caleb’s guaranteed vote.  Nicole, Christine, Victoria, and Donny have the potential to realize they’re likely going home unless they band together, so we’ll see if Amber can make that happen.

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I want to thank everyone who has sent me a donation this season. It’s such an amazing feeling to know your hard work has made someone so entertained or updated, they are willing to give you even a few dollars. The season has been a tough one to blog as the house has been incredibly boring most days, but I am doing my best to watch the feeds every day and give you whatever highlights I can scrape together. Luckily this week has already been entertaining, let’s hope that trend continues!

Here are the updates:

  • 11:15am – Most of the awake houseguests are hanging around the bathroom talking about Big Brother in general. Recent seasons, competitions, etc.
  • 12:28pm – Caleb is outside talking to Christine. He is going to try and work Victoria for a vote. He will use the angle that he’s the reason Hayden used the veto to save her. He also told her he basically cried his eyes out during the good-bye message.  He still thinks she’s staying and won’t see it though, however he does know something is weird.
  • When he first asked Nicole after the veto meeting, Nicole said she didn’t talk to Amber. Then when she was summoned into the room in front of Frankie/Caleb, Nicole changed her story. Caleb noticed something is up but can’t put the pieces together.
  • Caleb plans to approach Nicole and give her ‘reverse psychology’ by telling her he already knows the answer but wants to hear it from her.  He wants the truth.  Christine gets all excited about that (she is going to run and warn Nicole asap)
  • 12:43pm – Nicole is chatting with Amber about the situation while tanning.
  • They are going over what happened yesterday.  Nicole is upset she was dragged into the whole thing, while Amber is trying to sympathize with her. Amber is feeling confident on having Nicole’s vote, so she’s going to be pretty surprised on Thursday.
  • HoH camera time
  • 2:28pm – Victoria and Hayden are discussing how Amber is going home. She then brings up how Nicole thought Vic was intentionally flirting with Hayden to hurt her.  Vic then asks Hayden if they’re together (him and Nicole) and he said he doesn’t like anyone like that, he’s just a flirty guy. Victoria was shocked considering Nicole flirts with everyone in the house
  • 2:55pm – House on outdoor lockdown.
  • 4:30pm – Had to get my oil change in my car and will be heading to gym soon. Popping in to report the guys are talking about likely telling Caleb about Amber’s eviction before it happens. That’s too bad, I was looking forward to his reaction on Thursday night, but I’m evil.
  • 5:50pm – Caleb is in the HoH room talking to Frankie about how uncomfortable he felt about the Nicole thing (what he told Christine earlier). Frankie is pretending Amber is safe and trying to keep Caleb calm.
  • Caleb is done with the conversation.  He’s pretty convinced Amber is staying, but trying hard to make it happen. It’s going to be an uncomfortable night on Thursday if she does go
  • 6:30pm – Caleb makes his way to Zach to campaign for Amber. He has literally done 4x more campaigning than she has and I bet that trend will continue.
  • 6:43pm – Feeds turn to Zach talking to Frankie “How sad is that? She doesn’t even like him”
  • The house is breaking to eat and will be doing a pool tournament tonight.  Should give me time to watch an episode of Game of Thrones!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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