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Big Brother 16 – The Season Of Little Moves

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Something hit me this morning as I was thinking of my morning (afternoon) post. The ‘biggest’ move the cast has made this season is when they decided at the last minute to keep their alliance member (Zach) over a floater (Jocasta).  So basically the biggest move was a non-move because it didn’t happen.. the floater went home and Zach remained.  I suppose you can say Zach’s official elimination was a semi-big move, but that was more of a by-product of a plan gone wrong. The entire house wanted Donny out, but Donny won the PoV, so Frankie had to remove one of his closer allies (Caleb or Cody) and replace him with a floater, a shit-stirrer, or a mastermind. Frankie chose the shit-stirrer Zach.

I mention this because last night, Christine won the power of veto. She is going to remove herself and Caleb has a few choices as a replacement.  He could take the easy route of Victoria, or make a big move and backdoor an alliance member while they can.  So far most of the talk (of course) has been the easy route, but there has been some talk about putting Frankie on the block instead of Victoria, which would be fitting based on the current outrage going on outside the BB house.

Yesterday at 2:20pm, Frankie, Caleb, Christine, Cody and Derrick were sitting in the room taking about who will be drinking that night. When it was mentioned Victoria will be drinking as well as a few guys, Frankie made a tasteless joke about how the guys should pair up and take all of her virginities.  Frankie being Frankie continued the joke even after Derrick said her father probably just punched his monitor. As Frankie continued, some continued with uncomfortable laughs while Caleb sat stone-faced and when finished he said .. ‘ok.. a little inappropriate’.



Caleb’s face is the Mike Myers face during the Kanye West meltdown to President Bush.

Moving on to Caleb. With Donny out of the house, there is a void for a favorite player. Derrick is up there for me, but coming up behind him is actually Caleb.  Sure, Caleb may be a little creepy around Amber, and an extreme egomaniac, but compared to the rest, he’s actually not that bad.  Last night when the group was drunk, Cody continued on and on about how tough he is and how he was always the fighter out of his soccer player group of friends. Btw, try taking Cody serious when he’s talking about how tough he is looking like this…


Meanwhile, Caleb, the actual tough guy of the house just kind of sat and listened to Cody ramble on. Caleb is already a pretty intimidating figure, but when you add in his military background, he’s not someone I’d mess with – ever.  Being such an egomaniac, you’d think this would have been the perfect time for Caleb to talk about all his fights and wins, but instead he mostly let Cody ramble on and on while Caleb occasionally jumped in with ‘yea, I’m too old for that. When I go out I’d rather buy them a beer and try not to fight’.  I know this seems random and probably pointless, but to me it says a lot about Caleb’s character.  He may be an egomaniac, may be a hopeless romantic, but despite his physical presence, you’re more than likely to hear a story of him running into a burning building to save a cat than you are getting arrested over something stupid.

Sorry, I rambled on far too much about Caleb vs Cody.  Back to Frankie.  Victoria’s parents heard that and TMZ has an article this morning about it. They say Victoria’s family not only demands an apology from Frankie, but also his parents and his sister Ariana. This is where  I’m torn. I don’t think they should demand an apology from anyone but Frankie, but if I were Ariana, I would be tweeting out that she doesn’t agree with the stuff her brother said in the house yesterday. Basically, she should apologize on her own, but she shouldn’t be forced to.  Does that make sense?


Today is Sunday so there will be some chatter over what happens tomorrow.  Plenty of time for the backdoor Frankie plan to kick in, but just as much time for it to fizzle out into nothing.  We’ll see what happens in a few hours when the house gets stirring for the day.

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