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Big Brother 16 – Saturday Live Feed Updates

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What do you get when you have 5 people sitting in the Big Brother house on a Saturday afternoon waiting for a competition to begin?

No, it’s not the beginning of the joke.  I wish I had a good answer, but instead it’s simply nothing.  The feeds have been very dead today, and honestly I don’t expect that to change much for the next few days (by few I mean possibly the rest of the season).  The group of people in the house have been mostly drama-free all summer long, and they all get along.  Unless one of the 5 freak out, it’s likely Snooze City,  USA.

So with that, I’ll start updating but I mostly created this so you guys can have a new chat thread (and to know I’m still with you!)

  • 4:00pm – Derrick is in the HoH pumping up Caleb quite a bit.  He is again pushing the ‘If you’re against me, sign the check for $500k’ and doing it a pretty smart way.  He is tugging on the ‘beastmode’ side by mentioning how few comps he (Derrick) has won.  Caleb thinks he has a super good read on people and for sure has Donny’s vote, and to tell you the truth, I don’t think he’s wrong. There is no way Donny votes for Victoria or Cody, and he may still be a little bitter about getting screwed over by Team America.  Donny has enough respect for the game to vote for a deserving winner, and Caleb certainly fits the criteria (I don’t think Donny would ever vote for say GinaMarie, Porsche, etc..  no matter how bitter he was)
  • Caleb also thinks Hayden would vote for him over Cody.  However, he thinks Hayden also likes Frankie.
  • Derrick ranks them … 1) Caleb, and tossup between Cody/Frankie. However, if Frankie runs off more competition wins, he could win.
  • Derrick – “They could literally vote 9-0 because he went on a tear winning competitions”   Caleb – “And he deserves it, and I’m cool with $50k”
  • Caleb thinks for sure he is a threat and would definitely go home before Derrick
  • Derrick – “If anyone brings Victoria, they’re going to look like a coward and they’ll lose”
  • 4:38pm – The house is talking about how they like Ariana Grande songs now. Frankie likely has a boner.
  • 6:00pm – No PoV comp yet.
  • 7:00pm – Veto competition started.  The only person this could benefit is Frankie for a final 2 resume builder (even though the week will be replayed, that’s still 2 comps Frankie would have won).  I say Frankie because it will be more visible with him.  He’s already won a lot, so it would make it more clear to the rest.
    That said, the way Caleb talks, you’d think he has won all the competitions this season.  For every 1 competition he wins, the rest of the house need 2-3 in order to match bragging rights.  After week 1, Caleb then went 4 straight weeks without a win, but the house was still acting like he was a competition beast.
    So, I stand corrected… Frankie and Caleb have stuff to gain.  The rest I feel will be forgotten on finale night.
  • 9:45pm – The feeds have been up/down, but the veto competition is still going on. Pretty sure you can watch them sitting in isolation during BBAD. It’s the face morph competition tonight… not that it matters!
  • Derrick is going to try his mouse thing for team america tonight and encouraged people to join the feeds to watch.   I doubt it will be -that- entertaining, but you can get the feeds for 2 days free if you want to watch them act a bit crazy tonight.
  • 9:47pm – Annnnd, just as I hit submit, the feeds are back.  Frankie won PoV – Frankie is going to win BB16 if he’s in the final 2.  He knows he has to win to stay in the house, so it’s going to be pretty demoralizing when he realizes these competitions were for nothing.  That said, this still looks good on the jury if he makes it.
  • Counting HoH’s he lost due to Botb, this is Frankie’s 9th competition win.
    5 HoH’s (lost power in 2), 3 PoV, 1 BoB (where he won by himself)
  • The next closest is Caleb with 5 competitions. 3 HoH, 0 PoV, 2 BoB (he didn’t even compete in one)
  • Derrick, Cody, and Victoria all have 3 competition wins.  (Victoria won 2 BoB, 1 PoV. Derrick 3 HoH, Cody 2 HoH, 1 PoV)

Check back for more!

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