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Big Brother 16 – Live Feed Updates Featuring Nicole!

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That was certainly a nail biting finish to the rent-a-player competition. If you missed the episode tonight, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta and newly evicted Zach played a competition to re-enter the house. They had to slide a disc on a spinning platform and the person with the most discs at the end won. Jocasta actually had a lead at one point, but on the last disc, it finished as a tie and Nicole had the closer disc to the middle of the spinning thing and won her re-entry into the game.  Unless she or Donny win HoH, I don’t expect it to last very long, but at least now Donny has someone he can actually trust to work with him – even if just for a week.

I know a lot of people wanted Zach to return, and he is a great personality, but I honestly believe he would have just fell right into the Frankie trap and even nominated Donny to ‘prove’ his loyalty should he have won HoH. Nicole or Hayden re-entering the game is the best chance Donny has at anything, so let’s see if it goes anywhere (can you tell I’m rooting for Donny?)


  • 7:30pm – Feeds just return and Derrick is sitting in the living room, likely figuring a way out of this twist.
  • He then pulls Caleb, Cody, and Frankie into the fire room and tells them not to go in a room alone with Nicole. He doesn’t want anyone having a one-on-one with her to form side deals (and possibly learning more truth).
  • Frankie still thinks Donny should go home before Nicole.
  • Derrick asks why Christine handed Cody a heart before the eviction. He said “She’s not helping her zingbot at all”
  • Derrick keeps hammering home the point, and then Victoria entered the room and she was given the rundown. Meanwhile, Caleb keeps sneaking around the house to listen to Donny/Nicole
  • Now Christine receives the coaching
  • Grabbed a screenshot of the final board, since some think Jocasta won. Nicole indeed was closer to center.
  • 8:12pm – Frankie just talking about his sister – again. Others sitting around waiting for HoH competition.
  • 8:28pm – The house talking about the various reactions Jocasta made each round.  I guess she was in a panic the longer the game went on. They all were. When I re-watched it, Nicole’s face looked like my teenage face the first time I saw a girl naked.  That had to be the hardest competition in the game to date.  Win and you’re in, lose and you’re out of the game for good.
  • They said the people in the jury house watched 42 movies together!  Now that’s a house I want to live in for a summer.
  • 8:45pm – Feeds down, I think it’s HoH time
  • 9:50pm – HoH competition still underway
  • 10:00pm – BBAD starts, results are in…..
  • Cody won the HoH. Bad news for Donny and Nicole
  • The whole house, minus Nicole and Donny are in the fire room celebrating the victory.
  • Donny to Nicole “At least I got a friend. You don’t know how lonely I’ve been”
  • It was the competition where they had to know the dates of certain events. Nicole said she didn’t even know what day they are in. Ugh.
  • 10:22pm – They are talking about Pandora’s Box and of course Frankie has to mention Ariana freaking Grande.  Stop name dropping. Nobody cares.  I think Victoria is the only one who really knows who she is in that house.
  • Hayden ran into Ariana Grande on the way out during his eviction and said ‘Hey, you’re super famous’ and she apparently gave him the stink eye.
  • Frankie and Nicole talking about the lack of endurance competitions this season. Frankie’s words – “It’s a joke”… my thoughts exactly.
  • 11:00pm – A bit late for me. Final rundown… Donny or Nicole is screwed. Derrick is still in control. Frankie is still talking about his sister, and the house got about 68% less entertaining the second Zach left it.


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