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Big Brother 16 – Sunday Feed Updates

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Today has the potential for a pretty explosive day… errr, night (sorry, they sleep all day).  Despite the veto meeting being tomorrow, the guys in the house are thinking of letting Zach know he is going to be the replacement nominee.  Zach is pretty confident Victoria is going up and going home.  The combination could be fun, if it happens.  If not, well Sunday’s are usually snoozers since nobody wants to rock the boat while there is an open spot in the nomination chairs.

Personal stuff (skip if uninterested) .. I mentioned creating a Walking Dead blog the other day. What do you guys think about a general catch-all TV show blog?  Sadly most of the shows I watch or have watched are not on any more (I miss Breaking Bad), but there are two things about me.. I watch TV and I share my opinion. I think as long as I organize the blog in a way where you can go do a specific show and only get that info if you want, that may work.  One reason is, I’m considering on blogging Utopia as well, but I don’t know if that show will suck or not. I don’t want to create a whole new blog for a show people will lose interest in.  Any feedback is great!

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Ok, back to the game….

  • 12:00pm – Donny is walking around outside and Christine is putting on some makeup.
  • 2:00pm – A few people using the photo booth while Derrick/Donny are sitting outside
  • 4:30pm – Getting ready for the show tonight! This is the first time I’m excited to watch a competition in a long time. I can’t wait to watch the battle of the block.  I also took 2 naps today.  I totally should have been cast for BB16, I would have been perfect.
  • As far as the house.. well, they’re not doing anything.
  • They finally show other people outside. Cody is telling Caleb about their prepared speech to Zach. They’re going to let him know he’s going home so enjoy his last few days. I assume they’ll do it later tonight, so I’m glad I had a few naps today
  • 7:00pm – Back from watching BB (and an episode of Restaurant Impossible, so what, I like that show) and it appears not only is the Team America mission successful, Zach appears to be taking credit for it.  More on it as I get details.
  • 6:25pm (using flashback) – People discover stuff missing and go searching the house for their items. The finger pointing begins.
  • Zach finds an open pop tart wrapper in Victoria’s drawer. He gives her the 3rd degree on it.  #poptartgate
  • The group approaches the bathroom and notices Frankie talking to Christine “Look at the F’n smirk on him” said Zach.  Donny – “As we approached they stopped talking”
  • However, when they all enter the bathroom, they accuse Zach of being the saboteur
  • Derrick – “More is going to go missing, you watch. We have to keep people on watch”
  • 6:30pm – Caleb listing the reasons why Zach is the saboteur..
    1) You slept in the fire room when you were a havenot, and they made Donny uncover his eyes.
    2) Cody stands up on the furniture and they say “Cody, shut it down” and you stand up on couch in the living room bragging they’re not saying anything to you
    3) (Frankie) And you scream at them all the fucking time and you never get in trouble – EVER!
    4) You throw stuff at the cameras
    5) (Frankie) Stop, stop, stop… he told us he’s Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin! (something team america made up). That must have been his first lie!
  • Zach decides to go along with it “All I know is you have until 10:30 tonight to find your shit or I get paid”
  • Zach leaves the room and the group discusses how much money Zach likely already has from his sabotages.
  • Derrick jumps in – “Not only that, he’s saying that so we stop looking. We are not stopping. We’re staying on all night!” (they have to keep the watch going for 24 hours)
  • 6:38pm – Zach walks back in the house.. Caleb “You’re caught.. you’re caught!  You aint doing anything without us up your BUTT!”
  • Cody then interrogates Zach on why he wanted to sleep in the rock room alone
  • Zach walks away and Cody yells “I need three men on him at all damn time!”
  • Caleb – “You aint getting paid, not on my watch!”
  • 6:49pm – Cody is outside still talking about the differences how production treats him.  Cody – “What about the week he was on the block with Jocasta. He was probably bugging out because if he didn’t make it to jury he wouldn’t make his money”
  • Zach tries to go into the diary room and the house won’t let him. Three of them charge the room with him.
  • 7:45pm – Ok, I  had to fast forward to live, this is hilarious.
  • Frankie to Zach – “I hope you’re the saboteur and getting paid because you are the saboteur”
  • Zach – “I still think it’s Victoria .. Zingbot said she’s not playing the game. What game is she playing”
  • 7:54pm – Caleb notices Zach put the pool ball in his shirt, so they’re scrambling to see if he really took it.
  • They chase Zach around the house and Cody finds the cue ball in the trash.
  • Frankie “realized” one of the missions was to make nominations a random draw.  Team America is handling this great
  • 8:07pm – Cody and Caleb find all the stuff in the pantry. Zach says “Does this prove it wasn’t me??” Nope
  • 8:18pm – Zach is talking about how screwed he is now.
  • 8:30pm – The house is eating, time for me to write a recap on tonight’s episode.
  • 9:30pm – Zack and Caleb are in the bathroom chatting. Zach is really worried about being put up tomorrow
  • Caleb said Zach is probably going up but he’s not guaranteeing it.

Check back for more updates.

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