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Big Brother 16 – Can Derrick Work Some Magic For Donny?

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Often times we hear speculation of production involvement when a popular player is about to leave the house, and this time is no different. Not only is Donny on the block this week, but he’s in very serious jeopardy of leaving the house.  The house was pretty set on getting rid of Donny so they can no longer worry about the evil mastermind who just wants to eat his pop tarts at a certain time of the day.  However, Frankie and Derrick started talking about possibly keeping Donny, and at one point during their many conversations about it, Frankie hinted DR involvement/pressure.

This is not new to me and doesn’t set off any alarms. I have no doubt the DR tries to steer things a certain way. Why wouldn’t they? They have to worry about ratings otherwise they’re out of work, so naturally they’re going to try and make the best show possible for viewers. From my many years of watching the show, I do know the DR doesn’t always get their way, and that’s because at the end of the day, the players are still the ones making the final decisions (I think I may try to work ‘at the end of the day’ into every post, in honor of the beastmode). I’ve watched many fan favorites, and many entertaining people walk out that door sooner than the DR would have liked, and this Thursday it could still happen again.

Back to the plan.. both Derrick and Frankie are very aware of how America feels about Donny. They’ve picked up clues from the live show applause, hearing people in production cheer when he won BoB, and generally being fans of the show.  Derrick is fully aware that America likes the underdog, and that’s Donny this season.  Between that and the DR hints, while Derrick was speaking to Frankie, he mentioned “If you want a show America, we’ll give you a show. We’ll give you what you want” (non verbatim). All they need to do is convince one person that keeping Donny is a better idea than keeping Nicole, and America will be a happy bunch this Thursday.  Sure, we’ll be sad to see Nicole go again, but this is her second chance.


So who can be convinced to keep Donny?  Here are the voters…

Victoria – Tough call. She bitched about him last night to Christine. She said he’s a mean person and was really rude while she was making him tofu earlier in the day. I think that’s a case of people just getting sick of each other after 70ish days because I heard the conversation and Donny did grill her on the tofu, but also apologized and said he stood corrected. The food was delicious.  Anyway, Victoria is also deep in Derrick’s pocket, so she may be the easy vote if needed.

Christine – Another tough one. She was easily fooled into thinking Nicole was coming after her, and ended up getting her out. However, Christine has been very vocal about her dislike of Donny and said she is relieved she no longer has to pretend to laugh at his jokes.  (note – Good. Anything to get Christine to stop laughing is a positive in my book. Worst.Laugh.Ever)

Caleb – Frankie and Derrick were already working him last night. They warned him that Nicole may go right after the guys should she stay in the house, and could buddy back up with Christine to form some girl thing.  While he did promise Nicole his vote, he is probably the easiest to convince. There is no way he’ll go against his friends.

So, if Derrick wants, he can keep Donny easily.  He may pretend it’s tough, especially if Donny leaves, but that will be a lie.  Derrick can make it a 4-1 vote after a 10 minute conversation with each person.  We’ll find out for sure what Derrick actually wants and what he doesn’t want. What we do know is that Donny’s fate rests entirely in his hands.

We’re mid-week in the BB house and Nicole will likely not bother campaigning a whole lot. Unless Big Brother throws something in (luxury comp, pandora’s box, etc), this will likely be a very slow week… why do I feel that has been the theme this season?


Live feed thread later today, plus maybe a few other things.

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