Big Brother 16 – This Is The End



I am writing this now because my live thread tonight will likely be a mess and I won’t be able to properly compose any thoughts.

Another great season of Big Brother is going to be over in a few hours, and then we’ll be left with another long, miserable winter before we finally get to do it all over again next summer.

While the drama was certainly toned down from BB15, this season had it’s highlights, fun moments and creepy moments… and you can thank Caleb for almost all of those. It was definitely a predictable season as the guys banded together early and just dominated the house from start to finish, but for some reason it all pieced together to be a pretty decent season, at least on CBS.


Unfortunately the feeds were dull about 95% of each day, and the only time they spiked were like 5am my time, but to give credit where it’s due, the editors did a pretty damn good job with what they were given this year. Nearly every episode was fun to watch and every non-feedwatcher I spoke to really enjoyed the season.

You can also tell a good season when fans start shouting stuff over the walls. When nobody shouts, that means nobody cares, and when nobody cares, nobody watches. The twists did not live up to expectations (not like they ever do), and the cast was fairly dull, but you can always be happy saying at least it wasn’t as bad as BB15.

On another positive note, we’re guaranteed a winner who isn’t a douchebag. I can honestly say I won’t mind if anyone in the final 3 wins it all. It will be an upset if Victoria wins, but she’s not a horrible person, just really bad at competitions.  This isn’t a final 3 like Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy or Rachel, Porsche and Adam.  Imagine Spencer, GinaMarie, Adam or Porsche winning it all?  (to be fair, Adam and Porsche weren’t awful people, just bad players who got carried to the end)

Ok, time to wrap this up. I have seen a bunch of people asking me to blog Utopia this fall, but is it worth it?  From what I have seen so far, the ratings have been brutal.  It’s losing to reruns on crappy stations.  Will the show survive long enough for me to even get a blog up about it?  Or should I just keep working on my catch-all blog and write about Utopia if it’s still alive when I’m ready?

Remember, the live show is on at 9:30 tonight! Be there!

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