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Big Brother 16 – Eviction Prediction

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There is no denying that the casting people took a more conservative turn this season after the mess that was Big Brother 15. That said, we can agree the one bright spot this season was none of than RanceyPants himself – Zach Rance.  He has delivered plenty of laughs, plenty of surprises and even a few arguments.. and tonight he has a chance to deliver one more thing – a re-entry into the Big Brother house!

Like much of the season, there isn’t a whole lot of buildup to my prediction threads. Zach is leaving. Just like most of the season, the decision to vote someone out was pretty much made on the Saturday someone won power of veto.   So, there is no need to build it up, no need to create drama for clicks, it’s simple, Zach will be voted out tonight, most likely unanimously.

The big story coming out of tonight will be what happens after he is voted out. Julie has already announced the first four jury members will compete to re-enter the house, and three of them have as good of a chance as any to not only re-enter, but win HoH (should the competition be similar to BB15’s re-enter). Last season, the four jury members stood on the endurance wall alongside the regulars and the last one standing won HoH.  The same can happen tonight and we could see a massive power shift considering there is also no more dual HoH twist.


(note – in bb15, the last jury member on the wall re-entered the house, but if they were last overall, they also won HoH. So the last jury member standing will re-enter regardless. If they do bb15’s approach)

Just try to picture the house should Hayden, Nicole or Zach win HoH tonight. It will be incredible entertainment watching the rest scramble for their Big Brother lives. Donny will be safe another week, already fragile alliances will be shattered and bb16 could take a less predictable approach to the final 4.

Instead of doing predictions of who is leaving (Zach), let’s think who they would target should one of the jury members win HoH if they’re eligible to compete.

Hayden and Nicole – I’d say almost for sure they would go with a combination of Derrick, Cody and Frankie to get one of them out.  Two will be initial nominees, one will be the potential replacement.

Zach – This is tough. He is very smart, but he also knows he is very alone. As much as I think he’d target Frankie, I also think he’d somehow believe Frankie’s crap about working together before he’s screwed over again.  Zach is just as likely to eliminate Frankie as he is Victoria, and that’s kind of scary despite how entertaining he is.

Jocasta – Please don’t let this happen…. but, should it happen, I honestly have no clue. The only thing Jocasta guarantees is Donny safety for another week.


Finally, I’d like to say thank you to the people who have showed tremendous support after I said what I did in the comment section last night.  I was planning on avoiding going into any details as talking about it makes it real, and I guess I’m still in the denial stage. Between that and my wedding racing up on me, my mind hasn’t been 100% on Big Brother lately, but I am still trying my best and will make efforts to keep the posts flowing and the conversation going.  Almost everyone comes here to read Big Brother news, not my personal junk, so I’ll just stick to that going forward.  I am just posting this because I wanted to again give my sincere thank you to the words of support and encouragement, and the stories others have shared about similar situations.  I also want to thank you for being readers all summer, you make this really fun to write about!

Enough rambling.. big show tonight!  Let’s all cross our fingers for a Hayden/Nicole/Zach re-enter and HoH win so they can completely stir the pot!


CBS posted this image about the comeback competition….  (as did mouse via mortys)


From what it looks like, my guess is players will have to roll or slide something to the middle and try to get it as close to center as possible without going out of their area. Since it’s a boxing theme, I’m going to guess you’ll have multiple disc things and can knock others off.


Do you know what this means?  Carnival game.  Jocasta’s chances of re-entering the house shot right up because these are the type anyone can win.  Here are my odds of winning something like this..

Zach – 29%
Hayden – 27%
Nicole – 25%
Jocasta – 19%

Why not all of them 25%?  Because even though carnival games are a lot of luck, there is some skill involved. Not much, but some.

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