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Big Brother 16 – Eviction Predictions and Player Rankings!

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I’m not going to lie, as I write this, I am only about 68% confident in my predictions. I may even update this if and when I ever get to hear more conversations in the house today.  On Thursday afternoon, the feeds are typically either people getting ready for the live show, or the ‘be right back’ message as the house has a walk through of the night.  Hopefully they will pop on long enough to get a definite decision on tonight, but as it stands right now, it’s not looking good for Donny.  Caleb and Derrick were supposed to speak more about it today, and there is plenty of time to flip the vote. Donny only needs 3 and he has that, but those 3 are scared of rocking the boat. If they can’t convince Cody and have a unanimous decision, Nicole will likely stay.

So my prediction is that the house will be unanimous simply because it has been most of the season, but as of 11:30am (pst), I am going to say the vote will be for Donny to leave.  Again, I will update this if anything changes.

Player Rankings:

  1. Frankie frankie_grande-th
    I had a tough time with Frankie versus Derrick, but I had to go with Frankie because he’s more visible with his game and it will pay off in the end.  He has won 4 Head of Households, 1 PoV, and 1 BoB. He’s only been nominated once and never had to sit in the final chair (he pulled himself off with a solo BoB win). His social game is very good and has been able to get out of any jam he was placed in so far this season.  I think he beats anyone in the F2.
  2. Derrick derrick_levasseur_th
    Derrick has had an incredible social game and has controlled every aspect of the house since he’s walked through the door.  He has won 2 Head of Households, but has remained pretty quiet competitively other than that.  The challenge with Derrick will be convincing a jury they’re all sitting there because of his game, and making them accept that’s how it’s played.  Derrick is playing the Dan game from BB14, and he (Dan) lost to Ian due to a bitter jury that couldn’t accept Dan played circles around them all.
  3. Caleb caleb_reynolds-th
    The Beast Mode Cowboy who hasn’t exactly been ‘Beast Mode’ this season.  Yes, he has won four overall competitions. Two of them being HoH and two of them being BoB. That said, one of his BoB wins was dumb luck because he sat out and Frankie won it by himself. I know the competitions aren’t really his style so far as he’s clearly more of a physical player, but his whole game has been loyalty and competitions wins.  He is great with loyalty, but so far not too great with the other.  Caleb can win because of that loyalty, but he’d clearly have to be sitting next to someone below him on the rankings.. and even then it’s not a guarantee.
  4. Donny donny_thompson_th
    It’s hard to rank Donny 4th considering he’s going out the door tonight (or could be), but I couldn’t in good conscious rank him lower than anyone else simply because he’s so much smarter and more aware of his surroundings than anyone else.  Should he find a way to make the f2, he probably would win it all against anyone, but he drops ranks simply because his time in the house is limited. His social game isn’t strong enough to keep him through to the end. He’d have to win every competition, and that’s not Donny’s strength.
  5. Cody cody_calafiore-th
    Cody is the vanilla flavor of the Big Brother house.  He’s always kind of there, and sometimes refreshing, but generally pretty bland. He easily beats any of the girls if he’s in the f2 with them, but whether or not he’d beat one of the guys depends on how he performs from here until the end of the season. As of right now, I can’t see him beating anyone above him.
  6. Nicole nicole_franzel-th
    Already evicted once and should keep her bags packed because she’s not going to remain in the house very long after tonight (assuming she survives the eviction).  Her only chance of winning is sitting next to Victoria or Christine in the f2, but that’s not happening.
  7. Christine Christine_Brecht-th
    Christine chose her role weeks ago when the girls had a chance to change the course of the game, but Christine stuck to her nearly all-male alliance thinking it was a good idea. It’s never a good idea to be the only female or two in an alliance full of alpha males. The only way that works would be an Amanda in an alliance full of McCrae’s. Christine is no Amanda.
  8. Victoria victoria_rafaeli-th
    Only still in the house because she’s a vote.  Victoria is the only remaining houseguest to not win HoH yet and has played a true floater game. She will likely be in the f2 or f3, but has no chance of winning it all.

What do you think of my rankings?  How would you rank the houseguests?

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