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Big Brother 16 – Power of Veto Meeting; Live Feeds

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Whew, home from school just in time for the feeds to turn back on. Let’s get to the updates….

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  • 12:10pm – Feeds return with a visibly upset Amber
  • Amber was the replacement nominee
  • 12:17pm – Frankie up in the HoH room blaming Zach for telling Amber not to trust Frankie.  Zach is denying it.
  • 12:30pm – After people have split up, Derrick and Cody were in the beehive talking and Amber joined.  Derrick and Cody both deny knowing anything about it. She thinks people knew about it in advance.
  • She is really confused about it all
  • 12:45pm – Caleb is sitting up in the HoH room telling people they need to tell Amber to talk to Caleb. He’s the only one who can save her (he can’t). Caleb is soaking this all in, he’s going to be shocked on Thursday
  • 12:47pm – Amber is in the bathroom talking to Christine. She said she knew something was going to happen because Zach was smiling before the veto was even used.
  • 12:50pm – Christine finally piecing it together.  “Every girl has been nominated this week”  DUH! You probably should have noticed that a few weeks ago
  • 1:00pm – Cody, Hayden and Victoria in the beehive room celebrating her being safe for the week. Also, more Zach bashing.
  • 1:09pm – Cody and Amber are in the bedroom chatting about her possibly going home. He assures her she is safe.
  • 1:24pm – Hayden enters the room and Amber starts drilling him on what he knew. She tries to make him feel guilty for using it despite pulling him into the alliance a few weeks back.
  • 1:39pm – Amber left the room and Cody/Hayden chat about how they’re all putting on an act for Amber.  Poor girl
  • 2:45pm – Sorry, had to make dinner.  Caleb is now chatting with Amber in the beehive room. His plan is finally coming together.  I’m sure she’s going to ask him to marry her in a few days…. especially after Caleb admitted he had a hand in putting her up
  • 2:55pm – Frankie enters the beehive after having a talk with Christine and Nicole about the situation (sorry was following Caleb/Amber, not sure what the other convo was)
  • Caleb has to stand up for this…. As he starts calling Frankie out, Frankie asks Amber if they can talk in private.  As soon as Amber leaves “Caleb, have you lost your mind?  I told you she was trying to form an all girl alliance”
  • Caleb goes on and on about it, while Frankie keeps reminding him that Amber wants an all girl alliance.  Frankie asks him what his goal with this is… silence.
  • Nicole is being called into the beehive now…
  • “After the meeting, did Amber come to you to form an all-girl alliance” (Caleb)
  • “She said she knew she was going up because it’s all girls and she said the girls need to work together to go after the guys.” (Nicole)
  • Caleb then asks Nicole about the date thing
  • “Well, she didn’t give a good impression and basically seemed like she went out with you because she didn’t want to say no”
    Nicole left, and Frankie is giving Caleb a real heart to heart that Amber is not the one to trust. Amber doesn’t like him like he loves her. She is going around trying to turn the house now.
  • 3:18pm – Frankie leaves the beehive to talk to Nicole…
    “Everyone wants Amber gone” (Frankie)
    “Why can’t we just tell her that?” (Nicole)
    “We’re going to have to” (Frankie
  • 3:29pm – Caleb finally goes to the DR and gives Derrick and Frankie a weird handshake telling him how he has their back no matter what. Caleb is a mess.
  • 3:41pm – Frankie retelling Christine about the situation and the beehive room.  He makes himself much more badass than what he was.  Hayden joins, Frankie tells him. Pretty much the entire house knows what’s going on right now. They seriously need a house meeting.
  • 4:00pm – Retells are going around the house. One thing is certain, Amber is going home on Thursday unless she can pull something off with the girls and Donny/Hayden/Caleb.

Taking a little break while the house does their evening/dinner thing.  I will likely create a new thread covering the night shift in a bit

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